A Room with a View (2022)

A Room with a View Best Read || [E.M. Forster] - A Room with a View, A Room with a View But you do he went on not waiting for contradiction You love the boy body and soul plainly directly as he loves you and no other word expresses it Lucy has her rigid middle class life mapped ou A Room with a View Best Read || [E.M. Forster] - A Room with a View, A Room with a View But you do he went on not waiting for contradiction You love the boy body and soul plainly directly as he loves you and no other word expresses it Lucy has her rigid middle class life mapped ou
  • Title: A Room with a View
  • Author: E.M. Forster
  • ISBN: 9781420925432
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
A Room with a View
A Room with a View Best Read || [E.M. Forster], A Room with a View, E.M. Forster, A Room with a View But you do he went on not waiting for contradiction You love the boy body and soul plainly directly as he loves you and no other word expresses it Lucy has her rigid middle class life mapped out for her until she visits Florence with her uptight cousin Charlotte and finds her neatly ordered existence thrown off balance Her eyes are opened by the unconvent But you do he
  • A Room with a View Best Read || [E.M. Forster]
    319 E.M. Forster
A Room with a View

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  1. There is a great line in A Room with a View about a book that has been abandoned in a garden The garden was deserted except for a red book, which lay sunning itself upon the gravel path The author then describes what the main characters are doing in various locations adjacent to the garden, but meanwhile the red book is allowed to be caressed all the morning by the sun and to raise its covers slightly, as though to acknowledge the caress The description of the book seems very innocent but the re [...]

  2. The Pensione pension Bertolini, in Florence, Italy, has everything for the visiting tourists, Miss Lucy Honeychurch and her older, poorer cousin, Charlotte Bartlett, a rather overbearing chaperon, fine food, not really wines not too bad, this is Italy and a room with a view Unfortunately not for the cousins, their promised accommodations went to Mr.Emerson and his quiet, gloomy son George If you can t trust the Signora Bertolini, the Italian owner of this establishment , English, than one in Lo [...]

  3. Considered by many to be Forster s sunny day, and most optimistic novel, would start off in Italy, an Inn in Florence to be precise Two sweet Edwardian females, Miss Lucy Honeychurch adorable name and her cousin, Charlotte the chaperone have a bit of a dilemma whilst holidaying, the silly Inn keeper promised them rooms with a view looking out onto the Arno River, but they end up facing the courtyard I would have gladly faced the courtyard if it meant being a Tuscan tourist, would have even bedde [...]

  4. Romantic comedy this is not The rosiness of a woman stumbling upon convenient fantasy fulfillment by marrying into privilege and bourgeois wealth do not tinge the themes of this classic Rather this aspires to the novelty of a sort of female bildungsroman A woman who is roused into the acknowledgement of her desires and self through the unwitting intervention of men considered unworthy of being even good travel companions how many male authors poets dramatists of Forster s generation have cared e [...]

  5. I m a sucker for a sweet, kind hearted, na ve and sheltered heroine Especially when they slowly learn how to be brave So this book was perfect for me to read.Lucy Honeychurch how s that for a name is a sheltered young Englishwoman in 1908 She lives with her mother and little brother Freddy She goes on an exciting travel abroad trip with her stuffy older cousin There she meets the Emersons also English old Mr Emerson who is loving and honest to a fault His outspoken ways are considered vulgar and [...]

  6. 3.5I am in a classics mood, but after my recent completion of War and Peace I decided to try something a little lighter and less than one tenth of the size This is how I found my way towards E M Forster s 130 page novel about a woman who is forced to make a decision between marrying a wealthy man she will never love and a man of lower class who she knows she can be happy with Funnily enough, I think it was this story s length that slightly let it down for me, had it been a longer book I m sure I [...]

  7. Love is in the air or maybe anxiously repressed in February and my romantic literature jag begins with A Room with a View, the 1908 novel by E.M Forster Like a candy store, this book offers a bounty of treats that I found irresistible There s a holiday in Italy There s a boarding house with much ado There are young lovers Lucy Honeychurch and George Emerson There are bridges, summer storms and a hillside covered in great blue violets There s a return to the heroine s home in Surrey, England dubb [...]

