One Silent Night (2022)

Unlimited One Silent Night - by Sherrilyn Kenyon - One Silent Night, One Silent Night While the world carries on unawares Stryker who leads an army of demons and vampires is plotting an all out onslaught against his enemies which unfortunately for us includes the entire human race Unlimited One Silent Night - by Sherrilyn Kenyon - One Silent Night, One Silent Night While the world carries on unawares Stryker who leads an army of demons and vampires is plotting an all out onslaught against his enemies which unfortunately for us includes the entire human race
  • Title: One Silent Night
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780312947064
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
One Silent Night
Unlimited One Silent Night - by Sherrilyn Kenyon, One Silent Night, Sherrilyn Kenyon, One Silent Night While the world carries on unawares Stryker who leads an army of demons and vampires is plotting an all out onslaught against his enemies which unfortunately for us includes the entire human race To avenge his sister Stryker prepares to annihilate the Dark Hunters But things go awry when his oldest enemy returns Enter his ex wife Zephyra Just when he thought notWhile the wor
  • Unlimited One Silent Night - by Sherrilyn Kenyon
    360 Sherrilyn Kenyon
One Silent Night

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  1. I gave this book 3 stars, not because it was an unpleasant read, but because I couldn t warm up to the two main characters, Stryker and Zephyra, no matter how hard I tried I wouldn t say that I was disappointed with this book in fact, it was exactly what I expected before I reluctantly went into the story.Stryker has been a villain since book 3 in this series so when he has become the male lead in this book, I couldn t care less about him or Zephyra And the funny thing was that I found Zephyra i [...]

  2. Strykerius or Stryker Spathi Daimon and Zephyra or Phyra Daimon with extra demon abilities Who are you, Stykerius I m a lost soul, he breathed quietly I had a purpose at one time, but I stumbled on the path of it And now Right, so this is the story of Stryker and Phyra Styker had not been really likable or friendly in the series so far He is one of Acheron s worst enemies In this book, he tries to kill Acheron and Nick Gautier in order to avenge his dead sister Thus, he orders War after them His [...]

  3. Hmm, not exactly easy to love a story when you hate the characters And, these main characters are despicable.In this case, they are definitely the assholes We have Stryker, the bad guy from the series who slit his own son s throat for marrying a girl he didn t approve of and his ex wife, Zephyra, a demon bitch woman who is actively torturing some poor guy in her dungeon.Just a few hundred centuriesStryker has released War an ancient god of war to kill Ash and Nick Artemis wants to protect Ash, s [...]

  4. The Dark Hunter book that fell in the shadow of the awesome Acheron was always going to have a tough time Kenyon took a risk and gave us something different Stryker s story Surprisingly it really worked and I loved this Stryker is the evil Lord of the Daimons His kind prey on human souls to elongate their own cursed lives and hare the very creatures the Dark Hunters were created to fight He has been the mortal enemy of pretty much every Hero and Heroine we have read about in the series so far No [...]

  5. Well, this book has shown me that I am a fickle, fickle, sappy reader It s taken Stryker, a character that I have hated and wished dead through 15 books of the Dark Hunter series, and made me love him a little bit God, I disgust myself Regardless, I loved this book Especially getting inside of Stryker s head, seeing his regret at what he s done in the past, and understanding why he is the way he is The book starts with Stryker unleashing an ancient God, War, to destroy his worst enemies his fath [...]

  6. Stryker wanted revenge against Acheron Nick for the death of his son so he releases Aries, the god of war and bargains for Aries to kill Ach Nick.To thwart Stryker, Artemis enlists the Zephyra, Stryker s ex wife to stop Stryker s plan So now the ex lovers are on a collision course to fight it out, along with their personal issues.This series is iffy for me but this book was one of the good ones I didn t enjoy Acheron as much as others, but this one was enjoyable We get to see how Artemis and Apo [...]

  7. 2.5Stryker is not all evil, he had been wounded so deeply that his heart just went black There was a great love once, his father and his youth tore her away and scarred him for thousands of years When War is released to kill Nick and Ash things go wrong and Stryker must deal with his past and work with his enemies.This was a short read filled with some background on Stryker which was very interesting We see how he was formed into his big bad self was not as heartbreaking as some of the other cha [...]

  8. So Stryker is a vengeful jerk and he found his perfect match in Zephyra his first wife who he had abandoned a billion years ago when his father threatened them.Sorry if Kenyon was trying to soften me towards him or her This book did nothing to make me like Stryker he still wants to destroy mankind for revenge jealousy and he still wants to kill Acheron and Nick Zephyra seemed to be a good person when she was human but she s become just as vengeful She has good reason to be mad but blaming manki [...]

