Collecting the Pieces (2022)

á Collecting the Pieces ☆ L.A. Fiore - Collecting the Pieces, Collecting the Pieces At fifteen I fell in love His name was Jake Stephens and he took the abandoned lonely girl I had been and made me whole His love was a pure and unconditional love that made every day better than the á Collecting the Pieces ☆ L.A. Fiore - Collecting the Pieces, Collecting the Pieces At fifteen I fell in love His name was Jake Stephens and he took the abandoned lonely girl I had been and made me whole His love was a pure and unconditional love that made every day better than the
  • Title: Collecting the Pieces
  • Author: L.A. Fiore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 402
  • Format: ebook
Collecting the Pieces
á Collecting the Pieces ☆ L.A. Fiore, Collecting the Pieces, L.A. Fiore, Collecting the Pieces At fifteen I fell in love His name was Jake Stephens and he took the abandoned lonely girl I had been and made me whole His love was a pure and unconditional love that made every day better than the last a fairy tale of my very own But this story isn t about Jake It s about Abel Madden the man I meet after the fairy tale goes to hell A cocky arrogant man who says whAt fifte
  • á Collecting the Pieces ☆ L.A. Fiore
    402 L.A. Fiore
Collecting the Pieces

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  1. 5 Stars My name is Sidney Ellis and this is my story of finding love twice the first when I needed it most and the second when I never saw it coming Wow I absolutely loved this whole story It was such a pleasant surprise I went into this book somewhat blind, not knowing much about the story other than what the synopsis divulged which in itself, really intrigued me and pulled me in to read this story This was my first L A Fiore book and what a great book it was to start with The writing was absol [...]

  2. At 14%, I was a mess A hot freaking mess.Luckily they were tears of happiness and joy because Sidney had finally been given the love that she had always dreamed of and the family that she had always wanted Jake s love saved her and his parents acceptance completed her and gave her the confidence to pursue her goals.By 19%, I was a fcking wreck.My heart was fcking shattered, into pieces much like the theme of this story It s not like I didn t know that this was going to happen Doesn t mean I was [...]

  3. It s LIVE geni bml6fCollecting the Pieces is a Romantic Suspense that explores relationships, loss and whether it s possible to find love twice in a lifetime It s a story that slow burned its way into my emotions, made me cry and feel a warm connection to the hero and heroine The narrative begins when the female protagonist, Sidney Ellis, is fifteen and showcases her meeting and falling head over heels in pure love with Jake Stephens Her backstory is set showcasing her life and the tragic circum [...]

  4. 4 Solid StarsWow, her writing is so fantastic when I was reading Devil You Know I added this one and now I m searching for her other works to add to my tbr I confess that I m a junkie and her books are my cure Haha When I was reading this story at some point I could hear my heartbeat and I could feel my blood boiling And at some point I just laughed out loud How is that possible some one could write so beautifully Sidney is an orphan girl who her parents abandoned her on the steps of a hospital [...]

  5. TITLE Collecting the PiecesAUTHOR L.A FioreCHAPTERS Prologue 23 EpilogueGENRE COMTEMPORARY ROMANCERELEASE DATE November 17th, 2016 COLLECTING THE PIECES This story is told in Dual Perspectives once you reach chapter 9 it switches over to Abel Madden s Perspective We re first introduced to Sidney Ellis in the Prologue an infant with no name abandoned on the steps of a hospital, who was known as baby number 3 until a nurse named her Sidney, in the system ever since, until she turned ten years old [...]

  6. Sometimes we find a love that we ve wished for, a love that is beautiful and pure that heals our hurts and fills the emptiness Sometimes love is unwanted, raw and untamed Demanding all from us, but giving back even Not the love we thought we wanted, but the love we need the love we find we re unable to live without This is the story of Sidney Ellis She was left on the steps of a hospital when she was a baby and when she was 10, she got adopted by some uncaring foster parents There, she had a fo [...]

  7. Rating 4 StarsReview Overall Collecting the Pieces was a nice read with emotions, ugly cry, a strong heroine, a sexy hero and a little suspense CharactersWe get the story of Sidney from her childhood till adulthood and how she loses the people she loves till she finally finds Abel.Abel is this sexy man who entertained me throughout this book, through his humor and the banter between the main characters.What did not work My only complaint with the book is that there were too many characters be it [...]