  8. I was overjoyed to discover that this book I had liked when I was in high school was even charming and lovely than I remembered.I m not sure what impelled me to suddenly reread this novel about a young Englishwoman, Lucy Honeychurch, whose life is transformed after she visits Italy, but I m glad I did Forster s language is so inviting and engaging that as soon as I started reading, I didn t want to put down the book The story opens at a hotel in Florence, and Lucy is being chaperoned by her med [...]

  9. What happens in Florence, stays in Florence.Unless this is the early 1900 s and you re visiting the city with your annoying spinster cousin, then you kiss some boy in a field of violets for like two seconds and nobody ever lets you forget it Jeez, people This is a brief, sweet little novel about Lucy Honeychurch winner of the prestigious award for Most Adorable Name Ever , who goes to Florence with previously mentioned spinster cousin Despite lack of A ROOM WITH A VIEW, Lucy has a very nice time [...]

  10. It was Phaethon who drove them to Fiesole that memorable day, a youth all irresponsibility and fire, recklessly urging his master s horse up the stony hill.Fiesole, in the hills northeast of Firenze 9 2 2007I read this lovely little novel about three months after taking the picture above I was so thrilled that I had actually been in Florence, where a part of the story takes place The main event of the Florence episode occurs when the English ladies take a chaperoned carriage ride into the hills [...]

  11. This is the first book that I ve just tipped over in love with in a long time Having seen the movie Howard s End, and knowing that E.M Forster wrote in the late 19th early 20th century, and having watched that episode of The Office where the Finer Things Club discussed this book, I fully expected it to be a dull, dry slog.But it was not It was a pleasure Lucy Honeychurch learns that the rules of society can and sometimes should be broken She learns that she doesn t have to love a man just becaus [...]

  12. One of those classics which I always felt I must have read at some time in the past but apparently had not, so meeting Lucy Honeychurch for the first time was a great pleasure.A Room with a View is a very enjoyable humorous critique of society, much in the style of Jane Austen Lucy s travelling partner, Charlotte, could have come straight from an Austen novel It is also a romance with, of all things, view spoiler an unexpectedly happy ending hide spoiler Spoiler alert there in case you have not [...]

  13. A couple of days before I started to read this book I have just read and reviewed E.M Forster s The Machine Stops an excellent science fiction short story first published in 1909 which is very well written, clever and prescient Forster is of course not known for his sci fi as he wrote only the one story as far as I know However, he is known for several classic novels including A Passage to India, Howards End and Where Angels Fear to Tread All of which have been adapted into films A Room with a V [...]

  14. I imagine that in the early twentieth century, this book could have been marketed as a beach read It s fast paced, romantic, endearing, funny, dramatic and even fulfills a little bit of that wanderlust feeling we all get in the summer months Frankly, I couldn t stop smiling throughout this entire novel This is one of those books in which the setting though it may be as stunning as Florence, London, or the English countryside takes a back seat to the vibrant and highly entertaining characters Mis [...]

  15. When I think of what life is, and how seldom love is answered by love, it is one of the moments for which the world was made E.M Forster, A Room with a ViewA splendid novel centered on the young Lucy Honeychurch, both criticizing the restrained Edwardian era culture of England in which she lived and providing a romance with the passion of Italy infused in juxtaposition.Forster masterfully and perceptively reviews the structure of society, and the imperfections and merits of each of its spheres H [...]

  16. A Room with a View is a story of love a story of self realization of a young woman and a story of the Edwardian English society still governed by strict Victorian values This is my first experience with E.M Forster and I m well rewarded Written in the beginning of Edwardian era, Forster critically exposes the cultural restrictions, class difference and rigidly maintained social status that had swallowed the English society The story is set up in England and Italy and Forster with his crafty and [...]

  17. She knew that the intruder was ill bred, even before she glanced at him Charlotte Bartlett.I was reminded of this, an old favourite of mine, when a review of the book, by Apatt, review show had me instantly searching bookshelves for my own battered copy.E M Forster writes in a way that would seem archaic now natch , but the same codes of conduct and social divisions still apply in our modern age.In pre WWI, England , travel to sunny Euro destinations was largely the province of the Edwardian upp [...]

