Doctor Who: Ghosts of India (2022)

[PDF] Doctor Who: Ghosts of India | by º Mark Morris - Doctor Who: Ghosts of India, Doctor Who Ghosts of India India in is a country in the grip of chaos a country torn apart by internal strife When the Doctor and Donna arrive in Calcutta they are instantly swept up in violent events Barely escaping with [PDF] Doctor Who: Ghosts of India | by º Mark Morris - Doctor Who: Ghosts of India, Doctor Who Ghosts of India India in is a country in the grip of chaos a country torn apart by internal strife When the Doctor and Donna arrive in Calcutta they are instantly swept up in violent events Barely escaping with
  • Title: Doctor Who: Ghosts of India
  • Author: Mark Morris
  • ISBN: 9781846075599
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
Doctor Who: Ghosts of India
[PDF] Doctor Who: Ghosts of India | by º Mark Morris, Doctor Who: Ghosts of India, Mark Morris, Doctor Who Ghosts of India India in is a country in the grip of chaos a country torn apart by internal strife When the Doctor and Donna arrive in Calcutta they are instantly swept up in violent events Barely escaping with their lives they discover that the city is rife with tales of half made men who roam the streets at night and steal people away These creatures it is said are as whIn
  • [PDF] Doctor Who: Ghosts of India | by º Mark Morris
    200 Mark Morris
Doctor Who: Ghosts of India

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  1. It s been a while since I ve read any Doctor Who novels, but with the arrival of Series 5 and a new Doctor later this week on BBC America, I thought the time was right to delve into some Who related fiction Ghosts of India is the first novel I ve read featuring the Doctor as portrayed by the inimitable David Tennant and the irrepressible, no nonsense Donna Catherine Tate The Doctor inadvertently brings Donna to India in 1947, a dangerous time for sight seeing With Britain about to withdraw, the [...]

  2. Well, let s start with the good stuff This book is a definite page turner Author Mark Morris writes a good, energetic portrayal of the Tenth Doctor, and keeps the plot moving along at a good clip The monsters are creepy, and the plot isn t quite as simple as it first seems, leading to some nice twists Still, I found this book ultimately disappointing I was tempted to rate it a bit lower than I did, but to be fair, it s not any worse than most of the other BBC 10th Doctor novels, most of which I [...]

  3. I really enjoyed this book India just after the second world war is masterfully depicted, with the hope, mystery and exuberance nicely balanced against the ominous clouds of coming strife with partition The adventure has a good blend of villains, from the ghastly white half dead men to crazed Army Majors, crocodiles and cobras The meeting of Gandhi with the Doctor is wonderful, and it s left to Donna to draw parallels and the Doctor to highlight the one key difference between them A fun ride, wi [...]

  4. It s The Tenth Doctor at his most enthusiastic and energetic It s Donna Noble at her most cheerfully shouty It s a story of the last days of Colonial India, but one with added aliens, zombies and mutated scorpions And as the most insane, over the top detail of it all a book where The Doctor s companion for a large part of its length is the actual Mahatma Gandhi.Most of the time, because after all it is a product of Western culture, Doctor Who engages with other parts of Western culture Here thou [...]

  5. As a huge Dr Who fan, I initially thought that this book would be a bit too simple for my tastes I was wrong This was just as exciting as watching an episode of the new series of Dr Who on t.v Morris really captured the personality of the 10th Doctor in this book The Doctor and his companion, Donna, are hungry for curry When they land the Tardis they find themselves in Calcutta but in 1947 They hear stories about creatures that are half human that steal people at night Some of the people feel th [...]

  6. nwhytevejournal 1291348ml cutid3 return return Another pretty decent story featuring Ten and Donna, this time in India on the eve of independence, encountering Gandhi and competing aliens trying to take over and use the locals for their own purposes I m not totally familiar with Indian history of the period but this didn t seem to me to have any obvious howlers Two minor irritations Morris continually refers to the sonic screwdriver as the sonic , and David Troughton reading it is not totally su [...]

  7. The Doctor asks Donna where she d like to go next and she says she could murder a curry I m starving 14 And The Doctor Tenth, of course, David Tennant s Doctor takes her to Calcutta in 1947, when not only are Indians trying to get rid of the British, but there are aliens, who sound a lot like the Borg It was her own fault really, Donna thought She supposed she should have known better Wherever she went with the Doctor she usually ended up running away from something He was the sort of man who co [...]

  8. It was written a bit teenie, but was very enjoyable none the less India, a great setting and the appearance of Mohandas Gandhi as a character in the book was a bonus Lots of funny little lines for the Doctor and Donna Much to David Tennant s acting credit that the Doctor comes alive on the pages of the book, with me being able to hear his voice delivering lines, visualising his mannerisms and facial expressions.

  9. Well done, and Donna was written perfectly strong willed but still learning The treatment of Gandhi and her appreciation of him, and his fascination with the Doctor and things alien were great fun as well And of course he figures into the solution The novels are nice because they can go places unrestricted by a television show budget.

  10. It s interesting to read how Doctor and Donna meet and see Gandhi as a person, and how alien event happened involved with him all at the same time I do understand that of course the author would try and want to make Doctor and Gandhi appreciate each other because Gandhi morally is a nice person and all, but the way umm Doctor sold himself and his views in front of Gandhi was a little let s say a bit too obvious, self pity like It felt just a little awkward when I read it But to each and their ow [...]

