Michal's Destiny (2022)

✓ Michal's Destiny ☆ Roberta Kagan - Michal's Destiny, Michal s Destiny Siberia In a Jewish settlement a young woman is about to embark upon her destiny Her father has arranged a marriage for her and she must comply with his wishes She has never seen her future husba ✓ Michal's Destiny ☆ Roberta Kagan - Michal's Destiny, Michal s Destiny Siberia In a Jewish settlement a young woman is about to embark upon her destiny Her father has arranged a marriage for her and she must comply with his wishes She has never seen her future husba
  • Title: Michal's Destiny
  • Author: Roberta Kagan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Michal's Destiny
✓ Michal's Destiny ☆ Roberta Kagan, Michal's Destiny, Roberta Kagan, Michal s Destiny Siberia In a Jewish settlement a young woman is about to embark upon her destiny Her father has arranged a marriage for her and she must comply with his wishes She has never seen her future husband and she knows nothing about him Michal s destiny lies in the hands of fate On the night of her wedding she is terrified but her mother assures her that she will be alrSiberia
  • ✓ Michal's Destiny ☆ Roberta Kagan
    195 Roberta Kagan
Michal's Destiny

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  1. A disappointmentThis was an excellent book and I read it in one sitting.However, it s only half a story so if you like to know how a novel ends, don t be fooled I find it very annoying that I have to wait for another book to be published to find out the outcome We are not even told when the sequel will be available Seems like a big con to get us to buy another book.I feel I have totally wasted my time and, as a matter of principle, I would never read anything by this author again.

  2. I really enjoyed this book having read the author before I didn t hesitate to begin this series Her writing is easy to digest, not overly descriptive yet page turning all the same Although I m not Jewish nor know anyone who is I find the culture rather fascinating all the same The author does well to ensure the reader understands some of the complexities of historical Jewish lives, which were interesting.I liked the story of Michal and how her early life began Some of the story is heartbreaking [...]

  3. I ve been reading many historical fiction novels that take place during the Holocaust, but this one actually begins in Siberia in 1919 I didn t realize the Jews faced those horrible pogroms first in Russia This tale, the beginning of Michal s adult journey, is one that brings to light the horrible choice the Russian Jews had back then remaining in their village waiting for another pogrom that would probably end their lives, or migrate somewhere else Michal and Taavi chose Berlin they thought it [...]

  4. Amazing, Thought provoking Roberta Kagan has a way of writing books that are like taking a ride back in time You will feel the character fear and pain, it s like you re a person back in her time She writes in a form that is very easy but amazing She my favorite author about the Holocaust She tells things through her character that are like a history lesson through someone who lived it Her characters seems so real, it s like you re Papa telling a story Alike her all my love detrick series I can t [...]

  5. I had to force myself to finish this book, only to find it had a cliffhanger ending I won t be reading the rest of the series I realized that I don t like the main character and don t really care what happens next.The writing style is stilted and tells the reader instead of showing This makes for stiff, unnatural dialogue.Interesting subject matter, accurately presented.

  6. Free book on Bookbub, so thought I d give it a try The storyline kept me engaged, but I found the writing pretty mediocre It felt like we were speeding from one plot point to the next, without getting to really know or care about the characters And then it left me hanging at the end, so I would read the next book in the series, which I probably won t.

  7. Michal s Destiny, Book 1 is by Roberta Kagan This is a work of fiction but it does a good job of depicting the life of the Jews prior to World War II in Russia and in Berlin It shows the good and bad sides of Jews who are strictly religious and those who are not religious at all Both sides can have both good and bad people among them Michal Habelowsky lived with her family in a Jewish settlement in Eastern Siberia On June 12, 1919, she was to marry Avram Lippman, an apprentice shoemaker She had [...]

  8. I started this book with high expectations having read some glowing reviews it had received, but I found it disappointing Events happened so quickly it was as though the author was trying to cram in as much as she possibly could and, because of it, I never connected with the characters, even Michal.Too many things happened to her that I found her life unbelievable and by mid point I had lost interest in her story.The ending was very abrupt and it left the reader hanging It felt as if Ms Kagan wa [...]

  9. It s important to know that this is the first in a series I didn t know that and the book ends with a family shattered apart by the events of the time Michal is born into an Orthodox Jewish family residing in Siberia Her first marriage is an arranged one and while not in love with Avram, she finds marriage comforting but then the Cossacks arrive A childhood crush Taavi arrives none to soon and makes arrangements for the couple to emigrate to Berlin Once there they marry but the demons of the pog [...]