  9. When I read this series I made the decision not to read this book because of the MCs I am not a fan of evil getting an HEA I was recently reading reviews and read a compelling one that said notwithstanding the romance between the MCs, the book was important to the overall storyline So I decided to give it a try As someone who skipped the book, I can attest that the book IS important to the storyline Things I was confused over were explained here As for the MCs, my feelings did not change I did n [...]

  10. Another Great Read I absolutely love this series, the books I read the I learn about Acheron and his world with the gods, the paranormal creatures, and his Dark Hunters in their other worldly realms.Stryker Daimon and his wife Zephyra Daimon Gallu Demon romance was interesting Zephyra tells Stryker that if he drinks from the Gallu and then kill it that he can capture his soul and then he would never have to kill a human for its soul again and he is now immortal Once he learns this, his army go [...]

  11. 3.75 5 Esta muy entretenido Es un relato corto que mantiene bastante bien el ritmo y tiene mucha accion.Mas que el romance, lo que mas me ha gustado es todo el cambio de escenarios y malvados que aparecen de nuevas en esta historia ya que, en mi opinion, dara un cambio al desarrollo del resto de la saga y a nuevos objetivos a derrotar me gustan estos cambios , crean nuevas inquietudes a la trama

  12. Really I mean REALLY I used to love Kenyon s Dark Hunter series Now I m seriously wondering why This was quite possibly the stupidest book I ve ever read A love story about the selfish bad guy and I m not talking about smoking hot bad guy but bad guy that kills people to get what he wants and thinks the whole world is against him and the woman he divorced a thousand or so years ago, and low and behold they still have feelings for each other Who really cares about them Why the heck did I read the [...]

  13. Let s face it Acheron is a hard act to follow so any hero that came next was going to have his work cut out I wasn t convinced that Stryker was the best choice, considering all the horrible things we ve seen him do throughout the series he was always going to be hard to sell as a hero for me, but I trust Sherrilyn Kenyon and I do adore a great redemption story so I was willing to give One Silent Night the benefit of the doubt Unfortunately, no matter how much I wanted to love this story, it just [...]

  14. Puede que m s un 3,5 La verdad es que cuando vi que el libro era de Stryker no pod a darme m s igual, mi reacci n era algo as como un pos ok , pero me ha gustado m s de lo que esperaba, teniendo en cuenta que a Stryker no lo aguanto xD Tenemos una historia que no es instalove que en esta saga lo acepto pero se agradece la diferencia y una trama que al principio parece un poco mierdosa pero que ha acabado revelando cosas muy interesantes y con un final de querer m s.Rese a completa en mislibroses [...]

  15. Not completely disappointed, but it s cutting it really close Okay, let me begin by saying I m a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon I was first introduced to her Dark Hunter series with Seize the Night, loved it, went back and got the rest of the series and have been following it ever since Let me continue that by saying although the story and plot was good, I was disappointed and found the book overpriced.I paid 8.09 CND for OSN I have an iRewards card through Chapters I felt like I was cheated I ope [...]

  16. Alot of reviewers for One Silent Night didn t think too much of this the latest Dark Hunter novel I personally rather enjoyed it In OSN, Stryker, the leader of the Daimons who have been the hated enemy of the Dark Hunters from the very beginning, gets his HEA.Long ago Stryker had a wife But his mercurial father, the god Apollo, decided the low born Zephrya wasn t good enough for his son In an effort to save her life, Stryker leaves her, unbeknownst to him, pregnant with his child.Now thousands o [...]

  17. I am so disappointed with this book I don t think I ve ever given a Sherrilyn Kenyon book only 2 stars Both main characters were entirely too harsh and mean for my tastes While I usually love some good tortured souls and a long road to fulfillment and HEA, I don t particularly like it when the women are known for their brutality and cruelty and have slaves that they beat Jeez I was like, ok, at some point something is going to happen to make me love both of these characters nope That never reall [...]

  18. Very good , fun fast purky little book ,and i say little cause it caught me by surprise how small it was , but none the less a great fun readStryker was really funy to read and i love that there s so many character in it , i feel terrible for Jaden Theres a good story brewing there i think

  19. I absolutely loved this book I thought that maybe I might not like it because it was completely about Stryker and, while I love him, he and I have a love hate relationship, particularly when he tries to kill my Acheron However, I believe this might be one of the best Dark Hunter books.As I said, I love Stryker I hated seeing him try to kill Ash, and almost succeeding until Savitar s intervention I loved seeing a softer side to him, though he can t stand torture, everlasting love, really loves an [...]

