Hidden Deception (2022)

[PDF] Hidden Deception | by ↠ Colleen Helme - Hidden Deception, Hidden Deception Book in the Shelby Nichols Adventure Series Just back from Paris Shelby barely has time to get over her jet lag before she is right back in the thick of things Uncle Joey the local mob boss needs [PDF] Hidden Deception | by ↠ Colleen Helme - Hidden Deception, Hidden Deception Book in the Shelby Nichols Adventure Series Just back from Paris Shelby barely has time to get over her jet lag before she is right back in the thick of things Uncle Joey the local mob boss needs
  • Title: Hidden Deception
  • Author: Colleen Helme
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Hidden Deception
[PDF] Hidden Deception | by ↠ Colleen Helme, Hidden Deception, Colleen Helme, Hidden Deception Book in the Shelby Nichols Adventure Series Just back from Paris Shelby barely has time to get over her jet lag before she is right back in the thick of things Uncle Joey the local mob boss needs her help to find out what his son is hiding from him Detective Harris AKA Dimples has an unsolved homicide on his hands along with a missing engagement ring Shelby s h Book in t
  • [PDF] Hidden Deception | by ↠ Colleen Helme
    411 Colleen Helme
Hidden Deception

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  1. The Shelby Nichols Adventures is by far one of my favorite series and Hidden Deception is a prime example of why I love this series so much The characters are the most amazing part of the series They are multifaceted and at times you know that some of them are the bad guys, you still can t help but like them anyway.Shelby and her family have just returned from their Paris trip and her husband is attempting to settle in his new role as partner in the law firm When Shelby drops by Uncle Joey s off [...]

  2. This series was phenomenal Could not put any of the books down I enjoyed getting pulled into Shelby s world 10 books in 10 days and really wish there were I hope the author does not plan on ending the series anytime soon Toward the end of a series , sometimes the content seems drawn out and is less interesting That just is not the case with this series I love that the stories are original and imaginative Carrots is the book that drew me in I fell in love with Shelby, Chris, Ramos, Dimples and e [...]

  3. I was so in need of a Shelby fix I went through this one too fast as that is just what happens when you get ahold of this series and now I got to wait again cries Shelby and her family have just gotten back from Paris and trying to get their lives back to normal The kids have extra homework, her husband is now a partner in his law firm, and she is just hoping for a break Not going to happen though as the house that Shelby is wanting to move into seems to have a mystery surrounding it, her detect [...]

  4. This series just gets better A fun, adventurous mystery series with a protagonist that feels like my best girlfriend I love reading well written mysteries that are not always predictable, and I love watching characters develop and grow over time.

  5. Book generously provided by the author in exchange for my honest opinionCan you believe this is the ninth Shelby Nichols book Nine books and I still love this series as much as I did when I first read Carrots five years ago.I m currently on summer break and I intended to read all my other review copies, but when Colleen offered me the chance of reading Hidden Deception I put everything else aside, grabbed some popcorn and enjoyed the show By the way, thank you, Colleen It always amazes me how Sh [...]

  6. I just love Shelby She s a light personality that s fun to listen to She makes me smile with the goofy things she does or says to lighten the moment I am also drooling over Ramos, Uncle Joey s guard, and Chris, Shelby s husband Oh man These two men are amazing And as much as they are complete opposites, I see similarities in them too sigh FULL REVIEW This audiobook was proved by the author, publisher, or narrator for an honest review at my request.Shelby starts Monday like any other, after retur [...]

  7. Just when I think Shelby Nichols has done everything she could possibly do, she finds herself in and trouble There is so much going on in this book, I didn t want to put it down until I was finished It is so fast paced and engrossing It s one twist after another and you wouldn t believe some of the things going on Thanks to Shelby s insights, Dimples is able to close a case that he has been working on since while she was in Paris and another cold case that she stumbled onto See what I mean abo [...]

  8. Nine books in and I am addicted than ever.It s been a year since Shelby s life was changed forever when she stopped at the grocery store for carrots, so much has happened in that year, good, bad and ugly but Shelby has weathered it all and I so admire her for that.Shelby and Chris have grown stronger as a couple which is awesome considering the strong team they have always been they are even stronger now so is their family and even though Josh and Savannah don t know their Mum can hear people s [...]

  9. This latest adventure of Shelby Nicholas is action packed The housewife turned PI mob informant wastes no time getting wrapped up in three life threatening cases while also trying to juggle buying a new house, being a bff to her recently engaged friend and a supportive big cousin to the notorious crime boss s son Not to mention being on time to carpool her two pretty inquisitive young teens their friends to and from school With all that going on, each page is pulsing with action and adventure Go [...]

  10. Reading a Shelby Nickols series is always a groovy read, this one did not disappoint Shelby and family just back from their adventure in France and Shelby has plenty to keep her occupy A trouble with her son s makeup, Chris has been made a partner and with extra income, Shelby looks at a house she has always like It has come on the market However, while inspecting it she hears a child crying Dimples has a problem with the diamond ring for his fiancee He desires help with the murder of a lawyer O [...]

