Breathing Lessons (2022)

[PDF] Read ↠ Breathing Lessons : by Anne Tyler - Breathing Lessons, Breathing Lessons Breathing Lessons is the wonderfully moving and surprising story of Ira and Maggie Moran She s impetuous harum scarum easygoing he s competent patient seemingly infallible They ve been married for [PDF] Read ↠ Breathing Lessons : by Anne Tyler - Breathing Lessons, Breathing Lessons Breathing Lessons is the wonderfully moving and surprising story of Ira and Maggie Moran She s impetuous harum scarum easygoing he s competent patient seemingly infallible They ve been married for
  • Title: Breathing Lessons
  • Author: Anne Tyler
  • ISBN: 9780345485595
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
Breathing Lessons
[PDF] Read ↠ Breathing Lessons : by Anne Tyler, Breathing Lessons, Anne Tyler, Breathing Lessons Breathing Lessons is the wonderfully moving and surprising story of Ira and Maggie Moran She s impetuous harum scarum easygoing he s competent patient seemingly infallible They ve been married for years Now as they drive from their home in Balti to the funeral of Maggie s best friend s husband Anne Tyler shows us all there is to know about a marriage theBreathing Lessons
  • [PDF] Read ↠ Breathing Lessons : by Anne Tyler
    375 Anne Tyler
Breathing Lessons

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  1. I finished reading Anne Tyler s Breathing Lessons a week ago, but I found myself thinking about it a lot, especially during the recent holidays.Tyler s specialty is family and marriage, and while sitting down to countless meals, chatting with parents, siblings, in laws, nieces, nephews, extended relatives and seeing little grievances and grudges pop up and then be gently patted back down, hearing current events be analyzed in smart or odd or even offensive ways, seeing patterns some good, some r [...]

  2. Breathing Lessons is about a couple, Maggie and Ira, who has been married for 28 years Their son, Jesse, a father of a toddler, is facing a divorce Their teenage daughter, Daisy is about to enter college so their house is now an empty nest.Life is a journey and, for a spouse like me, marriage is that part of the journey where you are somebody paddling the boat with you My daughter is also heading to college a couple of months from now Although she will be still be staying with us, I know that ti [...]

  3. Did they really give her the Pulitzer for this thing How utterly appalling This may qualify as the stupidest book I have ever read I did not like even one of the characters Not one They were annoying and weak and petty I really wanted to hurl Maggie from the highest bridge just to get her to SHUT UP Dumb dumb dumb dumb story Shouldn t have bothered to finish it, but I did So fool me.

  4. When reviewing books with others whether in text based or face to face discussions I am always irritated when readers don t like a book because they don t like certain characters in the book I want to remind them that a these people are, umm, fictional and b a diverse mix of characters drives a story, makes it interesting The truly gifted author fashions characters with weaknesses and flaws as well as strengths and charming bits the fun is in watching the interplay When a reader doesn t like a p [...]

  5. We can essentially classify Pulitzer Prize for Fiction winners into three categories the epic Age of Innocence, Gone with the Wind, Grapes of Wrath, Confederacy of Dunces, Lonesome Dove, Amazing Adventures with Kavalier and Clay, Middlesex , the deeply personal Rabbit Is Rich, Rabbit at Rest, American Pastoral, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Olive Kitteridge , and the personal epic Beloved, The Hours, Interpreter of Maladies, The Road, A Visit from the Goon Squad Breathing Lessons by Anne [...]

  6. From the book jacket Everyone knows a couple like the Morans Maggie, with her scatterbrained ways and her just slightly irritating but good hearted attempts to make everything right for everyone And Ira, infinitely patient, who is addicted to solitaire and who whistles out popular tunes, the only barometer of his moods They ve learned all there is to know about each other two ordinary lives in a comfortably routine marriage But on the road to a friend s funeral, they make some unexpected detours [...]

