Playing for the Ashes (2022)

Playing for the Ashes Best Download || [ElizabethGeorge] - Playing for the Ashes, Playing for the Ashes The story begins with my father actually and the fact that I m the one who s answerable for his death It was not my first crime as you will see but it is the one my mother couldn t forgive In her Playing for the Ashes Best Download || [ElizabethGeorge] - Playing for the Ashes, Playing for the Ashes The story begins with my father actually and the fact that I m the one who s answerable for his death It was not my first crime as you will see but it is the one my mother couldn t forgive In her
  • Title: Playing for the Ashes
  • Author: ElizabethGeorge
  • ISBN: 9780340831403
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover
Playing for the Ashes
Playing for the Ashes Best Download || [ElizabethGeorge], Playing for the Ashes, ElizabethGeorge, Playing for the Ashes The story begins with my father actually and the fact that I m the one who s answerable for his death It was not my first crime as you will see but it is the one my mother couldn t forgive In her astonishing New York Times bestseller acclaimed author Elizabeth George reveals the even darker truth behind this startling confession Playing for the Ashes is a rich ta The sto
  • Playing for the Ashes Best Download || [ElizabethGeorge]
    411 ElizabethGeorge
Playing for the Ashes

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  1. I haven t always been fond of George s narrative style, and in the later books, the different POVs drove me nuts That said, this book has one of the best characterization I ve read in her books Brilliant.

  2. Dieses Mal war sehr viel Handlung auf ein psychologisches Profil einer der Beteiligten ausgelegt, eine Art Tagebuch R ckschau, was alles vor dem Mord vorgefallen ist Das hat mir etwas zu viel Raum eingenommen, wodurch die Ermittlungen zu kurz kamen Trotzdem war es insgesamt wieder sehr spannend bis zum Schluss

  3. This was a big book, 681 pages and it too me over a week to read it, but it was worth it Elizabeth George gets better by the book A first class writer and story teller, that keeps you in your seat, not wanting to put the book down This one was about the murder of an England Cricketer, Kenneth Fleming, found dead a as result of an arson attack, in the cottage of his lover, who seems to have vanished There are suspects abound for Lynley and Havers, plenty of motives for the death of Kenneth Flemin [...]

  4. Playing for the Ashes is the 7th book in the Inspector Lynley mystery series Like all of her books, even a seemingly open and shut case is vastly complicated, as the motives for murder, and equally unhelpful suspects, slowly amass The Ashes historically refer to the prize that is awarded in a Test cricket series played between England and Australia, and is fitting for a title, as the victim in this case turns out to be Kenneth Fleming, a late rising star on England s team, murdered on the eve of [...]

  5. In England the term the Ashes signifies victory in test cricket cricket played at the national level against Australia The preceding quote is from the book However, if you, gentle reader, are thinking, I bet actually the title of this mystery genre novel is a sly double entrende about a dead body you are right The only thing this book has to do with game of cricket is that one of the characters is a star cricket player But if you really are a fan of cricket and are expecting a game in these page [...]

  6. Seventh in the Inspector Lynley mystery series set in modern day London with Inspector Thomas Lynley and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers with this particular story set in Kent.My TakeExcellent as always George is rather scary in some ways with how impossible it seems to solve the crime that occurs, and yet she lays it out for us in such a logical manner that it all makes sense in the end, even as she points the finger from one person to another after another.Most of the story is a buildup of t [...]

  7. Book 7 in the Inspector Lynley seriesThis is one edge of the seat gripping mystery offering several plots within its main plot, a great work of detective fiction, one of Ms George s best.The story opens when the body of England s leading batsman Kenneth Fleming is discovered in a burnt out country cottage, an apparent victim of arson Inspector Lynley and his partner Barbara Havers are called in from Scotland Yard to help the local police Further investigation reveals a multitude of suspects, it [...]

  8. Another good Inspector Lynley mystery The soap opera is engrossing than usual, even though the first character introduced, Olivia, is so vile that I thought for a while that I wasn t going to enjoy the book at all Her story is presented in first person, as she s writing an accounting of her life, and the early chapters are seriously off putting.Because of the title the term the Ashes signifies victory in test cricket against Australia I was half hoping, half dreading that there would be a lot o [...]

  9. A typical George mystery, with her detectives Lynley and Havers well, convincingly, and likeably written and a few of the other characters scarcely believable and frankly nauseating Olivia in particular, who is misanthropic and virulently self destructive up until the last few pages As is her wont, sports and causes are invoked cricket and anti vivisectionism She overwrites Sodden cornflakes and ever darkening banana slices marked the trajectory of the cereal bowl she d upended First, this is to [...]

  10. I thought this one was an improvement over Missing Joseph, the last entry in the Lynley Mysteries and my least favorite of the novels to date That one barely featured my favorite character in the partnership of Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers here she s back in form And it s not just her presence per se I missed, I think Lynley is a better, interesting character with her to play off of as well I remember one scene the Kwai Tan bluff by Barbara where I smi [...]

