Among the Free (2022)

Free Download Among the Free - by Margaret Peterson Haddix - Among the Free, Among the Free ENOUGH GAMES Luke Garner is a third born in a restrictive society that allows only two children per family Risking his life he came out of hiding to fight against the Population Police laws Now in t Free Download Among the Free - by Margaret Peterson Haddix - Among the Free, Among the Free ENOUGH GAMES Luke Garner is a third born in a restrictive society that allows only two children per family Risking his life he came out of hiding to fight against the Population Police laws Now in t
  • Title: Among the Free
  • Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • ISBN: 9780689857980
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
Among the Free
Free Download Among the Free - by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Free, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Free ENOUGH GAMES Luke Garner is a third born in a restrictive society that allows only two children per family Risking his life he came out of hiding to fight against the Population Police laws Now in the final volume of Margaret Peterson Haddix s suspenseful Shadow Children series Luke inadvertently sets off a rebellion that results in the overthrow of the government ENOUGH GAMES Lu
  • Free Download Among the Free - by Margaret Peterson Haddix
    203 Margaret Peterson Haddix
Among the Free

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  1. I was personally a little bit surprised and disappointed with the final book in Haddix s series Every other book that I have read by her has been thrilling and engaging This one seemed to be a little bit dry We have been with the same plot and theme for six enjoyable books The seventh seemed to end the story, but not in a very good way Luke was running and hiding and then all the sudden he finds out that he is free It didn t have very good timing in the story On top of that, we think everyone is [...]

  2. So, to finish off the dystopian challenge month, I tore through the Shaddow Children series by Haddix I really liked the concept for the series, and I enjoyed seeing it progress from different POV in each of the books I must admit I was growing a bit tired of the cat and mouse game by the 5th book, so I decided to skip over book 6 and just get to the ending I ve been waiting for these poor kids and their families and friends to finally be free, and for the repulsive form of government the countr [...]

  3. I got tired of writing reviews for the entire series, so I m just going to wrap it all up in one concise review The series was well done and exciting There were plenty of times that I had to suspend my disbelief, but it WAS written for teens after all I think what kept me reading was not just the action, but the horrid realization that a government who controls population, controls farming, food, and many other aspects of life while allowing the rich and powerful to abstain from the laws is not [...]

  4. I loved this series, but was pretty disappointed in the finish In the first six books, the author painstakingly developed a dozen or so complex, unique, honest characters I really hoped that the last book or even the last two would show them all working together to accomplish the goal of freeing the illegal third children Instead we get a few days of Luke Lee wandering through the woods and wallowing in self doubt Finally in the last chapter, he dramatically takes the stage to boldly defend his [...]

  5. I have reserved my opinions on this series until I completed this final book Things I didn t particularly like about the series 1 There is a lot of violence.2 The intensity level is high and there are not many breaks in that anxiety intensity.3 The introspection in regard to fears seems overdone.Things I liked 1 The affirmation of life.2 The discussion particularly in this last book about what freedom is and is not.3 The validation that even the little things we do to promote good are important. [...]

  6. After six books and ten shadow children, I really was hoping that the author would bring them all together The ending was so anti climatic and unfulfilling it left me thinking reallyat s it I enjoyed the series and would recommend it, especially to Jr High age kids, but just felt the last book lacked a bit.

  7. By AntoneseHow is Among the Free like the Holocaust Can it become our future Stopped dead in your tracks as you hear the loud banging of the door followed by a horrible sound of scary men who call themselves population police Once you hear that chills run down your spin as you go into hiding At the same time you family is trying to erase any evidence that you were there You crouch down in a small space in the dusty attic So many thoughts are racing through you mind as you hope you don t get caug [...]

  8. The book disappointed me Here I was thinking that some great plan the third children would unfold with each of the main characters having their part told But, no All we do is follow Luke as he runs away, hears the Population Police has fallen, and makes some great speech about how he s a third child and that s it What happened to Mr Talbot saying that he was ready to get back to work for the cause What happened to using Mark when they needed him What happened to Mike and Matthias since they were [...]

  9. Hmm.Wasn t impressed with the end of the series It seemed really abrupt and unbelievable to me, which was disappointing, because I did actually start to care about the characters and what was going to happen This wrap up had too many holes for me too many unbelievable moments And you know, I suspended my belief for a lot of the series, and did so willingly I just don t think Haddix is a great writer I think this was a great premise for a story I think at times it was a great story but it was nev [...]

  10. The moment that Luke analyzes what freedom means to the different people he has met seems to be such a good synopsis for the point of the entire series I loved seeing him grow into a courageous young man who makes a difference One of my favorite things about this entire series is how the seemingly insignificant choices the children make such as Jen leading a rally or Luke refusing to shoot a woman set off such a significant series of events.I would have liked to see of the other children in thi [...]

  11. This series is so awesome Here s some stuff about it There is a law that you can only have two children A boy named Luke is a third childand he hides his whole life Until he sees a person one day in a yard of one of the new mansions by his house after everyone was gone Its another third child

  12. this book is a giant rollarcoster ride from beging to endis is the last book in the shawdow childern serises this book u just wait for lukes escape but one Q will we get caught.

  13. A conclusion, of sorts, to the Shadow Children series, Among the Free finds Luke, once again in the midst of danger as an supposed uprising of the rebels takes place at the Population Police Headquarters Surprisingly, he finds Oscar, Smits bodyguard, leading the way But, when he overhears Oscar negotiating with Krakenauer, the evil leader of the Population Police, Luke has his doubts about Oscar s sincerity to help Third Children He listens to Jen in his head telling him to fight and be brave Ye [...]

