Bone Crossed (2022)

[PDF] Bone Crossed | by ☆ Patricia Briggs - Bone Crossed, Bone Crossed By day Mercy is a car mechanic in the sprawling Tri Cities of Eastern Washington By night she explores her preternatural side As a shapeshifter with some unique talents Mercy has often found hersel [PDF] Bone Crossed | by ☆ Patricia Briggs - Bone Crossed, Bone Crossed By day Mercy is a car mechanic in the sprawling Tri Cities of Eastern Washington By night she explores her preternatural side As a shapeshifter with some unique talents Mercy has often found hersel
  • Title: Bone Crossed
  • Author: Patricia Briggs
  • ISBN: 9781841496863
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Bone Crossed
[PDF] Bone Crossed | by ☆ Patricia Briggs, Bone Crossed, Patricia Briggs, Bone Crossed By day Mercy is a car mechanic in the sprawling Tri Cities of Eastern Washington By night she explores her preternatural side As a shapeshifter with some unique talents Mercy has often found herself having to maintain a tenuous harmony between the human and the not so human This time she may get than she bargained for Marsilia the local Vampire Queen has learnBy day Mercy is a c
  • [PDF] Bone Crossed | by ☆ Patricia Briggs
    319 Patricia Briggs
Bone Crossed

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  1. If there is one reason why I love this series MERCY THOMPSON I want to be her best friend She s an amazing character brave, strong, humble, feisty, loyal, and she s a mechanic with a fabulous car And then there s her relationship with wolf shape shifter, Adam Hauptman He s a total alpha male possessive, arrogant, brave but he doesn t take over Mercy s life .he respects and admires her and of course he s totally in love with her swoon.what a man I love the world the author has created filled with [...]

  2. Another satisfying installment in the Mercy series, although there was somewhat of the flavor of an in between book about it That s not really a criticism from me when you are in a series for the long haul, it makes sense to take a breather and deal with all the events your characters have faced as well as integrate a feel of the everyday into their lives At the end of Iron Kissed, there were at least two significant events that needed follow up and I would have been disappointed in Briggs as a [...]

  3. Patricia Briggs continues to impress me with her oh so expressive writing that conveys so much, so economically I am truly in awe of her talent Clearly I am very behind on this series It s not due to a lack of appeal, but due to my reading style and my review reading taking up a lot of my reading time But I do love knowing that I have a guaranteed read when I reach for one of her books.Mercy is definitely near the top of my list of fictional characters I think I would love to have as a friend in [...]

  4. Final review, first posted on FantasyLiterature Mercy Thompson, a part Native American coyote shapeshifter or walker, and full time mechanic, is still dealing with the emotional aftermath of events in Iron Kissed, but at least she and the local werewolf Alpha, Adam, are on the right track now Unfortunately for them, their relationship plans promptly get interrupted Marsilia, the mistress of the local vampire clan or seethe I love that word , has found out that Mercy acted contrary to her orders [...]

  5. Great PNR series If you loved the Fever series and the Kate Daniels series, you ll love Mercy Thompson and Adamm.

  6. Mercy, mercy, Mercy Patricia Briggs latest Mercy Thompson novel Bone Crossed kept me on the edge of my seat, furiously reading to find out what happened next There s good news and bad news in Mercy s latest adventure and just when you think things will settle down, BAM, there s someone new looking to mess with Mercy s peace.Mercy is still recovering from her brutal rape at the hands of a fae possessed wacko Mercy managed to kill the b %tard, but it will be a while before the psychological scars [...]

  7. February 2018 Reread Buddy read with Sarah and Erica January 2017 Re read Buddy read with SarahJanuary 2016 Re read Buddy read with Sarah I ve never really loved this book as much as the previous 2 in the series, before But this re read was different for me It was stronger here I appreciated the villain, and the story, and everything that was happening Mercy needed this time, needed this moment especially after the events of the last book And even though this is one of the worst villains she s f [...]