  20. 4.5 stars SPOILERS OMG I thought I wasn t going to enjoy this book because well, it s Stryker s book after all, but I was so wrong I really enjoyed it.I loved seeing almost all of my babies in this book.Acheron, Savitar, Simi, Urian Oh my heaven I m finally catching up with the time line Since I read Ash and Styxx s books first than most of the others there were a lot of thing that I knew that happen I just didn t knew how There s also a lot that I don t remember what s going to happen like with [...]

  21. Muito bom Mesmo fascinante perceber o lado da hist ria de Strykerius e o quanto sofreu e fez sofrer com as escolhas que teve de fazer por culpa do pai, Apolo Gostei especialmente dos cap tulos finais, tanto por terem mais a o como pelas alian as que se fizeram Adorei as novas personagens, e estou muito curiosa para conhecer a hist ria do Jared Espero ler um livro dele.

  22. One Silent Night2 StarsDetermined to end Acheron and Nick once and for all, Stryker awakens a monster from the depths of Hades only to learn the fatal truth all creations turn on their creators Then, just when he thought things couldn t get worse, his ex wife arrives and she wants nothing than to remove his head unless he can convince her that their love is still alive and kicking Unfortunately, this installment in Kenyon s series is a dud The only thing that makes it somewhat of a worthwhile r [...]

  23. Volv a mi vicio no lo pude evitar I M BACK A pesar de que esta historia no me llamaba tanto la atenci n por ser de Stryker no me arrepiento de haberla le do, te muestra el otro lado de la moneda la parte de los Villanos sus motivos, sus sentimientos, es lo que me gusta de Sherrilyn Kenyon que no deja que demos todo por sentado sus personajes no son ni blancos ni negros lo villanos no son tan villanos y la v ctimas no siempre son tan v ctimas siempre hay una versi n en cada parte que complementan [...]

  24. Los Dark Hunters son una gran serie de libros, hace casi un a o que no le a nada de est serie y es que el libro de Acheron me g nero muchas emociones conflictivas todas de la mejor clase, realmente pens que no volver a a leer nada de esto pero aqu estoy.En fin los protagonistas que son Stryker y Zephyra y cr anme son tan malos como sus nombres dif ciles de pronunciar todo el argumento de la crueldad de esos personajes es el sufrimiento y no es siquiera v lido todos los personajes de esta serie s [...]

  25. Ah O universo dos Predadores da Noite, t o sensual como vertiginoso Depois da obra prima que foi o volume anterior, o t o esperado epis dio com Acheron, dificilmente este estaria a esse n vel, mas o que certo que n o me deixou, em nada, desapontada Ao longo da demanda para proteger os seus predadores da noite, Acheron deparou se v rias vezes com dificuldades trazidas por Stryker, que tem estado sempre ao lado de Apolimy, a Destruidora, que tamb m sua m e Este o volume em que tr guas ter o que se [...]

  26. How is it that Kenyon actually had me cheering for the bad guy, Strykerius, and hoping he would find love, when I have hated that man since book 1 of this series I wasn t even thinking I would like this book, let alone not be able to put it down Very good story and there is a series change about to take place in the world of the Daimons This is a must read for all Dark Hunter fans.Stryker unleashes an evil being and sends him to destroy Ash and Nick That being then turns on Stryker causing him t [...]

  27. Gostei muito de ler da perspectiva de um dos supostos vil es e de alargar o meu conhecimento acerca deste mundo Foram tamb m introduzidas novas personagens com as quais fiquei muito curiosa.S pena o livro ser muito pequeno e os acontecimentos se precipitarem um pouco A autora podia ter feito muito mais com esta premissa e ter desenvolvido a hist ria Por m, como sempre acontece com os livro desta s rie, esta foi uma leitura r pida, viciante e muito divertida.

  28. Reviewed for THC ReviewsThe last full length, Christmas themed book in the Dark Hunter series was just OK for me, and perhaps for that reason, I went into reading One Silent Night with low expectations The fact that Stryker had been an antagonist in several past Dark Hunter books and my uncertainty about him being the hero of his own story only added to my lack of anticipation Well, maybe that was a good thing, because I ended up finding this book to be pretty entertaining Admittedly, the mythol [...]

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