Desire Lines (2022)

[PDF] Desire Lines | by Ó Christina Baker Kline - Desire Lines, Desire Lines On the night of her high school graduation in Kathryn Campbell s best friend Jennifer vanished without a trace It s been ten years since then but Kathryn still feels the conspicuous void in h [PDF] Desire Lines | by Ó Christina Baker Kline - Desire Lines, Desire Lines On the night of her high school graduation in Kathryn Campbell s best friend Jennifer vanished without a trace It s been ten years since then but Kathryn still feels the conspicuous void in h
  • Title: Desire Lines
  • Author: Christina Baker Kline
  • ISBN: 9780688151072
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
Desire Lines
[PDF] Desire Lines | by Ó Christina Baker Kline, Desire Lines, Christina Baker Kline, Desire Lines On the night of her high school graduation in Kathryn Campbell s best friend Jennifer vanished without a trace It s been ten years since then but Kathryn still feels the conspicuous void in her life and the nagging guilty sense that she has failed her friend When a divorce sends Kathryn reeling back to the Maine town where she grew up the young journalist finOn the night of

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  • [PDF] Desire Lines | by Ó Christina Baker Kline
    123 Christina Baker Kline
Desire Lines

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  1. Let s just get this out of the way up front was this book as good as Orphan Train No No it wasn t To be honest thought, Orphan Train was so great for me that I almost wish I had read her other books before Orphan Train so I d feel like she was progressively getting better and better With that said, it doesn t mean this isn t a good book It s good in a chick lit kind of way I think the hardest part for me was how slow it was This wasn t a book that grabbed you because things were just happening a [...]

  2. This book moves very slow and the main character, Kathryn, is basically a loser with no drive or ambition There was nothing about her I could relate too in any way Slow book, the mystery is enough to keep you intrigued but overall it just wasn t my cup of tea.

  3. The book was long and mostly filled with the whining of the main character as all her friends and family were telling her to get a life and move on and stop being so depressing It really didn t touch on the mystery portion until around halfway through and didn t pick up until the end, really It also wasn t that big of a mystery for me Figuring out who was responsible for the disappearance of Jennifer was a little too easy I was just along for the ride while the main character tried to put everyt [...]

  4. Less than mediocre at best I chose this book to explore works by the Author of Orphan Train From the synopsis I expected a suspense and thriller Instead it was a weak story about a high school reunion at best I struggled to finish and kept loosing interest till the end I m glad that Ms Kline found her voice in Orphan Train and hope she continues to grow Then we can all put this novel behind us.

  5. Oh man, this one was a struggle Who wants to revisit high school Or even worse, revisit the years in which you lost your best friend Rather than feeling tense this story felt all kind of AWKWARD I had such a hard time maintaining interest in wishy washy characters, arguments about high school drama long past, and a totally predictable missing girl mystery Even though most of us didn t have a friend tragically disappear in our senior year, most of us can still look back at high school and realize [...]

  6. The novel is about a woman in search of finding herself but wrapped up in the plot of her best friend from high school that just went missing It has an element of the chick lit to it but also a touch of the mystery genre An easy but engrossing read for me This is the second book I have really enjoyed from this author.I enjoyed it so much that as I was nearing the end reading on the subway, the train actually made it all the way to my stop in mid town Manhattan and then started leave to go back t [...]

  7. Having read Orphan Train, I was expecting another excellent book I was extremely disappointed Christina Baker Kline has given us a whiny, slow moving psychological drama and mystery The mystery part is questionable I figured it out early on.

  8. Review originally posted Traveling With TThis book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.Desire LinesKathryn Campbell is returning to her hometown of Bangor, Maine After her divorce, she s drifting Kathryn is unsure about what she should do next With her high school reunion fast approaching, Kathryn is nervous about going and in fact, doesn t want to attend There are several reasons she does not want to attend her divorce, her career plans, not keeping in contact with her high sc [...]

  9. My first book of the new year I read Sweet Water and The Way Life Should Be by this author back in 2009 and I gave both books 4 star ratings As I read back over my reviews of these two books, I find it difficult to remember Sweet Water with any detail, but her other book The Way Life Should Be I remember really enjoying and wonder now why I didn t give it 5 stars I keep hearing great things about her most recent book Orphan Train seeing 5 star ratings from friends and family After reading this b [...]

  10. Contrary to what the title suggests, this book is not about desire as it relates to human wants Rather, the title comes from the activity called orienteering, where participants use a map and a compass to navigate from one point to another in unfamiliar territory According to one of the characters in the book who heads a local chapter of people who engage in orienteering, if one becomes lost in the woods, they can find their way out by following desire lines, which are faint paths through the wo [...]

  11. Review Excerpt I liked the characters, especially Kathryn although at times I wanted to shake her , and her high school friend and currently developing romantic interest Jack The family dynamics between Kathryn, her divorced parents, grandmother, and dad s second wife seemed realistic I related to the high school in the 80 s flashbacks the music, the times, and the author s description of the reunion reminded me of my own 10 year Age and experience are recorded differently on each face some are [...]

