In The Name of the Family (2022)

[PDF] In The Name of the Family | by ☆ Sarah Dunant - In The Name of the Family, In The Name of the Family It is better to be feared than loved Niccolo MachiavelliIn the bear pit of renaissance politics a young Florentine diplomat finds himself first hand observer on the history s most notorious family th [PDF] In The Name of the Family | by ☆ Sarah Dunant - In The Name of the Family, In The Name of the Family It is better to be feared than loved Niccolo MachiavelliIn the bear pit of renaissance politics a young Florentine diplomat finds himself first hand observer on the history s most notorious family th
  • Title: In The Name of the Family
  • Author: Sarah Dunant
  • ISBN: 9781844087464
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
In The Name of the Family
[PDF] In The Name of the Family | by ☆ Sarah Dunant, In The Name of the Family, Sarah Dunant, In The Name of the Family It is better to be feared than loved Niccolo MachiavelliIn the bear pit of renaissance politics a young Florentine diplomat finds himself first hand observer on the history s most notorious family the Borgias In the Name of the Family as Blood and Beauty did before holds up a mirror to a turbulent moment of history sweeping aside the myths to bring alive the re It is be
  • [PDF] In The Name of the Family | by ☆ Sarah Dunant
    223 Sarah Dunant
In The Name of the Family

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  1. This turned out to be the right book at the right time for me I was craving a little historical fiction as well as a reprieve from the hangover I had from some grief filled books that I recently read This gave me both I give it 3.5 stars, and I can t round up to 4 stars because at times it felt somewhat dragged out The other criticism I have is that some of the dialogue felt modern than I would have thought An unscrupulous man juggling the power of the papacy and the politics of Rome and the ro [...]

  2. Renaissance, Italy and the Borgias never fail to attract my notice Such conflicted times, the church all powerful, the Borgias at the height of their powers A corrupt Pope, his acknowledged children, the power they wield and of course Lucrezia Tales of poison, excess, positioning of strengths, all enticing subjects but I had very mixed reaction to this book by an author whose work I had wonderful reading experiences in the past.The atmosphere was lacking, many times things were said or thought t [...]

  3. I have loved or at least really liked the Sarah Dunant books I ve read in the past So, I was thrilled to get an ARC of this novel concerning the Borgias I did not read Blood and Beauty, which is the predecessor to this book, detailing the early years of Pope Alexander VI s reign This novel details his later years and the rise of his son, Cesare and daughter, Lucrezia.The book is told from multiple points of view Each chapter is another character and you re inside someone else s head Despite that [...]

  4. This is the second in Sarah Dunant s series of book about the Borgias but it works well as a standalone novel However, on the strength of this, I will definitely be adding the earlier one to my TBR pile.Sarah Dunant injects colour and life into a cast of real life characters who were already pretty colourful Rodrigo Borgia, risen to become Pope Alexander VI, despite siring illegitimate children, including Cesare and Lucrezia, with a series of mistresses For all the bombast and hyperbole about th [...]

  5. When I like Sarah Dunant s books I LOVE them I got an ARC of The Birth of Venus thirteen years ago, and I stayed up all night to finish reading it I savored every bit of Sacred Hearts, and it became one of the books I forced people to buy when I worked in the bookstore because I thought everyone in the world should love it as much as I did But when I don t like Sarah Dunant s books I drag my feet through them like a cranky child, and then I m mad that I wasted my time It was like that for me wit [...]

  6. For my full review girlwithherheadinabook 2Having moved directly from Blood and Beauty to In The Name Of The Family, this is not so long awaited a sequel as it will have been for many other readers I have to admit though that given the emotional high note that Blood and Beauty concluded on, I was very grateful to have the next book on hand Sarah Dunant is a highly skilled and compelling author with clear enthusiasm for her subject and in many ways, this novel felt less of a follow up piece and i [...]

  7. Italien im Zeitalter der Renaissance in den Jahren 1502 und 1503 Rodrigo Borgia sitzt als Alexander VI auf dem Papstthron Um seine attraktive Tochter Lucrezia brodelt die Ger chtek che Ihr wird eine Aff re mit ihrem Bruder Cesare und eine verbotene Liebe zu ihrem alternden Vater unterstellt Von Mord, Korruption, Orgien und anderen Sch ndlichkeiten ist die Rede Doch dort, wo Lucrezia Borgia selbst auftaucht, kann sie die H fe Italiens bezaubern Dabei haben die Ger chte durchaus einen wahren Hinte [...]

