Blush (2022)

[PDF] Read ☆ Blush : by Anne Mercier - Blush, Blush You know how people say they woke up in Vegas married and you re like how the hell could that possibly happen Who does that Well us apparently and the press is having a field day Let s not even get [PDF] Read ☆ Blush : by Anne Mercier - Blush, Blush You know how people say they woke up in Vegas married and you re like how the hell could that possibly happen Who does that Well us apparently and the press is having a field day Let s not even get
  • Title: Blush
  • Author: Anne Mercier
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Read ☆ Blush : by Anne Mercier, Blush, Anne Mercier, Blush You know how people say they woke up in Vegas married and you re like how the hell could that possibly happen Who does that Well us apparently and the press is having a field day Let s not even get started on the topic of my mother Then there s my grandpa wanting to meet my new husband that s not scary at all On top of that we re heading out on tour and I m a nerYou know how people say th
  • [PDF] Read ☆ Blush : by Anne Mercier
    438 Anne Mercier

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  1. OMGSo very good I can NOT wait for Sera s story coming soon and catching up with the rest of the Falling Down Blush gang

  2. 4 BFD Tour starsThis book continues right from where Falling Down ended Jesse and Lucy are now married and here comes the craziness of the life along with the mafia drama yep that s right mafia We had the groupies, the broken hand, and now this.I enjoyed this one Hilarious Total hotness Jumping in to the next one

  3. Wow that was awesome Damn that cliffhanger I loved the first book but it got better.Its hot, Jesse is a total bbf and Lucy is so funny, adorable and such a tough chick she s great.And damn again Xander that guy is hot and funny as Love all the characters the banter is off the charts and the love for each other in the two bands.Theres drama,mafia madness,humour and its so hot, brilliantly written you won t want it to end.Can t wait for the next book and looking forward to the short read xanders c [...]

  4. UnhBFD Tourhells yeah Who could resist reading a book that promises monkey sex in the synopsis Not me, that s for sure Especially when there is a sexy dirty talkin rockstar involved, one who smells like sandalwood, ocean, and yum And guess what There s a lot than just one There are five tour buses carrying two bands, Blush Falling Down BFD Tour Yup, I m in rockstar romance heaven If you have read Falling Down then I guarantee we are fellow groupies, following the crazy train that is la famiglia [...]

  5. Never a dull moment with this series It seems long, and I don t want to be reviewing every book so it just keeps getting better since I don t like to delve into too many books in a series, but I m actually enjoying them More drama More laughs More sex I can t get enough.

  6. ARC gifted by the author in return for an honest review I LOVED IT Like really loved it.The book continues from where Falling Down finished Jesse and Lucy are married and in for a wild ride, the paparazzi, the fans or groupie whores to be exact and the life long Russo Mazzini rivalry I m a firm believer people don t know what they want until they get it Anne you really need to send a copy to M.Shadows Like really He would feel so specialThis time Anne has incorporated quotes at the starting of e [...]

  7. I received an ARC of Blush and was so excited Thank you random drawings The story starts where Falling Down ended It was so refreshing to read a story that was not angsty and had obstacles every step of the way for the couple Jesse and Lucy are truly made for each other and are my favorite couple out of all of the books that I have read They have a few minor bumps along the way but what couple doesn t It just makes the relationship all the real All of characters interact with each other in a wa [...]

  8. 5 starI was pulled right into this story The story flowed well I was kept interested in the story I read it in one sitting The story has laughs, pain, anger, suspense, and heartbreak If you have not read Falling Down Rockstar series 1 I would recommend reading that book first.This is of Lucy and Jesse s story Lucy and Jesse are touring and married Jesse it trying hard to be the man Lucy deserves Lucy loves Jesse but sometimes she believes he makes the wrong choices Can the relationship weather [...]

