Wolfcry (2022)

Wolfcry Best Read || [Amelia Atwater-Rhodes] - Wolfcry, Wolfcry Oliza Shardae Cobriana is heir to Wyvern s Court home of the avians and serpiente whose war with each other ended just before Oliza was born But hatred is slow to die and not everyone likes the exp Wolfcry Best Read || [Amelia Atwater-Rhodes] - Wolfcry, Wolfcry Oliza Shardae Cobriana is heir to Wyvern s Court home of the avians and serpiente whose war with each other ended just before Oliza was born But hatred is slow to die and not everyone likes the exp
  • Title: Wolfcry
  • Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
  • ISBN: 9780385731959
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
Wolfcry Best Read || [Amelia Atwater-Rhodes], Wolfcry, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Wolfcry Oliza Shardae Cobriana is heir to Wyvern s Court home of the avians and serpiente whose war with each other ended just before Oliza was born But hatred is slow to die and not everyone likes the expressive way in which Urban a serpiente dancer is courting Oliza especially not Marus her reserved avian suitor And when Urban is found beaten in avian land Oliza is filOliza Shardae Cobria
  • Wolfcry Best Read || [Amelia Atwater-Rhodes]
    228 Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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  1. Wow I am writing this review as a response to the other reviews on this site than as an actual review of the novel I don t think I ve ever seen offensive reviews on any other books, including ones with LGBT characters, and I feel like I need to address this so that anyone out there who is thinking of reading this novel will give it the chance not given by many of the bigoted reviewers on this site.Nonspoilery version What Amelia Atwater Rhodes does with world building is simply incredible and [...]

  2. Okay.what a disapointment I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down until the last 20 pages or so The story line took a dramatic turn and I really did not like the end of the book It kind of ruined it for me I will not go into details case you want to read this book but the ending went against things that I believe ino bad It was so good up until that point I do however understand why the author had to end the book the way she did, I just wish that there could have been an alternate [...]

  3. I super loved this series until this book in this book, a lesbian relationship is portrayed I hate it when I find a series that is so appealing to young adult readers and then the author ruins it with immoral situations like this Very sad about this one The good news is you can stop at the third book and it feels like the story is complete However, since teens tend to read all of the series, I have stopped recommending this series to them because of this book.

  4. Was looking for an easy read so I decided to give this series a go In the first three books, the author beautifully sets up the plots and character traits that I found myself wanting to believe such a world existed This particular book, however, seems like a means to an end, sloppy ideas thrown together on the page I could empathize with the internal struggle Oliza faces as her pending coronation is just around the corner But, I simply could not buy into the tacky advances from the alpha of the [...]

  5. OMFG I ABSULOTELY LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH A ALMOST STARTED GROSSLY SOBBING If you are a homophobe I would not suggest this book But if your not this book it s so cute you will die

  6. I wanted to jump up and dance about halfway through Queer representation Glorious queer representation Huzzah

  7. After reading Falcondance, I m finally glad to have returned to the main storyline involving Wyvern s Court This time, the story is narrated by Oliza Shardae, the daughter of Zane and Danica Not to give anything away, but the plot involves her getting kidnapped, making a difficult journey, falling in love with someone unexpected, and then finally making a difficult decision Warning, this review discusses things that could be considered SPOILERS, so read at your own risk Wolfcry gets five stars f [...]

  8. Wolfcy is another great addition to the Kiesha ra series In fact, I enjoyed it a bit than the last two The previous books have all done an excellent job of building up this shapeshifting world, so much by this point, that it makes it all the interesting to appreciate how far the characters and the story between the Avian and Serpiente people have come along Wolfcry continued adding to this world by introducing us to the Wolves and Lions in this book Very cool I really enjoyed the additions fo [...]

  9. Yeah, this deserves 5 stars Good storytelling, excellent romance, well rounded and relatable characters The universe of the shapeshifters is a very interesting one Danica and Zane s marriage WAS necessary to stop the war, but it was a good move on Oliza s part to split the peoples again The cultures are just too different to mesh together, especially during a time that still contains all that prejudice and hostility As for and the other shapeshifter peoples coming into play and poisons that grou [...]

  10. I want to chase the butterflies Welcome to the longest, most flip floppy review of my life.I went into Wolfcry with the lowest of low expectations I loved Hawksong with all my cold, reptilian heart Snakecharm was okay Falcondance was near excruciating I assumed that Wolfcry would follow the same pattern, so I m surprised to say I actually have The Emotions about it.Don t get me wrong, though It s not the best All of the weaknesses that made me dislike the last two books are still there, except m [...]

  11. Personally I was in love with Rhodes first two novels in this book series and felt that her books gave such an inspirational and romantic outlook of life However excited I was for this book though, by the time I was finished I was filled with deep distaste Although Rhodes showed her usual skill in description, and held up her form of writing I d come to enjoy so much, it only held until the very end of this book when she completely undermined the point of the first three in the belief of uniting [...]

  12. How disappointing I ve read the first three books and thoroughly enjoyed them I was doing the same with this one until about half of the way through and then had a bad feeling I could see where this was going But no, it can t be Either this author wrote her main characters into a complex situation that she had no idea how to get them out of, or she deliberately had to throw in a situation as a solution that totally turned me off as well as being illogical to the extreme.I don t think I am even a [...]

  13. I hated this book I thought that the writing was awesome, as usual I thought that the plot was well thought out UNTIL THE END It was sooooo unoriginal She decides that she can t make the choice between her duties, so she runs away from her responsibilities and becomes a lesbian with a wolf This hit me out of the middle of nowhere There is nothing wrong with her choice, only that it came out of the middle of nowhere The whole book was about her making a choice between her two duties and surviving [...]

