The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2022)

☆ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ☆ James Thurber - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty A henpecked husband copes with the frustrations of his dull life by imagining he is a fearless airplane pilot a brilliant doctor and other dashing figures ☆ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ☆ James Thurber - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty A henpecked husband copes with the frustrations of his dull life by imagining he is a fearless airplane pilot a brilliant doctor and other dashing figures
  • Title: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Author: James Thurber
  • ISBN: 9781583415863
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
☆ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ☆ James Thurber, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, James Thurber, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty A henpecked husband copes with the frustrations of his dull life by imagining he is a fearless airplane pilot a brilliant doctor and other dashing figures
  • ☆ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ☆ James Thurber
    105 James Thurber
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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  1. I got The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as a free listen from Audible a long time ago, and figured this would be a great way to spend some 15 minutes before going to bed Just enough time to make one relaxed after a busy, common cold day Walter Mitty goes through many exciting and adventurous lives with a help of his wonderful imagination that offers him the possibility to experience action filled moments middle of an ordinary day It is the great power of imagination we all have that guarantees the [...]

  2. To every single one out there who s won wars, destroyed enemy ships, rescued the cat in the tree, saved the world, graduated from college, lost a few pounds, fallen in love and had their happy ending in their minds.Because daydreaming is underrated.

  3. Meet Walter Mitty.He s a Husband.He s a Captain of a Navy shipHe s a toughest man on the trialHe s the man who can a woman from distress and is a hero to all man kind.He s also worrying his wife, his co workers, his boss and his shrink.Walter Mitty has dreams Dreams of being a hero But he s not dreaming them in bed, like everyone else is He s dreaming these events while driving, while shopping, talking to his wife, walking down the street He sees himself as a hero to everyone, but doesn t really [...]

  4. This was the shortest audiobook ever, but I loved it If you ve ever wondered what s going on in someone s head, this short story gives you some ideas Recommended

  5. James Thurber had me rooting for Walter Mitty from sentence number one Adventure after adventure, Mitty dives in and out of wonderlands to escape his boring life The Secret Life of Walter Mitty sort of reads like a children s short story for adults which is uniquely awesome if you ask me

  6. I downloaded this free audiobook from audible and decided to finally take the time to listen to it during my walk today I was not impressed The narration was great and I thought that Ben Stiller did a fantastic job but I found the story lacking I really cannot believe that this is a well loved classic story to be honest Maybe I am missing something as I often do.Basically the story focused on a man who lives in a world of daydreams as his wife nags him constantly This story was VERY short and on [...]

  7. I have known about Walter Mitty almost all of my life I never heard his words though, just that he was a thinker dreamer Aren t we all Thank you, James Thurber for being the writer you were.I am so glad Audible and Ben Stiller brought him to life for me I listened to his story on the drive home from my daughters appartment last night I started it at the end of her driveway and finished just as I turned into mine I did not have to sit in the car to finish listening, as Ben Stiller had indicated t [...]

  8. This story was super short, but so beautiful I was excited for the movie before, but now I m even excited because I m intrigued to see how they make an entire movie based on what I just listened to THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY FREE ON AUDIBLE GO GET IT.

  9. Not great literature, but I had to smile because occasionally my 10 year old imagination takes over my brain as well And it s hard to fault poor Walter, after all, he s married to Mrs Walter Mittty.

  10. 3.5A story for all those daydreamers Walter Mitty has a bitter sweet way of coping with life There s nothing really wrong with his life It s just plain ordinary, so he incorporates anything he sees or hears around him into his his daydream.I prefer reading to listening my mind starts wandering , but the audio of this story is also wonderful Highly recommended.

  11. This snippet of cozy brilliance by Thurber is his best short story ever, a story that makes the ordinary feel extraordinary A story that gives the reader open permission to do the same in their life A way to take a trip in your coziest chair without than simply using your mind.Walter Mitty is a regular chap who likes to day dream a few times a day his adventurous second life is rich and riveting and so often interrupted by his whiny wife and life s demands Without worry he s able to perform his [...]

  12. I ve read quite a few of Thurber s short stories and the ones I ve read do tend to be short stories in the range of about 3 000 to 5 000 words and these are two of the best Although Walter Mitty is by far the most well known because of the Danny Kaye film, The Greatest Man in the World is in my humble opinion the fascinating and engaging story of the two, the title itself being hugely ironic Anyway, both are quick reads and incredibly entertaining

  13. Took advantage of the free download from Audible, in anticipation of the film Ben Stiller has a nice reading voice, which was a tad shocking to me, because I mean, it s Stiller I ve never really thought of him as a narrator and was pleasantly surprised The length of the story itself is shocking as well A 32 page tale or 15 minute long narration translated onto the screen as a full length feature Obviously a lot of liberties have been taken as was the case with Where The Wild Things Are when it w [...]