  14. Great end to an exciting series I enjoyed these little literary dystopian nuggets Interesting story of ordinary children being illegal by birth and forced into extraordinary acts of bravery The dystopian government is realistic enough to be fascinating and terrifying Thumbs up.

  15. Personal ResponseThis is the last book in the shadow children series and was my least favorite It was still a good read, but did not keep me as interested as the other six did In the end, I did not predict Luke would make it out alive due to the cruelty of the population police I think this has been the best book series I have read I wish they would make .PlotLuke, the third child off his family, was fighting to just stay alive The population police were known for beheading people at anytime The [...]

  16. Among the Free, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, the last book in the Shadow Children series, is an exciting science fiction novel that is a nail biter This action and adventure story is about Luke Garner, a teenage boy, who is the third born child in his family He lives in a society controlled by the Population Police The government is a system where the Population Police control the laws, such as how much food goes out to the people, and how many kids can be in each family According to their propa [...]

  17. This book takes place way into our future The world became over populated and could not feed everyone on it The government made a law that you could not have than 2 children because there simply was not enough food to go around Once the government decided to make that law, the Population Police were created It was illegal to have a third child, and if they catch you with one, the child will be killed or forced to work for the Population Police People that had land were either forced to sell it [...]

  18. Best of Margaret Haddix s works the series Though, IMO, just like Harry Potter, the war was won too easily In fact, I felt that Luke never really did much after the 2nd book since the 3rd, 5th, and 6th books had diff main characters until the end of the 7th book, where he actually made a speech But it was unbelievable unrealistic that a mere speech given by a 13 yr old could actually change everyone s opinions beliefs.What is irksome is that you never really understand what the other characters [...]

  19. First sentence Luke Garner stood shoulder to shoulder with a dozen other boys, waiting Premise plot Among the Free is the final book in the Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix This one is all about bringing the whole series together and giving it a mostly tidy ending Luke, and most of the other children we ve met, are now in the ranks of the Population Police These would be rebels and spies are not having an easy time communicating with one another Fortunately, the population poli [...]

  20. It s a wrap This final book in the Shadow Children series is told from Luke s perspective, which seems appropriate since we started this whole journey with him in the first book Luke has infiltrated the Population Police and resists a direct order to shoot an old woman, inadvertently setting off a chain of events that leads to the demise of the Population Police This seems like an amazing event, or is it Our old friend Oscar Wydell Smits bodyguard from Among the Barons places himself in charge o [...]

  21. When I first read this book, I have to confess to being disappointed in it Although Haddix returns to Luke Garner as the protagonist, I felt that Luke had reverted too far back to the shy, scared boy he was at the start of the series Without giving away any spoilers, I was also disappointed in the ending which felt incomplete However, the I have read this book, the I have come to appreciate the finesse with which Haddix concludes this series To truly appreciate the ending, the reader has to do [...]

  22. In the conclusion on the Shadow Children series, the reader again meets up with Luke somewhat fitting since the series began with him in the first place Luke has been working at the Population Police s headquarters, trying to do his best to sabotage from the insides with his friends When he refuses to hurt someone doing Population Police duties, he unknowingly sets up the takeover the evil government Everyone is free, or so Luke thinks Are third children really free or will everyone find some ot [...]

  23. Among the Free was a good book Among the Free is the final book in the series What I liked most about this book was the plot The plot is very interesting and one can wonder if this can actually happen in real life Maybe one day this world will be over populated that they would have to make it illegal to have than 2 children Like in China you can only have 1 2 children OK back to the book The author made sure that they put a lot of detail in the book, and in your mind you can see what is going o [...]

  24. I actually didn t like this book as well as the others in the series or as well as I was expecting to like it For one thing, Luke was almost totally on his own I guess the author s intent was to give a feeling of loneliness, but I was actually hoping to see of the other characters from the previous books Also, the whole book seemed a little rushed, and the overthrow of the Population Police was pretty unbelievable and didn t even make a whole lot of sense One thing I did like is that Luke is fo [...]

  25. I read the entire series in a very short time I looked forward to each new one to learn about these children and their experiences I did not enjoy this one as much I felt the author kind of ran out of steam at the last and really didn t know how to end the series I would rather she had spent less time creating new problems and spent time taking us through the process of becoming free of setting up the new government, etc I did still enjoy it, though Just not as much as the others.

  26. Great conclusion to the series, but not my favorite My biggest problem, was the main character, Luke In this book, Luke seems to take a step back in his character development The last book in Luke s perspective Among the Barons, book 4 , he seems to get a little mature and seems ready to take on the world But when we get back to his perspecitve in this book book 7 he still seems timid and childish Other than that, it was a great read, and I loved the ending.

  27. I m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed reading this book I thought it would be all of the characters going on this adventure to free third children everywhere But really, it was just about Luke being afraid for the first three quarters of the book But I did like the twist it took when you thought the government was overthrown And the ending was very satisfying, it just wasn t the book that I imagined it to be.

  28. Finally finished the series I enjoyed the books overall, some then others based on story plot This series is a real eye opener to what it would be like living in a corrupted and controlling government It makes me appreciate the freedoms that we have today and poses the question Would I sit around and hide from the problems happening the world or would I be willing fight to make a difference

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