Blade of Tyshalle (2022)

Free Download Blade of Tyshalle - by Matthew Woodring Stover - Blade of Tyshalle, Blade of Tyshalle On Earth Hari Michaelson was a superstar But on Overworld he was the assassin Caine Real monarchs lived and died at his hands and entire governments were overthrown all for the entertainment of mill Free Download Blade of Tyshalle - by Matthew Woodring Stover - Blade of Tyshalle, Blade of Tyshalle On Earth Hari Michaelson was a superstar But on Overworld he was the assassin Caine Real monarchs lived and died at his hands and entire governments were overthrown all for the entertainment of mill
  • Title: Blade of Tyshalle
  • Author: Matthew Woodring Stover
  • ISBN: 9780345421432
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
Blade of Tyshalle
Free Download Blade of Tyshalle - by Matthew Woodring Stover, Blade of Tyshalle, Matthew Woodring Stover, Blade of Tyshalle On Earth Hari Michaelson was a superstar But on Overworld he was the assassin Caine Real monarchs lived and died at his hands and entire governments were overthrown all for the entertainment of millions back on Earth But now Hari stripped of his identity as Caine must fight his greatest battle against the powerful corporate masters of Earth and the faceless massesOn Earth Ha
  • Free Download Blade of Tyshalle - by Matthew Woodring Stover
    447 Matthew Woodring Stover
Blade of Tyshalle

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  1. Fact If Superman, the Boogeyman, Darth Vader, Conan the Barbarian and Sauron all ganged up to fight Hari Caine Michelsont only would Caine WIN, but none of his attackers would even make it to the after party.It s simplyhow it isPeriod.No debate, no equivocation, no qualification, no margin for error Caine is the mythago like archetype of indomitably willed, carnage causing, badass kickassery A take no prisoners, leave you battered, bloody and beaten force of destruction YeahI m a fan Since I pre [...]

  2. I got a Kindle last year and guess what was my first purchase You guessed it, Atlas Shrugged Okay, no, it was this one, Blade of Tyshalle I was looking forward to it, but it s all but impossible to get in paper form unless you want to pay out the nose And 10 months is surprisingly a good time for a book I bought to finally make it to my currently reading pile.Because I had such a long wait time between this book and the first in the Acts of Caine, Heroes Die, I had lots of time to read reviews a [...]

  3. Where the hell can I begin I d like to say I m speechless and drowning in a god river of awe, but the fact is, I could write twenty odd pages or just to expound how much I love this book, and by natural extension of story, Heroes Die.They re both of one piece, but what really blows my mind is the fact that it s not only as good as the first, but it absolutely refuses to back down and aims for something much, much greater I m very afraid that I can t come even remotely close to doing a review ju [...]

  4. Tyshalle Deathgod is also called the Limiter, and the Divider Tyshalle himself is the energy of change he is the outer darkness beyond the edges of organized reality That s why he s the God of Death death is the primary change The big one Change is, itself, the structure of experience Think about it The absence of change is stasis which is also the absence of experience Experience is reality That s what reality is to us no , no less Reality is change That s all it is The Blade of Tyshalle is the [...]

  5. 3.5 starsIf like me you read Heroes Die and were expecting the same amount of bad assery from Blade of Tyshalle you d be somewhat disappointed It s not like the book is terrible but it s so vastly different from what you d expect after reading the first Act of Caine book.Although Blade of Tyshalle does have the signature bad ass action sequences that i ve come to associate with the series, this book is philosophical than the first one You find characters searching for meaning for their actions, [...]

  6. Two things to say about this 1 I loved reading a character that was incapable of doing many of the things you expect a character in a fantasy book to do.2 WTF I feel like Stover was trying to be a little too clever The villain, if you can call it a villain, is almost impossible to conceptualize I found myself constantly rereading passages and being no clearer on what happened than I was the first time through The fun that the first Caine novel had is almost completely gone.

  7. Huge disappointment Caine has an extremely short screen time, roughly 30% of the 800 pages are actual acts of Caine , the rest I m sorry to report is over bloated rambling Also, Berne is sadly missing hence Blade of Tyshalle lacks a real sumbitch Damn shame, considering Heroes Die is 24 carat badassery, and the concept of Overworld is amazing.So, at the end of the day, Chapter 0 was really promising, it s an account of how Caine came to be, and probably the best part of the book The following pa [...]

