The Aquitaine Progression (2022)

Free Download The Aquitaine Progression - by Robert Ludlum - The Aquitaine Progression, The Aquitaine Progression hrs and mins It begins in Geneva There American lawyer Joel Converse meets a man he hasn t seen in twenty years a covert operative who dies violently at his feet whispering words that hand Con Free Download The Aquitaine Progression - by Robert Ludlum - The Aquitaine Progression, The Aquitaine Progression hrs and mins It begins in Geneva There American lawyer Joel Converse meets a man he hasn t seen in twenty years a covert operative who dies violently at his feet whispering words that hand Con
  • Title: The Aquitaine Progression
  • Author: Robert Ludlum
  • ISBN: 9780752858524
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
The Aquitaine Progression
Free Download The Aquitaine Progression - by Robert Ludlum, The Aquitaine Progression, Robert Ludlum, The Aquitaine Progression hrs and mins It begins in Geneva There American lawyer Joel Converse meets a man he hasn t seen in twenty years a covert operative who dies violently at his feet whispering words that hand Converse a staggering legacy of death THE GENERALSTHEY RE BACKAQUITAINE Suddenly Converse is running for his life alone with the world s most shattering secret Pursu hrs and
  • Free Download The Aquitaine Progression - by Robert Ludlum
    294 Robert Ludlum
The Aquitaine Progression

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  1. Robert Ludlum, as you know, is a great author I d never heard of this book before picking it up, and it was surprisingly good The plot was good and the writing kept you interested throughout, although the book reminded me a lot of the movie National Treasure Not so much in the storyline, but in the suspension of disbelief that you must achieve to actually enjoy this novel Some points I found myself saying, puhhlllleeeeaaaase , but then again, I find almost all fiction books that way, so I may b [...]

  2. This was by far one of the worst novels I ve ever read The main character was not particularly likeable, the plot was not only excessively complicated but boring, and the love story was as dry as an overdone turkey I ve read cookbooks that were engaging than this book For those of you who have started this monstrous tome and are now looking for encouragement to continue stop Get out now The last 500 pages are as tedious as the first 100 I only finished it because I m doing that 2015 reading cha [...]

  3. Joel Converse is a Lawyer who just happened to come across a conspiracy Code name Aquitaine that involves retired generals from around the world and their dedicated soldiers that are aiming at world domination by means of chaos and world violence In chaotic times, the military will be needed to control chaos and thats where the Generals come in and take over country at a time While Joel is investigating this conspiracy, His cover gets blown and he is a living target by Aquitaine This book is a l [...]

  4. Okay so this is book number two on my Robert Ludlum kick I am on right now I believe there are ten books I have left to read Anyway on with the review.I really liked this novel Its Ludlum so you have the action and suspense and the plot twists that are standard in his works In Aquataine you have this organization wanting to take over the worldis is also very standard in a Ludlum work However I have said it before and I will say it agains fun and entertaining One thing that really got me into th [...]

  5. Interesting, fast paced, slightly on the paranoia side where x WW2 Generals try to takeover the world and a smart NY lawyer called Converse some M15 agents save the day Not totally unbelievable.

  6. The Aquitaine Progression DAMN YOU LUDLUM Now the smuggness of fame and riches makes the loyal readers wait TWO YEARS between book I can recall the trepidation of weeks leading up to release Going to the locale COLES book store and ordering a copy Now its like release, buy, read, and start waiting for the next release two years ahead I was able to start going back and devouring Ludlum s first novels.The Aquitaine Progression the world domination by fucked up ex generals Perfect for the wanting a [...]

  7. I read this when it was a fairly new best seller, back in 1984 5 It was the first action thriller I had ever read and I was blown away Though I haven t read very many similar movies over the years, I was curious whether I would still feel the same way, given all the movies of similar style I have seen in the meantime, including several Ludlum films the Bourne series I enjoyed reading it the second time remembering virtually nothing from the first reading , but as I suspected, the level of angst [...]

  8. Another attempt at world domination The World saved from the fanatical Generals by an ex Vietnam hero and now world class lawyer Mr Converse, despite the fact he has a mental block where languages other than English are concerned and spends most of his time in Europe not England I m sure it won t spoil the book to say that the world carries on and there is a happy ending, despite it happening at the very last minute Great stuff.

  9. finally got the nerve to pick up another ludlum novel and i find out that he was still bashing adolf and his ilk in this bookp471 nding the shadows and letting them envelope him.p689 d reached into his pocket for some kind of small, multifaceted tool hmm, must be a hexagonal key wrench

  10. A few days ago I got myself a big old red hardcover of this book, and since the dust jacket was missing I decided to go into it without knowing what it was about at all I m really glad I did, because this book was one of the most exciting ones I ve read in a long time Every page of it was a build up to the suspense and it was near impossible to put down.

  11. Had read this book during college days Enjoyed the re read as only outline had remained after so many years If we draw parallels of ISIS over middle east, Trump getting elected, the world imagined by generals might still come true

  12. I first read this book about twenty five years and ago and enjoyed it so much back then that I decided to revisit it My memory didn t fail me it was as much fun the second time around as it was the first If you are at all familiar with Ludlum s works, you know the basic story line There is some tremendously evil plot going on and one man stands in the way The Bourne sagas are the best known examples of that plot He spins a good story and makes it very suspenseful However, I find there is a flaw [...]

  13. Theme Everyday man gets involved in global plot, only he, without much knowledge of the players, can save the world I found this hard to read Assigned myself 2 chapters a day like it was a homework assignment Basically, it is a good story but the dialog just doesn t do it for me The relationship with the ex wife is to pat, and the conversations between Converse and Val make me roll my eyes.