  11. Beware of Spoilers also applies to Missing Joseph I appreciate the complexity and skill of intertwining another character s voice into the storytelling of this novel While Olivia is unlikable in many instances, her story is interesting and develops in ways I didn t expect In addition to the central mystery of the whodunnit, the story is propelled along by the mystery of her past and how she connects to the crime Also I realized after the sixth book, Missing Joseph, that I actively dislike Debora [...]

  12. Een interessant thriller van Elizabeth George, met wederom inspecteur Thomas Lynley en brigadier Barbara Havers in de hoofdrol Ik heb al meer delen van deze serie gelezen Helaas niet in volgorde, omdat ik niet alle delen heb Ondanks dat is het boek goed te volgen Elk boek is toch een afgerond geheel De boeken van Elizabeth George hebben altijd een wat trage opbouw en het duurt vaak lang tot je bij de ontknoping bent Dat is het wachten echter wel waard Haar boeken draaien vaak meer om het mysteri [...]

  13. The Inspector Lynley series is really growing on me I admire that the author doesn t follow a set formula Although there are the main characters of Thomas Lynley posh detective and reluctant Lord , frumpy but ballsey sidekick policewoman, best friend handicapped forensic scientist who is married to his butler s beautiful photographer daughter who once ran around with said posh detective, etc the author used varied means to tell the story in each book One book may be told from the main detective [...]

  14. This is the 7th book in the series I m very fond of the author s writing style and her extensive vocabulary This book held my attention but as I drew close to the conclusion I found I wasn t totally satisfied Perhaps with this mystery she will expound on final results, but I m truly dubious about that occurring Other authors have left me wondering about the final result and I guess they opt for the reader to draw her on conclusion I m not one who likes to do that Aside from that I want to contin [...]

  15. As with others in this series, Playing for the Ashes gets bogged down in parts However, unlike the others, this one spent so much time on the life of one of its characters, the reader could easily forget s he was reading a police procedural The investigation seemed to play much less of a role, making this character driven.

  16. This book is way, way too long By the time I had 150 pages left I didn t care who did it, I just wanted it to be over.

  17. Now this review might be a bit biased because I am a huge fan of the Inspector Lynley series on PBS and while I know that in the novels he is blonde, I couldn t help picturing Nathaniel Parker That being said, this novel did not disappoint me in the slightest The prose was easy to fall into, the characters were flawed and real and compelling, and there was a good balance between the detectives personal lives and what was happening in the mystery It is rare that I am unsure of who the killer is i [...]

  18. I like the series okay, but in a year I have only gotten this far so in interest of all the books on my tbr I am calling quits.

  19. One of England s best batsmen has been murdered The investigation unravels his complicated personal relationships his wife and their three children, including a rebellious 16 year old boy his mistress, her husband a team sponsor , and another of her lovers the team captain his former fifth form teacher and benefactor, along with her terminally ill daughter and her housemate So, which one killed Kenneth Fleming, and why And why did I read this book after not liking the previous two installments i [...]

  20. Ken Fleming, England s cricket superstar, has died in a fire in Kent Since the fire is determined to be arson, and several persons of interest are in London, Inspector Lynley is asked to the local inspector Meanwhile Olivia Whitelaw, long estranged from her family, and suffering from ALS begins a journal explaining the estrangement as well as the dilemmas facing her about her future care, and what she knows that might assist Lynley And through it all, Lynley and Helen are still trying to define [...]

  21. My first Elizabeth George, I don t remember enough to write a review What I can remember is being mesmerized and not being able to put it down I haven t read a lot of her books, the size is a bit daunting but my intention is to start at the beginning and read through It came as a huge surprise to me that the author is American, would never have guessed it I think reading through them will be a worthwhile journey.

  22. Another good one in the Inspector Lynley series In this one, it s not so much a who dun it, since I figured out early on what was going on But it was still an enjoyable read It left a few things dangling at the end, so you re not sure how things eventually turned out with some of the characters, but I guess that s like life, isn t it

  23. the new year is all about reading mysteries in mass paperback sizes for me and catching up on series that I have not completed this was a good entry in this series she is such a good writer and there are so many bad ones in this genre though I did think the story was a little long winded and slight in the end.

  24. While I did like this better than the others from this series that I ve read, I wasn t crazy about it There was way too much going on, from cricket to animal rights to ALS to family relationships All the threads did tie up in the end, but I would have liked it better if a few of them had been edited out.

  25. Elizabeth George is the best mystery author I have found She s a master of intricate character development and her mystery novels read like classic English lit The story and characters always hook you in

  26. I liked this one better than the last one of these I read I was quite engaged in Olivia s story for most of the book In the end I just got worn down by sheer volume, there was too much of everything emotion hardship, emotion, miscommunication loneliness etc making all together a melancholy mood but I wasn t really into it 680 pages is almost always too many and it was too many for me here there were too many different things going on.I am glad I liked Olivia because I really loathed most of the [...]

  27. How George came up with the tragedy of this plot that was far than a mystery, is in itself mysterious Did she for example plot this Greek tragedy of a reverse Oedipal tale with the ironic twist that had the murderer but known Oedipus did not go to Greece as planned the entire turn of events would never had taken place It was so chock a block full of subplots and subtext that at times the mere volume of words threatened to drag the novel to a grinding halt Starting with the first passage labeled [...]

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