The Complete John Silence Stories (2022)

Free Download The Complete John Silence Stories - by Algernon Blackwood S.T. Joshi - The Complete John Silence Stories, The Complete John Silence Stories One of the foremost British writers of supernatural tales in the twentieth century Algernon Blackwood wrote stories in which the slow accumulation of telling details produced a foreboding a Free Download The Complete John Silence Stories - by Algernon Blackwood S.T. Joshi - The Complete John Silence Stories, The Complete John Silence Stories One of the foremost British writers of supernatural tales in the twentieth century Algernon Blackwood wrote stories in which the slow accumulation of telling details produced a foreboding a
  • Title: The Complete John Silence Stories
  • Author: Algernon Blackwood S.T. Joshi
  • ISBN: 9780486299426
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
The Complete John Silence Stories
Free Download The Complete John Silence Stories - by Algernon Blackwood S.T. Joshi, The Complete John Silence Stories, Algernon Blackwood S.T. Joshi, The Complete John Silence Stories One of the foremost British writers of supernatural tales in the twentieth century Algernon Blackwood wrote stories in which the slow accumulation of telling details produced a foreboding atmosphere of almost unendurable tension Blackwood s literary renown began in with the publication of a highly successful collection of stories John Silence Phys
  • Free Download The Complete John Silence Stories - by Algernon Blackwood S.T. Joshi
    231 Algernon Blackwood S.T. Joshi
The Complete John Silence Stories

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  1. This collection includes all five stories featuring Blackwood s psychic detective, John Silence, M.D and except for the brief A Victim of Higher Space, a mere bagatelle each of the tales is compelling in the way all good Blackwood is compelling each features a leisurely exposition followed by a slow series of incremental complications which both inform and disarm the mesmerized reader until he is prepared for the well executed conclusion.The two best stories included here are the much anthologiz [...]

  2. 4.5I ve read the edition from Gutenberg with five cases I have no idea why it took me this long to read it Usually it s something boring, but in this case it is like the book wanted me to take my time, pay attention and enjoy I did I loved the stories and Dr John Silent Each case has different problem There are no repetitions Paranormal element and Dr John Silent are all they have in common One of the stories most of it Haruki Murakami used in his 1Q84 The cases range from demonic presences to g [...]

  3. Licantropi in campeggio e mummie poco tranquille Agente segreto di Sua Maest la regina durante la prima guerra mondiale, esploratore incallito, provetto alpinista e primo volto apparso durante le trasmissioni sperimentali della BBC nel 1950 tutto questo Algernon Blackwood, autore di riferimento del genere horror attivo soprattutto nella prima met del 900 John Silence ed altri incubi recupera i sei casi dell omonimo indagatore dell occulto, precursore di una sfilza di personaggi futuri Martyn Mys [...]

  4. Primero fue el doctor Martin Hesselius de Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu M s tarde, el profesor Van Helsing del Dr cula de Bram Stoker Y despu s tenemos al doctor John Silence de Algernon Blackwood, experto en ocultismo y fen menos ps quicos y paranormales sin olvidarnos de Carnacki, el cazador de fantasmas creado por William Hope Hodgson, aparecido con posterioridad Todos ellos tienen en com n su habilidad para detectar y poner fin las actividades extra as y extraordinarias a la que tienen que hacer f [...]

  5. Ha llovido mucho en el tiempo que intentaba adquirir esta novela La m s ansiada por m de todos los libros publicados que ya no est n y Valdemar me concedi ese deseo su reedici n.Y ten a raz n, es uno de ESOS libros inmortales.De por s el tema de detectives paranormales me gusta Aunque este detective es la escusa de presentarnos situaciones raras en los mbitos m s atractivos casa encantada, bosques con monstruos, pueblos solitarios con habitantes extra os y una isla perdida con algo que acecha a [...]

  6. Around the turn of he century, psychic detectives were all the rage in England There was Max Carnacki, the creation of William Hope Hodgson, and also John Silence by Algernon Blackwood His The Complete John Silence Stories is an admirable collection for the days and weeks approaching Halloween.Rather than attempting to find a rational explanation for everything, which in the end would become merely annoying, Blackwood takes psychic phenomena as a given, but one that can be worked with using a co [...]

  7. Tales about John Silence, physician extraordinary Silence is a doctor who has become very wealthy through unspecified means and now only takes up cases of a very special kind He has spent years learning about the supernatural and developing spiritual powers He assists people who face some sort of supernatural crisis the humour writer who loses his sense of humour after a cannabis trip awakens a slumbering spirit in his house, a businessman who returns to the monastic school of his youth to find [...]