  18. Published in 1908, this is a classical romance novel with humorous satirical bite Love stories such as this have been told a million times, but the mordant wit with which Edwardian society is drawn is what makes it special You read it to laugh You know how it will end right from the start, but who cares It s fun It has a sweet, schmaltzy end that will leave you smiling I really have nothing else to say Critique of Edwardian life told through humor I listened to the audiobook narrated by Steven C [...]

  19. I don t deal with romance much It s a trait that s bled over from real life experiences into my tastes for a very long time, but it wasn t until recently that I started vivisecting it for credible reasons than I don t like chick flicks soap operas other degenerating names for lovey dovey things that females are supposed to like If there s one thing I ve learned, it s that something is always wrong at the heart of things whenever the word female is incorporated into an instinctive dislike.The wo [...]

  20. It is fate that I am here, George persisted, but you can call it Italy if it makes you less unhappy Now, my art history excursion to Italy hasn t been as life changing as the one Lucy took, but it was definitely made better by taking this book with me.A Room with a Viewis a nice, sweet story about a young woman coming into her own, wherein she learns to stand up for herself, her rights as a woman, and her true love Take note, this story was written in 1908, but the lessons that Lucy learns actua [...]

  21. 4,5 stars rounded up I wish I could say something intelligent about it other than that it s lovely, a praise of humanism and feminism A lighter fare than Howards End, but still beautiful and not to be dismissed.

  22. Youth, love and time on your handswhatever does one do with it all What an upper class English lady of the early 20th century does with it is the basis for E.M Forster s A Room with a View.I expected of a Death in Venice kind of languishing prose, but instead it felt, for the most part, akin to Austenexcept when it slipped into a borderline Bronte esque melodrama There was the snobbish principles and philosophy du jour as well as serious melancholy to be had in plenty, but to my surprise Forst [...]

  23. This coming of age story shows Lucy caught between the repressive rules of Victorian society and the liberal values of the Edwardian age She is vacationing in Italy, and is exposed to various social classes mixing together and acting in a relaxed manner than in her English hometown Lucy is admired by two very different men Upper class Cecil is a snobbish, bookish man who would be socially acceptable to marry The liberal, but lower class, George values Lucy s ideas, is sensual, and is drawn [...]

  24. I find comedies of manners and WASP dramas about one s place in society so tiring last night we finally got a true plot development and I woke up a bit I m such a bad girl reader this way Cue some action, PLEASE.UPDATE I can t keep reading this Taking it off the bedside table I am such a bad girl

  25. When Lucy Honeychurch arrives in Florence she s feeling peevish and disappointed After travelling abroad for the first time Lucy finds their little hotel filled with fellow Britons, and even the woman in charge speaks English with a Cockney accent What s the point of leaving England if you re still surrounded by the same people Plus, Lucy and her chaperoning cousin were promised rooms with a view of the Arno river, and instead their accommodations look over a courtyard But when a rough around th [...]

  26. What a beautiful story I really didn t know what to expect would this be a character story, a philosophical one, a romance It ended up being a lovely mix of all three The story centers around Lucy, a young woman who realizes, for the first time, that she has ideas of her own In other words, it s about Lucy learning how to make decisions for herself, and learning what she truly wants out of life.The book is full of delightful characters and beautiful passages Yet, Forster isn t above seeing the h [...]

  27. Originally posted on A Frolic Through FictionUpdate review bumped up from 4.5 stars to the full 5 stars You know when you love a book but can t even explain why THAT.End of review.No, I m joking of course.Although I really am going to have a hard time explaining what it is about this book that stole my heart so easily.Because right from the first few pages I was in love But it s not even like anything really happens in the book Like a lot of classics, the littlest thing is a massive drama of dec [...]

  28. Me encant este libro cuando lo le , pero sobre todo estoy enamorada de la versi n cinematogr fica Si a n no la hab is visto, no s a qu est is esperando.

  29. The best A masterpiece Mr Emerson is a legend E M Forster set the bar.Expansive Review could literature influence life asks A Room with a View.England created a colony in North America, then left them to get on with it, leaving in place the foundational structures, like the rule of law, all explained by Niall Ferguson in the Reith Lectures bbc programmes b01jmx0p The colony becomes the USA George Orwell, with his uncanny prescience, predicted that the USA, being so independent minded as they are [...]

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