Millions (2022)

[PDF] Read ✓ Millions : by Frank Cottrell Boyce - Millions, Millions It was a one in a million chance A bag crammed with cash comes tumbling out of the air and lands right at Damian s feet Suddenly the Cunningham brothers are rich Very rich They can buy anything they w [PDF] Read ✓ Millions : by Frank Cottrell Boyce - Millions, Millions It was a one in a million chance A bag crammed with cash comes tumbling out of the air and lands right at Damian s feet Suddenly the Cunningham brothers are rich Very rich They can buy anything they w
  • Title: Millions
  • Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce
  • ISBN: 9780060733322
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Read ✓ Millions : by Frank Cottrell Boyce, Millions, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Millions It was a one in a million chance A bag crammed with cash comes tumbling out of the air and lands right at Damian s feet Suddenly the Cunningham brothers are rich Very rich They can buy anything they want There s just one problem they have only seventeen days to spend all the money before it becomes worthless And the crooks who stole the cash in the first place areIt was a one in a million
  • [PDF] Read ✓ Millions : by Frank Cottrell Boyce
    352 Frank Cottrell Boyce

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  1. Jedna od meni dra ih de jih knjiga u kojima mogu da u ivaju i odrasli , koja je zabavna, duhovita i ekranizovana Dosta sam se borila s izdava em da ugleda svetlost dana i toplo je preporu ujem Ovo je pisac na koga treba obratiti pa nju teta to ga je izdava zanemario

  2. I think this was meant to be a feel good family drama about the effects of money on individuals and society, but is just felt negative and wrong I never felt that the taking of the money was right or justified in any way and to have every character attempt to justify it and take and spend it without any consequences was just something I couldn t get past The Mormons, specifically Mormon missionaries, played a role in the story and while the bit that seemed to have been copied directly from a sou [...]

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  4. I was looking for a new Christmas set novel to read and Robison Wells recommended this I ve seen the movie, but didn t know that it was a book Apparently they were written at the same time, as Frank Boyce was originally a screenwriter.The verdict What a delight Damian s voice is so clear and pure that I couldn t stop smiling and reading I was immediately concerned for him, for his father, for his brother, and wanted them to win But how they would win, and what the answer was, I didn t know until [...]

  5. MillionsAuthor Frank Cottrell Boyce Reviewer Cierra Kitt Damian and his brother Anthony move in with their father because their mom died Ever since Damian s mom died he always believes in saints because he thinks it will get him closer to his mom I think he is still shocked about it because he always says My Mum s dead Everyone always tells him that She s is a better place pg 39 Damian goes to the hermitage a place he likes to go to pray about his mom While he is there a bag full of millions of [...]

  6. I saw and loved the movie before I read and loved the book The clerk at Bank Street Bookstore promised that if I didn t mind Damian s constant musing about religion and saintliness I would love the story, but warned me some people are bothered by seeing so much religion in a kid s book I thought it was fascinating to have saintly visitations happening alongside a heist adventure Damian s obsession with being excellent made him an unusual and memorable main character whose circular, well intentio [...]

  7. All I can tell from Frank Cottrell Boyce based on his jacket info is that he looks like Alan Cumming s brother and he has 7 kids But seriously, who IS this guy I love his books.I saw the movie of this one years ago and kind of forgot about it Damian and Anthony are brothers and they ve just moved into a new neighborhood Damian is obsessed with saints and builds himself a little hermitage to live in down by the railroad tracks Then a big bag of money falls off a train and as he and his brother st [...]

  8. Millions is an interesting story about two young brothers who stumble upon a bag filled with thousands of pounds and must try and spend it before the currency is changed to the euro Anthony and Damian Cunningham are two English school boys and together with their combined knowledge of saints and money they must overcome many obstacles Their story shows the true value of money and family, and that a little kindness can go a long way.Although this book isn t something I would usually read, I did e [...]

  9. It is a very interesting book with many important lessons that can be learnt from this novel such as how to spend money wisely and so on Though there were some confusions in the middle of the book but overall the book is excellent I would recommend this book to all the people who like moral related books.

  10. The novel Millions takes place in the early 2000s in the suburbs of London, England and is about two young brothers in middle school and their father The book is about how money doesn t measure happiness, wealth or a good life, wealth is measured by your relationships with friends and family and the bonds you make throughout life The book is about a young boy named Damian who is obsessed with catholic saints and his older brother Anthony and the problems they get into after Damian finds a bag of [...]

  11. Seemed really interesting to start, but I gradually got a bit fed up towards the end it kept the boys attention though, so maybe I m the wrong age for it I m not quite the target age range

  12. This is one of those children s books that seems to be operating on two levels Although I do think it would appeal to the intelligent readers in the 10 13 age group, a lot of the humour and commentary is probably aimed at an adult level of understanding The real estate and financial commentary of the protagonist s older brother, Anthony, is one example that comes to mind There are two major plot points Damian the protagonist and Anthony are trying to cope with the recent death of their mother, [...]

  13. Millions is about two young brothers who come across millions of pounds and their decisions on what they do with it There is selflessness and selfishness throughout the story and what is right and wrong becomes tested We follow Damian and Anthony brothers through everything they do with the money before the day when the pound gets changed for the Euro.Conflicts arise throughout their family as the burden becomes to much to bear and secrets are becoming harder to keep How will these two troublema [...]

