Isle of Fire (2022)

[PDF] Download ☆ Isle of Fire : by Wayne Thomas Batson - Isle of Fire, Isle of Fire Brace yourself for a thrilling high seas adventure and dare to set sail for the Isle of Fire A great explosion rocked the crowded harbor Flaming debris screamed into the sky and then rained down into [PDF] Download ☆ Isle of Fire : by Wayne Thomas Batson - Isle of Fire, Isle of Fire Brace yourself for a thrilling high seas adventure and dare to set sail for the Isle of Fire A great explosion rocked the crowded harbor Flaming debris screamed into the sky and then rained down into
  • Title: Isle of Fire
  • Author: Wayne Thomas Batson
  • ISBN: 9781400312160
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
Isle of Fire
[PDF] Download ☆ Isle of Fire : by Wayne Thomas Batson, Isle of Fire, Wayne Thomas Batson, Isle of Fire Brace yourself for a thrilling high seas adventure and dare to set sail for the Isle of Fire A great explosion rocked the crowded harbor Flaming debris screamed into the sky and then rained down into the burning water below The ferocious blaze engulfed ship after ship expanding the circle of destruction in mere heartbeats The fire rain had been unleashed As Cat sBrace yourself for a t
  • [PDF] Download ☆ Isle of Fire : by Wayne Thomas Batson
    128 Wayne Thomas Batson
Isle of Fire

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  1. Ping Every time one of the wr words came up, I was pinged wright out of the story Wrung for rung and wretch for retch Once or twice wouldn t have matter but, after that, it forced me to be conscious of the story telling rather than the story for significant lengths of time.Ok, the good parts an epic cast of characters, each following their own thread of events, before the final tying up of all the lines Locations shimmy from one chapter to the next the Caribbean, England, Sweden island names com [...]

  2. The continuing adventures of Cat, Anne, the crew of the Robert Bruce and the friends they ve picked up along the way as they attempt to thwart the machinations of Thorne, who is not only not dead Man Really Don t you know nobody likes a villain that won t die Or a zombie but has a vicious plan to revenge himself on those who he feels have wronged him the worst Surprisingly, this is only kind of our main crew, and goes deeper into Thorne s backstory with England herself being his main target Howe [...]

  3. Hi, all Wayne Thomas Batson here I wanted to thank all of you who put Isle of Fire on your ToBeRead list I m honored to be worth your time Isle of Fire will release the first week of September It is available for preorder on as well In fact, if you preorder it on and email me to tell me you have ordered it, I ll send you a signed and personalized bookplate sticker for your new book me at batguy21784 yahooHere s the official Isle of Fire blurb A great explosion rocked the crowded harbor Flaming d [...]

  4. This another one for the just okay pile It was nice to see the familiar characters and it was also good to see that they gave Dolphin or an active role though I was disappointed that they never really addressed her parentage as much as I thought they would It s a pretty major development that didn t get enough focus I also liked the addition of Hopper who was different but likable and full of spunk Overall, this sequel was a little bit bland compared to the original and forced me to suspend my [...]

  5. I really liked this book because it is an excellent story about how a small group of people joined together to defeat a common enemy It goes into detail about the different scenes and all the action that went on in this book I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good pirate story My favorite character was Commodore Brandon Blake.

  6. This is a sequel to Isle of Swords and follows the adventures of pirate hunters Cat, Anne, Declan Ross, and their respective crews It takes place in the late 1600s early 1700s both King George I and William Teach are referenced in the novel I had read this novel first, not knowing it was a sequel it stands well enough on its own merits, but reading the first novel does help fill in the backstory of comments made in this novel It moves at a good clip, overall It has plenty of twists and turns in [...]

  7. Isle of Swords and its sequel, Isle of Fire, are separate books, but I ll be reviewing them together because reasons It works because I have pretty much the same feelings about both of them Just so you know, this review contains minorish spoilers though I hesitate to call them spoilers because the reveals are completely predictable and I had it all figured out right away.A few years back, I read this author s The Door Within and the rest of the trilogy I remember enjoying it, so I wanted to give [...]