  14. Robert Ludlum doing what he does best and hopefully showing modern day thriller and espionage writers how it should be done.Masterfully constructed with a plot line that is held predictable, quite enjoyable Excellent character and mood building in a book that then literally explodes for the finish.

  15. Joel Converse, an international lawyer out of New York, is recruited to investigate and stop an international conspiracy to take over and rule most of the world by sowing discord to which they d be the saviors.

  16. Disappointing Way too long and too many repeated scenarios when an enemy is prepared to stop our hero and he goes Rambo on them and gets away Could have wrapped this up 100 pages ago

  17. The late, great Robert Ludlum R.I.P in his 1980s prime here Fast paced, loaded with tension, international intrigue, seemingly endless plot twists, and plenty of action though not exactly the non stop action that the reviewers for Publishers Weekly and Richmond Times Dispatch claimed.An international cabal of power hungry generals an extreme fictitious example of the military industrial complex that Dwight David Eisenhower warned about plots to impose a global militaristic government Aquitaine t [...]

  18. Aquitania, in originale The Aquitaine Progression un romanzo del 1984 del compianto Robert Ludlum Si tratta di un romanzo che un mix di suspense, dramma, azione e thriller Robert Ludlum, come gi detto molte volte nelle mie precedenti recensioni un maestro indiscusso del genere spy story, tanto da meritarsi l appellativo di Mr Plot signor complotto Ha scritto 27 romanzi thriller Il numero di copie dei suoi libri in stampa stimato tra 290 milioni e 500 milioni I suoi libri sono stati pubblicati in [...]

  19. A good book and a great plot The only negative was that it is a lot longer than it should be Ludlum is great with any story where the clandestine services are involved, and even though thats not precisely the case here, the hero could very well be an intelligence agent Even if at times it tends to drag, on the whole this is a well written and decently paced book.A group of formerly highly regarded but extremely right wing generals from some of the west s biggest countries US, UK, Germany, France [...]

  20. Bisa dibilang ini adalah Buku pertama Robert Ludlum yang bikin saya mulai melirik pengarang yang satu ini Sekali lagi, Ludlum berhasil menebar jaring jaring ketakutan di mata para pembacanya Membaca novel ini, kita ikut merasakan ketegangan dan ketakutan yang selalu membayangi si tokoh utamanya di mana ia selalu berpikir bahwa mata musuhnya selalu ada di mana mana.Converse namanya mirip merek sepatu adalah seorang pengacara sukses yang tiba tiba saja karirnya berantakan setelah ia bertemu dengan [...]

  21. The story beginning from a straight forward meeting with an old acquaint, who for reasons not told changes his name, meeting Joel Converse under the pretext of discussion a merger, proposes a dangerous task to him, to find out about the Aquitaine He falls for the manipulation, thus beginning his race against the unknown Very soon he is wanted all over Europe as a psychotic killer on the loose, putting him back in his old times A wonderfully written novel, with no bare threads left lying around [...]

  22. Oh good grief Could this be any stupider This book is about Joel Converse, an international lawyer and former Vietnam Vet who was a PoW who travels the world managing the legalities of transcontinental mergers when he gets approached by a former classmate who suspects nefarious wrong doing and asks Converse for help.Converse gets drawn into international espionage, and eventually saves the world He travels across Europe, killing baddies and generally kicking butt, at the same time as he s trying [...]

  23. More first class writing by Ludlum It begins in Geneva There American lawyer Joel Converse meets a man he hasn t seen in twenty years, a covert operative who dies violently at his feet, whispering words that hand Converse a staggering legacy of death THE GENERALS THEY RE BACK AQUITAINE Suddenly Converse is running for his life, alone with the world s most shattering secret Pursued by anonymous executioners to the dark corners of Europe, he is forced to play a game of survival by blood rules he t [...]

  24. This was my first time reading Robert Ludlum, and it was something of a letdown The Aquitaine Progression feels very much like any generic spy thriller I tried to put myself in the right mindset for it, allowing myself to just enjoy a fast moving action story, but this text makes it difficult.The major problem is that at around 750 pages, this book is at least twice as long as it should be The many rounds of run capture escape become repetitious pretty quickly, and the plot, while I did my best [...]

  25. Well Something like 24 hours of listening But still such a rich novel Just like other Ludlum works, there are times where I just said, Get on with it Like chapters on the dossiers of the generals Geez almost a chapter a piece But the words, and intricacies of 2 3rds the book were amazing However the last 1 3rd is cleaned up way too nicely or neatly Oh it is satisfying But it IS too convenient Still Ludlum is was a good wordsmith And the number of times one thought things would work out, only to [...]

  26. The author takes the readers to the edge of their seats by putting the protagonist in a high intensity, action packed scenes with a lot of suspense yet to unfold He gives an interesting insight into the world of espionage and secret deals between people of authority in some of the highest positions in the government and military around the globe United by their common belief to create a stable world by ridding it of its present turmoils by the use of their military might How the hunters become t [...]

  27. This was written during Ludlum s prime but it probably isn t his best Still, it contains enough of the typical Ludlum genius to remain enthralling and it should captivate most through to its end It s essentially a chase story of the type for which Ludlum is known and even Ludlum at his less than best is better than 95% of thriller writers today.Give this a chance and don t let the h8 rs around here dissuade you from enjoying this terrific story If you re looking for possibly better examples of w [...]

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