The Fire Within (2022)

Free Download The Fire Within - by Chris d'Lacey - The Fire Within, The Fire Within A magical adventure about the power of dragonsWhen David moves in with Elizabeth Pennykettle and her eleven year old daughter Lucy he discovers a collection of clay dragons that come to life David s Free Download The Fire Within - by Chris d'Lacey - The Fire Within, The Fire Within A magical adventure about the power of dragonsWhen David moves in with Elizabeth Pennykettle and her eleven year old daughter Lucy he discovers a collection of clay dragons that come to life David s
  • Title: The Fire Within
  • Author: Chris d'Lacey
  • ISBN: 9780439672443
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
The Fire Within
Free Download The Fire Within - by Chris d'Lacey, The Fire Within, Chris d'Lacey, The Fire Within A magical adventure about the power of dragonsWhen David moves in with Elizabeth Pennykettle and her eleven year old daughter Lucy he discovers a collection of clay dragons that come to life David s own special dragon inspires him to write a story which reveals the secrets behind a mystery In order to solve the mystery and save his dragon David must master the magA magical adve
  • Free Download The Fire Within - by Chris d'Lacey
    184 Chris d'Lacey
The Fire Within

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  1. The fantasy parts of this book were believable but the reality parts were not The characterization of the main character was completely ridiculous and unbelievable The language was terrible who says Aren t you supposed to be at college instead of aren t you supposed to be in class The word college was seriously over used, like the author had to keep pointing out that he was in college since his character wasn t nearly mature enough to be in college and any guy actually in college would NEVER act [...]

  2. YAY A dragon book I LOVE DRAGONS But disappointingly so, it s NOT what I had expected for a dragon book to be cause it s mainly centered on squirrels annoyed I know, right What was the author thinking David is this tenant who rented a room in Elizabeth Pennykettle s household Liz owns a bunch of clay modeled dragon figures since that s what she does for a living and evidently have those things unwavering around the house, mostly on shelves They don t move but they seem very alive Liz s daughter [...]

  3. I was pretty disappointed with this one Quite a few of my kids at school really like this one and the series It has a pretty cool core idea with some dragon lore and living dragon statues, but then like 80% of the book is about saving some squirrels Who cares Seriously The little girl and the main 20 yr old freaking out so much about the squirrels isn t really believable and it definitely isn t interesting.The book suffers from a semi common JF fiction problem of the characters acting weird just [...]

  4. I decided to read a children s book as a change of pace, and Chris D Lacey s The Fire Within was a perfect choice A young college student, David, moves into the home of mother and daughter, Elizabeth and Lucy, expecting just a room to sleep in and food to eat But he soon becomes part of the family, helping Lucy in her quest to save the squirrel next door which was left injured when its tree was chopped down The novel has a beautiful mixture of nature and fantasy, with delightful relationships, c [...]

  5. A Fire Within, Dull and Treacly Without Hrrr Durr said that dragon If you missed it the first time, don t worry, they ll point this out like 50 other times, because it s very poignant that the dragons arewell, special This book is so lame I realize this was a much lower reading level thanI thought it would be, but even my 7 yr old niece would find this book too overly precious, tautological, and redundant There s clay dragons that are magical and cry purple fire tears and go hrr DONT FORGET IT b [...]

  6. This is the first book in a middle grade series about David, a college student, who moves in to live with a mother and her daughter The mother, Liz, makes those clay dragons and David believes there is something strange going on in the house and is doubtful as to whether the dragons are real or not Spoiler alert they are This was a quick, fun read but i would have enjoyed it had i read it when i first acquired it six years ago Also, practically the entire plot was revolving around rescuing this [...]

  7. Before I start let me just imply that I read this years ago when I was younger and part of the second, so I am a tad biased writing this review for it being one of my favorite childhood books.Now, for the actual review Who doesn t like dragons And that s exactly what the book is filled with to the brim A twenty year old college student named David moves into the Pennykettle household as a temporary tenant There he meets Liz, the single mother who works as a potter and creates clay dragons to sel [...]

  8. The Fire Within is one of those books that might not seem very special, or as if it would be a worthwhile read, yet is actually a story that will touch the hearts of all who decide to open its cover In my opinion, the writing style of this first installment is most suitable for someone of a younger age than my own, yet the themes expressed have the ability to capture anyone s interest This easy read is a favorite of mine and will always remain so.Throughout the entirety of the novel, a prevalent [...]

  9. This book was BORING It should have been called Conker s Life or something to that effect I was looking for dragon fantasy and I got a crappy story about squirrels The characters were completely undeveloped, and I hated Lucy That may sound harsh, but she maybe the most annoying character ever created I was looking forward to reading the whole series That is never going to happen I made myself finish the book because I paid nearly 10.00 e book for less than 200 pages The series I read before this [...]

  10. A dragon on the cover Why don t we just draw Mr Bacon on the cover The most sensible thing would have been a squirrel I don t get how the summary takes the smallest message of the book, makes it intriguing and a big deal, and then only mentions the idea a few times throughout the book I mean The Fire Within How is that of importance My friend asks Well, have you read the rest of the series But that s my point I shouldn t need to read the rest of the series to understand a message written in the [...]

  11. This book is so adorable It has long time since I ve read a children s book so engaging The Fire Within was the perfect book to take me from the reading slump i was going to.You know that book that catches your inner child and stirs your imagination The book that makes you subtly believe in magic, but the way that only a child can.This book made me laugh and cheer for all the characters, I got hooked by the plot and its mysteries, with that excitement that a child has when he s about to hear a s [...]

