Where We Left Off (2022)

Where We Left Off Best Download || [Roan Parrish] - Where We Left Off, Where We Left Off Leo Ware may be young but he knows what he wants And what he wants is Will Highland Snarky sophisticated fiercely opinionated Will Highland who burst into Leo s unremarkable life like a supernova Where We Left Off Best Download || [Roan Parrish] - Where We Left Off, Where We Left Off Leo Ware may be young but he knows what he wants And what he wants is Will Highland Snarky sophisticated fiercely opinionated Will Highland who burst into Leo s unremarkable life like a supernova
  • Title: Where We Left Off
  • Author: Roan Parrish
  • ISBN: 9781634776912
  • Page: 199
  • Format: ebook
Where We Left Off
Where We Left Off Best Download || [Roan Parrish], Where We Left Off, Roan Parrish, Where We Left Off Leo Ware may be young but he knows what he wants And what he wants is Will Highland Snarky sophisticated fiercely opinionated Will Highland who burst into Leo s unremarkable life like a supernova and then was gone just as quickly For the past miserable year Leo hasn t been able to stop thinking about the powerful connection he and Will shared So when Leo moves toLeo Ware ma
  • Where We Left Off Best Download || [Roan Parrish]
    199 Roan Parrish
Where We Left Off

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  1. BR with Jewel You guys, I want to include some disclaimers Here they are I m going to try really hard not to be ranty And I ll probably fail because this book made me crazy I m not discouraging anyone from reading this book I admit I hated one of the MCs from the get go, and that colored my perception of the story The comments are full of spoilers Moving on I really liked book 2, but we don t see Colin and Rafe here at all Leo is friends with Daniel though, so we get some face to face time with [...]

  2. 3 Stars Where We Left Off is a MM contemporary romance and the third book in Roan Parrish s Middle of Somewhere series While this book is about a different couple than in book one and two, both the protagonists do appear previously in this series I do recommend reading book one and two before diving into this one simply because I believe you d get a greater reading experience by reading the first two books in sequential order Plus, the first two books are amazing So in this installment to the se [...]

  3. 3.5 Stars.I ve really struggled with my rating here.I did have a few issues with it and it s not a 3 Star so I m going with 4 Stars overall.Leo.Will.I haven t read book one but absolutely loved book two.I think I m right in saying Leo and Will feature in book one and I don t know but maybe if I d read that I would have understood their characters Leo is 19 and has been crushing on Will for years ever since they kissed.He s just started college at NYU and it s maybe no coincidence that s where W [...]

  4. I ve decided not to read this book I stayed off for almost 48 hours that was hard so I wouldn t be inadvertently spoiled but asked a friend who has read it one question How old is Leo at the end of the book She said 20 Frankly, that is too young for me in a May December romance Two 20 year old s Not my first preference, but I would read it.We all have our favorite authors and genres We also have books that we know won t work for us, or rarely work for us My list is historical, SciFi, non shifter [...]

  5. 3.5 stars In Zeno s paradox, halving the distance between you and what you sought meant that you would go on forever, always moving closer but never actually reaching it But maybe if you set your sights on a thing beyond what you sought then you would eventually find yourself smack in the middle of it, having tricked the universe into rendering up exactly what you wanted Roan Parrish is easily one of my new favorite authors that I discovered this year Her writing is spectacular and she always ma [...]

  6. BR with Dani 3.5 StarsSo this series has taken a New Adult Coming of Age turn Where We Left Off isn t really what I would call a romance It does have some romantic elements, but by and large, it just isn t Now, that isn t at all a deal breaker for me, but I wasn t expecting it, so it took me a bit to settle into the rhythm of the story.Leo Ware is nineteen at the start of the story and finally able to start college at NYU, after being set back a year in his plans because of financial aid issues [...]

  7. I ve been waiting for a story featuring Will and Leo ever since I read In the Middle of Somewhere I was surprised it ended up being one story featuring the two of them together Not necessarily because of their age gap, but because they are in such obviously disparate emotional and psychological places in their lives.Where We Left Off is a New Adult drama that s mostly about Leo finding his way, his place and, ultimately, where he belongs Along the way there s also the angst of Leo desperately wa [...]

  8. SPOILERS I really wanted to begin this review with a gif I wanted to convey to you all how upset I am by thisisterary abortion This war crime of a book I want.Gah I can t decide what gif to use Do I go with a table flip Someone crying Screaming at the injustice of it all My feels are all tangled, and not in a good way Not in a nice, philosophical, that s so beautiful and profound I m going to curl up in a sock drawer and sleep for days kind of way No I m pissed And incredulous And straight up di [...]

