The Matarese Circle (2022)

Unlimited The Matarese Circle - by Robert Ludlum - The Matarese Circle, The Matarese Circle The Matarese killers will take over the world within two years The No bestseller from the world s most read writer GQ Unlimited The Matarese Circle - by Robert Ludlum - The Matarese Circle, The Matarese Circle The Matarese killers will take over the world within two years The No bestseller from the world s most read writer GQ
  • Title: The Matarese Circle
  • Author: Robert Ludlum
  • ISBN: 9780752858555
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
The Matarese Circle
Unlimited The Matarese Circle - by Robert Ludlum, The Matarese Circle, Robert Ludlum, The Matarese Circle The Matarese killers will take over the world within two years The No bestseller from the world s most read writer GQ
  • Unlimited The Matarese Circle - by Robert Ludlum
    387 Robert Ludlum
The Matarese Circle

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  1. Some spy novels get better and relevant with age, and Robert Ludlum s fabulous The Matarese Circle falls into that category What it lacks in literary aspirations it than makes up for in sheer excitement and fun.Written decades ago, the story line of Matarese Circle seems almost prophetic despite it being dated, the world finally catching up to the plot A spy thriller this wildly entertaining isn t supposed to give you such pause afterward, as you look around the globe, yet it does Riveting is [...]

  2. It turns out that the band of murderous criminals running the US isn t the Republican Party after all, but a different band of murderous criminals I think a hot woman takes her clothes off at some point.Sorry I know I shouldn t drop all these spoilers, but sometimes I can t help myself.

  3. This is a re read for me I read this book when I was in high school when it was a new, current best seller It s the book that made me a Ludlum fan It s like an old friend, and I m looking forward to spending time with it.I m finally done it s an intricate plot and it took me a while to read This is about as good as Soviet Era spy fiction got you have two master spies action hero types, initially duking it out but then combining forces to combat an evil the Matarese that causes them to put aside [...]

  4. my favorite novelist.his novels were fast paced and suspenseful and the action was second to noneitics accused ludlum that his characters were paper thin in content and he relied on action a lot.i would say the critics should pay attention to the matatrese circle and the bourne seriese characters of these novels were memorable and had depth in theme matarese circle is fast paced and sets the tone from the first chaptere suspense and action is top and the characters of the 2 protagonists brandon [...]

  5. I had previously read The Bourne Identity, and while it was diverting enough, I wasn t in love with it I felt the same about the movies The problem was that I didn t feel there was a whole lot at stake, that there was much I should care about It was just a very intelligently plotted thriller about a man who has no idea who he is, why he s so deftly skilled, or why he s being targeted The Matarese Circle was quite a different experience In the early going, I felt very much for the characters of S [...]

  6. A famous book, but not one which particularly appealed to me The genre is James Bond, but unfortunately without the panache The two heroes, respectively America s and Russia s top spies espionage specialists, are sworn enemies to the death, but still see fit to team up to save the world Mr Ludlum doesn t do things by halves That s right, the whole world is about to be subjugated by a shadowy threat which the Russian agent just happens to stumble upon What s worse, they have to accomplish this re [...]

  7. The Matarese Circle written by Robert Ludlum is a thrilling spy adventure of Beowolf Agate and The Serpent Two men who were once the greatest assets their respective agencies had but now are their greatest liabilities To be added importantly that Beowolf Agate and The Serpent are sworn enemies These two legendary spies, past assets and current liabilities and sworn enemies have to stop The Shepherd Boy and his flock from their dream of dominating the world and ultimately making the entire world [...]

  8. To cut a long story short, one could simply say, This is Ludlum, what else would you expect if such a statement doesn t capture the sheer brilliance of the man, I don t know what can The Matarese Circle is an old book, written many years before I was born actually but regardless One would think it a recent publication As it was decades ago, America Russia relations are as frosty as ever To read a book that chooses not to capitalize on this age old enmity but rather has characters from both count [...]

  9. Okay, this was an emotional book and tad bit sentimental So good Sure, Ludlum was an emotional writer Half the time, I didn t know what he was ranting about But his theories were fun Now this sort of thing is relevant than ever, the way shape of sounds are right now What s happening is not right.This world, we don t need villains let alone heroes.

