Oath Breaker (2022)

Free Download Oath Breaker - by Michelle Paver - Oath Breaker, Oath Breaker A thrilling story about friendship loyalty and revengeWhen he was outcast Torak was the hunted one Nine moons later he becomes the hunter when he vows to avenge the killing of one of his closest fr Free Download Oath Breaker - by Michelle Paver - Oath Breaker, Oath Breaker A thrilling story about friendship loyalty and revengeWhen he was outcast Torak was the hunted one Nine moons later he becomes the hunter when he vows to avenge the killing of one of his closest fr
  • Title: Oath Breaker
  • Author: Michelle Paver
  • ISBN: 9781842551745
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
Oath Breaker
Free Download Oath Breaker - by Michelle Paver, Oath Breaker, Michelle Paver, Oath Breaker A thrilling story about friendship loyalty and revengeWhen he was outcast Torak was the hunted one Nine moons later he becomes the hunter when he vows to avenge the killing of one of his closest friends Racked by guilt and grief he follows the killer into the Deep Forest where the World Spirit stalks the hidden valleys as a tall man with the antlers of a stag But tA thrilling sto
  • Free Download Oath Breaker - by Michelle Paver
    471 Michelle Paver
Oath Breaker

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  1. This is the best book so far in this very good series It is packed full of adventure, literally from page one Torak suffers yet another great loss in life, and this time, not being a small child, he swears revenge He drags those who love him Wolf, Renn, Fen Keddin along on his quest, and often, in spite of the evidence directly in front of him, he allows his oath of vengance to lead him down paths that are not in his best interests Like any kid feeling grown while not yet being grown, he takes o [...]

  2. Sometimes there s no warning Nothing at all Yep indeed, I had NO warning about how much I would love this freaking masterpiece.Never mind what I said about Outcast being my favorite, THIS IS MY FAVORITE FROM THIS SERIES well that is unless the last one turns out even amazing than this one, which will be very difficult OMG I AM FANGIRLING I was so pleasantly surprised because I did not expect to love this one so much And because I did not have any expectations it BLEW ME AWAY I really need to ow [...]

  3. This wasn t the best of Michelle Paver s books in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series There were quite a lot of parts in the book that lacked believability for me Since I work with horses, I felt a big ouch there and wished she had done better research on them However, it was an exciting read As always, she has a writing style that really draws you in The theme of the struggle against a need for revenge was the best aspect of the book.

  4. I swear, this is my absolute favorite series It has amazing descriptions and is incredibly original and easy to understand It was very exiting and thrilling throughout the entire book It really makes you feel a lot of emotions such as happy relieved, scared, and sad The ending was probably the best ending I ve read in any book and it literally made me cry This was the 5th book, so there s only one left in the series and that s really heartbreaking for me because I could read these books forever [...]

  5. This has been the most emotion driven book of this series so far Not that it lacked adventure, it definitely didn t.There s a major character death that affects Torak a lot, and all throughout the book, while seeking vengeance, he learns a lot about himself, about others, and others learn a lot about him as well There s a shift in his relationships with everyone and in the way he sees things This book felt kind of bittersweet to me and that s probably a way to introduce the next and last book of [...]

  6. Sadly, Torak has become a very stupid whining asshole.This is exactly the point where those YA fiction series fail every other character has logic and their actions somewhat make sense, all but the main character.At some point, it really feels unfair that Torak is still alive.Maybe he should die and Renn should take over.

  7. What I liked Where to start I have loved this series of books since I first opened Wolf Brother in 2004 Michelle Paver s beautiful writing creates an ancient world that instantly draws you in and makes you believe in it so much you can almost feel the breeze and hear the Forest leaves rustling around you.I love her detail She has obviously done a lot of research and truly immersed herself in the world of post ice age Europe and this reflects in every single line of the book You can tell she has [...]

  8. CHRONICLE OF ANCIENT DARKNESS BOOK 5 OATH BREAKER by Michelle PaverOath Breaker is about a boy who lived in prehistoric times and had to learn to survive on his own His father has died and he has been outcast from any clan When Torak s best friend is killed, he swears vengence and goes after the killer along with another best friend and her uncle I loved how the author enabled us to see what life was like back then and to see how people saw and interpreted their world It was fascinating how well [...]

  9. Sometimes there s no warning Nothing at all I am so in love with these books I don t even know what to say about this, the 5th book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness AMAZING once again I was so sad to see Bale go, but the ending of this book made up for so much It really brought a tear to my eye How special the relationships formed throughout this series have been Wolf and Torak and Renn just incredible The chemistry between all the characters and their individual personalities are so well c [...]

  10. Oath Breaker was not disappointing at all I loved it Not a big surprise surely Oh Bale I really liked you His fate was just horrible And Torak My poor Torak It was hard watching Torak going on the journey to seek revenge It simply isn t who he is We now know about Torak s mother and the story behind her medicine horn which was so heart breaking I also loved how Renn is admitting that she s a Mage It was awesome Her snarky comments with the Red Deer clan were simply hilarious And Wolf When he fi [...]

  11. Saia mencoba maklum bahwa seri Torak tetaplah seri untuk anak anak khususnya , maka ketika setiap bukunya tidak diakhiri dengan brutal sebagaimana yang saia imajinasikan terjadi pertarungan seru penuh darah untuk menumpas satu demi satu para Pemangsa Arwah , saia tetap mengacungkan jempol karena Michelle sukses memberi nyawa pada Torak dan Renn untuk survive di dunia bumi yang masih perawan itu Menyaksikan petualangan Torak, jadi ingat suku Na vi di film bombastis James Cameron, Avatar, yang jug [...]