  9. 3 Stars I love Roan Parrish s books In the Middle of Somewhere and Out of Nowhere are two of my favorite books And when I read In the Middle of Somewhere, Leo and Will and the chemistry they had fascinated me and made me look forward to their book But this book turned out in a way I never expected.I love coming of age stories and they are really good They show the development of character and shows how they grow but for most part in this book I felt like Leo kept going around in a circle The sam [...]

  10. Anytime a book is set in New York City, I m automatically a bit interested There s just something captivating about the Big Apple Seeing the city through Leo s eyes was a treat.It was easy to love Leo It would be hard not to He s adorable kind, caring, friendly, and just a tad awkward He jumps headfirst into his new life in NYC, making friends and enjoying the experience of the massive bustling city Will, with his ice cold exterior and standoffishness, took a bit getting used to However, his a [...]

  11. It s no secret I m a huge fan of Roan Parrish s writing, and have been ever since I read her fantastic debut novel, In the Middle of Somewhere The second book in the series, Out of Nowhere, is one of my favorite books of all times I can go on and on about how much I loved that book and why it was so romantic and affecting to me as a reader, but most of it boils down to my absolute conviction that the most important romance is the one we have with ourselves And watching someone fall in love with [...]

  12. I loved it Fant stico Real Diferente Valiente Rom ntico.Comenc este libro con absoluto terror, las cr ticas no me ten an convencida y despu s de desear durante meses que saliera iba a ser doloroso que al final no me gustara Doloroso porque me gusta la autora y porque, con todas sus faltas, adoro esta serie y sus personajes.Nah, no ten a por qu haberme preocupado, deber a haber sabido que muchas veces mis opiniones no coinciden con los de la mayor a, al menos en este entorno Will y Leo ya nos lo [...]

  13. You guys.I just don t want to rate this book I won t rate it, actually It s definitely a divisive and unconventional story, but it sstill romance Just not my kind of romance, and I don t want to give a low rating to something that is very real to some people just because it doesn t agree with my rather traditional views of relationships.The coming of age part of the story was done perfectly, the college students and college life in general was so very realistic, and the sex was smoking hot The r [...]

  14. BR, November 13th with Paul 2.5 stars I ve never been that happy finishing a book I m so disappointed.For the life of me I couldn t understand Leo s attraction to Will I was begging for Leo to grow the fuck up and find someone else, anyone I didn t like Will AT ALL I thought he was an emotionally constipaded asshole that treated people like shit.If you re wanting to read about a romance, I wouldn t recommend this It s of a coming of agekinda book About an incredibly navive 19 year old boy Leo t [...]

  15. 3,5 starsAgain I have to mention I couldn t keep my ranting spoiler free So there are spoilers ahead This is the third book in the Middle of Somewhere series I couldn t wait to read Will and Leo s story ever since I finished In the Middle of Somewhere Sassy but romantic 19 years old Leo and beautiful model looking Will shared a kiss that made Leo fall desperately in love and go all the way to NYU to chase Will Leo was infatuated with Will even before they got the chance to get to know each other [...]

  16. I wish I even knew where to begin with this one This is probably going to be a bit of a rambling rant because I m honestly at a loss for how to explain this book and how I felt about it So here goes nothingor maybe everythingLet s start at the beginning and by that I mean the cover I ve loved the covers on these books every last one of them without exception.Ok, moving on to the real issue herewhat s between the covers the story of Leo and Will If you ve read the first book you ll remember them [...]

  17. Ok, I m going to break this down, keep everything completely on the level, and give myself a slap full of for reals.Here goes.Dear Will,I don t like you I don t like your face I don t like the way you throw out mixed signals when you ve clearly lived enough life to know better And none of that but I just can t help myself rubbish No You re a fully grown adult Just because a nineteen year old freckled cupcake is throwing himself at you doesn t mean you have to say yes, oh yes, I won t ever love y [...]

  18. No rating b c I beta d I feel a bit annoyed at not rating this, because it is actually my favourite of the series, and the only one I would have awarded five stars to So take this as an informal five star review that I m holding off on to avoid skewing algorithm Also note that this is a pretty impressionistic review I m reflecting on the themes that hit me, not the plot detail.This book, man This book just gets so much right about people, about college, and about growing up It s a coming of age [...]

