Arabella (2022)

Free Read Arabella - by Georgette Heyer - Arabella, Arabella To Arabella Tallant the eldest daughter of a penniless country clergyman the invitation to stay with her London godmother was like the key to heaven for in addition to living in the glamorous city Free Read Arabella - by Georgette Heyer - Arabella, Arabella To Arabella Tallant the eldest daughter of a penniless country clergyman the invitation to stay with her London godmother was like the key to heaven for in addition to living in the glamorous city
  • Title: Arabella
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • ISBN: 9780099465621
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
Free Read Arabella - by Georgette Heyer, Arabella, Georgette Heyer, Arabella To Arabella Tallant the eldest daughter of a penniless country clergyman the invitation to stay with her London godmother was like the key to heaven for in addition to living in the glamorous city Arabella might even find a suitable husband there Armed with beauty virtue and a benevolent godmother the impetuous but impoverished Arabella embarked on her first LondonTo Arabella Tallan
  • Free Read Arabella - by Georgette Heyer
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  1. So, even when I look all virtuous with books like The Scarlet Letter and Mansfield Park on my updates and reviews, I m still sneaking off on clandestine dates with Kindle freebies and Regency romances.Arabella is one of the charming and funny Georgette Heyer books that I ve read Arabella Tallant is a lovely, unspoiled girl, but certain to be hampered in the eyes of London society by the fact that she s a poor country vicar s daughter Nevertheless, her mother prevails on Arabella s high society [...]

  2. WOW, what an absolutely fantastic read Arabella was.This Heyer combines all that s best about regency romances, starting with a well crafted hero Cause let s face it ladies, we all like a swoon worthy book man And I m here to tell you that Robert Beaumaris has got it in spades He s charming but not overbearing He s slightly jaded but not an out an out rake , he s a bit world weary but not cynical , and most important of all, he s got a dry sense of humor, especially when it comes to his fashion [...]

  3. Enjoyed this book so much I read it again It think I enjoyed it the second time around Great ending Seriously swoon worthy And read it a 3rd time.Content CleanSource AudibleOriginally read in October 2015 Reread in March 2016 again in June 2016

  4. Until the ending sequence, the book was 4 stars for me So many bits and pieces of the book reminded me of Pride and Prejudice in a good way I was delighted to relive the joy of reading PP I love a damsel that s not easily taken in by the hero or faints at the first sight of him Arabella, though inexperienced and quite innocent, had a sharp mind and acute self awareness She guarded her heart well for good reasons against the hero s advances On the other hand, the hero, Mr Beaumaris, was the most [...]

  5. What can I say about this wonderful little darling book that hasn t already been said Arabella is charming It s a true Regency romance classic, the epitome of the perfect comedy of manners set in London, and features all your favourite Regency quirks, mannerisms, glittering balls and shocking crushes And naturally, there is an enterprising heroine and a dashing hero, who meet quite by chance and fall quite madly in love amidst a set of funny and delightful adventures Ah, to have a London Season [...]

  6. Arabella has been waiting for me to get to it for quite some time I don t know if I should be kicking myself for not reading it earlier or be happy for enjoying it this much now If there ever was a book whose blurb doesn t do its job then Arabella is that book.I loved the way Heyer introduced Arabella Tallant s lovely family, the way they live, how much her parents love each other and their children, the way the impoverished Vicar educated his sons and daughters and so much , but I didn t like k [...]

  7. There was a big joke played on me by the powers above, I think, because I picked up this novel without having the slightest of clues that this was Heyer s homage to Pride and Prejudice And it wasn t until I was about 70% into the story that I stopped giggling at Beaumaris amusing conversations with the mongrel Ulysses long enough for the d j vu to sink in Wait a tad I have read this before, haven t I But by then it was too late I had already been rereading Austen PP in parallel for days.I liked [...]

  8. Well, this book was just so much fun to read I really enjoyed this book from start to finish It is well paced and ridiculously diverting Of course, it has a lot of the ingredients found in Georgette Heyer s brain candy regencies, such as a debutante seeking an advantageous marriage, a swoon worthy hero, trials and tribulations, and a misguided sibling Blend well and you have a very appealing regency novel Arabella Tallant arrives in London, fresh from a country vicarage and is shocked by the sel [...]