  14. I have no problem with the LOVE story in this book It s about shape shifters for goodness sake Almost every review I saw on good reads is written about this one part that close minded religious people call immoral Again I say it s a book about shape shifters The mixing of different species doesn t bother those people, but for some reason the love connection does Shame on them As for my thoughts on the storyline it s self was really good I enjoyed reading it The new characters are interesting The [...]

  15. Spoilers I am so disappointed I really loved the first book and the second two were interesting enough, but lets just destroy everything the parent s worked for in one book The parent s devoted their lives to uniting waring people s only for their daughter to destroy it all with one blow and run off with her lesbian lover And yet she says that she did it in order to prevent war again I don t believe it This has to be the worst book I ve read in a really long time There s one book through the ey [...]

  16. Ahi this was worseI cringed while readingThis is the story of Oliza, heir to Wyvern s Court I was expecting a story as interesting as those of her parents, but it was not Due to her magic, she has those visions that she soon forgets and during the aftermath she does things she forgets too The whole story was convoluted so much that at the end I was just tired and din t care if she will survive or not.

  17. As long as you re not a flaming homophobe, this is a wonderful book Especially great for young women who enjoy well fleshed out worlds and complex characters and societies I remember all the girls passing this book around in high school Again, not for homophobic bigots.

  18. Better than I thought but still not good This series has gone down hill since Snakecharm came out Sad but true If you want to read this and like me had all but lost faith in the series, rent it from your local library.

  19. Bleah The worst book of the series There s no way to unite the disparate cultures, and no matter what you do you ll end up destroying the society you ve tried to hold together Very bleak.

  20. This was perfect I love it so much Betia and Oliza is the way to life This was really beautiful My heart soared real high.

  21. Oliza Shardae Cobriana is heir to Wyvern s Court, home of the avians and serpiente, whose war with each other ended just before Oliza was born But hatred is slow to die, and not everyone likes the expressive way in which Urban, a serpiente dancer, is courting Oliza especially not Marus, her reserved avian suitor And when Urban is found beaten in avian land, Oliza is filled with despair How can she be expected to lead a unified society if her people still cannot live peacefully together Before Ol [...]

  22. Alright, so I was rooting for Urban like pretty much the whole time And I thought Marus would be a good second choice Then she gets kidnapped by the lions and I want to know if she s going to get home That s what made me read this book so quickly, and the fact that I wanted to know if she could somehow get her wings back, and who she was going to choose I got so involved in the story, and I couldn t even decide who I wanted her to be with Then in Obsidian, I thought she would choose a mate from [...]

  23. I confess myself disappointed in this fourth installment of The Shapeshifters series I loved the world that Amelia Atwater Rhodes had created This book kind of tore it all apart for me The first two books were dedicated to creating a new world by Danica and Zane, and in one fell swoop Oliza destroyed everything her parents had sacrificed and fought to achieve I know she tried to pass it off as self sacrificing and the best path for everyone because of visions of the future, but I think this seri [...]

  24. I am torn between a 3 star and a 4 starI apoligise for the long review, I am such a fan of her books BUT.I really enjoyed the beginning of this book.I am a fan of Atwater Rhode s simple yet interesting stories.She weaves a great mix of history and mythology into her worlds when she creates them.She always has great and real character developement and interaction I was relly getting into all of that with this book UP until the end.It is like there was a wall this book hit once Oliza finguring out [...]

  25. Very very good book If you want to start these books though I d suggest you read them in order because if you don t you re gonna be lost This has been one of my most favorite of Amelia s books Oliza is the true Wyvern of Wyvern s court Meaning that she is both avian and serpiente She was the only child born to her father, who was head over the serpiente and her mother who was head over the avian They bonded over trying to make peace between two clans who had been at war for longer then they coul [...]

  26. This was my least favorite of the series, although with the storyline I thought it would be better Oliza still hasn t picked her king from either the serpent or the hawk lines She s getting strange message from her crazy cousin Hai and both the serpents and the hawks are not getting along because what is natural to one group is an affront by the other Oliza is kidnapped, meets two tribes of the wolves and the white snakes, finds out what her future has in store if she goes one way, and falls in [...]

  27. This book has impacted me the most of the series It showed love in its purest form in that of Oliza and Betia I have no problem that they are both in fact female because their love is so strong that any man or woman would be lucky to have a love like that The possible futures Oliza saw were heartbreaking The fact that Oliza herself had hired the lions was surprising, although it worked so perfectly A really great book to read.

  28. I thought this book was going to be really good It was Until it completely switched gears and had the solution be to have her like Betia That is so wrong I was expecting it to be romantic but apparently she s gay Gah I hate it I think this book is the worst in the series I refuse to read the last book because I think she ruined it Hawksong was the best and it just seems that Amelia Atwater Rhodes is dragging out the series.

  29. Gosh this was such a wonderful book In terms of conflict and romance it was by far the best one I never realized what a strong character Oliza was until I read Wolfcry She showed how a true queen should act and what a true queen should do in order to honor and protect her people Even so, the ending caught me off guard I m excited to read Wyvernhail It has to be beyond amazing in order to beat this one.

  30. I wonder what is it in this series that make me keep reading I was thoroughly disappointed with this book, yet still got the next book I just found the ending lacking There is all this turmoil about her taking the crown and then she just drops it, gives it to her two cousins, and leaves with her lesbian lover Very disappointing.

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