Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (2022)

[PDF] Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry | by ↠ Mildred D. Taylor - Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Winner of the Newbery Medal A New York Times Book Review Best of Children s Books A National Book Award NomineeWhy is the land so important to Cassie s family It takes the events of one turbulent year [PDF] Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry | by ↠ Mildred D. Taylor - Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Winner of the Newbery Medal A New York Times Book Review Best of Children s Books A National Book Award NomineeWhy is the land so important to Cassie s family It takes the events of one turbulent year
  • Title: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
  • Author: Mildred D. Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780140348934
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
[PDF] Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry | by ↠ Mildred D. Taylor, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Mildred D. Taylor, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Winner of the Newbery Medal A New York Times Book Review Best of Children s Books A National Book Award NomineeWhy is the land so important to Cassie s family It takes the events of one turbulent year the year of the night riders and the burnings the year a white girl humiliates Cassie in public simply because she s black to show Cassie that having a place of their ow
  • [PDF] Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry | by ↠ Mildred D. Taylor
    374 Mildred D. Taylor
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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  1. Set in Mississippi during the Great Depression, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a searing portrait of family and self worth Every child deserves to know Taylor s firebrand protagonist, Cassie Logan, and experience her untiring battle against social injustices and racism Video review to come in my Black History Month Wrap Up.

  2. I first was exposed to this book in fifth grade and I have to say, it changed me forever The struggles young Cassie Logan and her family faced as a strong black family in the Jim Crow south were eye opening to me I guess as a child, until I read this book, I thought there was slavery and then there was freedom This book taught me that there was a LOT of gray in between and it made me angry to know that there really wasn t justice and equality for everyone in my country, the way it was supposed t [...]

  3. when i was little, i would get dropped off at the library in lieu of daycare, particularly in the summer, when there were programs for kids without friends so, if i spent my childhood in a library, how did i miss out on so many childrens classics just what was it i was reading i think i read mostly lois duncan but this book is great, really i have learned to respect the newbery award except for the black pearl which is just a newbery honor, but still this book could be republished as an adult bo [...]

  4. I loved this book It s definitely a must read for everyone Here are a couple of my favorite quotations from the book During a conversation between Cassie and her mother after Cassie is treated horribly by Lillian Jean Simms and her father I didn t say that Lillian Jean is better than you I said Mr Simms only thinks she is In fact, he thinks she s better than Stacey or Little Man or Christopher John Just cause she s his daughter I asked, beginning to think Mr Simms was a bit touched in the head N [...]

  5. This review was written for my young adult literature classRoll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor is a beautifully narrated novel about racism, class distinction, friendship, pride, and love This novel is told from the perspective of young Cassie Logan, a fourth grade black girl, and its na ve and innocent voice encourages readers of all ages to question the nature of human cruelty and the universal subject of inequality This is a coming of age, young adult novel that illustrates the com [...]

  6. What an important piece of work You know it s worth reading when it s a Banned Book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry made the American Library Association most challenged book in 2002 Some cases where Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry was banned or challenged 1993 A Louisiana high school removed it from its reading list because of racial bias Mar 24, 2014 This book is about family and the strong ties that bind them, as well as racism in America during the Great Depression It takes place in Mississippi in [...]

  7. Wow I read this when I was a kid but reading it now it s a different experience Every day I watch videos of white people, emboldened BY Trump s presidency, calling Black people niggers or telling minorities to go back where they came from and while I was reading this, I just felt a quiet sort of rage Mildred Taylor has created a family that isn t the damn Cosby show They are a simple unit, happy and content, but not unaware of what s going on around them They are aware of the white people around [...]

  8. This has been on our family book shelf f o r e v e r Sorry I took so long to actually read it It is marvelous The main protagonist, nine year old Cassie Logan, is also the delightful narrator Excellent, if not sobering way to introduce middle schoolers to racism in America in the 1930s.I cannot help wondering what kind of equivalent book will be written about our era for the young people of tomorrow

  9. Another reread for me Given to me as a gift from a friend of my parents, I first read this when I had just turned 13 Although I didn t remember a lot of details 37 years have passed since I read it I do remember loving the characters, especially Cassie and Little Man I also remember being incredulous that people were treated in such an awful way just because of the color of their skin Although I consider myself to have been somewhat naive back then, and also a late bloomer, I grew up in a libera [...]

  10. I really really enjoyed this book until the end I m certain that it was realistic, but still How depressing I really disliked T.J from the start, and didn t know what Stacey liked him All in all, this was pretty good history wise, as far as I could tell but not enjoyment wise.

  11. What a great story, set to the context of the segregated South I read this to my kids and, as a half black man, I was proud to expose them to such an important segment of our history I grew up largely in a white community, and now so do my kids So to have a portal into the the American Negro past was truly a blessing I m proud to have an African American descent and I want them to be as well, or at least gain awareness and a sense of solidarity with their forebears.All of us loved the story LOVE [...]

  12. Mildred D Taylor s Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, on its surface, seems to be a response to Harper Lee s To Kill a Mockingbird They re both similar in their setting and their themes While a major theme in both is racism in the Jim Crow era South, they tackle this theme from different perspectives Harper Lee s heroine is a young white girl, and Mildred D Taylor s young heroine is a young black girl To Kill a Mockingbird was written 16 years earlier than Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and perhaps in [...]