  9. I m on a spree when it comes to Heyer I went by the library today and picked up five new to me Heyer novels Happyfuntimes I particularly needed something light yesterday, so Arabella was perfect I ll confess I wasn t too impressed by the start, and there was a whiff of Pride and Prejudice ness about it that put me off a bit, but both protagonists grew on me.I had major embarrassment squick at first, with the silly trick Arabella pulls, but as the novel developed and her kindly nature became clea [...]

  10. This is why I love I never heard of Georgette Heyer until I joined I know, shame on me but it s so great that I have read so many authors that I never heard of otherwise This book has been on my TBR list for awhile now so many books, so little time but I finally read it I m happy to say that I enjoyed it, too I liked Arabella Mr Beaumaris the most some parts reminded me a little of Pride Prejudice I kinda lost a little interest when the chapters focused on Bertram but I forgive those portions be [...]

  11. My all time favorite Georgette Heyer novel is Frederica That said, I re read Arabella, my Mom s ATFGHN, and I have to agree this is wonderful The H h interact a great deal and it s wonderful fun to read In some of GH s books, the H h don t actually have much face time Sprig Muslin, Charity Girl, just for instance.Arabella is a gentlemanly Yorkshire vicar s beautiful eldest daughter being sent by her practical mother to London in the hopes of making an eligible match Mr Beaumaris is a much hunted [...]

  12. Arabella is the daughter of a country vicar and brought up to be interested in erudition and kindness than in gossip or fashion When the time came for her to marry, she was sent off to London to a rich godmother to net a rich man so she could help her brothers and sisters En route, she is forced to take refuge at a house when her carriage breaks down, and she meets two men, one of them Mr Beaumaris, who was convinced that Arabella is pursuing him for his wealth She overhears him saying so to hi [...]

  13. Arabella Tallant is the eldest daughter of eight children Her father is a penniless clergyman and when her godmother invites her to stay in London, the entire family starts to think that there can be a chance to secure a great future for both Arabella and her siblings Arabella s mother, in fact, wishes for her daughter a marriage with a rich husband She does not imagine, though, what her daughter is capable of During her journey, her carriage breaks and she decides to ask for help Therefore, she [...]

  14. 4.5 stars Read it several times over several decades Really enjoyed it Light and heartwarming, with somewhat serious reflections on vanity, injustice, and London society, mainly Loved getting the hero s perspective via fireside chats with his scruffy mutt Among Heyer s memorable characters are Leaky Peg, Old Grimsby, Jemmy, and others.Recently I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Phyllida Nash She is the wrong reader for this book Her voice is too elderly Not light and young I recommend read [...]

  15. You know it s really not fair to my husband for me to keep reading these books w fabulous heroes like Mr Beaumaris My husband is a great guy really, but I am sure I sometimes get this far away look when I wish he would pull up in a carriage and solve all my problems and wear a top hat, know etiquette intimately, and well, you get the point But he does do the dishes for me, and let me sleep in on Saturday morning, so there you go So yes, our hero was mega swoon worthy The book was a lot of fun, a [...]

  16. I ve given this an A for narration and A for content at AudioGals, so I m bumping up to 5 stars Arabella is one of my favourite Heyer Regencies, so I was delighted when I learned that Naxos was bringing out a new audio version with Phyllida Nash narrating Ms Nash earned an A from me for her superb narration of Venetia, so I had high expectations I m pleased to report that she doesn t disappoint.Arabella Tallant is the eldest daughter of the large family of a country vicar When her Godmother offe [...]

  17. This was wonderful Surprise surprise, haha Despite the heroine being beautiful in that birdlike ethereal way that instantly makes me feel like a hippopotamus, I really liked her, for the same reason the hero falls in love with her she actually cares about other people and animals, and doesn t stop to think about the consequences when she sees injustice, just rushes in and saves the day with Beaumaris obliging help afterwards, of course I get so tired of the well, helping ONE person isn t going t [...]