  10. Why does one read thrillers The apparent answer is rather simple The edge of your seat thrill a minute ride is a departure from the ennui of everyday living Most of us live still lives Most of us do not actively seek out the extreme thrills in real life the mundane is boring but comforting Thrillers allow us to nonetheless enjoy the excitement vicariously through the exploits of our protagonists Sure, it s transient, but often, it s the shot of adrenaline the reader needs.The best thrillers are [...]

  11. Robert Ludlum, has the same general scenario in all books, an estranged spy fighting some international corporation Not bad, entertaining if you haven t read too many of his books Moderately fast, fairly easy read

  12. Really good plot, typical Ludlum atmosphere, but man, the dialogue is hard to get through sometimes Every character seems to revert into this Perd Hapley mode when talking to other characters I have three things to say to you and the first of those three things is this

  13. I m getting close to having all the Ludlum books done and even though I really, really enjoy them it makes me sad knowing there will be no new ones.

  14. Matare ki KrugBrilliant written,full of plots,government behind a government,secret Agents.There is so much at stake that keeps your eyes on reading and .The Best Thriller and book I have ever read.An Amazing story

  15. It s tough to write about a book when you have strong, yet mixed feelings about it There is a part of you that wants to expound on the good, and ignore the bad Then, there s that other part of you that just wants to talk about the bad With Robert Ludlum s 1979 complex, 600 page thriller The Matarese Circle, I found myself swaying from one position to another, with no clear winner at the end However, the cost of such as a position has not been forgotten.In simpler terms, it took me a few hundred [...]

  16. I was given this book by my dad whom had read it than a decade ago the french edition which was nonetheless spectacular It starts in Russia but there will be no borders as you will be taken for a joy ride across most of Europe to America As a spy book, the meticulous aspects it possesses are brilliant but essential Settings and Plot The very way that Ludlum uses his mastery of suspense is astonishing I was given this book on a Monday but had already finished it by Weekend I felt so trapped and [...]

  17. If you are ever planning on becoming a Ludlum fan, then read this book and be dazzled This is the best follow up book after his Bourne masterpieces The interaction between Brandon Scofield, CIA operative and Vasili Taleniekov of the KGB is the best I have ever read so far Their mutual hatred which turns to respect is unprecedented I was never really present during the so called Cold War, but this book transcends you to those spy world days The title was actually inspired by a steak house in Newi [...]

  18. A decent espionage story, though the themes seem both tried and tired Many others have expounded upon the Russian vs United States during the Cold War and have done just as good if not better The espionage tactics are entertaining but fairly rote Ludlum does good work but this certainly isn t the Borne trilogy.

  19. An international group of assassins are determined to take over the world Rival spies from the CIA and the KGB must work together to defeat an eneny of their respective countries for the good of both.

  20. I read this some years ago when I had just discovered Ludlum This is a good conspiracy that s in charge of everything action adventure Plots and counter plots, nothing going as planned leading to a violent climax and escape Good read.

  21. Certainly one of Ludlum s better novels A conspiracy so much larger than life A classic And supposedly they are making this into a movie.

  22. Very fast paced action thriller that keeps you on the edge for the whole book without suffering from any serious pacing issues Very dialogue centric this seems to be Ludlum s strength, writing how the characters actually talk and interact and demonstrating the relationships among different characters through their speech This book has an somewhat outlandish and slightly communist premise The main antagonish is not entirely unlike spectre from the Bond novels, but there is a certain condemnation [...]

  23. Not my typical genre, but this book surprised me and I enjoyed it a lot Interesting characters made for entertaining dialog, and a lot of near death drama combined with a complex mystery led to a fast paced enjoyable book I m not sure I became a full spy vs spy convert, but I ll definitely consider reading Matarese 2

  24. May be too close to reality Good Ludlum spy thriller Well developed characters Given the international financial markets, might be a probable scenario Looking forward to book 2.

  25. Fantastic book, absolute thriller I love Robert Ludlum books He is a genius in spy thrillers His plots are action packed suspense, keeps one guessing, full of exciting twists Enjoyed reading the book They should make a movie on it, will be a success Cheers

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