Icefire (2022)

[PDF] Download ☆ Icefire : by Chris d'Lacey - Icefire, Icefire Secrets will be revealed when fire and ice collideIn the exciting sequel to The Fire Within David must uncover the truth behind the mysterious clay dragons David s quest is to discover the link betwe [PDF] Download ☆ Icefire : by Chris d'Lacey - Icefire, Icefire Secrets will be revealed when fire and ice collideIn the exciting sequel to The Fire Within David must uncover the truth behind the mysterious clay dragons David s quest is to discover the link betwe
  • Title: Icefire
  • Author: Chris d'Lacey
  • ISBN: 9780439672467
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Download ☆ Icefire : by Chris d'Lacey, Icefire, Chris d'Lacey, Icefire Secrets will be revealed when fire and ice collideIn the exciting sequel to The Fire Within David must uncover the truth behind the mysterious clay dragons David s quest is to discover the link between the fire of the last known dragon on Earth and the icy regions of the Arctic It s a journey that will change his life forever a journey that will bring him to the verSecrets will be reveal
  • [PDF] Download ☆ Icefire : by Chris d'Lacey
    212 Chris d'Lacey

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  1. My 9 year old daughter brought this book home for me to read She told the school Librarian that she was checking it out for me, and the Librarian let her check it out as her 3rd book they are only allowed 2 books since it was for me.I loved this book It was so well written I loved the characters, even Aunty Gwyneth, who was soooo creepy I loved the clay dragons, and wish that I could have a few of my own Who wouldn t want a wishing dragon, a listening dragon you could really spy on people , or a [...]

  2. Rating 2.5 10This is just plain bad It fixes everything that was wrong with the first book, and then proceeds to boil it in a spiritual, cosmic tale that is much too confusing and poorly executed to be put in a children s book Let me put it this way I read novels about time travel, alternate realities, and spiritual matters, and NONE of them are anywhere near as confusing as this book It is simply an underdeveloped plot, and it doesn t help that the writing is fairly poor as well.Also, there s t [...]

  3. The stunning ingenuity of Chris D Lacy expresses itself once again in the second installment of the Last Dragon Chronicles In this continuation of the plot, David finally discovers the secrets of the Pennykettle Dragons, along with the uncovering of a link between polar bears and and dragons of ancient times Icefire is indeed a step up on the maturity level compared to The Fire Within, yet the childish innocence of the first book manages to carry over as well One aspect of the book that really i [...]

  4. This book is an okay book That is my hook This book is not a very good one, because it is very boring, and can lead to spontaneous sleeping spells Chris D Lacy wrote this series of dragon books, without the dragons There are dragons, just not as a person would think a dragon is This book is about a man named David living in a house with his landlord and her daughter The landlord creates clay dragons that David soon realizes come to life, and have a purpose David goes to find the origin of the dr [...]

  5. Actual Rating 3.5 StarsIcefire was definitely a step up from The Fire Within Going from squirrels to polar bears was a smart move on d Lacey s part.Zanna started out being my least, least favorite character I could not freaking stand her But then she lost what made her aggravating and she became worlds better and I now support her relationship with David Lucy has a Luna on caffeine angle to her, which I just now realized While she s not my favorite character, I still think she improved in this b [...]

  6. Icefire is a awesome continuation from the previous book taking the story into a totally different direction D The story feels like it is made on the fly and this suits it perfectly because you as the reader as well as the characters really have no idea where the story is going D New plot points are thrown in all the time which really keeps you on your toes giving the book its frenetic pace D David meets Zanna in this one and Sophia is out the window in Africa which leads to some awkward moments [...]

  7. This book is really entertaining with many twists to it I could relate this text to the real world, because of how the story is set in the perspective of a tenant with a really interesting landlady and her dragons This is similar to the real world because different families have different beliefs and can have many really interesting stories.

  8. Honestly, this book was very disappointing I expected so much When I was younger and reading this series, it was so much better Maybe it s because I ve grown older But I honestly hated this book I don t see me reading the rest of the series in the future The romance did not make sense and the plot was just too boring As people say it was cringeworthy I m so sad that these books don t excites me any.

  9. Icefire, by Chris d Lacey, is a 426 page long children s fantasy novel The book is about a boy named David He is renting a room from Elizabeth Pennykettle, her daughter Lucy, and their mysterious clay dragons In the epic second installment of the Last Dragon Chronicles, David must find the link between the dragons and the Arctic, and the secret of the icefire I personally loved Icefire It was an extremely captivating book The author s fast paced writing style kept me turning the pages For exampl [...]

  10. Third choice book second quarter Icefire is a great book, Icefire has a lot of action and even then the first book In Icefire there is a little drama, a lot of danger, and some adventure The reason why I said there is danger is because of aunty Gwyneth or really Gwilanna the dragon that wanted the fire tear that Guinevere had caught when Gawian had dropped the last of his spark Near the end of the book when Liz was about to wake up from her deep sleep a lot happened one David had met all of the [...]