  14. No s si a todos les parecer que merece cinco estrellas, pero a m s Estaba buscando algo corto para descansar de los trabajos de la universidad y me acord de este Y eleg bien.No repongo el argumento porque es un cuento oshort story,como le dicen muy breve y, adem s, algunos deben conocer las versiones cinematogr ficas que no vi y que, seg n lo que le por ah , distan del libro Lo que s puedo decir es que divierte, pero deja una sensaci n agridulce que perdura despu s de terminarlo Hay una cruel ve [...]

  15. This was a quick read And I should have done it long ago after I have watched the movie.Anyway, like most modernists, for me at least, James Thurber nails it This is a perfect depiction of man s need for autonomy, individualism and self assertion among the ranks of men even when it is only through the magnificent realm of imagination and visualization Check this out Then, with that faint, fleeting smile playing about his lips, he faced the firing squad erect and motionless, proud and disdainful, [...]

  16. A very short short story D if you wanna know what s maybe going on in someone s head D very light, different from the movie but still a good one

  17. The book was quite advanced and confusing to read, but however still made for a good read because it was just one of those books that grabs your attention and makes you want to keep reading I think there was only one bad thing about it which was how confusing it was other than that a great read It was good that the story was in third person because it helped control how confusing everything in the book was Because it was in third person everything was easier to understand because you could tell [...]

  18. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber, Narrated by Ben Stiller2.5 starsWalter Mitty always has his head in the clouds Sometimes as a Navy pilot other times a surgeon, and my personal favorite a man accused of a crime I really liked the portrayal of daydreaming and how everyone wants to escape from reality Ben Stiller did an excellent job of narration I ll be honest I probably would ve never read this short story or would ve seen the movie, but after listening to the audiobook I m quit [...]

  19. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Novella by James Thurber 5 I bought this very short ebook to read before I saw the movie It is very short But it was cute And boy Walter is a dreamer I am a little curious as to how old Walter is He s married And has a little bit of a bossy wife Or so that s what Walter thinks All he would like to do is daydream about anything, be it a surgeon who is the only one who could save the patient or a soldier, or well just about anything where Walter is the grand hero.I [...]

  20. I first read The Secret Life of Walter Mitty when I was just out of high school, and I found myself totally relating to Walter Mitty in a big way Not that I imagine myself being a surgeon or a pilot, but I often spend my time daydreaming and wishing for things that realistically will never happen for me This time I listened to the audio version with Ben Stiller narrating, and it was a lovely little treat as the whole thing is only 14 minutes long I look forward to watching the movie again this w [...]

  21. This book is not deserving of even one star It is all confusing and puts and strange picture in your mind If you are going to introduce the story don t start in a day dream with different character The plot in the story makes no sense what so ever Walter Mitty s wife is always rude which in so boring and mean.Works SitedThurber, James The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Thenewyorker Conde Nast 18 Mar web 12 Jan 2015.

  22. A SHORT, short story and you now I am not into short stories Still, I liked it Why Because Thurber lets you escape with Mitty into his fantasy world, and you understand why he flees there This has to be short, or it will be longer than the story itself.

  23. I thought that this short story was very good, because although it was very short, the reader was able to understand the main problem, which seemed to be that Walter Mitty was living in his head and day dreams, instead of in reality He was constantly thinking about himself as someone else, instead of concentrating on his own life There was some great language used, for example The Commander s voice was like thin ice breaking Thurber or War thundered and whined around the dugout and battered at t [...]

  24. It was an American classic, a short story written in 1930 s I love how the prose became poetic, and how the author switched Mitty from an ordinary husband doing a weekly chore to become a surgeon And a hero inscrutable to the last There is something about onomatopoeia that made the short story appealing It adds up to the reader imagining how Mitty quickly triggers a daydream At one moment he is an assassin And then he became a surgeon The thing with this short story is it leaves you a sort of a [...]

  25. Am I being terrible to say that I actually like the film better than the story Well, I do, the new one at least Haven t seen the other one I thought the film had a better build up, and was somehow of a story than this short by Thurber.Reading the story I saw how great the idea behind it is A man that lives two lives at the same time, one in his head, the other going with his wife shopping It s just that the humor seems rather dated, and not that funny The most interesting thing about it in my v [...]

  26. I revisited this classic by listening to the audiobook narrated by Ben Stiller It s a fantastic, quick story Who says imagination is just the stuff of childhood I love the idea of imagination as an escape from the humdrum of daily routine Plus Ben Stiller is a fabulous narrator And if you re trying to make some progress on your reading goals this year, this will take you one step closer and it s totally worth the few minutes to read it.

  27. How can they make this into a movie There s nothing to it Then again, I ve never read anything by Thurber that I liked I m all for imagination, but this is boring old man war imagination It s as interesting as Snoopy s adventures flying the Sopwith Camel as a World War II flying ace How I hate the Snoopy parts of Charlie Brown and most of the other bits Oh the agony Now come the hate comments.

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