  8. I LOVED IT I LOVED IT I LOVED IT I just F CKING LOVED THIS BOOK Where is the button to rate the book with Million Stars and nominate it for the best book of the year I m a tough b tch, and I rarely cry But here I am a sobbing mess with big smile on my face and my heart is beating so fast The most perfect heroine ever I have nothing, really nothing to whinge about Sidney And I learned to love the hero his character was quite a struggle at the beginning, and also because his rival view spoiler Jak [...]

  9. 4.5 Stars I found this book to be a surprise When I thought the story was going to go one way, it took a complete left turn In a sense, I almost felt like I was reading a few different stories all mixed into one, and that s not a bad thing in this case, at all This is to say that, I felt so many different emotions for each character, that I was on a different ride with each of them L.A Fiore succeeded in making me feel for characters that shouldn t deserve the time of the day, and of course, dro [...]

  10. WOW This book I don t even know how or where to start I have A LOT to say, so please don t run away screaming while reading one of my rants You should really read this book no matter what I might say in my review First of all, what we have here are basically two or even books There s so much story here.The first part takes up 20 to 25% of the book and I basically cried all through it Let s start at the beginning I ll try my best to not spoil too much Even if it might seem spoily it s really not [...]

  11. All the pieces make a life I m a big fan of this author Her book Beautifully Damaged was a rare find when I stumbled across it years ago It touched me deeply and kept her on my radar, waiting for It took a while, but my stalking paid off and when she wrote another book in the series it was just as good After reading a few , I m convinced, she s extremely talented and deserves her place on my auto click list of authors This one, Collecting the Pieces, touched me than all the others It ripped my [...]

  12. I really do not know where to start when reviewing this book I don t think my writing skills have what it takes to get across my feelings towards this book and give you, a fellow reader just how good this book was and five stars is just not enough praise for this book.L.A Fiore has really put her heart and soul into this book, from her wonderful words, to the inspiration for the cover and the work of art that is the inside of the book, nothing has been left out to give the best reading experienc [...]

  13. 3.5 3.75 stars the then part of the book was a real lacklustre It just felt too robotic without much emotions I loved Jake , don t get me wrong , but their love was just too fast and too quick I loved that Sidney finally had someone to call her own but it mostly felt like a blur But the now part had soooo much KA feels to it I thoroughly enjoyed Abel stole my heart So rough around the edges but a total softie on the inside yum

  14. I read this book because the dude on the cover is basically my dream guy Do you know this person Give him my number This book was weird, and I m not 100% it deserves the 3 stars I gave it It may just be getting the bump up because, bearded motorcycle head with man bun Sigh This one starts with a 10 year old girl, being placed in her first foster home, and basically discovering that she is nothing than a paycheque to her foster parents and that humans are generally the worst Until she meets her [...]

  15. I lost interest at 20%I might come back to it, I might notI don t think I click with this author tbh, as I struggled with the other 2 books I read from her I think I m simply not a fan of her writing style, but it seems like others have no issues and love her works It just isn t working for me, sorry

  16. Even through heartbreak, love can help you collect all the pieces.This book hit every emotion When I was asked if I d read this book for an honest review, I of course said, yes However, I didn t read the blurb and had no idea what I was in for Well, I was in for a roller coaster ride of emotions L.A Fiore wrote a story full of love, friendship, heartbreak, and healing Sidney Ellis didn t have a wonderful childhood It wasn t filled with happy birthdays and joyous Christmas mornings She didn t hav [...]

  17. When you read the blurb on this one it doesn t really give very much away except how Sidney fell in love at 15 to Jake Stephens Pure and loving Jake.what you don t realize that Sidney falls in love again but not as a girl as a woman This is an amazing love story showing you that second chances at falling in love actually happen.The book is told in told in two parts Sidney s life as foster child, meeting her brother Conner and then meeting and falling in love with the lovely Jake and becoming par [...]