  11. The sequal to the first book, The Fire Within , Ice Fire can only be described as a great improvement I liked all the same things but i think what is best in this book was the suspence, the new characters and the conflicts Those are the things i didnt realy find in the first book.The first thing i like is the suspence in the story The first story was realy setup for the next ones and in the firt book the suspence and climax doesnt come until the end and Ice Fire keeps the suspence going The stor [...]

  12. I think Icefire by Chris d Lacey is one of the best books I have ever read The book always had you thinking about how each piece of information effects the present and the future In the book the main character, David, went through battles, polar bears, and special dragon magic In the last book David thought that the clay dragons were inanimate objects but now he finally realized that they were than that He discovered that each dragon was half alive meaning that each dragon had their own part th [...]

  13. Icefire, by Chris d Lacey, is about David trying to find the fire tear of Gawain, the dragon The story begins with David talking to Dr Bergstrom who is the polar bear, Loral David, with the tooth of Rengar, tries to find Gawain s tear before Gwilliana, the Sybel, steals it to make a new, real dragon With the help of Greth, the wishing dragon, Grace, the listening dragon, Grettel, the potions dragon, and Gadzooks, the writing dragon, David sets out to the arctic to the Island of the Tooth of Reng [...]

  14. In all honesty, these are books that are fun at the time of reading them but as you get older they quickly lose their allure.I ve always enjoyed dragons books and because of that I think it took me longer to realise it is a rather repetitive read Not that such a thing really matters all that much with children s books, so long as the child is engaged with the story, but as I worked my way through the series they seemed to lose their fun somewhat because of this.By the time I reached the fourth b [...]

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  16. In this sequel to The Fire Within, David must uncover the secret of the clay dragons to save Liz and Lucy from the evil clutches of the sibyl Gwilanna He must discover the link between the Arctic polar bears and the fire of the last dragon Gawain He must also deal with two girlfriends, a strange visiting college professor, a white hedgehog, a pushy publisher, and Mr Bacon next door An enticing sequel, sure to make you want to read of this series It s a very fun read even with the global warming [...]

  17. I thought the characters in this book were interesting than The Fire Within The aunt is not who I thought she would be I really liked hearing about Professor Bergstrom and Zanna, who turned to be David s girlfriend She cleaned her act up after acting like a Goth.

  18. 2nd book of 3 Started reading because it was given to Wyatt Cute book about a lady how makes clay dragons and they become real and a student that comes to live with her and learn about the dragons and the history behind them

  19. I liked the book because their was dragons in the book and they were made out clay It also had facts about medieval times It also talked about ancient polar bears.

  20. While I enjoyed the first book things began to take a turn in this one Just not as intriguing I guess I stopped reading the series on this book Bummer

  21. Likes While The Fire Within was a great introductory book, Icefire is the perfect beginning to the meat of the series Lucy makes her first dragon a wishing dragon David names him and so the dragon becomes his, and after making a bizarre wish, things get a little crazy This novel is a quick moving story that never quits with the intensity of the story and interesting plot devices never waver I like that we get a closer look at the dragons and their personalities We also get introduced to a few ne [...]

  22. over 432 pages I read only 108 pages and cannot add this to my elementary collection It has a storyline with a college student named David Rain who is involved with a girlfriend he is considering moving in with Later a girl from his college department aggressively pursues him grabs him by the neck and kisses him This is just not appropriate subject matter and age appropriate characters for elementary kids The first book in the series was weird but ok This one is NOT Definitely NOT recommended fo [...]

  23. You read the first book of this series The Fire Within and you re like, Aww, that s so cute TheyMre protecting wildlife and dragons are real And then you mov in to the next book, wondering what ll really happen and then BAM you are hit with icy legends, romance, possible death, AND JUST EVERYTHGIN SO INTENSE OMG Also, as a cautionary note and sorry a huge spoiler, the series goes into the Inuit legends and sort of creates a religious myth of its own Made me very slightly uncomfortable, but that [...]

  24. This book is a sub par book I usually read books before I go to sleep or nap, but I avoid it to stop myself from sleeping and never waking up Sure, this book influences dreams, but they aren t the way you believe them to be This story is very confusing It takes a lot of willpower and brain power to read this book How is this a children s book Overall, it needs a lot of work.

  25. Much better than the first Thank goodness And the story was actually about dragons And some polar bears, a hedgehog, and a cat but that was okay, because as I said before, there were dragons Itty bitty dragons, but still, dragons I am still a bit confused on the polar bear dragon ice tear tooth of Ragnar sibyl background story but hopefully that ll become clearer in book 3.

  26. It had been a while since I finished the first book so it took me a while to get into this With how this picks up, I needed to read this closer to finishing the first book I still got into the story and very much enjoyed though Can t wait for the next one

  27. There are lots of series where I don t like the second book as much as the first This one was ok, but my momentum to read the rest of the series leaked away by the end This was one my son loved but by the fourth book he d had enough

  28. I know this series is meant for children the first book was positively innocent and definitely childishNonetheless, moving on to Icefire , the story significantly heats up, or cools should I say.A light read, but very enjoyable I look forward to picking up the next in the series.

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