  9. I liked this one, but sort of can t believe my one complainto much sex Odd I know from someone who reads erotica Yes Lucy and Jesse are in love, but come on we didn t need sex, sex, sex They would fight, then make up sex, there were stage fright nerves, sex to make them go away, the day ended in Y, sex There was some good story going on, but I had to wade through the sex scenes to get to them I loved how Lucy staked her claim on Jesse after the first show It needed to be done as did the verbal s [...]

  10. ARC gifted for an honest Review Oh my Holy God I love love love Jesse and Lucy and their friends and their story I love that I did not think it was possible to top the amazingly hot scenes in Falling Down I was happily proven wrong and enjoyed every tingly minute of it I like how the Mafia family was brought into this book I won t say how We got a hint about them in Falling Down but didn t really get a lot to go on There was a LOT for Jesse and Lucy to deal with during the BFD Blush Falling Down [...]

  11. If you loved Falling Down , then Blush will not disappoint In the sequel we see a softer side of Jesse emerge This book shows a softer and caring side to the rocker star and his band mates What I loved most about this book is that it shows that it takes than blood to make a family It does not disappoint and I can t wait for the next one.

  12. 5 Stars I loved this book It was full of suspense, laugh out loud moments, seriously sexy times, and has two bands that are taking the world by storm on their brand new tour Get ready for another crazy ride with Blush and Falling Down on the tour And follow Jesse and Lucy as they adjust to being married, on tour, and having to deal with the world, specifically Lucy s family And this book has quite a few twists that will shock you to the core.This is the next installment in this series and featur [...]

  13. I was gifted a copy for an honest review Oh, what can be better than rock stars and Jesse Kingston The second book in the series absolutely rocked Jesse, Lucy and the whole gang are back They are one fun loving group The tight bonds they ve created makes for a great, funny read The Falling Down guys can be so funny, it s great to get some laughs while reading While in Vegas, Jesse and Lucy get married It is so hilarious the way it went down I was laughing so hard, it was epic I love that Lucy a [...]

  14. arc gifted by author I m not sure where to start, the book all around was amazing I for one am a picky reader, the book has to pull me in right at the beginning and hold my interest and this series has done that Blush from cover to cover has you not able to put it down in two books I have grown to love each and every one of the characters, they make you snort in quiet rooms and look like a crazy person as well as feel sad as well as mad I have come to realize that every second of reading the boo [...]

  15. This is a very fun series The I read the I like these rockers.As Falling Down and Blush head out on tour, everything seems to be rolling along smoothly But as the old saying goes, if it seems too good, it probably is, and it s not long before the bottom drops out of all that happy Lucy is learning the hard way that her sexy rockstar husband, is still having a hard time saying no to his female fans, and Lucy having had enough takes care of it, ending up in the emergency room She also learns tha [...]

  16. ARC Provided by Author for a honest review WOW This follow up book to Falling Down was amazing Blush continues with Lucy and Jess s story while on the BFD tour It is full of fun, sex, mystery, betrayal and Xander dancing which is my favorite part Lucy and Jess now navigate married life along with the entire Falling Down Blush family, as well as The Family The Russo s.This book was so much fun that I am now in the midst of reading it again, because I read it so fast just so I could see what happe [...]

  17. YESSSSS.Blush is book two in the Rosckstar series and it continues on with Jesse and Lucy with full steam ahead with all the fun, craziness and lots of dramaaaaa that happens when your on a tour bus with the famous Rockstar group BFD You are going to have lots of laughs and gasp s while reading this book and HAWT steamy monkey sex lmaod just wait for the bus bathroom sceneholy smokes SighssssI just love Jesse and Lucy and I cant wait to read the next book in the series A Very Xander Christmas Ro [...]

  18. I was given this ARC for an honest review I would like to start out by saying Thank You Anne Mercier for sharing your talent with us When I started this book it was very hard to put down I love the chemistry between Lucy and Jesse It is amazing Very hot sexy and a fun read Xander is also one of my favorites Anne Mercier has special magic on paper Ebook her writing will make you feel the characters I highly recommend you to read this book series and meet some these characters Anne Mercier will le [...]