  8. I knew little about the Borgia family of the early 1500 s going into this book, and I have not read Blood and Beautybut this books seems to stand alone, and it s a whopper I am always intrigued and appalled at the cruelty, lust for power and plain lust and moral depravity of these times Sarah Dunant brought the Borgias Pope Alexander VI Rodrigo Borgia , son Cesare, and daughter Lucretia, to vivid life, as well as Niccolo Machiavelli, author of The Prince The Borgia s lives are all intertwined wi [...]

  9. A longer review is available on my blog reviewsofbooksonmynightstand.bThe characters in this book are based on true characters and Dunant attempts to keep as much as possible to the true legends of these historical people They are deliciously evil and I read with as much glee as horror at the murderous and manipulative ways of the family that will stop at nothing to conquer as much of Europe as they can They are the most power hungry of power hungry royals The characters are many, complex and in [...]

  10. Die Zeit der Renaissance in Italien hat viele starke und geschichtstr chtige Charaktere hervorgebracht, die wir teilweise auch in diesem Buch antreffen d rfen oder zumindest erw hnt werden, jedoch f llt beim Familiennamen Borgia mein erster Gedanke nicht sofort auf Rodrigo, den sp teren Papst Alexander VI sondern eher auf Lucrezia Sie lie sich nicht nur von ihrem Vater als Instrument in all seinen machtsichernden Verstrickungen einsetzen, sondern machte sich auch selbst einen Namen als sehr einf [...]

  11. It s April and this is firmly, absolutely, on my Books of the Year list no doubt about it at all Dunant s been a 3 starrer for me until her Blood and Beauty and this sequel She s adept at getting beneath the skin of figures made bloated and almost cartoonish via the scandalous historical gossip which has fed lurid novels and TV series sold on sex n murder Dunant, instead, goes back to the sources and the scholarship and has fleshed them out so that Roderigo, Lucrezia and Cesare are real people O [...]

  12. Like her earlier novel Blood and Beauty , this book is a novel of the Borgias.So Like any novel about the Borgias there is blood, death, and really nasty things galore.I didn t think it was as good a read as the first book It felt too disjointed Towards the end it hops over ten years of history in one fell swoop leaving me with a what the heck reaction.The handling of Rodrigo Borgia aka Pope Alexander VI was excellently done The character had real depth and frankly would have carried the novel f [...]

  13. This dazzling historical tale continues the Borgia epic that began in Blood and Beauty Lucrezia is now on marriage three and is the newly minted duchess of Ferrara Cesare is as power hungry as ever and is at the pinnacle of his career Alexander VI is now an aging pope who is concerned about his family s legacy We see an introduction of a new voice, Niccolo Machiavelli, who is representing Florence s interests but cannot help but be impressed by the machinations of the Borgia family As always, Sa [...]

  14. I confess to reading historical fiction partly as a diverting way to fill historical gaps and pique my interest in further explorations Sometimes, however, I enjoy historical fiction when I know a little bit about the topic already which is one reason why Sarah Dunant s latest novel was such a pleasure This book, like its predecessors, offers a particular sort of satisfaction to those familiar with the history, the places, and the people.Victor Hugo did not nudge Dunant over the edge and down t [...]

  15. This is not the kind of book that I would normally read, but once in a while I ll read an historical novel if one comes to hand, and this one did The book tells the story of the Borgias and of Machiavelli during 1502 and 1503, a time when Lucrezia Borgia marries Alfonso d Este, Cesare Borgia is trying to create a Borgia state in central Italy and their father, Pope Alexander VI, is indulging in his own empire building , by proxy through his children and also by disposing of family enemies in Rom [...]

  16. I LOVED this book I was completely sucked into Renaissance Italy and the brilliant scheming and manipulations of the Borgias In their defense Italy during this time was a brutal, dangerous and corrupt place and they excelled at being the most brutal, the most dangerous and the most corrupt Despite how amoral they were I found myself cheering for their success It really is fun to be so bad History told me that their end would be swift and decisive but it was still really hard to see all that they [...]

  17. I had no idea that Pope Alexander VI had multiple illegitimate children who all worked together to create the wealth of the Borgia s They are all one in the same This was a story of Italy and wealth and the family that I was totally unaware of The book also includes Niccolo Machiavelli and I was unaware of his involvement too Well written and intriguing.

