Will Save the Galaxy for Food (2022)

[PDF] Will Save the Galaxy for Food | by Ù Yahtzee Croshaw Em Gist - Will Save the Galaxy for Food, Will Save the Galaxy for Food A not quite epic science fiction adventure about a down on his luck galactic pilot caught in a cross galaxy struggle for survival Space travel just isn t what it used to be With the invention of Quant [PDF] Will Save the Galaxy for Food | by Ù Yahtzee Croshaw Em Gist - Will Save the Galaxy for Food, Will Save the Galaxy for Food A not quite epic science fiction adventure about a down on his luck galactic pilot caught in a cross galaxy struggle for survival Space travel just isn t what it used to be With the invention of Quant
  • Title: Will Save the Galaxy for Food
  • Author: Yahtzee Croshaw Em Gist
  • ISBN: 9781506701653
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
Will Save the Galaxy for Food
[PDF] Will Save the Galaxy for Food | by Ù Yahtzee Croshaw Em Gist, Will Save the Galaxy for Food, Yahtzee Croshaw Em Gist, Will Save the Galaxy for Food A not quite epic science fiction adventure about a down on his luck galactic pilot caught in a cross galaxy struggle for survival Space travel just isn t what it used to be With the invention of Quantum Teleportation space heroes aren t needed any When one particularly unlucky ex adventurer masquerades as famous pilot and hate figure Jacques McKeown he s sucked inA
  • [PDF] Will Save the Galaxy for Food | by Ù Yahtzee Croshaw Em Gist
    142 Yahtzee Croshaw Em Gist
Will Save the Galaxy for Food

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see this sitting on the shelf when I stopped by a bookstore down in Florida to sign some books I ve been a fan of Yahtzee s work on Zero Punctuation for a while, but I ve been busy lately, and don t listen to it as faithfully as I used to.More importantly, I really enjoyed his previous book Jam Which is, of course, a much bigger indicator of weather or not I ll actually like a book Simply said, he s kind of an irritatingly good writer His books are fun and easy to r [...]

  2. Review also published hereWill Save the Galaxy for Food is an incredibly enjoyable science fiction satire novel I enjoyed my time with it immensely Not only did it drip with sarcasm and just plain ridiculous ideas, but it also had some very interesting points to make about the dangers of finding oneself obsolete While it seems like just a comedic sci fi romp, it actually offers a lot depth than is immediately apparent.The protagonist and first person narrator is a down on his luck pilot During [...]

  3. I was really enjoying the book, but the ending left me feeling unsatisfied It just seemed like the author got tired of the characters and stopped Not sure if it meant to be a cliffhanger or a downer.

  4. Originally posted to Geek of Oz here Way back in 2010, celebrated video game critic, acerbic host of Zero Punctuation and permanent cynic Yahtzee Croshaw released Mogworld His first published novel through Dark Horse Books, Mogworld was a delightful, parodic send up of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft coupled with a surprisingly emotional what measure is a man style plot about the life of a video game NPC This welcome debut was followed two years later by Jam, a black comedy involving a bunch of e [...]

  5. So this is a space gangster satire Think the Transporter movies but with of the vibe of a Layer Cake or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels , but in space It is funny in places but the dangers are still real.This is going to make me sound like a bit of a doint but holy tract, i was not expecting to give a ply ing Yahtzee book five stars.Also this has some new adjectives which you should easily pickup, unless your some sort of complete bracket I shall add them to my space lexicon along with frak, [...]

  6. Nameless Protagonist 3 is a washed up star pilot who, through a series of increasingly insane coincidences, finds himself on the run from the law, the space equivalent of the Godfather, and all of the other star pilots too Joined by a woman with less emotions than a rock and two children from opposite ends of the adorable spectrum, this novel is like if Hitchhiker s Guide and a math dictionary had a baby.Croshaw s quick wit, random asides, and insanely descriptive sometimes uncomfortably so lang [...]

  7. This was fun, tongue in cheek, sarcastic, and somewhat clever The ending was both frustrating and enjoyable.The only thing I didn t like was the reference to Errol Flynn, an out of date reference now, never mind from a Lunarian presumably many centuries in the future.Anyway, hardly seems a point to take any points over 5 Stars

  8. I have been a fan of Yahtzee s work in the form of Zero Punctuation since the moment I first heard his amazingly colorful way of expression From the moment in which I heard that the man was also a novelist I marked both his previous books as to read but just never got around to them I did get around to reading Will Save the Galaxy for Foor obviously and boy did I enjoy it Sci fi satire Written in the eloquent hand of the mastermind behind Zero Punctuation Don t mind if I do I simply loved the st [...]

  9. His best book yet Other than his weird obsession with the word nacelle, Croshaw has gotten a lot better at writing over time It s a good story and genuinely funny however if you didn t like his last two books then this is unlikely to change your mind He s mostly know for his Zero Punctuation videos but everyone should check out his let s drown out series with Gabriel You ll notice a few things from this book have obviously been inspired by the conversations he has on those videos Comes highly re [...]

  10. An enjoyable space adventure that reminded me with the space quest game series.I listened to the audio book version and it made it even enjoyable.A good book to suggest any person who is a fan of satirical science fiction like futurama or the hitchhiker s guide to the galaxy.