  12. I normally love books by British authors but I didn t finish this one.While it had some unusual characters and several funny lines, the plot was too ambiguous and meandering.And there were far too many squirrels Where did all the squirrels come from It s supposed to be a book about dragons All the dragons do is write in notepads, make strange noises, and cry, etc And I m supposed to care about some squirrel dying just because the annoying little girl is obsessed with them I guess squirrels have [...]

  13. When college student David decides to board with Liz and her daughter Lucy he soon discovers all is not as it seems Liz makes clay model dragons to sell, and Lucy is a rambunctious kid who really wants to find out where all the squirrels have gone When Liz gives David his own dragon, Gadzooks, a tiny little dragon chewing on the end of a pencil, David s life takes some unexpected turns This wasn t exactly a dragon book, in the sense of having a dragon as a main character It was an interesting an [...]

  14. A magical adventure about the power of dragonsWhen David moves in with Elizabeth Pennykettle and her eleven year old daughter, Lucy, he discovers a collection of clay dragons that come to life David s own special dragon inspires him to wrote a story, which reveals the secrets behind a mystery In order to solve the mystery and to save his dragon, David must master the magic of the fire within not only with his hands but also his heart.

  15. First of all, my library categorized this as a teen book and I don t agree with their decision I think this is of a juvenile book Parts of it were not believable at all David is supposed to be a 20 year old tenant, but he doesn t act like a 20 year old He also just met Liz and Lucy and they just met him, yet they all act as though David is a part of their family and that he is one of them That does not happen You don t meet someone for the first time one day and then the next are practically fa [...]

  16. I was expecting a fantasy book about dragons but it was really just a book about a college aged kid hanging out with a 7 year old, trying to capture and relocate a squirrel The writing wasn t bad, although a tad basic, my only disappointment was with the intense focus on squirrels and the complete and total miss when it came to trying to hit my heartstrings Maybe it s a cultural thing, but I ve never met anyone that s even likes squirrels

  17. This book was not a terrible book, but it was defiantly not great I did not like this book very much I was hoping that it would be focused about dragons than it was The plot wasn t very good, and it was very shallow I wished it would have been interesting than it was The book was mostly about squirrels and that was disappointing, because the cover had a dragon on it When I picked it up I thought I was going to get a very interesting story about dragons I would not recommend this book to someon [...]

  18. The Fire Within is about dragons so of course I picked it up in 5th grade Since I m looking for new books and not having any success, I decided to re read this book.I will say that the language is really low grade level, but I really like Chris d Lacey s style of writing It s so engaging in an indefinable way I really love books like that books you put down but wish that you could read all the way through without being interrupted One big problem I had with this book though is the obsession Auth [...]

  19. This book is told from the perspective of David, a tenant at the Pennykettle household, with Liz Pennykettle, and her daughter, Lucy The first few days, David has some odd experiences with clay dragons that Liz makes He also helps her daughter find out what happened to a squirrel in their backyard I think that this book was very interesting, because it tells a story about Dragons, while still adding parts about the squirrels I thought some parts were unrealistic, such as the clay dragons coming [...]

  20. First in The Last Dragon Chronicles paranormal fantasy series for young young adult readers and revolving around clay dragons who aren t quite so stillTE The Last Dragon Chronicles are a sequel series to The Dragons of Wayward Crescent I haven t read the prequel series, and I suspect doing so would make sense of The Fire Within.My TakeThis is a weird blend of writing with a bent toward the mythic with d Lacey s references to the King Arthur tales His primary protagonist appears to be David who [...]

  21. When David moves into the Pennykettle s house as a tenant,he is unsuspecting But event leads to event,and soon he is caught up in the strange mysteries of the house A squirrel loving girl,a fantastic potter,and strange clay dragons Soon he is caught up in it toon he solve the mystery

  22. When I first opened it I thought it would be an okay book, if a little childish, but basically the writing was terrible The parts with the dragons were swallowed up in a side story about squirrels that was completely unrealistic Maybe if I was younger it would have seemed better.

  23. I like The Fire Within There are better books in the series I think the book would be interesting if there wasn t as much stuff about squirrels Maybe that s just me It is a very good series though.

  24. I enjoyed reading this book but can t remember it well even though I only read it about a year ago I know it is part of a series and someday maybe I ll read the other books.

  25. Well it was an awesome book for one and also its not really about dragons but I can t tell you what it is about because that would ruin the book.

  26. In the Fire Within, a man named David moves in with Elizabeth Pennykettle and her daughter Lucy He quickly discovers there is to the household than meets the eye, as the Pennykettles have a skill for making clay dragons that mysteriously come to life When David is given his own dragon to help him write stories, he discovers a mystery he will need than just his mind to solve I really liked this book for the most part It was a little boring and poorly written at some times, but overall, it was a [...]

  27. Loved the overall idea with the clay dragons, but the story was not about dragons at all It was all about catching a squirrel which was irritating for a book with a dragon on cover and in title , plus the 11 year old daughter was really getting on my nerves with her hysterical reactions What we see from the dragons was very cute anyway and maybe it will be of a dragon story in the next books

  28. I LOVED THIS BOOK Admittedly it wasn t quite what I was expecting but it was very intriguing I ended up reading it in three days I thought it was very well written and a good change from the darker fantasy books I ve been reading I m eagerly waiting for my next trip to Barnes and Noble so I can get the next one.

  29. This book was really entertaining but also kind of strange The cover shows a dragon but actually the story is about a 2 people trying to save a squirrel s life Also that the book made me connect to real life how some people do and try everything to save a wild animal s life, since they care about that animal or its species.

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