  12. Just like the first four books in this series, Michelle Paver keeps the action and adventure fast paced and gripping We follow Torak into the Deep Forest where danger threatens him at every turn as he seeks to fulfill his oath of vengenance against one of the Soul Eaters Ms Paver s beautiful writing is such that we can feel his despair and anger and pain as though it were our own I think that what I like most about this series is the incredible bond between Torak and Wolf They are pack brothers [...]

  13. I wanted to give this book 10 stars Oh my godTHIS BOOK IS AMAZING I am crying, my heart has exploded and I am so in love with this series it hurtsUnlike Outcast the storyline took a very different turn, this book was much darker and much intense than any previous books, but this is what made it so good, as well as the countless adorable moments I cannot recommend this series enough to people It s just got to be one of the best children s series ever and people NEED to read it, I m 17 for Chris [...]

  14. Horeeeelesai G sedikit heran dengan begitu mudahnya kematian Dukun Ek Aduh tolong yah, harusnya didramatisir sedikiiiiit lagi hahaha.u membunuh g kumat neh keknya, maaf dah naluri dari sononya ini efek kurang tidur Tapi tenang, g masih tetap suka dengan hubungan misterius Serigala dan Torak ditambah lagi makin berkembangnya perasaan Torak dan Renn, jadi agak susah untuk nggak suka ma buku ini Finally, torak memiliki kawanan sejatinya Uhuy Special untuk Ijul, dirimu bertanggungjawab atas buku sel [...]

  15. Mengingat lamanya jarak buku yang satu ke berikutnya terbit di Indonesia, hampir lupa tokoroth itu apa dan Torak adalah seorang klanaroh Gimana nasib seri ini yah masih akan diterjemahkan tidak Kalau tidak mari berburu ebook lirik Ijul ps kok untuk ganti edisi sekarang lebih rempong yah hehe curcol

  16. 2008 Menanti versi Indonesianya Udah penasaran nih ma kelanjutan kisah Torak dan Renn melawan Soul Eater Kejutan apalagi yang diberikan Paver dalam buku kelimanya ini ya 2010 Gila versi English nya keluar tahun 2008, versi Indonesia nya baru muncul Februari 2010 Hmm tapi menurutku yg kelima ini agak kurang seru n kurang asyik dibanding yg sebelumnya Kenapa ya

  17. These books are so enjoyable The writing is excellent, characterisation likewise, and the world is just splendid I wasn t particularly wild about the hints in this book of Impending Romance and even the wolf has a romantic subplot, gah , but other than that it was fantastic.

  18. Okay, I give up I made it through four of these The first one, Wolf Brother was good I especially like the parts of the story told from the wolf s POV As the series go on, they get progressively darker, and not in a Harry Potter ish we are battling a great evil with friends standing beside us type of way Well, maybe the writer is suffering from Rowling itis Not every children s book makes a great young adult series All I know is, I could not hand books 2 5 to any of the ten to 12 year olds in my [...]

  19. 4 of my general criteria probably 3.5 of the standards I had unknowingly set for the series Having watched Paver s interviews in which she spoke of the reception for the final book book six in the series, though, I have hopes that it will merit five stars from me Need a break though, as I usually find myself needing one between each instalment as I empathize with Wolf, Torak, and all main characters aplenty.

  20. This book is the 5th book in the chronicles of ainchient darkness series When Torak s cousin died, he vows to avenge him When the time came he had to choose between his best friend or his oath This book is easy to read and it is fantasy I would recomend this book to someone who loves magic and spirits.

  21. Really enjoyable 5th book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness saga Probably one of the best books in the series too Looking forward to the last book but it s going to be hard saying goodbye to Torak, Renn and Wolf

  22. Family fortunesI am still enjoying the series though less wolf involvement the development of the pack is an anticipated evolution I look forward to how the next book unfolds with some interesting expectations.

  23. This book ended well I loved that everyone that was important throughout this entire series is still alive and i love how many twists and turns they take and they are absolutely thrilling I love this series and its characters This series is amazing and i love it.

  24. Nice story Some things are little quick to occur, I thought But overall, just as good as the previous four.

  25. Eenmaal het boek gepakt, kan je niet meer stoppenMaarten Hogenbirk, B1HToraks verwant Bale is gedood door de gevaarlijke zieleneter Thiazzi Torak zweert wraak en gaat achter Thiazzi aan Bij deze achtervolging wordt Torak geholpen door Wolf, de wolf met wie hij vrienden werd, en Renn van de ravenstam Ook komen zijn raven Rek en Rip in het verhaal voor.Het boek vindt plaats in de steentijd Het verhaal speelt zich af in het open en dichte woud en op de zeehondeneilanden Zijn handen kwamen in iets n [...]

  26. Pr beh, ako v dy kr sny Na za iatku zomrel Bale, o mi bolo trochu to, preto e sme ho nestihli bli ie spozna Torak sa rozhodne, e ho pomst Niekedy to ale naozaj preh al Napr klad ked nechal Renn samu v Hlbokom lese, plnom bl znov Tie ked rozhneval t ch dvoch ud z klanu Aurochov a tu m Jele ov alebo lesn ch kon Ale vr me sa k pr behu Torak chce Thiazziho prenasledova s m, ale m smolu D Finn Kedinn s Renn by ho len tak nenechali Vyd vaj sa na cestu do Hlbok ho lesa, kde pr ve teraz z ri vojna, d sa [...]

  27. this book was actually pretty desent i think that the book was well written and well organized itw was a very interesting book michelle paver has never failed to diasa point me in any way i think that this book has offered a lot it has many different unique qualities which i really like i found this book to be focused on sadness and revenge rather than all of the mythical action packed books in the series this one gets serious than the other book torak has to avenge his kingsmans daeth and he [...]

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