  19. M m m I do love me some Jesse Kingston This book was fun and kept me smiling There was just a bit of drama toward the end that leads into the next book which, of course, keeps your interest piqued And then there was Xander good lord Let s just say that Xander s exceptionally entertaining and that Anne certainly knows how to write a charming character and leave it at that lol Looking forward to Amplify

  20. Loved this book, I really enjoy Jesse and Lucy s relationship I can t wait until the next one comes out This is a must read Anne you are doing awesome keep it up.

  21. I LOVE THIS SERIES.What happened in Vegas I will never tell But, Anne will in this fantastic book I read of the story of Lucy and Jesse YESSSS What I loved just as much, we learn about some of the other characters in the book I really love Jesse and Lucy, but I think Zander is coming out on top There is just something about him, something haunting him, hmmm, got me wondering Back to Blush.Well, Lucy is still stealing and collecting employees, another from Cage, and now from the hospital Yes, L [...]

  22. Blush is book two in the Rockstar series Anne is awesome and I loved Falling Down book 1 so I was stoked to get a hold of the next in the series Really, anything that brings of the guys to my life makes me happy And boy do we get of the guys Jesse is still a God, and Blush definitely solidified my love for Xander I m so ready for Xander s book Overall Rating 4 stars Kept telling myself just one chapter One of the things you should understand about the Rockstar books is they are not serious bo [...]

  23. Oh MY God is what I can say about Blush.This is book 2 in the rock star series and although Falling Down was a great book, but ohBlush Baby is one hell of a book I read it so quick and it left me wanting I just can t wait for Amplify.So Blush begins where Falling Down ended With the search for Elvis, a ring, a concert and Grandpa hot on their hills.Off course Jesse ai, poor Jesse fuck ups he always does Defiantly getting better at being in a relationship But he still screw up We learn about Lu [...]

  24. Original Post Josie and the Pussy Cats No, it s BLUSH by Anne Mercierfangswandsandfairydust 201Audiobook provided by publisher for review No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted This reads like Young Adult but with sex lots of sex, at ridiculous times I didn t feel it was sexy sex.Like the first book in the series, the characters in this one are young, and immature They equate sex and love One character gets upset when her boyfriend doesn t do s [...]

  25. The review I have received an ARC copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.So the book takes us back to where the first part left us The night when Lucy woke up next to Jesse in Las Vegas, shocked, terrified and happy at same time I still laugh when I remember the adventure to find Elvis I love this book It shows the love between Jesse and Lucy, and how deep it is There are many obstacles, pain, betrayals and even danger, but that s what makes it a brilliant book Groupies that follows FD [...]

  26. This story continues where Falling Down ends,I didn t think it was possible to get any better than Falling Down but I was wrong Anne Mercier has done a fantastic job with all the characters that you will love and can easily relate too it s a joy to read Lucy and Jesse what a pair they make and are fast becoming my new fav rock couple They are back.Blush and Falling Down two hot bands but are all family,and as crazy and laugh out loud as everin this instalment we are on tour,the world and his wif [...]

  27. Another Anne Mercier hit Anne Mercier has done it again with Blush, if you are looking for a hot rockstar read with some action, laugh, tears, and lots of unexpected songs being this book is about rockstars please read Blush I would advise to read Falling Down first before reading Blush you won t be disappointed Anne had made this story one to make you think and question many things and to have you excited for the rest of the series The love between all the characters is so relatable and easy, i [...]

  28. I Love it StillLucy and Jesse are still bringing it Normally authors let us down with sequels of popular and delicious books but, Anne Mercier delivered with this second installment of Lucy and Jesse It is even better than the first book What s not to like Now some of our favorites characters are actually mobsters Yeah, it s getting hot in here Sera also I suspect has a bug, not that kind, the other one Yes I am going to be right about that I promise you.Anyways, to cut my ramblings short, this [...]

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