  19. Ok, this settles it Roan Parrish is one my favourite authors Her writing just speaks to me And the third book in the series is just as amazing as the first two.This is Leo and Will s story Leo has the hugest crush on Will, Rex s friend from book 1, and decides to go to college in New York in the hopes of becoming closer with him Will is all about the one night stands, serial non monogamist, and weirdly endeared to Leo s teenage ways This is a coming of age story Or rather, it is not a romance in [...]

  20. 5 StarsReviewed for Just Love Romance ARC received by publisher in exchange for an honest review.I flat out adored Leo from the first book in this series, so to say I was excited about this release is an understatement The first thing I noticed is that College Edition Leo is less sassy and a little less sure of himself than the kid from In the Middle Of Somewhere But that s to be expected he s a 19 year old from a small town who s about to start school in New York City, where his crush ha Will l [...]

  21. Me ha gustado much simo 6 estrellas y directo al cielo de los OTPsYa estaba vendida a Will y Leo antes de empezar, y tras leer su historia ya soy suya para siempre.Will Aawwwww, Will te quieroooo Qu personaje tan maravilloso Empiezo a escribir sobre l para acabar borr ndolo despu s porque no encuentro palabras.Y Leo Leo es adorable, y valiente y lo quieres abrazar mucho, mucho.Creo sinceramente que hacen falta m s historias como esta en el g nero, da gusto leer algo que se sale de la norma, a m [...]

  22. Opini n impopular y absolutamente subjetiva Pues me parece que lo voy a dejar sin puntuar, porque a mi este libro no me ha gustado nada, desde las tripas, pero tambi n creo que no se merece una estrella.La clave en esta lectura son los MC, y a m ninguno de ellos me ha hecho til n, ni por separado y mucho menos juntos, ya en ITMOS me cayeron fatal, si a eso le a ades que el coming of age me engancha en muy contadas ocasiones, el resultado es un c ctel Molotov que me ha explotado en la cara me he [...]

  23. 5 starsWow Justwow.I wasn t sure if Roan Parrish could improve upon the previous two books in this series, but she really outdid herself here I couldn t love Will and Leo if I tried I honestly think that if things went differently between the two of them, if things had been easier and tied up neatly at the end, I would have been disappointed And I think anyone who reads this and is still upset that they didn t get the typical paint by numbers HEA, is completely missing the point I love that the [...]

  24. Loved, loved, loved books one and twot barely finished this one First off, this book is absolutely nothing like the first two, it felt almost as if a different author wrote it Secondly, it was so boring dealing with Leo and his classes, Leo and his friends, Leo growing up and learning to be an adult This truly was not a romance, in my opinion, just a kid who fell for a man who told him from jump street that he was not love or relationship material, but pushed the issue anyway Leo got hurt, Will [...]

  25. I ve been a little burned out on contemporary romance but took a chance on this series at the beginning of the year and was totally blown away because it just feels different to me than the same old, same old, and because I really dig Roan s writing style and her use of language All three books in the series are now 5 star reads for me and the first and this one are going on my favourite shelf for this year Um, not many books make it there, so.Basically, reading these books is like pure heaven t [...]

  26. Well, my wish came true and Spencer Goss narrated the audio book How did he do Read onThis is going to be a gushing review, so I make my apologies now in case you have need of tissues or a bucket All the stars d , in fact even the one called The Shire.A really well written story from Roan, and as seems to be the norm with her work, Spencer puts his heart and soul into the narration just as he did with Out of Nowhere and Rhys Ford s Fish Stick Fridays For me, he has elevated this story from merel [...]

  27. First thing first It s a little bit of Will Leo in all of us I just had to get that out Let s just be honest friends, Monogamy isn t for everyone There I said it Initially, I had a feeling that this was going to be the one people didn t connect to I mean, everyone wants to read the grand love story They want the magic of finding someone and falling in love They want to read about love, need, wants, and passion I m one of those people as well But I do live in the real world, where shit ain t swee [...]

  28. More I want I loved it I held my breath waiting for it and it didn t disappoint Incredible, original, beautiful, modern love story.I ll review in a sec, when I catch my breath.OK, I love coming of age stories This is a coming of age story.I love characters who stay true to themselves even when it hurts or worse, hurts other people These characters are solid There are no nice little bows with one of them doing an abrupt turnabout.Leo is 19 Will is older Maybe not that much older Less than 10 yea [...]

  29. Frustrating as all hell I loved Leo and applauded his persistence, he was gold Will took a while his closed off vulnerability wore on me a bit but I guess that was the nature of his character Certainly enjoyed it, but some parts were a bit harder to slog through

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