  18. I think Mrs Fiore wrote Abel just for me This is the second time Im writing this review and I dont even remember what I wrote the previous time Just know that I think this was a spectacular read full of amazing characters, a gripping plot, a fantastic sceneary I really wish to visit Sheridan, Wyoming and two love stories in one Im left feeling enamoured and wishing for my motorcycle driving, manbun wearing, dirty mouth bearded, blue eyed devilsh man sigh

  19. There are many really good authors I like that write really great books but there are only a few that write real magic Those authors usually have their very own special thing their tiny magic that they weave into their stories And the stories they create will draw you in and if you are lucky it will take you a long time to recover Let me use one of my favorite Authors here as an example again Colleen Hoover s magic is that she will always place a twist you never saw coming in her story You will [...]

  20. An exquisite read telling of a broken woman who finds a second chance at life with a man to her extreme opposite Collecting Pieces is so smooth, refreshing and real that you find yourself immersed in every word that builds a story that will stay with you Fiore always gives reads that make us think and feel, Collecting The Pieces was beyond this From page one i was involved in this story A girl who grew up in a foster home that only wanted to collect a paycheck and a brother who started to get wi [...]

  21. Loved this book so much This author did an amazing job of building the relationships between the characters in this story There is so much that happened in this book and I didn t want to put it down By the time I was done reading, I had huge tears rolling down my face it was that good Really fantastic

  22. Every so often you read a book that leaves its imprint on your soul Collecting the Pieces is proof that L.A Fiore is a master of her craft This book is simply, beautiful Within the span of a few pages, you find yourself captivated and in love Be warned, it s an emotional read it has you shaking with excitement and blushing the one minute and bawling your eyes out the next Abel and Sydney s story is guaranteed to take up residence in your heart, it sure has a part of mine Regardless of what love [...]

  23. You know when a book makes you feel every emotion possible it s hard to describe what your feeling.when your done with the book and can t stop thinking about the characters this is what happend after I read collecting pieces I was so invested in the characters it was well written ever word flowed La Fiore has outdone herself with this one she really has shown aside of herself and pour her heart and soul into this book It takes a lot for me to cry and this book has done it a few times its full of [...]

  24. I ve personally struggled to write this review but only because I cant find the words to do it justice L.A Fiore writing is simply beautiful it takes you through so many emotions you actually feel it right down to your bones and this book is no different its filled with love, heart ache, tears, laughs and some down right make you blush moments.Sidney didn t have the life you d love to give a child, her s was filled with so many struggles that seemed never ending until she met Jake he showed her [...]

  25. I loved this book I loved, loved, likehad a girl crush on Sidney Sidneycould have very easily been one ofthose heroines that I didn t like Instead, the author took all of Sidney smany adversities and used them tomold her into an incredible woman.Sidney was lucky in her life to have2 loves I loved them both I loved how the author weaved such a beautifulstory about a woman just finding herway in life.All the side characters were interestingand I am thinking that she will havebooks for some of them [...]

  26. I loved every thing about this book Every damn thing The first love The second chance The friendships The scenery All of it The writing was engaging, honest, and kept me connected from page one until the words the end All of it was perfection for me This book found it s way to my favorites of the year Heart wrenching, beautiful, and told in a way that you are able to fully love all the characters involved I recommend it whole heartily facebook twounrulygirls

  27. An awesome read One of L.A s best Wonderful characters you want to sit down and have drinks with A hot, irritating and arrogant man who is an utter contradiction and beautiful Cain It s a story that will make you cry, laugh and curse like a sailor It s an exhilarating roller coaster ride totally worth the cost of admission An L.A Fiore five star must read

  28. I only read this book last month but already I m feeling the need to read it again I was so invested in it that I read it quickly and now I need to read it again, slowly this time in order to savor it I ve been a reading machine lately and have plowed through a number of books and I forget parts of this one and I need to read it again to remember them.The book is written in two parts, Sidney when she was younger and Sydney when she was older Sydney was an abandoned child who was moved around in [...]

  29. This book is a Must Read I am stating it now Just go, one click and be ready to go on an emotionally, riveting ride into this beautiful world Author LA Fiore has created.You will feelYou will loveYou will have heartacheYou will cryYou will laughYou will be reborn againYou will be totally invested in the charactersYou will be collecting all the pieces of what you just read and putting them into your heart.This story truly captured my soul and it captured all the pieces of what I want my great lov [...]

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