  13. 3.5 starsHaving just finished The Help for the 2nd time, I was already in a place to appreciate this book, and for the most part, I did appreciate it The Help takes place in the early 60 s in Jackson, Mississippi, during the early stages of the Civil Rights movement It s a very personal story about 3 women struggling with who they are, both in general and in the environment in which they live Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry takes place in the 30 s just outside of Jackson, MS, and deals with a lot o [...]

  14. Cassie Logan doesn t understand why possessing land means so much to her family, nor does she realize that so many of the white people around her think she s inferior to them Then the night riders appear, threatening the black people in her community with tar and feathers and burning, and Cassie herself is humiliated by a white girl Taylor s depiction of the moral choices the Logans must make is complex though they may want to resist and Cassie does several times , there s a fine and dangerous l [...]

  15. In this award winning novel for young people, all the black people with possibly one exception are honest, kind, hardworking, ambitious, intelligent, and good looking All the white people with one or two exceptions are cruel, dishonest, malevolent rednecks, who persecute the colored people for no reason at all Historically, the Jim Crow era wasn t all smiles and sassafrass tea, but there were good and bad people on both sides of the street, just like now In our current climate of political corre [...]

  16. It s amazing to us that this book is forty years old It s as powerful and relevant now as it was in 1976, perhaps even so.White is something just like black is something Everybody born on this earth is something and nobody, no matter what color, is better than anybody else From their love of the land to their love of one another and their fellow man, the Logans are a family that you need to spend time with Highly recommended, even if especially if you ve read it before.

  17. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a fictional story about the Logan family who are African Americans living during the 1930s depression in Mississippi The plot is narrated by Cassie, the daughter of the Logan family Each of the events in the plot teaches Cassie the importance of owning land and that the sacrifices to maintain that ownership are worth the struggles because of the freedom the land gives the family The plot also speaks of the injustices done to African Americans during the time The s [...]

  18. I don t remember the first time I read this book I could have been ten years old, I could have been twelve or fifteen years old I also cannot tell you how many times I have checked this book out from various libraries, just to re read the Logan s all over again.But what I can tell you is that, hands down, this is one of the most life changing books I have ever read and the lessons I have taken from this book and its subsequent books are indescribable This family, how they are strong and right du [...]

  19. I loved reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D Taylor This is a great book about the lives of the Logans,an African American family living in Mississippi during the 1930 s Taylor did an outstanding job setting the story in Mississippi She made me feel like I was there with the way she described everything Cassie, the main character and narrator, is a fourth grader Throughout the story, she is learning how to handle racism She and her brothers, Stacey, Christopher John and Little Man, [...]

  20. This book, much like The Giver, and Number the Stars, was one that I always, ALWAYS saw lying around during mid elementary junior high even high school.One of those books that I never got around to reading.I just realized that all three of these books have a little gold circle somewhere on the cover so maybe that means my teachers just always had Newberry Medal Winners on hand Maybe my kids will be saying the same thing about When You Reach Me Who knowsThe teachers were right to have this one in [...]

  21. My son was given this book as required reading for his schooling After reading it myself, I released him from that requirement This book may have won an award in the 1970s, but it has no place among my children s generation I grew up near Oakland, California at the time this book was winning awards and I cannot say that this book helped to fix any of the racial problems I experienced as a child Perhaps this kind of racial hatred still exists in parts of our country, but where I live we do not id [...]

  22. Roll of thunderHear my cryOver the waterBye and byeOle man comin Down the lineWhip in hand toBeat me downBut I ain tGonna let himTurn me around.I started reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D Taylor because it is a Newberry award winning children s classic I did not expect it to hit me as hard as it did I did not expect to love it as much as I did.The book is narrated by Cassie, a precocious nine year old girl who lives with her family in the Deep South The book begins with all the c [...]

  23. I got this book through Book Crossing one of the truly wonderful online resources for finding and reading good books at a price you just can t beatee Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry was written by Mildred D Taylor I wondered why I hadn t ever read it before and then realized I was about 22 when it was published I was at that age where I would be much too adult to read a young adult s book Well, now I have no problem with it and have found that these books can be every bit as compelling as any other [...]

  24. I ll give it a good 3 star There was some bleakness to it, given the subject matter and the rotten things that the Logan family had to put up with But I think that the author showed rather than told how the injustices were unfair Certainly makes one think, and is a necessary lesson in history We need to know our mistakes in the past so that we can understand just how wrong they were, and so that we won t repeat those mistakes in the future.

  25. If empathy is one of the goals of reading, then I think this book is important for all children to read at some point in their education probably 5th 8th grade would be most appropriate I love how the reader draws us into the African American experience in 1933 Mississippi Beautifully written, and a fun book to teach.

  26. ok, for being a book i am forced to read for school, it wasnt that bad the ending is so sad, tho i wouldve cried, but i was at school, so i really didnt was to start crying in the middle of a class in front of all of my classmated cuz that would be so embarassing its pretty good, if you like that kind of book im considering reading the sequel, but i dont know.

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