  8. I really liked this book, this series gets better and better actually The cast is filling out nicely, and although there were a few plot twists that were a little obscure, whatever Nice emotional arc for the character, I really enjoyed it, hardback purchase justified

  9. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I enjoyed this book even during this re read This is definitely one of my all time favorite series and I honestly believe that everyone who hasn t read these books yet should run to the bookstore right away and buy them up This is the fourth book in the Mercy Thompson series and it picks up right after the events of the previous book It is really important that this series be read in order since some of the events are carried over f [...]

  10. 4 This installment in the Mercy world seemed to be of a refining and a bridging book After the horrible and devastating experiences Mercy had in the last book, the author decided that she, as well as us, the readers, need a bit of recovery and regrouping time She does that by slowing the pace a bit and letting Mercy and the wolfs work on developing their relationship She also found a way to intensify Stephan s connection with the little coyote poor vampire had to go through real torture courtes [...]

  11. Poor Mercy She doesn t get much of a break from her ordeal in the previous book before she s back in the action She seems to be the catalyst for trouble The magic world continues to gain new depth as the books continue, each new insight building on what we know from the previous books And then of course there s Adam and Mercyother excellent read.This series is a slow burner I wasn t that impressed with the first book, the second was better, the third a big wowser and SOLD

  12. Re read March 24th, 2017 Mercy manages to attract a lot of trouble and chaos, I guess that might be part of her nature as a Coyote After the events of the last book Mercy suffers panic attacks and some hesitatancy even though she knows Adam would never hurt her, but all that takes a back seat when Marsilia finds out about Andre Trying to figure out a way to keep the Pack safe and alive becomes her priority My thoughts Vampires are freaking scary The control they can have over others is frighteni [...]

  13. I think I had a fairly good run I managed to read two whole books before becoming once again severely put out with by Mercy Thompson This at least, lets me know that it was not my finicky mood that caused me to dislike Moon Called rather, there are honest to goodness irritants imbedded in Mercy s character description and narration that annoys this shit out of me First let me state how appalled I am by the fact that Briggs allowed her rapped heroine to have sex only a week after her rape WTF Sec [...]

  14. Posted on Under the CoversThis is my second time reading Bone Crossed Having not read the first three books the first time, I was completely lost to what was happening I didn t feel attached to Mercy s character and didn t find the romance engaging This time around though, everything was in perspective and I found that this book was a lot lighter in terms of the banter between characters Briggs really kicked up the humour in this book I found myself stupidly smiling at the teasing between Mercy [...]

  15. Finally, Stefan is back on the scene, still mysterious in motive, but protective to our heroine, Mercy And that is despite his treatment by the local vampire seethe Isn t that a great collective noun for vampires This is also the book that sees Mercy make her choice between werewolves Adam and Samuel I m somewhat disappointed that she had to choose, rather than remaining independent So often, once a choice is made, the sexual tension drains out of a series and it becomes less interesting I will [...]

  16. The fourth book in the Mercy Thompson series and am still not blown away but I can t stop reading it for some reason, I wonder why This had mystery than the other books but they all seem to follow the same pattern.Mercy gets in trouble, thinks about her love life a little and then manages to save herself almost at the last minute.The thoughts of possession the acts of possessing a person in this book were so high She belongs to that person blah blah blah.It was an entertaining read though.

  17. This was a pretty good read, but not as satisfying as the earlier books Why is there always a drop in quality when these series move into hardback First of all, this book picks up right where the previous one left off, as if the action had been uninterrupted It didn t feel like an opening chapter, but rather like I had opened a book in the middle and picked a chapter at random The emotional intensity of the earlier books is missing here, particularly in Mercy s interaction with Stefan The book i [...]

  18. 1st Read July 20102nd Read March 2014 3rd Read January 20164th Read January 2017 5th Read February 2018Original ReviewWhen Stephan appears in Mercy s trailer on the verge of death she discovers that Marsilia queen of the local vampire seethe has found out about the vampire that Mercy killed To say that Marsilia is unhappy is an understatement Stephan has been thrown out of the seethe for helping keep Mercy s secret Marsilia wants blood preferably Mercy s but she is happy to target her friends to [...]