  8. An incredible book this is It has a good flow and feel to it, well developed characters, and engaging events.

  9. the Isle of Fire, Batson brings to life the tragic and heroic life of pirates and bravery The sequel to his previous book the Isle of Swords creates another great suspense novel and thriller The action takes place across the vast reaches of the ocean during the 1800 s when Europe s superpowers were battling for control over the new world But there is pirates on the high seas some ruthless blood thirsty killers and others who are decent human beings Captain Ross of the Robert Bruce is a Scottish [...]

  10. Isle of Fire picks up shortly after the conclusion of its predecessor, Isle of Swords Cat is staying with the Brethren Monks, training with them while trying to regain his memories of his past life But he isn t all that certain that his past is something he wants to remember Meanwhile, Captain Declan Ross and his daughter Anne sail the sea recruiting pirates for his Wolf Pack, a group of former pirates paid by the British Government and the Brethren to hunt down other pirates Villains, new and o [...]

  11. It only gets better than the last book, Isle of Swords Wayne Thomas Batson s Christian adventure fantasy book, Isle of Fire, picks up where its predecessor left off in a way that will inspire and amaze readers Cat, who lost his memory in the last book, is slowly regaining memories memories that could haunt him for the rest of his life and change his life forever Anne Ross, the spunky, courageous, and redheaded daughter of Declan Ross, grows in her faith in God and also has her dreams come true i [...]

  12. Kinda expected the sequel not to be as awesome as the first book, Isle of Swords Even though Batson continued the great descriptions and adequately tied up the ending, there were some things I found annoying with this second book.1 WHERE is the romance we all were sniffing a mile away We knew it had to be coming Maybe the next chapteror the nextoh wait There are only two chapters left Oh my The book s over and view spoiler Cat didn t even propose or we didn t get to read it, anyway hide spoiler [...]

  13. Everyone loves a good pirate story But everyone also HATES copy cats Wayne Batson successfully does what everyone loves I was expecting a good read when I bought it, but not only did the book surpass its predecessor Isle of Swords, it destroyed my expectations.Think about it How far can you go with a traditional pirate story But no, Mr Batson doesn t write traditional anything.The characters of this story are very different from that of a normal pirate tale, they aren t evil, wretched, pirates f [...]

  14. This is one of the best diversion from the regular world that I have ever read In this masterpiece of writing, Bartholomew Thorne, notorious pirate, is discovered to be alive by none other than Declan Ross, Cat, and Anne However, this time, Thorne is after not only treasure He seeks revenge, and the only way to get it is burning down London, capital of England But Thorne will need help from the infamous Merchant, a dealer of the Black Market Bartholomew Thorne will also need to enlist the Raukar [...]

  15. This sequel to the adventure of Declan Ross picks up where Isle of Swords left off This time around, the crew of good pirates are pitted once again not only against Bartholomew Thorne, who has made alliances with a powerful Viking tribe, but against a being called simply the Merchant the epitome of evil, living hundreds of years but still mortal Meanwhile, Cat battles against his own identity as Thorne s son and becomes captain of one of Ross ships, with boisterous Anne as first mate Together wi [...]

  16. Privateer Declan Ross and his fleet of pirate hunters have turned from their ways to hunt down those who still hold to piracy But when news is heard that the notorious pirate Bartholomew Thorne is still alive, he may need than privateers to stop him.Cat Thorne and Anne Ross, along with monks of the Brethren are tasked with hunting down The Merchant a evil arms dealer who has supplied weapons and other things for conquerors and thugs throughout history But will any survive in The Merchant s trap [...]

  17. AMAZING Aside from Richard Adams Watership Down, and The Door Within Trilogy, by Wayne Thomas Batson, Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire are my next favorite books, and they re both written by my favorite author In Isle of Swords, Declan Ross and his crew were hired by England to stop being pirates, and be pirate hunters They accepted, because the only reason they were pirates in the first place, was because England cut them off, not that they wanted to They were hoping that they wouldn t be cut of [...]