  12. This was my first reading of this author and it won t be my last This was the story of Kath, who on getting divorced, moves back home to Maine and in with her Mom with whom she has a rather uneasy relationship, just in time for her 10 year high school reunion Kath has a hard time deciding what she is going to do and is pushed along by her mother to see a therapist, find a job, see old friends, etc Kath finds a job at the paper with an old friend who she becomes involved with and begins to write [...]

  13. I really enjoyed The Orphan Train by this author And I expected to be drawn in in a similar fashion with this novel However, the first half of the book the main character is so self involved, so caught up in her failed marriage, poor relationship with her mother, and the disappearance of her best friend, that that is all she thinks about Well, that was about 50 pages too much about that Along about the last third of the book, the pace picks up and I finally got caught up in some action For me, a [...]

  14. I don t like to write bad reviews, but this one is warranted I really don t know where to begin when talking about this book It was a struggle to read I wanted to stop reading half a dozen times but urged myself ahead This book is supposed to have a bit of mystery and suspense involved, but the story was so slow you hardly noticed I started to not care if they ever found out how the victim disappeared The best part of this book is by far the last 25 35 pages This rest was boring and tiresome.

  15. The writing is a bit strained, but the story kept me interested and entertained, at least until the end I was looking for a good mystery and read some reviews that claimed the twist at the end is totally unpredictable, which may be true, but I knew from the get go who had committed the crime Ultimately, I think the book really falls apart at the end The problem with mysteries is that the ending has to be good

  16. I have been obsessed with this author ever since I discovered her several months back Every single novel of hers is utterly absorbing, intelligent, and compassionate And in all them, the central female character is incredibly well drawn complex and human So glad I stumbled across her at my local library

  17. I almost stopped reading this book several times but kept thinking, because of her terrific book Orphan Train, this one HAD to get better It did not Not only was it pathetically easy to figure out who done it, the characters did not develop beyond their high school selves 10 years after graduation So disappointing.

  18. I liked the story and didn t mind the ending like others have What I did mind were the 2 graphic sex scenes that were so unnecessary Be aware that they are in the book and plenty of foul language If I d known I probably wouldn t have read it, but honestly by the time it was there I really wanted to know the resolution so I did some fast forwarding and finished.

  19. This book was not as enjoyable as The Orphan Train It moved very slowly for the first third The characters were not as nuanced as I think Kline could have made them The plot, though moderately engaging, was fairly predictable Still, it was engaging enough that I stayed with it.

  20. Missed opportunitiesMissed opportunities to pay attention to your friends What they re about, what they re going through, what they re afraid of, who they really are To me, that s what this book was all about I found it interesting and thought provoking.

  21. It was hard to believe that this same author wrote Orphan Train because this book just draggedIt took far to long to get to the point, it was a mystery and the cover said it kept you guessing but it didn t really, there were twist and turns.

  22. The book moves rather slowly Does not really pick up until about 1 2 way through In essence, it picks up speed at that point, and becomes quite gripping Orphan Train was outstanding, and while I enjoyed her other novels, I wish I had read them first.

  23. I didnt like the ending, saw it coming very early on I didnt have any strong feelings for any of the characters The book was decent Not a total waste of time but not anything great

  24. I love this writer I think I ve read almost all of her fiction now This books is suspenseful and just an intriguing story I love a good storyteller and she is definitely one of them.

  25. Not a very complex work of fiction, but it does not really pretend to be either Readable Easily forgotten once it is finished.

  26. This is a book by Christina Baker Kline and in the same way Orphan Train inspired so does this book It takes place in Maine on the night of graduation, when a classmate leaves the beach party and disappears seemingly into thin air Ten years later Kathryn returns to her home after a failed marriage just as the class plans their reunion She takes a job with a former classmate who runs the local newspaper, to try to find out what could have happened to their classmate Jennifer The story weaves its [...]

  27. A must read Christina Baker Kline has written a book that will keep you guessing right up to the very end Kathryn is returning home after 10 years, trying to start off after a divorce Her 10 year reunion I d coming up but that is not what is on her minde disappearance of her best friend 10 years ago still is a mystery When asked by Jack, a friend from high school who is now the editor of the newspaper to write an article about the disappearance of her friends Jennifer she doesn t realize what ki [...]

  28. This is another one of those books that I had trouble getting into because of the characters The premise of the story was somewhat good, but Kathryn was someone I didn t really care for and I certainly didn t care for the friend that she was investigating The writing was very good as far as structure and context went, but the story was lacking for me Perhaps if it would have been done with fewer pages and action, it might have been better I was expecting of a mystery and I think this was just [...]

  29. Again another book by the author of the Orphan Train, not nearly as good but a readable book The story is about a young woman,looking for meaning in her life, who returns to her hometown for her ten year class reunion Her best friend has disappeared and left the main character and her tight group of friends adrift.

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