  8. This is one of a few books I ve finished lately that I find a bit hard to rate and even hard to describe First this book has significant flaws that weren t present or at least weren t as present in the first volume of this series Heroes Die SoI m going to say some slightly negative things about the book AND I m going to be giving some significant warnings about it Still please note that I have settled on a 4 star rating Some books do transcend an I like it or I don t like it review I considered [...]

  9. 5 Stars AND EACH HAD his own role to play the crooked knight defended the part time goddess the part time goddess served the land the acolytes of dust and ashes fed their master s hunger.The dark angel made war.He answered the call of the crooked knight he used the part time goddess to work his will he named the god of dust and ashes his enemy Blade of Tyshalle is one freaking awesome dark fantasy read that continues the story of the hero Caine Hari, that some may deem the baddest ass good guy o [...]

  10. Really a waste of my time, should have stopped reading this book far earlier, but could not take it after 75% of book and finally took the decision to stop reading it.I think stover has done a big mistake of including metaphysics with story in this book because clearly he has done a mess of it in this book I really enjoyed the first book which was full of action from the word go, but this book has people doing disgusting things to each other for the heck of it and metaphysics filler rest of the [...]

  11. This starts of with Harry s youth, so if you re waiting for the sequel to start off where Acts of Caine stopped, you ll be in for a surprise It does continue the story later, so fine be afraid to be kept hanging.It was even grimmer than the last, and some scenes really had me flinch There s a scene for example where a woman is raped and her breast eaten at the same time for scale of how bloody this can get So it s really another step up, and if you want to avoid such violence, this might not be [...]

  12. I don t believe I can properly describe this series other than to say read it This book was far philosophical than the first but still retained all the things that made the first so great Hari Caine is definitely up there for my favourite characters.I know there are parts of this story that likely went over my head and will need to be reread at some point to fully comprehend it, and I look forward to the day that I do.To anyone who enjoys grim dark or darker SFF I highly recommend it as Stover [...]

  13. This book has been described as better than its prequel Heroes Die It may be But since I read Heroes Die first, it felt like much of this book was a retread The pace of Heroes Die was so fast that it didn t leave me room to stop and question plot points, or inconsistencies in the world With The Blade of Tyshalle because I was familiar with the world I started questioning things.I appreciate that the focus character isn t a pure hero, but Stover here tried to have it both ways with the adversary [...]

  14. Believe it or not, this book has actually helped me in my job as a mentor to teens in a mental health facility I use the quotes keep your head down and inch towards daylight and we are the sum of our scars at least once a week to show how determination and hard work can help achieve goals, and that you never get over bad things that shape you as a person For an actual book review, here s this I love the concept of a world we routinely invade for entertainment I love the dark gritty violence show [...]

  15. I started Blade of Tyshalle with the knowledge that not everyone likes this book as much as Heroes Die I always thought those people must be wrong and Blade would be just as awesome as Heroes Die That one had great writing, amazing characters Caine , a very intruiging world, a good story throwing you from one action sequence into the next, a lot of blood and gore and a great ending on top of all this It would be difficult for Blade to match all that, but of the same would still be great Problem [...]

  16. The second book of Matthew Stover s Caine series, Blade of Tyshalle is equally as entertaining and well written as Heroes Die This time around Hari must deal with an even potent array of foes, both old and new, who have conspired to completely, and I do mean COMPLETELY ruin his life and those of the ones he loves Their collective goal is to break Caine and make him suffer to the point of despair before killing him If they were dealing with an ordinary man they might be justified in thinking the [...]

  17. This one was a huge disappointment I loved Heroes Die, but this was nothing like that book I found it to be confusing and boring for all but the first few flashback chapters which were actually really good The whole book seems to be promoting some weird philosophy about humanity that I just can t even remotely get behind, it s just too out there, even for a fantasy novel.Plenty of people love and recommend this book, but I just didn t get it A shame, too, because I d bought the whole series in a [...]