  18. The evil Bartholomew Thorne has returned Through forming a deadly alliance with both the Merchant and the Raukar, he takes possession of a terrible weapon that is seemingly unstoppable Will London survive Will Declan Ross and Commodore Blake be destroyed Will Cat turn to his father s evil ways Find out in Isle of Fire Isle of Fire sequel to Isle of Swords is an amazing book written by the mastermind author Wayne Thomas Batson It s about pirates, a topic that I have found to be handled strangely [...]

  19. Amazing Wayne I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I laughed, I cried, I almost wet myself when I realized Dolphin and Cat were step siblings, and I loved the ending Please PLEASE write I would love to hear what happens to Griffin Cat Thorne and Anne Ross Thorne OH YES, I almost fell out of bed with the hilarious dramatic irony at the beginning Captain Ross thought Cat was asking him if he could marry Anne HAHAHAHA Sorry, LMFO laughing my face off again But in all seriousness, i absolute [...]

  20. A son of an evil pirate who is afraid to turn into the monster his father was A fleet of pirate catchers whose crew is made of former pirates A captain of the fleet of pirate catchers who s crew is the best ever written of A daughter of the captain who is also a pirate A group of warrior monks who attempt to stop an ancient evil A commodore in the British navy who is friends with the captain of the fleet A Viking who renounced his Viking ways to lead a Christian life A supposedly dead pirate who [...]

  21. Isle of Fire is an adventurous pirate fiction, the sequel to Isle of Swords It displays many moral themes, with great plot precision Declan Ross and his daughter, Anne have teamed up with Commodore Blake to hire his pirate friends to help hunt down the enemy pirates, including Bartholomew Thorne, who has escaped his prison Cat is asked to join the Brethren s quest against the dreaded Merchant, and accepts, and gives Anne the opportunity to join him on the sea She is given permission by Declan, a [...]

  22. Cat stays with the Brethren monks for awhile, learning He soon learns that they want him to captain a ship to search for a certain evil called the Merchant, who has been providing evil men with evil things for hundreds if years Cat, with Anne as his Quartermaster, sails off to find his disappearing lair Will their search be successful Will they find and defeat the evil Merchant At the same time, Bartholomew Thorne is learning the secrets behind the Vikings He gains command over a fleet of specia [...]

  23. Captain Declan Ross thought it was over Much of the treasure was recovered, and now he and his crew are working for England, recruiting pirates from the high seas.But Thorne isn t dead He s planning revenge, using a forgotten people, decendants of the vicious Vikings and he plans to turn England into an isle of horror and fire His greatest ally is the mysterious Merchant, a ruthless and cunning person that has been haunting the western world for years Captain Ross is the only hope England has an [...]

  24. This book was really amazing I m so glad that I got to read it This author does so much to put the picture in the readers minds and I felt like I was right there with the characters I really thought the underground headquaters was weird, but I liked how smart Cat was in figuring out about how the Merchant could hear them I also felt really bad for Commodore Blake when he was requested to go back to England and see the King I mean, justice was served for him by getting Commodore Wetherby back, bu [...]

  25. I loved this book and it has been a re read for me Every time I have read it I have enjoyed this sequel each time.This is the continuation of the story from the first book It is an other high seas pirate story that is just as good and fun as the first.I love these characters and I really loved the story I loved being on the pirate ship and the adventure that comes with being with the pirates, the good ones and the evil ones I love being in the Caribbean with its warmth There are adventure and [...]

  26. 2nd semester I really liked this book because it has a lot of action and at the same time humor The author also leaves you wondering what will happen the whole time I recommend this to readers who like suspense and action and humor all in one An example of a literary element in this book is when a character named Cat is trapped in a tunnel and doors keep closing around him This is dramatic irony because you know why and who is closing those doors and the character doesn t I think this author wro [...]

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