  7. I enjoyed The Accidental Tourist so much that I was surprised that I found this book by Anne Tyler so much less enjoyable Breathing Lessons won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1989, which is a amazing honor To tell you the truth, I can t really see that much merit in this book, although I will admit that Tyler s writing style is skillful Nevertheless, this novel reminded me a little of Gustave Flaubert s philosophy when he began writing Madame Bovary He said, I want to write a book about nothi [...]

  8. This novel is a day in the life Maggie and Ira Moran, who have been married for 28 years They start the day by attending a friend s funeral and end it by dealing with the consequences of Maggie s unstoppable impulse to involve herself in other peoples lives Although the action of the novel is contained within that one day, the narrative explores the relationship between Maggie and Ira as they reflect upon their lives and their marriage Tyler is immensely skilled at creating memorable characters [...]

  9. I read this one a while back but wanted to make sure I added it to my list to round out the other Tyler books I have read recently This book is a perfect example of Tyler s gift for characterizing everyday, ordinary people as flawed yet endearing in their quirkiness Yes, Maggie can be awfully irritating in her botched attempts to fix things in the lives of her loved ones, yet you can t help but love her for her sincerity and goodness of heart Her relationship with her long time husband Ira is un [...]

  10. Having read Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler, for which she won the Pulitzer Prize in 1989, I am once again reminded of her extraordinary insight into the inner workings of marriage and family In this story, we are introduced to Ira and Maggie Moran, a couple married for 28 years who have two grown children Jesse, a son who appears to be drifting and stuck in unrealistic fantasies of rock stardom, with a failed marriage behind him and a young daughter with whom he has no relationship and Daisy, t [...]

  11. I needed something to read until the book I really want to read arrived in the mail, so I grabbed this old Anne Tyler off the shelf I used to read Tyler a lot I loved The Accidental Tourist , liked Saint Maybe and A Patchwork Planet , found Celestial Navigation almost unbearably sad, and had read eight of her novels all told Perhaps my tastes have changed, or I simply reached my limit Maybe what I found endearing twenty five years ago just annoys me now In any event, Breathing Lessons , which wo [...]

  12. i u k di u trong nh ng cu n ti u thuy t c a Anne Tyler c l l s b nh th ng, m t s b nh th ng qu i th n thu c m b bi t c ch bi n nh ng nh n v t c a m nh ch n th t, g n g i trong m t c u chuy n gi n d , m p, kh ng qu nhi u bi n c nh ng v n r t c bi t theo c ch c a ri ng b.B c bi t xo y s u v o m i quan h trong nh ng gia nh b nh th ng, b hi u c nh ng t nh c m v r i r m n b n trong s m m Kh ng ch n nh ng ch ao to b a l n nh ng c ch vi t c a b v n c s c nh h ng v lay ng m t c ch k l.B l nh v n m c m i [...]

  13. My first Anne Tyler and so absolutely blank about her style Well, I am totally loving her characterization and plot layout You learn about the characters as the day progresses, and nothing seems to be like what you first thought it to be There is a humor that pervades the story the same way certain thoughts or emotions tickle up tears This is reality written the best way ever, very realistic and relatable It sort of came to me at a right time to evaluate self, relationships and parenting As the [...]

  14. Pulitzer in 1989 Bittersweet story of a family, a marriage, a woman s life, both humorous and tragic in its dreams unrealized I needed breathing lessons when I was done I wasn t sure whether to smile or cry Tyler offers a glimpse of the poignant emotional depths of ordinary living Maggie Moran is the pivotal character One who doesn t see her husband or her children with the clearest lens She sees them as she wants them to be, not as they really are She is also one who tries to fix things when th [...]

  15. This is a wonderful, quiet but powerful book, with very rich characterization and an interesting structure It uses a condensed day in the life timeline divided into three parts The first part is the drive to the funeral that Maggie and Ira attend told from Maggie s POV the second part the drive home told from Ira s the third part the coming together of themes and events that occur along the way.I esp enjoyed how Tyler explores the approach avoid love hate terrain of relationships, where patterns [...]