  18. I m re reading all of Georgette Heyer s Regency romances and loving them as much as I did in my early teens It s amazing how much these books still hold their charm for me after nearly fifty years.Arabella isn t one of my favourites, but only because Robert Beaumaris didn t tug at my heart strings as some others have Still a great read and the conversations Beaumaris had with Ulysses were priceless

  19. Man, Georgette Heyer writes some of the best unintentional or otherwise schemers in historical romance I can see why Arabella is considered a favorite of her works And I definitely get the appeal of Mr Beaumaris Just the way he attacks the whole situationd how he treats Ulysses Be still, my heart Did I also mention she writes some of the best love interests

  20. 2017 Review 5 StarsBreaking from my usual method of leaving reviews and stars untouched and bumping this up to 5 stars because I absolutely love this book I ve worn out my copy re reading it It is comfortable and lovely and I still swoon happily over Arabella and Mr Beaumaris Never mind this book s imperfections, it is lovely 17 year old Amy just wasn t ready for the genius that is Heyer 2011 Review 3 StarsBefore going into detail aboutArabella , I really should mention the book s author, becaus [...]

  21. 4.5WHAT A GOOD ONE Loved how utterly well matched the hero and heroine are.I didn t even mind the brother s troubles that much He came off as young, rather than stupid.

  22. 5 for this Georgette Heyer book for the only reason that it kept me wholly entertained and engrossed Full marks to Georgette Heyer to have put in a book that kept a reader hooked onto it without much effort with a great deal of humour and intrigue and an ardent desire to know the next event in the story I had kept postponing the reading of this book for a leisurely period of time for me to enjoy it, and very honestly the postponement paid off and I did enjoy myself a lot The story is about Arabe [...]

  23. Reread 26 10 2015 Reread 28 08 2017 Delightful as always I remember picking this up on a whim after deciding to embark on a journey to read as many books as possible after becoming addicted to the likes of Sarah Dessen and so on Arabella initially appealed to be when I was in a mood for a romance, and the beautiful cover, of course It wasn t until I actually did some research on it and discovered it was a Regency Romance a genre I have come to love And unforunately, I can t look or really read a [...]

  24. Spoilers Ahead Arabella is in the ranks of my second favorite Georgette Heyer novels lacking the sustained hilarity or gripping scenes of faves like The Unknown Ajax or Frederica, but delightful nonetheless The title character is an adorable, if immature, girl who is simultaneously fun loving and possessed of a strong conscience The hero is mature but like the heroine, torn between his love of amusement and his conscience Both characters must fight their weaknesses and trust their strengths in [...]

  25. While this is not the first of Heyer s novels that I ve read, it was the one I was most interested in reading, because it seemed to promise the most repartee, and while it did deliver, most of it was between the lead male, Beaumaris, and the stray dog he picks up While Arabella has her passion and purity, she sadly lacks the wit I was expecting I really hate to think that all Heyer leads will be the mice in their feline husbands games This may be precipitate since this is only my second Heyer no [...]

  26. Georgette Heyer Her world is full of men polishing their eye glasses and inhaling pinches of snuff or removing tiny bits of fluff off their sleeves before they POW take out their enemies with all the force of John McClane incinerating a helicopter with an SUV Ah the crooked, narrow streets where men were monocled Arabella is an okay heroine She is well meaning and socially conscious but essentially powerless She is also of the dainty, big eyed type who hitches up with bored, cynical, well cravat [...]

  27. One of my less favorite Heyer Regencies, but still worthwhile.Arabella is the typical seeking a rich husband on behalf of her destitute family heroine, needing a successful season Her pride is bruised when she overhears a conversation about her chasing after a certain rich gentleman She tells an obvious lie about being a rich heiress in an attempt to recover her dignity, and were treated to an entertaining tale as that lie spins out of control Oh what a tangled web we weaveArabella is naive I re [...]

  28. Pretty sure this is the one I read that I thought was just meh, and accidentally reviewed as Venetia I looooove Venetia This one, not so much A young clergyman s daughter, needs to marry rich, etc Usually the plots aren t full of surprises, but it s the characters that keep you reading As I recall, Arabella wasn t especially clever or fun, and there were no quirky secondary characters of note.

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