  8. Went through this quickly quickly than I would have liked, lots of skimming and in the end skipping I received 10 books from the library at onced another inter library loan book is waiting You put them on hold, and they all show up at once.These are good though dated stories I know some will get some laughs as in the first story the victim living in the house becomes aware of the overwhelming evil in the house when he takes an extract of cannabis indica But, put your head in the stories and you [...]

  9. Autore forse poco conosciuto in Italia, Algernon Blackwood ci porta alla scoperta del mondo dell occulto, di cui egli stesso era uno studioso.Il modus operandi di John Silence, la spalla che lo accompagna e che ne riferisce, ammirata, le gesta e l impostazione strutturale del testo ricordano il famosissimo detective inglese Sherlock Holmes, ma in chiave horror La reale conoscenza dell argomento da parte dell autore riesce a immergere verosimilmente il lettore vi troverete talmente intrappolati n [...]

  10. The next time you pack your suitcase, tuck in a copy of John Silence s psychic mysteries You may see yourself hauntingly reflected in these ghastly tales, many involving innocent travelers who meet than fellow passengers on the road Each of the five tales in this collection is set in a different locale London, France, southwestern England, Germany, and the islands of Sweden The source of the horror is just as varied, ranging from a simple ghostly haunting, to antiquarian thaumaturgy, to necroma [...]

  11. Algernon Blackwood is one of those weird tale writers who impress and disappoint me by turns Several of these stories show Blackwoods talent for evoking the power and mystery of the natural world particularly, The Camp of the Dog, and demonstrating the spiritual interconnections he believed to be inherent between all elements of nature Similarly, his character, John Silence, who always manages to make his mark on the narrative despite appearing only briefly in some stories, is a credit to Blackw [...]

  12. Es una novela de paso lento El lector no se encuentra con sucesos que le mantengan al borde de la silla La obra cuenta con varios relatos, que constituyen diversos casos que involucran al doctor John Silence, que si bien es m dico, tambi n se ha especializado en el arte de lo oculto.Lo que me ha gustado de este libro es que las explicaciones de los fen menos paranormales son bastante acertadas no hay ninguna suposici n que escapa de lo asimilable, y eso me sorprendi gratamente Lo que no me ha gu [...]

  13. Fatico a credere di averlo finito Mi ha affascinata cos tanto che ora mi sento abbandonata, sia dal meraviglioso Blackwood che dall editoria internazionale che non gli riserva le dovute attenzioni Un Genio scrittore mi si rivelato in tutta la sua magnificenza ma non mi verr a trovare una seconda volta Ebbene s , il pi grande scrittore che io abbia letto fuori catalogo sia in Italia che all estero, a parte questa raccoltaDICE 1 Un invasione paranormale 2 Antichi sabba 3 Culti segreti 4 Un licantr [...]

  14. Es una l stima que Algernon Blackwood sea pr cticamente un desconocido para todo aquel ajeno a la literatura fant stica, a la sombra de autores como H.P Lovecraft, Henry James, M.R James, Arthur Machen, etc, etc, a los que no tiene nada que envidiar, es m s, algunos de sus relatos son piedra angular de la literatura de fantaterror.La presente recopilaci n se centra en los casos investigados por John Silence, un m dico peculiar, ps quico, que debido a su intuici n cura a todos sus clientes de mal [...]

  15. While the John Silence stories might be the victim of the writing style of the Edwardian era, the character of John Silence is not As a hero he is admirable He uses his brain and his psychic abilities, not his fists and not a gun.I can t help but compare Ancient Sorceries to HP Lovecraft s Shadow Over Innsmouth As Lovecraft was a fan of Blackwood s, I have no doubt that Innsmouth was a redo or updating of Sorceries It s all there, the realization that the town is filled with cultists in animal f [...]

  16. What fun were these stories.This is some of Blackwood s very good stuff.Silence is a compassionate and sympathetic character which is not so common in the time where Blackwood was writing.Most of the men at that time were aggressive and non believer s in anything that they could not see with their own eyes.I don t know how many stories I have read where the male protagonist is out to prove that there is no ghost so it is nice to read about men who do believe and have a respect for the supernatur [...]

  17. John Silence, uno de esos detectives peculiares Este se encuentra siempre metido en extra os casos donde lo paranormal, lo terror fico y lo fant stico son marca de la casa La edici n de Valdemar es impecable Buena elecci n para los amantes del terror que quieran conocer lo que los grandes precursores del g nero hac an a parte de su producci n m s conocida En este caso, el detective Silence fue tambi n todo un xito en su poca.