  19. This is the first book where we get the dual plotline format, presumably because Briggs liked both concepts but couldn t figure out a way to stretch them both out into book length It s strange to have one plot advertised on the cover, and then have a completely different one make up most of the book, especially when there is nothing tying the two together, except Mercy It must suck to have two super powerful bad guys plotting against you at the exact same time.There s nothing particularly memora [...]

  20. 3.5Figures, the moment I think about giving up with this series, the 4th picks up Liked it much than all the others, simply because Adam and Mercy interact with each other I don t need sex in the books, that s why I love reading YA books, but I do need for both main characters have some sort of communication And this book gave me that And still, I like the vamps in this series than werewolves And I usually go for furry animals and not blood sucking ones Definitely will continue with the series [...]

  21. I do love Lorelai King s audio for this series, but the series itself isn t doing much for me This installment sees Mercy tangle with a few ghosts and vampires the vampires in particular are melodramatic and long winded I very much enjoyed meeting Chad it s so rare to find deaf characters The ghosts and fae were my favorite parts especially that oak tree I m definitely invested in the Alpha Omega series which still floors me bc PNR is NOT my thing and AO is certainly lovey dovey than Mercy Ot [...]

  22. 1st Read 15 July, 2012I like almost all the characters in this series, isn t that weird 2nd read 24 25 June, 2015I love the series.

  23. Yay, Stefan s back in this book Since he is my favorite character in the series, I seriously missed him in the last book And, he is better than ever Want to explain to the kid that I m a Spike than a Buffy A villain, not a superhero I batted my eyelashes at him You re my hero I m no one s hero, Mercy I turned my face until I was looking directly at Chad Do you think that means I won t get to see him in spandex Chad made a yuck face hey, I told them, watching good looking men run around in tight [...]

  24. Fourth book in the urban fantasy with the werecoyote car mechanic.Why did I read this The third book did such a terrible job with the aftermath of rape OMG I have been raped and am therefore unworthy of my boyfriend s love , and I thought I was done This book walks back the very worst of the last book, then wanders along through your standard issue urban fantasy plot, with extra werewolf mating It would be unexceptionable, if only Briggs didn t keep trying to have, you know, issues Mercy s PTSD [...]

  25. I know I said this about Iron Kissed, but I think this might be my favourite in the series It had the same kind of mystery plot as the other books, but with the added extra of Adam and Mercy trying making the first forage into their relationship I can t really say anything different about Bone Crossed that I have about the other books in the series Mercy is now a firmly one of my favourite heroines, the plot was interesting and kept me guessing and Adam was wicked hot For me this series gets bet [...]

  26. walking stick Review of audiobook This fourth installment of Mercy Thompson s series is very well narrated by Lorelei King Ms King certainly has cemented her voice as Mercy s in my brain and she delivers nicely for this first person narrative Love her Italian accent for Stefan, who features prominently in this volume.As far as the story, it is so great to hear Mercy rise above what had happened to her and do so realistically I was pretty upset after Iron Kissed I wanted to give the series a rest [...]

  27. One of the oddest things about being grown up was looking back at something you thought you knew and finding out the truth of it was completely different from what you had always believed Well isn t that true Mercy has always felt like she was on the outside looking in and alone Raised by the wolves she was still never part of the pack, little did she know how important she was to Bran the Alpha of all Alphas When she accepted Adam as her mate she never really knew what that would mean Now that [...]

  28. Bone Crossed is not on my top favorites list in this series Actually, it is probably my least favorite.Mercy s mother pays an unexpected visit due to the rape and murder from the previous book Ben, as weird and revealing as his character proved in the last book had a warm reaction to her presence.But his attention was all for my mother Ben s She s married, I warned him And if you call her a rude name, she ll shoot you with her pretty pink gun and I ll spit on your grave Adam said, Ben Meet Mercy [...]

  29. I feel like if I tried to explain what I do and don t like about these books, it s not going to make any sense My mind wanders Even during the exciting parts I don t know I wish I did It must be a personal style thing because I do read non fluffy books and not the usual genre standard books My mind wanders Even right after I finish a chapter which held my interest, my mind wanders when things lull out for a minute The series is good enough, but not grabbing me I ll possibly try book 5 after a br [...]

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