  14. A wonderful, sweet story told by a 5th grade boy who just happens to see long dead saints everywhere he looks Damian and his brother, Anthony, have recently lost their mother, and their father is doing all that he can to raise them well Damian s coping mechanism for his mother s death is to read everything he can about the lives of various saints Anthony, however, becomes a bit of a financial guru When a huge bag stuffed with than 200,000 quid comes flying out of the sky and into Damian s cardb [...]

  15. Saw this film a few months back, and knew the screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce as the author of Cosmic, which I adored The film was good, if a tad unapproachable I totally understood Damian s obsession with saints after his mother passed away, and his need to be pious and excellent It s a little weird, don t get me wrong Some kids have an obsession with baseball stats and others can name every species of frog, so yeah.Damian, his dad and his older brother Anthony move to a new house Damian, who [...]

  16. Millions is a fun book, full of wild and also touching emotion The main character, Damian, is fascinated with saints Boyce does a nice job of balancing the serious elements of grief with bits of humor that add up to a compelling tale of coming of age and growing up The book also raises issues of the best way to help the poor Throughout the story, Damian is troubled with how to give and where to donate money He turns to his saintly visions for guidance, and his heart is always in the right place [...]

  17. This book is about two brothers who enters an journey full of fun, wildness and twists It tells a story where they come across a bag full of pounds and through that, both brothers goes through decisions of what they could do with it before they change it to euros.The characters in this book, each have their own characteristic to them and this shows us how we use money and what money can do to us Damian, who is the narrator protagonist of the story, has a different obsession to a usual seven year [...]

  18. I don t read children s fiction very often, but this one was recommended to me so I thought I d give it a whirl It s a story about 2 brothers who are each dealing with the loss of their mother in different ways, and a father who reminds them to be excellent The younger brother and narrator Damian tries his best to be excellent and to do good work every day His heart is in the right place, but sadly the execution doesn t come off like he thinks it will His older brother, Anthony, focuses on the a [...]

  19. I actually listened to the audiobook, which was even hilarious than the book, due to the great voice of the narrator Being American, I wouldn t have been able to imagine the sound of the annoyed protagonist telling his older brother that his cardboard hideout isn t a den, but an hermitage Damian has visions of saints, who all have their own personalities and are hilarious When he prays for guidance and a giant bag of money falls out of the sky, he figures God has sent it His older brother doesn [...]

  20. Damien is a fourth grade student in England on the brink of the imaginary Pound Euro currency changeover Obsessed with the lives and demises of saints since the death of his mother, Damien attracts a great deal of negative attention and warranted concern around his community Millions focuses on what Damien and and his brother choose to do with a great deal of money that suddenly falls in their laps.While I adored Damien s saint fixation and his brother s promiscuous obsession with finance, I fel [...]

  21. I gave this two stars because I don t feel like the author did his homework very well and misrepresented missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints of which I am a member and was a missionary for Aside from that, the whole Pounds to Euros story line threw me off because England didn t ever go to Euros Turns out it is meant to be a fictional scenario so no harm no foul there.There was one part I really could have done without where Damian and his brother are trying to figure [...]

  22. Millions was a complicated novel based on a interesting character Damian I rated this novel a 3 out of 5 because although the novel had a great message in it the story itself was confusing at times This novel how ever was very detailed and interesting Damian had an addiction and Money and house prices were Anthony s.The boys are still in primary school Through this novel The brothers are facing a newer, harder challenge everyday and as the saying goes what goes up must come down this is the perf [...]

  23. After reading Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce, I have discovered many things about the characters in the book The protagonist and narrator of the novel Damian Cunningham finds a bag full of cash after it turns up at his hermitage At first he doesn t know what to do until he turns to his brother Anthony who decides to use and spend the money wisely What I liked about this book was about how Damian isn t as sociable like his brother and he often wanders off into his own world rather than spending [...]

  24. I have enjoyed every book I have read by Frank Cottrell Boyce He writes fast moving quirky stories with lots of heart This book reads like a mad cap comic adventure mystery coming of age tale but is also a study in childhood grief and as is usual for this author the father son relationship is central to the plot Damien s literal take on life, his pure heart, and his obsession with the lives of catholic saints is classic Cottrell Boyce and is both hilarious and poignantEAT book for middle grade b [...]

  25. An interesting read I enjoyed the innocent, younger tone of the narrator paired with the , sophisticated topic The structure of the novel is neat and clear, simplistic vocabulary is used and the variety of characters is pleasing However, I personally found the sequencing of the invents a little confusing, with and problems rising in the plot where least expected Other than that, though, Millions was a good read, and I recommend it to people looking for a fairly challenging book.

  26. Great story The characters are so well drawn, and the writing with an Irish spin is perfect Toss together found money, lots of saints, a boy missing his mother and the hard choices to be made if you re suddenly rich, and you get Millions, good for a million smiles If Maeve Binchy had written Home Alone, it couldn t be better than this Gotta see the movie Update 3 20 17 The movie is really good too

  27. Millions is a interesting book about two boys getting over the death of a family member and money Damian and Anthony are well written characters, but I think the way they were written would have been appropriate for boys older than them Other than that, I think the book has been written very well.

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