The Moorchild (2022)

Free Read The Moorchild - by Eloise Jarvis McGraw - The Moorchild, The Moorchild Half moorfolk and half human and unable to shape shift or disappear at will Moql threatens the safety of the Band So the Folk banish her and send her to live among humans as a changeling Named Saask Free Read The Moorchild - by Eloise Jarvis McGraw - The Moorchild, The Moorchild Half moorfolk and half human and unable to shape shift or disappear at will Moql threatens the safety of the Band So the Folk banish her and send her to live among humans as a changeling Named Saask
  • Title: The Moorchild
  • Author: Eloise Jarvis McGraw
  • ISBN: 9780689820335
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
The Moorchild
Free Read The Moorchild - by Eloise Jarvis McGraw, The Moorchild, Eloise Jarvis McGraw, The Moorchild Half moorfolk and half human and unable to shape shift or disappear at will Moql threatens the safety of the Band So the Folk banish her and send her to live among humans as a changeling Named Saaski by the couple for whose real baby she was swapped she grows up taunted and feared by the villagers for being different and is comfortable only on the moor playing stranHalf moorfolk
  • Free Read The Moorchild - by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
    450 Eloise Jarvis McGraw
The Moorchild

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  1. This Newbery Award winning book really captured my attention It is about the half fairy Moql, who doesn t know she s half human until she is unable to become invisible in front of a human, and he ends up almost catching her and endangering the other fairies, or Folk as they call themselves They have a strange way of handling emotions they aren t affected the same as humans and don t have the same morality or even the same way of living within time , so they have no qualms about casting her out, [...]

  2. The main character is difficult to identify with and yet I did, couldn t help myself A surprising, engrossing read.

  3. Why, you ll be changed, m dear We ll just swap you for a human child who ll make a good servant to the Band Half Humans never work out mongst the Folk No, never do But I m half Folk too What if I never work out mongst the humans Aye, you re neither one thing nor yet quite t other Pity, but there tis This is one of those books I remember reading and loving and re reading, over and over, until the library s copy was nearly worn out as a kid, but wasn t sure how it would hold up reading it as an ad [...]

  4. I bought this on a whim, and hoped that I would like it, because I really hate buying books that end up being dissapointing Thankfully, this book was well written and had a great plot, so no worries there I liked the way people spoke in it reminding me lovingly of the secret garden and the story was just lovely.

  5. The first thing that stands out to me when I take a look at the career of author Eloise Jarvis McGraw is her outstanding record of successful longevity She won a Newbery Honor in 1952 for the book Moccasin Trail and then another in 1997 for this book, The Moorchild, with a third honoree The Golden Goblet thrown in there for good measure in 1962 Being hailed as an excellent writer over that long a stretch of time is a remarkable accomplishment really matched among contemporary authors of youth li [...]

  6. This is one of those books I never knew existed until I just came across it randomly The plot looked interesting, so I thought I might as well see what it was like Essentially it s about a child who actually is a changeling left with humans by the moorfolk because she had a human father.Usually understatement is a good thing, but I feel like this book was too understated The premise was good, but there just wasn t a whole lot of drama or build up For a strange child, Saaski seemed almost boring [...]

  7. The Moorchild is definitely a charming little book It is well written with interesting characters and a language style that I really enjoyed, though I can see it being difficult for a younger reader The mythology was fairly standard, but could have been developed and explored further, as could the culture Also, after rereading The Moorchild after a few years, I was surprised to see how different the moral structure is than I remembered from when I was younger The dedication is to all the childre [...]

  8. Updated Review 1 29 18 This book is exactly as good as I remembered it, which is wonderfully refreshing It s always a shame when a book you read when you were younger doesn t hold up as you age, but this one did, thankfully The part mundane, part mystical world the author created practically leaps off the pages and submerges you almost as entirely as the Folk s Mound does to Saaski and Tam, towards the end of the novel I m a sucker for fairies, and this wonderful fantasy novel both appeals to th [...]

  9. I had this book many moons ago in my youth and then made the stupid blunder of getting rid of it Fixed that.When I reacquired it, I worried that re reading it would be disillusioning There is often such a gap between the impressions I got as a child and the way things seem to me now I shouldn t have worried, though The Moorchild is still just as bittersweet and haunting even though seven years have passed I love this book.

  10. I picked this up when I realized it was about a changeling, from the point of view of the changeling herself It s understandable that the legend of the changeling would arise, when people found that their children were different , in societies that were often ruthlessly conformist.I personally have one major difficulty in identifying with Saaski She s far too high energy for me It may be that one of her main problems is that she devotes too little energy to emotions, and too much to physical act [...]

  11. If you re well versed with fairly folklore and the idea of changelings where fae will switch a human baby with one of their own you should enjoy this book In the story, the fae are very much real, though usually not seen by humans, and this leads to some interesting situations.What would happen if a mortal man fell in love with a fae elf in this story, called moorfolk woman This story deals with the consequences that happen to an offspring of such an union At first, she is happy among the Fairy [...]

