Stargazer (2022)

[PDF] Stargazer | by ↠ Patrick Carman - Stargazer, Stargazer When we last we saw Alexa Daley she had defeated a threat in her homeland and was sailing with Roland Warvold across the Lonely Sea She had no idea what adventures awaited heruntil now After a tragic [PDF] Stargazer | by ↠ Patrick Carman - Stargazer, Stargazer When we last we saw Alexa Daley she had defeated a threat in her homeland and was sailing with Roland Warvold across the Lonely Sea She had no idea what adventures awaited heruntil now After a tragic
  • Title: Stargazer
  • Author: Patrick Carman
  • ISBN: 9780439899512
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
[PDF] Stargazer | by ↠ Patrick Carman, Stargazer, Patrick Carman, Stargazer When we last we saw Alexa Daley she had defeated a threat in her homeland and was sailing with Roland Warvold across the Lonely Sea She had no idea what adventures awaited heruntil now After a tragic attack by an evil force Alexa and her friend Yipes are stranded in a strange community known as The Five Pillars Each pillar of rock has its own secrets and its own chWhen we last we saw A
  • [PDF] Stargazer | by ↠ Patrick Carman
    250 Patrick Carman

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  1. I think everyone has their favorite fiction book of all time This one is mine Stargazer is the one and only best fiction book ever In my eyes that is.The Land of Elyon is the most wonderful, fantastic, brilliant, amazing series ever It mixes everything I love to find in a book series together into one beautiful series Stargazer is the last of the five books and it always blows me away.I love the world It s so wonderful and beautiful and medieval and I want to live there.I love the characters The [...]

  2. Anddddddd I m done This ll be my last Patrick Carman book, and much to my surprise Stargazer actually is a solid finish Still not good enough to sway my generally low opinion of this series as a whole, but better than several of its predecessors.There s still something downright nonsensical about the worldbuilding of this series Nothing quite fits together elements of geography, culture, and technology seem to serve the plot rather than create a sense of believable atmosphere The Land of Elyon, [...]

  3. Great ending for the pentalogy It is an excellent book for children, however as an adult I can see a lot of plot holes and simplistic solutions of certain situations and problems, which I do not remember carig about when I read it as a child But in overall, it was a cool adventure.

  4. closer to a 4.5, but the child in my wont let me give it less thats why i give all these 5s cause these are all for kids anyways, this is my favorite book in the elyon series i absolutely loved being pulled in from the world we just came to know to a new place it has a sort of medieval feel, and the isolation only adds to the appeal its like a hidden magical world full of strange new things like the skimming ropes and i quite loved the ending when abaddon was killed by the two pillars its such a [...]

  5. This is the final book of the series.Alexa, Yipes and Ronald find themselves traveling across the Lonely Sea on their way to the Five Pillars.le do they know that something very evil is shadowing them Upon landing at the Five Pillars the evil one has destroyed their ship and has put into motion its plans to take over the Five Pillars.With the help of Sir Alistair Wakefield thought to be long deceased hidden deep with the 4th Pillard his marvelous inventionse battle to overcome the evil one and t [...]

  6. I ve always loved the Land of Elyon books, because they are kind of subtle in the beginning, as Alexa s adventure is just beginning, and then there is a very exciting and tense part where it gets you on the edge of your seat and wondering, What s going to happen next and it always ends up different then you think it will Finally, the end is always happy, and it brings everyone together with friendship, and love These are great books I congratulate Patrick Carman for making such a readable, wonde [...]

  7. Amazing Great ending to a great series Yipes was back, along with a few new characters I fell in love with from the beginning Alexa has finally fulfilled her destiny, with some new friends to help her of course Marco, Mathilda, Jonezy, and continue the fun in this action packed conclusion.