  18. I received an advanced uncorrected proof copy of this novel as a giveaway on This novel continues the saga of the Borgia family where Dunant left off at the conclusion of Blood and Beauty Pope Alexander VI is now an aging man, growing frailer and concerned with his legacy by the day His son Cesare Borgia is as ruthless and power hungry as ever, and continues to plunder across Europe in his efforts to build a Borgia dynasty Meanwhile, the Pope s daughter Lucrezia is now on her third marriage, a [...]

  19. Advance reader s copy courtesy Random House via Vine programIn In the Name of the Family, Sarah Dunant tackles the ascendant years of the Borgia family in a somewhat contradictory manner Elements of research peep through, clearly based on correspondence and other documents written by and about those near to the Borgias These paragraphs sit in uneasy proximity to earthier passages perhaps intended to humanize the subjects they portray.I came to this book knowing very little about the Borgias and [...]

  20. This felt like the B roll and cutting room floor material from Blood and Beauty I stuck with it for a bit over 100 pages and never got the sense that the plot was gaining any traction.

  21. redacting a star maybe unfairly for what was left out i am aware my standards for this are ridiculous and because i think her treatment of cesare toward the end is a bit lazy also because fundamentally this bb are one 800 page book and should be bound as such but, honestly, thank god this exists she remembered the cesena event happened at christmas.

  22. In the Name of The Family follows Lucrezia as she embarks on her third marriage, once again leaving her beloved father and brother, Cesare behind Cesare meanwhile is off fighting for the Borgia s family and this follows a period where Machiavelli is his acquaintance When the Borgia fortune turns it is Lucrezia who will keep the family going I was so excited to read this book having read a lot on them after being fascinated by the Borgia s for a long time and having read Blood and Beauty I was a [...]

  23. This is a novel about the notorious Borgia family Spanish by descent and Italian later, the reader gets to know Alexander when he was pope and his children, Lucretia and Cesare.Dunant writes a cracking pace novel with perhaps some different touches from the usual portrayals of the main characters Lucretia was not the whore, Alexander was a loving father, if very angry at Cesare, and Cesare was a sick deranged man, probably bi polar.I much enjoyed the settings and depth of the characters in this [...]

  24. Something is going on with Sarah Dunant it is not the same hand that wrote The Birth of Venus and the subsequent few novels There we had plot, great characters ok, she s better with female characters than male , against lively historical background that did not intrude as notes taken down from library research The last two books have been terribly dull, research ey, dead on arrival Paragraphs line up, characters speak, but nothing is alive You follow Machiavelli down streets as he looks at his e [...]

  25. I am a history fanatic so any novel which tackles a major period in history or an infamous family or a momentous battle or really anything that impacted history is bound to have me excited Thanks to Little Brown, Virago and Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.History is a fascinating topic because it always changes This might sound fallacious but history is not as set a thing as many of us think or hope History is written by the winners, by the su [...]

  26. I wasn t that much of a fan of Blood and Beauty, but in hindsight, it was actually a decent fictionalization of the Borgias better than say, Puzo and other books but this wasn t that much of a good sequel I think the focus of Alexander and the ending the book upon his death was not the best idea, as yet again novelists like showrunners focus on the legend of Alexander rather than Cesare and Lucrezia, and tell their stories around them, when I think the fascination comes not from the father, but [...]

  27. Renaissance Italy and the Borgia family wrapped into a compelling novel I knew very little about either before I started reading this book and have become much knowledgeable from the book and the constant trips to I made Rodrigo Borgia who became Pope Alexander VI, even though he had numerous illegitimate kids The whole Borgia family and associates is covered as are there many marriages, murder plots, power plays, corruption, romances, wars and murders.Jumping between and the book really helpe [...]

  28. I am a Sarah Dunant fan and while I quite enjoyed this book I did not love it Its characters lacked the vital spark which brings them leaping from the page I enjoyed the rescuing of Lucrezia s reputation in history and observations about the treatment and development of the pox, the Pope emerges as a real character with his love of sardines and Corsican wine, but there were a number of sections which were a bit dull, especially all the stuff with Bembo I enjoyed the way Niccolo s fortunes were w [...]

  29. This is a great book set in Italy in 1495 when Rodrigo Borgia becomes Pope Alexander 6th and with his Son, Cesare, Duke Valentine, conquers one city state after another and rules Italy until 1510 Pope Alexander s daughter is Lucrezia,the most beautiful woman in Italy whose 3rd marriage is to Alfonzo de Este, duke of Ferraro The struggle for power among these nobles, popes, and city states is recorded by Michiavelli in his famous book, The Prince, which is based on Cesare Borgia s life After this [...]

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