  10. This is an interesting historical novel of the life of a young Jewish girl which starts with her marriage in Siberia to a young man she has never met After he is killed in a pogrom, she escapes to Berlin with another young man from her village and marries him almost immediately Once there she ends up taking up with yet another man, before returning to her husband with a daughter he didn t know he had The pace of the novel is almost too fast as it goes from the period of the Russian revolution to [...]

  11. History worth remembering My mother was born in 1932 She was born in Mannheim Germany She was not Jewish but she told me horrible stories about growing up in Germany and how difficult it was living in a big city that was often bombed She told me that no one talked about the neighbors that disappeared in the night The grown ups told her they went to their homeland I read so many books about the war simply because it must never happen again My aunt s and uncles that live in Germany now agree.

  12. This is the story of Michal who was forced to leave Russia following a program and found herself in Berlin with her soon to be husband The story follows their two lives.The book gallops along with masses of incidents but not much plot There is so little connection between the incidents and little tension is built with the possible exception of the Kristallnacht episode.However my main complaint is that the book is so poorly written the point of view changes all the time and it is all telling and [...]

  13. Couple, Michal and Traavi run from Russia after losing families in pogrom They go to Berlin to start a new live but she finds she is pregnant from a Russian Cossack rape She leaves Taavi thinking he won t want the baby After a couple of years and misadventures they end back together and have another baby As the years continue the war is closer and They suffer because they are Jewish Michal and Taavi are arrested and their close friends take the girls It ends with a plan to send youngest girl to [...]

  14. BittersweetA story about young love that survives the horror of racism, propaganda and impending genocide Pride tries to interfere only to have the harsh realities of pre Nazi rule and social degradation bring them back together It is a story of faith, forgiveness and family and shows how dangerous thinking one knows another s thoughts and motivations are and basing life choices on supposition Communication, forgiveness, love and faith create a bond only we ourselves can break.

  15. I guess my expectation, due to other reviews, may have been too high I felt the characters evolutions were too quick, especially given their background and beliefs I was losing interest mid way but dedicated to finishing the book as it was one I chose for my book club.As one of my fellow club members said It s a light summer read I suspect we will not be reading the sequels in the series.

  16. I read Roberta Karan s stories about Israel and enjoyed that series, so I thought I d read this book to see how I liked it It was totally engrossing covered Russian pogroms, tragedy, recovery, love and loss, and hope The characters were believable and realistic, the story based on historical truth and was chilling in the events that actually occurred in Russia, Poland and Germany I have already started the second book in this series and am fascinated by the story.

  17. Wonderful story of love and courageAnother very informative novel about events which happened during the reign of an evil person, Adolph Hitler I know this is a fictional account, however, the truth was much violent This book held my attention from start to finish, and I recommend it for anyone who is interested in what happened during this period in History.

  18. A tale of survivalWell written from the emotional and psychological views of the characters Sad and hard at some points, hopeful and promising as well Knowing the history of the time makes this reader reluctant to proceed at times The story and characters are compelling to continue.

  19. Another Roberta Kagan masterpiece In my opinion, she is one of the foremost authors of WWII period historical fiction novels Her books are very thought provoking and reflect in a very personal way the horrible scenarios that the Jewish people had to endure Hope echoes through each book Very strongly recommend all of her works

  20. Good This is the beginning of another set of stories written by Roberta Kagan I read another set last year They were very good and this one is showing the same kind of good Can t put them down

  21. Quick read Similar to her other novel This one takes place in Siberia and then Nazi Germany Very engaging but not necessarily well written She writes because these stories need to be told although historic fiction.

  22. Hindsight says run, yet living it takes longer.A changing world, yet for the Jewish it has always been a hostile one On the eve of Hitler s world plan a young family falls to the horrors of such a world.

  23. Excellent book without the usual stereotypes.ThanksMy favorite character is Alina.I can t wait for thenext book.I hope it is also free.I

  24. Pogroms in Russia to Nazi rise in GermanySympathetic characters filled with flaws and virtues that provide color and context for the horror of the rise of Hitler.

  25. Michal s lifeA very good writing of the life of a jewish woman born in Russia From her childhood to the early days of being married to her adulthood living in Germany.

  26. This book was a page turner and i cannot wait to read the next book Its a gripping story a out what the jewish endured in both russia and germany

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