  8. The Land of Elyon Book 5 STARGAZERThis is a tale of friendship, trust, discovery, and belonging as Alexa and Yipes journey to the Five Stone Pillars There, they explore the secrets of each pillar and acquainted a noble person from the path of yesterday As an evil force threatens to destroy the community, Alexa and her adventurous crew must save the people even if it means soaring in air with Stargazer.I was very inspired by this fascinating book with Alexa s realistic adventures and vivid descri [...]

  9. This was OK, but completely unnecessary to the overall first trilogy much like book 4 I didn t feel like it particularly delved deeper into the world of Elyon nor that it provided Alexa with a bigger emotional journey, though I can see why the rescue of the lost children would be something necessary However, it lacked the original brilliancy of the first ones, and thus I wasn t that excited for reading it.

  10. 3.5 stars A good ending to the series, but honestly a little underwhelming I expected in general from this series, and this book just seemed a lot like the rest in my opinion.

  11. I liked the story setting of the five pillars I didn t like how it got religious Sure there was a hint of it in the previous books, but not this obvious.

  12. The conclusion of the Land of Elyon series is a muddled mess Too many new characters, Alexa trusting people willy nilly she seriously has terrible judgment , and disappointing climax Sigh.

  13. I found this very interesting, a bit mysterious, and liked the hints as to how Alexa is going to live as an adult, with hints at her future romance and what she was made to do.

  14. I fell in love with this world and its soft clutches hold me sure and strong Quoting Coldplay s lyrics I want something just like this

  15. I was a little weary before starting this book since it isn t part of the original series and is an add on book, but it was so, so good It only expanded further the already expansive and rich world created by Patrick Carman Alexa and her crew travel across the Lonely Sea to a mysterious and hidden land called the Five Stone Pillars, which is a unique world within itself It turns out Abaddon got loose and followed them there, and now Alexa has to save the Five Stone Pillars before he completely d [...]

  16. Um, well, I didn t really like it It was, in pretty much all forms, bad And boring I had zero motivation after I d gotten through the first few chapters I just wanted it to be over When it finally was, I reminisced in the last four books, all of which I liked better than this one From the beginning, when Alexa was just a child, with the dead Warvold and the mysterious key that lured me in, to all the talking animals that kind of pushed me away, to this At least I m content knowing Marco and she [...]

  17. I ve been keeping up with this series as the books become available to listen to through the library I really enjoyed the first four, but this last one just fell a bit flat for me It seemed like maybe there were going to be books, but then halfway through they decided not to and just killed the bad guy I would have enjoyed the third book ending the series .All that said, it was still a fine story, the world building is great and makes the reader fall into the world in a way reminiscent of Narni [...]

  18. Alert Alert This series has a book BEFORE book 1 of this series I had no idea until I read the introduction to this, the fourth and final book and it spoke of a book called Into the Mist which was a Precursor to the series Well, shoot Too late now Who in the world starts a series before Book 1 in the series That was weird I flipped through Into the Mist while shelving books in the library today and it would have been fantastic to read it first Oh well I pretty much know everything that happened [...]

  19. This book is the 5th in the Series of he Land Of Elyon Alexa and her friend Yipes are stranded in a strange community known as The Five Pillars Each stone pillar has its own secrets As the evil Abaddon finds Alexa, she must risk everything to defeat it, even if it means taking to the skies Alexa and Yipes build a hot air balloon Their attempt to escape turned out bad Abadden, in the shape of a sea monster at the time tries to stop them, and is knocks down the pillars I have read this entire seri [...]

  20. Alexa Daley is a relatable young girl who goes on adventures readers can only dream of It is sad that Roland passed to the Tenth City but knowing Alexa is there to pursue the legacy of Warvolds makes it better Yipes is insanely funny and probably the ideal best friend He and Matilda make the perfect couple Although Marco seemed like a butt head before, he has come a long way and hopefully he and Alexa will create a beautiful future together Sir Alistair Wakefield is the apotheosis of what everyo [...]