  11. As amazing as ever In Hidden Deception Shelby has problems to solve than ever In spite of her great love for her husband, she is still crushing on Ramos but then who isn t With the mystery of her dream house tearing at her heart and danger from the Russian mafia threatening her whole family, it is a wonder that she can even think about the case the chief of police wants her to work on

  12. Loved This BookThis was a great book, so much happening that each page flew by as I read Ever read one of those books where you cannot wait to turn the page to see what happens but then groan because the book is done This whole series is like that It has great characters, multi plot lines, and lots of action.

  13. FamilySo Uncle Joey is at it again and feeling her in However I don t think he means to get her family drawn in We see a different side to single Joey which helps me relate to him as a character I hope Shelby knows what she is doing with him especially where family is concerned.

  14. Again well written I have no idea how Shelby manages to get herself into so much attention She is now driving Chris, Uncle Joey, Ramos especially him and the children insane with her antics and near death experiences Shelby is very entertaining but at least she is quick on her feet with her wit Not always the right decision but she listens to her gut feeling.

  15. Sharp, first rate adventureShelby and her posse of friends frenemy keep the bad guys guessing and the good ones wanting of Shelby s gift A really clever series with plenty of an assortment of characters for everyone s tastes.

  16. Once again, Helme has produced a thoughtful, suspenseful paranormal esk mystery in her 9th installment to the Shelby Nichols series I m intending to continue onto the next one.

  17. This is the 9th book in the Shelby Nichols Adventure series and I hope Ms Helme doesn t run out of adventures for Shelby and the gang any time soon This series is a light hearted mystery suspense with likable and lovable characters, including the local mob boss and his hired gun I thoroughly and completely like this series for its humor and the curious ways Shelby seems to attract trouble This series is a great escape.Shelby is a stay at home mom of two teens and an attorney s wife with the envi [...]

  18. I still am enjoying this series Kudos to the author for how she recaps prior books storyline, without re writing the previous book, just simple sentences to refresh a memory, or if this is your first book, you wouldn t be lost That still impresses me That bumped it to the 4th star rating There was a lot going on in this book, not that it was difficult to follow, I really did read it in 2 sittings, so the quick, fast story is still there What was different about this one was the potential, of whe [...]

  19. Shelby is back from Paris and expects to ease into her normal life, but wow is she wrong Chris has made partner and while visiting the house she always dreamed of there is a gruesome discovery Dimples wants her help in a murder case and Uncle Joey gets Shelby involved with the Russian mob No day is the same for this woman I enjoyed this new adventure, all the while thinking I would flip if I had to juggle Shelby s crazy schedule This book made me love Chris so much But Ramos, Ramos, Ramos sigh I [...]

  20. Shelby does it again.The story pulled me in from the start, as usual I love how Colleen makes the reader feel as if they are part of Shelby watching everything unfold.Chris is now a partner and things seem to be settling into a normal routine since their Paris trip Or so it seems, until Shelby gets to go look at a house she has always dreamed of living in and hears wailing Then taking presents to Uncle Joey seem to take her into another line of fire I love the whole premise of Shelby s talent an [...]

  21. Back from Paris, back to the usual being at the wrong place at the wrong time Love this series and the sexual tension between Shelby and Ramos I liked how Uncle Joey s family was involved in this book The book was filled with Colleen s usual twists and turns One of the cases gave me the heebee jeebees and made me sad I have to admit, I d sure love a jetted tub like the one described in the house Shelby and Chris are considering Looking forward to madcap adventures with Shelby and the gang.

  22. Another great one with Shelby I m loving the developments with her relationship with Uncle Joey and I m even comfortable with the flirtation between her and Ramos The mysteries were, as always, entertaining and shelby s personality keeps things so fun I kind of wanted to hit her for not figuring out the one mystery quickly, but it was still super fun Can t wait for the next one

  23. I love the Shelby Nichols series been hooked since Carrots Hidden Deception is even better than I d hoped it would be The story is well constructed, engaging, and hard to put down, but you don t mind the loss of sleep I m totally looking forward to .

  24. Another AdventureShelby Nichols is a trouble magnet That s what happens when you read minds and do consulting work for both the police and local crime boss This time is missing money, diamonds, and the Rssian mob.

  25. Another winner Shelby just keeps getting better and better She just gets out of one crisis, the another one hits It just keeps going non stop action Can t wait for the next one to be out.

  26. Shelby Nichols AdventureI have loved every single one of the Shelby Nichols books and I have read them all I can t wait to read what our heroine gets into next.

  27. WowAnother great read Full of twists and turns and laugh out loud till tears are falling moments This is a great series and highly recommend

  28. Another great adventure Love it, as always It s always so hard waiting for the next book to come I suppose patience is a virtue Gahh.

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