  11. A hilariously clever satire of sci fi space adventures and a must read for fans of Douglas Adam s Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy and Matt Groening s Futurama.

  12. I picked this up because I really enjoy Zero Punctuation And I also needed to use an Audible credit Do you remember back when Family Guy or Simpsons was good and it would start in one setting and you thought you knew where the story was going, but then by the end it went somewhere else entirely and yet you enjoyed the ride That s pretty much how this book went Light, fluffy, and quick And narrated by Yahtzee Definitely silly but as I started reading it at the same time as I did Gateway, it was a [...]

  13. There is something about Yahtzee Croshaw that has always appealed to me I discovered his Zero Punctuation just before it got picked up The Escapist back in 2007 His disdain for tropish literature and general cynicism for, well, everything puts him in the same mode of engaging various forms of media as I do It wasn t until 2010 that he wrote his first novel called Mogworld, which follows dead sorcerer who is dragged into the fickle strands of unlife by a renegade sorcerer Mogworld was actually th [...]

  14. Patton Oswalt has a book called Zombie Spaceship Wasteland A Book By Patton Oswalt From the description on Then there s the book s centerpiece, which posits that before all young creative minds have anything to write about, they will home in on one of three story lines zom bies, spaceships, or wastelands With this book, Yahtzee has now completed all of those story lines.Zombies MogworldSpaceships Will Save The Galaxy For FoodWasteland JamAll these books have been fun In this book Yahtzee s crea [...]

  15. An action y, sci fi satire that follows a hapless space pilot whose been monetarily persuaded into impersonating an infamous writer for a spoiled brat s birthday Said pilot s get rich quick scheme quickly spirals out of control as plenty of characters with personal grudges come out of the woodwork to settle their grievances with the newly located writer.Pros a tighter narrative feel than Croshaw s earlier works, a demented family road trip theme that recalls Chuck Palahniuk s Lullaby, fun with p [...]

  16. Story 4 Random and easily sidetracked Characters 8 Funny and distinctive with a sardonic twist Comedy is one of the hardest genres to get right Make your jokes too specific and you risk losing your audience, but go too broad and it can become generic and unfunny Either way only a fraction of your jokes will hit fully, and those jokes will be different for each reader This novel manages to hit frequently enough to work while never quite being utterly hilarious.One area where comedic novels seem t [...]

  17. Originally Reviewed 04 12 2017 at a thousand ideas revieI m going to be honest, despite being a big fan of his Zero Punctuation show, I have never read anything by Yahtzee Croshaw but now I really wish I d read one sooner Will Save the Galaxy for Food is a short, satirical sci fi read that is full of bonkers characters and over the top adventures that can, at times, be surprisingly clever At its core, it is a short planetary scale comedy adventure where pretty much everything that could go wrong [...]

  18. This book was a lot of fun It was pretty standard junk food fiction, but with Croshaw s unique panache I particularly love his enthusiasm for metaphors His narration is a lot of fun, too, so the audiobook is a fine way to consume this book.

  19. Probably my least favorite of the three Yahtzee Croshaw books I read I know he likes to go with flawed heros, but this hero s flaws started to annoy me It still had some good humor and Yahtzee is always good about not going the predictable route I m looking forward to what Yahtzee has next.

  20. Humor is the toughest genre to write, this was OK but not a knockout for me The whole space pilots and golden age satire was a bit to silly and yet too serious A very lightweight read.

  21. A humorous story with a cynical take on Flash Gordon style pulp SciFi It felt fresh to me, since the era of Sci Fi that it was lambasting hasn t been overdone.

  22. Will Save the Galaxy for Food B01N666JEGI went into WSTGFF knowing I would like this book because I like all of Yahtzee s books, but came out pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book.The premise is wonderful, and I commend Yahtzee for his creative range WSTGFF follows a washed up star pilot who is struggling to make ends meet now that teleportation technology has made star piloting obsolete Our protagonist gets by on odd jobs as a tour guide and the occasional ferrying of an outlaw on [...]

  23. All I can say is that this was a really fun read If you like humor in your Space Adventures, then this is the book for you.

  24. This was a fun little space romp Nothing about it really makes it sci fi other than it taking place in space, but the same general story could have easily been told in a different setting and likely has been, many times Not a knock against the book, just something to put out there for anyone not interested in sci fi.Very much in the vein of classic pulp adventure novels, our hero is off on a silly adventure where he is unwittingly placed in multiple difficult situations by a recalcitrant love in [...]

  25. A fast paced witty Sciene Fiction novel This is really my kind of book Clever and well thought out satire, yes please The concept is even fairly original, and the author actually had a plot that was than a steady stream of jokes I was absolutely loving this book The banter was perfectly done The protagonist was feeding me a steady stream of clever and often nihilistic observations All the characters had good depth and their own unique quirks that added to the dialogue of the novel I was all set [...]

  26. Perfect for a road trip A rare example of fiction that I could listen to on audiobook without trouble, in that it was both engaging enough to hold my attention for the jokes if nothing else and light enough that when I inevitably missed simple plot points it was easy to pick back up The author does a fantastic job with the audio performance as well.All around great fun.

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