  16. A novel This book won Pulitzer Prize in 1988 Generally Pulitzer Prize winner s books highlight some aspect of American Life This book takes place in one day in Philadelphia area as a husband and wife travel by car to and from funeral of a friend Various stops along the way and back highlight the dysfunction The book consists of the conversations and actions of this husband and wife as they drive and the people they mix in with They have a snotty high school senior daughter, and a divorced out o [...]

  17. Look, maybe my rating is too harsh Maybe when I m 50 something, with kids, and am too well meaning to face actual facts and listen to what people are actually saying before coming to conclusions and jumping to action, and am too intrusively optimistic to tell things truthfully choosing instead to dress facts up in order to needle people into doing what I think they need to do , and am too indignant to ever admit liability or fault for anything, I will enjoy this book.Until then, 1.5 5 no half st [...]

  18. Why did I even bother with this one Perhaps because I thought the cover looked nice and dreamy Birds check Infinity sign check A couple taking a roadtrip that allows them to view each other in a new light check All of it misleading Remind me to not go for covers which I think I will regardless.I think I am not really the demographic this book is intended for, but boy was this a tough read Somewhere around the middle, I actually skimmed through a couple forty pages and still the plot had gone now [...]

  19. Il romanzo di Anne Tyler, premio Pulitzer nel 1989, descrive la vita coniugale di Maggie e Ira Moran La storia si snoda nell arco di una giornata, ma costellata di digressioni e flash back che educono il lettore sulla vita dei coniugi Moran e sui loro figli Si respira tanta tristezza in questo romanzo, Maggie, la protagonista, lotta con protervia affinch le cose cambino perch crede nei buoni sentimenti, mentre Ira, il marito neghittoso e disincantato, si esprime attraverso i testi delle canzoni [...]

  20. My favorite theme running through this book was the idea of human wastefulness It s not talking about physical wastefulness, but the idea that people waste so much time on things that don t matter For the past several months now, Ira had been noticing the human race s wastefulness People were squandering their lives, it seemed to him They were splurging their energies on petty jealousies or vain ambitions or long standing, bitter grudges It was a theme that emerged wherever he turned, as if some [...]

  21. I bought this book in college, right after it won the Pulitzer in 1989 I started it and thought yea, I really want to read about an old married couple, fighting in their car I not only did NOT continue to read it, I sold it at a used book store But, there it was again last month, mine for a quarter at an estate sale I reminded myself that it HAD won a Pulitzer, and I was determined to read it this time.I still struggled with the first 25 pages And, even though I realized the old couple was no lo [...]

  22. Though I laughed aloud frequently, I noted the self defeating ways people hinder relationships For example, I was reminded of several people advising me to never allow children to come between the marriage relationship Maggie seemed to fall for Jesse s sweet talk far too often Also, in relating to their children, Maggie seemed to see them through rose colored glasses, whereas Ira seemed to never have anything positive to say about Jesse Obviously, both of them approached Jesse from opposite para [...]

  23. I ve decided that Tyler s books are just not for me I like her core ideas on the whole, but have tried to read three of her novels to date Breathing Lessons was the last chance saloon, basically , and have abandoned them all I find her prose rather lacklustre, and found her protagonists so irritating that I was loath to continue with it.

  24. I loved how this book captured the perma nostalgia existential dread of being a mother Simply beautiful.

  25. This book is just so real, it feels like I m reading an autobiography More detailed write up coming up UPDATE I first came to know about Anne Tyler when K.D a fellow book lover, posted on a thread in The Filipino Group that this author is one of his favorites K.D recommended three of Anne Tyler s books Breathing Lessons, Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, and Accidental Tourist I already have copies of the first two and on the hunt for the last one I decided to read Breathing Lessons first altho [...]

  26. Breathing Lessons was a struggle for me Anne Tyler won the Pulitzer for it, so I kept at it despite my lukewarm reactions to its opening pages and mounting boredom with the plot, characters, premise as the story progressed The book jacket promises within Breathing Lessons Tyler shows us all there is to know about marriage, and certainly a car trip with Maggie and Ira, married 28 years, offers much material reflective of the institution It is, however, only a certain kind of marriage and from the [...]

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