  18. The book opens with a bit of a prequel about Hari s time at the Actor s training academy Then we catch up with his recent life, working as the San Fransisco studio head after the events of Heroes Die When one of his actors is kidnapped, Hari is shown the disastrous consequences of a plot to control Overworld s resources When he insists on taking action, the forces that oppose him set him on a path back to Overworld and his alter ego, Caine.This is a ambitious story than that of the first book [...]

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  20. I really loved the first book, but this one is much weaker it gets a 3 star rating instead of 2 star, just because I liked Caine and Kris Hanson It starts out well, but then it just spirals down into the ridiculous and unbelievable The last 40% of the book is especially bad It s mostly filled with metaphysical and philosophical nonsense, and you will have no idea what is going on half the time Everyone is living inside someone else s body Everyone is literally crawling around in shit and their l [...]

  21. I enjoyed the Hari Caine parts of the story, also the parts involving the man elf Deliann BUT there is a hell of a lot of esoteric bullshit in this 738 page book which required some extensive skimming perhaps I m just shallow As Caine would say yadda, yadda, yadda, horseshit What if it s Hari Michaelson who is the fictional character What if the middle aged paraplegic is just a role that Caine plays, so he can get along on Earth

  22. This book was just as good as the first in the series It is brutal, engaging, and one of the most exciting speculative fiction reads of all time I didn t give it a 5 5 rating because sometimes it had a little too much violence for my tastes, but I will definitely be reading the third book in the series when I get the time.

  23. As a follow up to the absolutely outstanding Heroes Die , I found Blade of Tyshalle to be disappointing In attempting to be about huge issues like the clashes of gods, it lost its human element, and thus, much of its interest It s a worthwhile read, but a big step down from Heroes Die.

  24. DNF at 30%It s not bad, just started to feel like a slog for me and my TBR pile is enormous I ll come back to this one at some point, I hope.

  25. Hari finds himself in a comfortable failure His life after his last adventure doesn t seem to have given him much happiness And even though he got the girl and saved the world and was promoted to Administrator, his life isn t peachy and a happily ever after On the contrary, it s pretty crappy the way he still fights with Shanna, the falling worth of the Studio under his administration, and especially his useless legs that makes him incapable of even being remotely similar to Caine and he can t s [...]

  26. Pirms pusotra gada p c gr matas Heroes Die izlas anas es optimistiski prognoz ju, ka ar turpm kie Kaina piedz vojumi b s ne slikt ki par pirmo No otr s gr matas las anas mani nedaudz attur ja inform cija, ka esot vair k t da filozofiska Ja gr matu nosauc par filozofisku, tad ir tikai divas iesp jas Pirm t tie m ir filozofiska Otr si ets ir tik samud in ts, ka l ga nevar saprast, kas ir kas un beig s attopies ar nosac tu kladi, kura pilna ar cit tiem, bet ar minim lu sapratni par gr mat notieko o [...]

  27. Stover s kickass Caine character, who we first heard about in Heroes Die, returns in this thriller and boy am I happy he does To explain the scope of Stover s encompassing science fantasy worldbuilding would take too long here, so a quick recap On Earth, Caine is really Hari Michaelson, an Actor turned Administrator who made his acting career on Overworld, an alternate Earth type world Other Actors, like Caine, have gone to Overworld in secret, seeking adventure and using a kind of virtual reali [...]

  28. 3.5 starsThis book alternated between being absolutely amazing and boring me to the point where I wanted to stop reading I loved Heroes Die, but the sequel definitely has a different flavor to it While there are many excellent Caine moments, the pacing is much slower and there is a lot in the way of philosophical ramblings and symbolic vignettes.What I liked 1 I absolutely LOVED the first section of the book, which is a prequel of Hari when he is first training to be an actor It really made me [...]

  29. warning Spoilers ahead.As I read the book, I was struck by how many recent SciFi movies have dealt with similar themes.Like the Matrix we are introduced to a sentient entity which controls humanity The difference here is that instead of an alien, the entity is just a manifestation of our greed and the damage we are doing to the planet Like Avatar, here too, Earth has run out of resources and enterprising corporations decide to start mining other planets displacing its current inhabitants for pro [...]

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