  21. Alexa has traveled from the Land of Elyon on to the Lonely Seas When her little party reaches their destination of the 5 stone pillars they find that a deep evil has followed them As they learn the mysteries of the stone pillars they also must fight to banish the great evil that will not leave them alone A great ending to a series I really enjoyed it although it did seem a little anti climatic or maybe I was just reading it so fast it seemed that way All in all I loved how strong Alexa was, but [...]

  22. Alexa and her friends journey with Thomas Worvald to the Five Pillars, an isolated community where the geography has made the residents take to new forms of transport, farming, and weaponry This is the place Thomas Worvold has brought orphaned children so that they can grow up free of destruction and terror Unfortunately, this time an ancient evil follows Worvold s ship and seeks to destroy the society and the land itself Alexa has to discover the secrets of each of the pillars to save the commu [...]

  23. I tried to like this book I really did I m a huge fan of The Dark Hills Divide The series started out beautifully and with such originality, and then each book became exponentially worse The author seems like he kept changing his mind for the storyline and revamping characters until you lose interest in them Everyone is vapid and two dimensional even the villain was obtuse I would have enjoyed the series if the author would have followed Alexa growing up to be a leader in the community and help [...]

  24. The story of Alexa Daley continues as her journey with Roland comes to an end, she meet the mastermind of all time, Yipes falls in love, and she learns how to skim across raging waters Romance is incorporated into her story along with power, as her true identity leads the people of the five stone pillars to think of her as heir to the throne following Roland Suddenly, Alexa has a realm to herself, just as Thomas had the land and Roland had the sea What could it be Read this fascinating book to f [...]

  25. I started reading The Land of Elyon series a long time ago, I was completely enchanted by the strange world of Alexa Daley and friends I finished the third book and waited patiently to get my hands on a copy of Stargazer, it had been so long since I read the last books that it took me a little while getting into the book but it was just as rewarding as all my previous reads All I can say is that I very much enjoyed this book, Marco was by far my favourite character and I wish another of this ser [...]

  26. WANT to read so badly I like just figured out that this boook even existed WAIT A MINUTE they tricked me they put a different cover on it and used a different name and i thought i hadn t read it yet when of course i have already how mean well i have to keep it in to read, because i dont know how to change it just to let you know so you don t make the same mistake I read it as called Into the mist and it showed a picture of Roland and his brother whose name i forgot of course.

  27. I find all the Land of Elyon books somewhat tedious, but since I had read all the others, I wanted to find out what happened to the characters and how the story would conclude So I made it through to the end What was most intriguing about this book was the setting the pillars of stone, rising out of the ocean It just had this Myst like quality that I loved Other than that, things are tied up, most people are happy, bad guys are defeated one in a really spectacular way and things are generally ar [...]

  28. So, this took a lot less time then I thought it would But I loved it This series was cute and good, and it make me smile a lot, which is just the kind of book I have been needing.Now, I don t know if I am just getting good at guessing book s outcomes or what, but I KNEW that Marco and Alexa would end up together I just knew it, right after she was thinking how bad andself centered he is I don t know why, but I did And I was right, and that made me happy.But I loved this series, and you should re [...]

  29. Having defeated Abaddon, the evil force threatening Elyon, and heard Roland Warvold s life story as they sailed across the lonely Sea, Alexa and Yipes are ready for a new adventure, but not disaster When their ship, the Warwick Beacon, destroyed by Abbadon,and the captain lost, Alexa and Yipes are rescued by the people who live on the Five Stone Pillars But Abbadon is looking for a new home and the whole community is in danger Some blame Alexa for bring Abbadon Alexa must find a way to stop Abba [...]

  30. Carmans fifth Elyon book, fourth in the series plus the prequel, finds Alexa Daily sailing with Roland across the seas to the land of the Five Stone Pillars Alexa has grown considerably in confidence and wisdom, as has Carman s writing This is a tightly written book than the first three in the series and borrows setting elements from his Atherton books The creative setting adds a magical feel.

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