  11. Definitely would have made a good episode and I read it in David Tennant s, Catherine Tate s and, don t know why some Indian actor who starred in Heroes voices.The plot was very 10th Doctor and Donna styled I enjoyed it all the way, although, for a non Whovian the idea of a villain shaped like a plant with thousands of eyes and a high pitched voice could seem ridiculous.

  12. I loved it It was a nice doctor who story The characters were very compelling and very accurate to the show I loved Gandhi It was a really fun read.

  13. Ranked 16 out of 18 of my holiday readsGANDHI 3 I m quite disappointed in this particular adventure I love, love, love the relationship between the 10th Doctor and Donna but this book couldn t seem to execute the ease of their relationship that was so great in the TV series the DoctorDonna There were some funny one liners but the majority of them had already been executed onscreen Therefore, they lacked the punch power that they were supposed to deliver This meant the humour throughout the book [...]

  14. One of the aspects of the Doctor Who tie in novels that I appreciate most is that many of them are set in places that the television series would have trouble showing us Mark Morris Ghosts of India is a good case in point, giving us an adventure set in 1940s India in the weeks leading up to the implementation of home rule It is a violent and turbulent period and Morris does a good job of explaining the tensions in a way that younger readers will be able to understand without slowing down or over [...]

  15. I picked this book up for a quick read and was not disappointed I am always a bit wary of books which have been written based on a TV series or film It can be hard to turn a good book into a film, but I think sometimes it can be even harder to turn a show into a good book However, I have found that the Doctor Who books are fairly good and I think part of this is due to the fact that some of them are written by the authors that write the TV episodes You do notice between the books the slight diff [...]

  16. Now THIS was a perfect Dr Who book Like all Who books I read The Doctor and his companion in the voices of who they were these being 10 and Donna Yes, my favorite pair and I ll keep saying it This was a really great book for several reasons First, there were several different plots going on when the book opened and just about the time I got worried I wouldn t be able to keep them all straight they began weaving together like you knew they would, but were afraid you d get lost before that happene [...]

  17. Ghosts of India was all right not good, not bad, just all right I ve read quite a few of the Doctor Who novels and many of them I think would make great episodes However, this one I don t think would There really wasn t much to the story the characters besides the Doctor and Donna were bland, even Gandhi sorry to say The monster wasn t that smart or scary and the solution at the end was just dull There were a few cute lines from the main characters, but even though their on screen personas were [...]

  18. This is the first time I ve read books featuring the same Doctor companion pairing but written by different authors so close together, and I think it gave me a case of whiplash with the tonal shift The first one was all emotional growth, personal development, and relatively somber tone This one, on the other hand, was all glib, vainglorious, and whatever term you want to call nauseating repulsive egomanical what with the repeated comments about how much like Gandhi the Doctor is um, NO Note to s [...]

  19. Loved the setting here, and Morris really captured the characters of Donna and the Doctor as well as making me care about all of his original characters, which is rare and difficult to do This could easily have been an episode of the show Unfortunately, reading this did sadden me a little, as it reminded me of a time when Doctor Who was just so much better than it is now In Ten s era the writers weren t afraid to explore complex themes, and to illustrate the nasty side of human nature Nowadays [...]

  20. To many, the Doctor Who books are like mini episodes, hidden from the TV I absolutely love all of the one s I ve read so far, especially this one I can remember reading chapter after chapter at night, not wanting to stop reading having fallen in love with the plot and characters The whole plot is very interesting and in a sense vaguely believeable, well, without the aliens I absolutely adored Donna in the TV show, in her own right she is a fabulous actor, but in Doctor Who she really did shine H [...]

  21. The awesomeness of the 50th anniversary episode has rekindled my love for Doctor Who, and since my first love of the Doctor came from the 80 s Target novelisations, I decided to pick up a few of the newer books I love the retro hardcover format, btw Ghosts of India was okay It s fast paced, with a nice characterisation of 10 not my favorite Doctor I know, I know You love him , but I chose this one because of Donna, the companion I wanted to see a lot of She comes off a bit underwritten here, cr [...]

  22. The very first Ten Donna book I ve read READ, mind you I ve listened to Pest Control before and I loved it Mark Morris captures the voices and characters of The Doctor and Donna perfectly and adds quite a few other nicely written characters to the mix Some very lovable ones, some certainly not so much And Gandhi s in it Yes, THE Gandhi One and the same I think, I ve always loved Doctor Who stories, which take place in some time period of Earth preferably the past most, and this one is no excepti [...]

  23. This was good Believe me when I say that I don t expect much when I start reading a Doctor Who book For me it s just a distraction, like watching something on TV I am just looking for entertainment, nothing I love Doctor Who but I certainly don t expect the books to be as good as the show because most of the times, they just fall short This one however was really interesting, story wise it got me into it pretty good.I love Ten but Donna is one of my least favorite characters on the show because [...]

  24. I have read many Doctor Who novels and this has to be one of the worse I ve read 3 4 of the story the does not progress, instead it spends most of its time going on about how great Gandhi was Don t get me wrong, the man is amazing but after a while the praise became a sort of worshipp that made me really uncomfortable After a while the alien story seemed to have been completely forgotten, I lost all hope for the book.Sadly even when the story picks up, it s still rather boring Doesn t help that [...]

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