  12. What s interesting to me about this book is that you could say it has a mixture of cuteness and darkness My aunt bought me The Moorchild for my birthday when I was a kid, and I asked for a book about fairies So there aren t really fairies in this novel, but rather other types of amusing, albeit dark, mythical creatures, which steal human babies from their parents, to replace them with their own Oh and the ruckus Such is the story of 11 year old Saaski, who has no recollection of her babyhood, bu [...]

  13. 0.99 wasn t too much to spend to see what is winning awards in children s literature, though.I enjoyed learning about The Folk fairies, pixies, however you would like to categorize them I wouldn t know if the information is historically accurate or just made up by this author It was interesting to learn about bee hives and about the medicinal use of herbs I also gained a better understanding of how a set of bagpipes works.Moral tone The author doesn t punish the main character for her faults It [...]

  14. I found this randomly in my Jr High Library At first I only liked it for its fantasy setting and good story telling Now I seem to relate and to the main character Saaski I have lived in Japan for a number of years and I understand what it s like living between two worlds This book got me through some hard times in Japan Whenever Japanese people reminded me that I am indeed not one of them I just imagine them as the fey king saying, Aye, you re neither one thing nor yet quite t other Pity, but [...]

  15. An enthralling fairytale peppered with dynamic characters and engaging scenes of whimsy and reality braided to together to create a classic and enduring story for children of all ages The author s attention to detail and apparent research knowledge regarding her subject matter, it s location, and life on a moor leaves readers feeling as if they have walked side by side with the changeling Saaski as she gathers firewood, attends to farm animals and fends off the persecution of other children as s [...]

  16. Really enjoyed reading this one with my daughters Loved the old and sometimes made up language and names of the villagers that made me imagine the culture of these people The story is both exciting, and entertaining Yet the heroic nature of the girl is inspiring despite her being an outcast of the people.I read it to my girls, then read ahead after they fell asleep, then read the rest to them so I could experience it again A great story teller entertains all ages The Moorchild is a great story

  17. I loved this book when I first read it years ago, and it didn t disappoint this time I ve read others by this author, and Moorchild is far superior in writing and story even her other Newberry books The story is of Saaski, the halfbreed child of fairy and human, belonging to neither and having to find her place in the world The ending does not disappoint either no real resolution, just a glimpse of Saaski s future which won t be perfect or easy Lovely.

  18. I really enjoyed this one I loved the main character, Saaski, and felt for her as she struggled to find her place It was interesting, held my attention, and I loved the ending.It s a great example of how you can not fit in or be accepted by those around you, and still be a worthwhile person and find and give happiness I loved her quest to find a gift her mother wanted, and that she was willing to trade something she really treasured for it.

  19. They were lucky to get out of the fairy mound alive Usually fairies are merciless than that.Tam seems like a generous soul, always listening to Saaski s problems like that, never saying a word about his own I m sure he must ve had problems himself being a gypsy orphan, it makes me curious.

  20. THE MOORCHILD is a story slow to unfold but it s steeped in such vivid folk culture and setting, it s a joy to read The gossip of the village, the danger of the moor, and the sweep of the hills are still vivid in my memory Saaski is an endearing heroine as she searches for her place in the world a lovely find.

  21. Just re read The Moorchild and am so glad I did Funny how books affect you differently when read at different times Though I enjoyed The Moorchild when reading it years ago, this time I gained a deeper appreciation of both the story and the author s prose Now I plan on reading all books written by Eloise Jarvis McGraw And I can t wait to get started.

  22. Absolutely one of my all time favorite books The creation of brogue that McGraw has done in the dialogue of this book was simply enchanting The world building was enchanting as were the characters It was engrossing and magical to read.

  23. A capital fairytale does anyone use capital like that any , engaging, poignant, and just a little bit haunting Almost too satisfying I am content to know no of the story than what is between this book s covers.

  24. I enjoyed this a lot The fact that I heard it on audio may have added to my enjoyment and glossed over any sins But I thought it was terrific julieberry 2007 0

  25. Still one of the best stories I have ever, ever read An incredible tale of belonging, friendship, and familial love Home is not a place it is a feeling, and The Moorchild emphasises that beautifully.

  26. A haunting tale of beautiful proportions, this story takes an old legend and spins it around, giving you compassion and perhaps feelings of belonging and identification with a changeling of lore.

  27. Still one of my most favorite books from my childhood Relevant at every stage of life For anyone who has ever felt alone I can t wait to share this with my own children.

  28. I finished reading this book today I have many many books from my childhood From 8th grade through the end of high school, I was so busy with school readings readings assigned to read for school that I never had time to read for pleasure any Therefore, I have a whole library of children s books that I need to start donating Now that you have some background I think this book would be interesting for a 3rd grader 8th grader After that, the reading material is too simple, and it really isn t too i [...]

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