  18. Absolutely love this collection of Algernon Blackwood stories With his psychic version of Sherlock Holmes John Silence , trying to diagnose and decipher the strange ailments and afflictions his patients brought to his door The imagination he must have used to create the extraordinary characters and events in these tales are beyond comprehension, ahead of his time

  19. Of the traditional British writers of the supernatural and ghost tales, I ve always felt a kinship with Algernon Blackwood He not only wrote some of the best supernatural fiction of the early 20th century but he wrote it like he meant it It is a clich to say his fiction did not evoke horror as much as awe but it is a remarkably accurate description of the power of his writings Blackwood was quite knowledgeable about the many mystic organizations and practices that were popular from the Victorian [...]

  20. Although this writer has a high reputation among lovers of ghost stories, I almost stopped reading this book halfway through, after finding the first three stories to be pretty poor on the whole In his introduction, S T Joshi praises Blackwood s use of novella length, but I felt that they were uniformly too long, with descriptions that were verbose and uninspired and narratives that delayed the action without using the delay to build a corresponding increase of tension or expectation A Psychical [...]

  21. It s almost impossible in describing John Silence to avoid allusions to Sherlock Holmes but he is something of a psychic Sherlock He uses reason and logic and combines them with his psychic training to help people suffering from psychic afflictions In the sense that he is curing maladies rather than solving crimes he might be better compared to Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu s lesser known Dr Martin Hesselius whose cases feature in the collection In A Glass Darkly.There are only 6 John Silence short st [...]

  22. A perfect book to read during this autumnal season, the John Silence stories, first published in book form in 1908, are as atmospheric and scary as they come Silence is a sort of early 20th century ghostbuster, for want of a better term a doctor of the supernatural a practitioner of the supernatural arts a healer of the psychically troubled These five stories deal with a traditionally haunted house, a French town full of shape shifters, an Egyptian fire elemental, devil worship, a nontraditional [...]

  23. El libro comienza con una historia que, sinceramente, me pareci un co aso en toda regla Si le sumo el lenguaje floripondio del que hace gala el autor durante toda la lectura, el resultado es que de buenas a primeras tuve tentaci n de abandonar Ya fuera por pereza o falta de tiempo a la hora de escoger un nuevo libro que leer, segu con este y me alegro de que as fuera ya que los relatos pese a ser algo previsibles en su desarrollo, en algun momento logre conectar con el personaje principal de la [...]

  24. Algernon Henry Blackwood stato uno scrittore inglese di romanzi soprannaturali Tra racconti dell orrore e ghost story, il suo scopo generalmente non stato quello di provocare paura bens suscitare meraviglia di fronte alla parte nascosta della Realt .Egli sa cesellare in maniera mirabile l atmosfera e le ambientazioni, con uno stile calibrato e mai sciatto o prevedibile, elegante ma mai ridondante, mescolando abilmente elementi fantastici con elementi realistici considerato, tra le altre cose, un [...]

  25. Any fan of modern day horror needs to read Algernon Blackwood, the grandfather of the genre I only recently stumbled across his writings and I was completly entranced The John Silence stories were written in the early 1900s Blackwood creates an atmosphere of such forboding that the tension is nearly unbearable yet he never resorts to gore or gross out to make his points.These are stories to be read on a dark and stormy night.

  26. Good stories, if a bit dated The author writes in a very lyrical way, with very good descriptions of the environment the story happens within Also, it s very obvious he loved cats especially the first story has a very interesting cat in it John Silence is a fascinating character, I wish there were stories with him in them Read this book after reading The Breath of God, by Guy Adams, in which John Silence is a character Just had to find out about him.

  27. I really did enjoy this book thought it was hard going in true writing style of the era why use 10 words when you can use 10 pages however for descriptive atmosphere it is excellent from the German mountains to Nordic islands his work really does portray the atmosphere perfectly I can see now why many of these stories are seen as the foundations of many widely know characters and bodies of work than you would first imagine.

  28. These have their moments, and the overall idea is cool, but they do take a concentrated effort to stick with The Willows, they are not.

  29. Uncanny stories with a lot of scientific explanations The Camp of the Dog is probably the worst for this, with pages and pages of gibberish about why a creature would appear in a particular circumstance It was already a story I wasn t fond of, with the nice young man being soooo cruelly ignored by the young woman who apparently just doesn t know her own mind Blech The better stories are Psychical Invasion, in which a writer opens the wrong kind of door to the subconscious and Silence uses a dog [...]

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