Stuck in the Game (2022)

Unlimited Stuck in the Game - by Christopher Keene - Stuck in the Game, Stuck in the Game This book is a blast Soapbox Reviewer After a terrible car accident puts seventeen year old Noah Newbolt into a coma he is hooked up to the innovative Dream Engine a virtual reality helmet that im Unlimited Stuck in the Game - by Christopher Keene - Stuck in the Game, Stuck in the Game This book is a blast Soapbox Reviewer After a terrible car accident puts seventeen year old Noah Newbolt into a coma he is hooked up to the innovative Dream Engine a virtual reality helmet that im
  • Title: Stuck in the Game
  • Author: Christopher Keene
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Stuck in the Game
Unlimited Stuck in the Game - by Christopher Keene, Stuck in the Game, Christopher Keene, Stuck in the Game This book is a blast Soapbox Reviewer After a terrible car accident puts seventeen year old Noah Newbolt into a coma he is hooked up to the innovative Dream Engine a virtual reality helmet that immerses the player in an online fantasy game The Dream Engine keeps Noah s mind alive while doctors frantically work to heal his body but dying in the game cou This book is a blast S
  • Unlimited Stuck in the Game - by Christopher Keene
    402 Christopher Keene
Stuck in the Game

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  1. A great read for gamers as it really relates to the addictiveness of games and how easy it is to get hooked The book describes the virtual world brilliantly so you get a real sense of being thereCharacters are very relatable too and not too many as you could easily get confusedThank you very much Christopher Keene

  2. Stuck in the Game follows Noah, a 17 year old boy who wakes up in a virtual reality video game after a devastating car accident that left him paralyzed and his girlfriend in critical condition He must survive the game until his brain is ready to wake up otherwise he runs the risk of slipping into a coma Just like Noah is placed into the game, Keene drops his readers right into action and doesn t let up until the very end I gave Stuck in the Game 3 out of 5 stars, so here s what I enjoyed about t [...]

  3. Stuck In The Game by Christopher KeeneRating 2.5 StarsI would like to state upfront that I was sent this ebook for free from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review Summary Noah has recently been in a car crash and lies paralyzed in the hospital There s only one was for him to currently communicate with the real world, and that is using Dream Game, the newest virtual reality game that hooks straight into the brain There s one catch If Noah dies in the game, he won t regenerate h [...]

  4. 4.5 Stars I have an extreme love for books about VR games When I had picked up this book I was hesitant but it did not disappoint The author was really able to draw you in from the beginning and you won t want to put it down which I can t say for many books I really enjoyed this book and I m so glad Future House sent me an ARC so thank you

  5. When I read the synopsis for Stuck In The Game, I was immediately interested It strongly reminded me of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, if only because the story takes place in a Virtual Reality World, and Ready Player One happened to be one of my favorite books of 2015 So no surprise I was excited to read it.First of, before I start raving about this story because yes, I loved it this is not another Ready Player One The story line is completely different Seventeen year old Noah experiences a [...]

  6. I enjoyed Stuck in the Game I was pleasantly surprised.Why I like the book First, I was thinking Ready Player One It started a little slow Settings things up In retrospect, perhaps I was impatient Soon, I was satisfied that it was not another Ready Player One Yes, some similarity, but a unique approach to the VR game thing Noah has been in a terrible automobile accident He is paralyzed and in a coma Sue, his girlfriend, is also grievously injured Doctors and the helpful mega game corporation Won [...]

  7. Stuck in the Game tells the story of Noah Noah s friends have become immersed in a virtual reality game, played via the Dream Engine, which Noah and his girlfriend would like nothing to do with After a tragic accident that leaves Noah paralysed in hospital, the doctors keep him from slipping into a coma by hooking him up to the Dream Engine Noah has one life in the game, dying in the game may result in Noah slipping into a coma.The book starts of slow with Noah undertaking the tutorial, like in [...]

  8. Stuck in the Game was an entertaining read It started slow, rather too heavy on the explain everything did we really need to go through the game tutorials and took a long time to get to the action, however Certain elements felt a bit heavy on the cliches, but it is a computer game world, after all, so some of that is to be expected Likewise, a couple of readers felt that the female characters were described in too much detail compared to the male but that makes sense, given the narrator is male [...]

  9. I was given an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.Wow At first the plot seemed similar to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, but it soon proved to be it s own work of art The plot is something that grabbed me from the first page Noah and his girlfriend Sue are in a car accident and no one knows what happened, Noah is in a coma and thrust into this almost virtual reality world that the whole world is obsessed with Noah recalls bits and pieces of his crash throughout his journey [...]

  10. I m excited to have received a copy of STUCK IN THE GAME from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review Noah and his girlfriend were in a horrific car crash that left them in the hospital, fighting for their lives Now hooked up to the Dream Engine a video game most of Noah s friends play, although he hasn t until now he must stay alive in the game long enough for his brain to recover Otherwise, he ll slip into a coma Unfortunately, the remains of his girlfriend s consciousness are [...]

  11. Arc Review of Stuck in the Game written by Christopher Keene Stuck in the Game is a wonderful mixture of science fiction and fantasy At first I wasn t sure I would like the plot which focuses on the main character Noah being in an altered state of consciousness game while he recovers from an accident But once I got past the chapter on Noah learning the tutorial of how the game works while under the influence of the Dream State Drug the plot grew into a suspenseful who dunnit story that I liked T [...]

  12. Huge thanks to Future House Publishing for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review This book was so much fun to read, also intense at timesIt s been quite a while since the last time I actually finished reading anything So, to be marking this book as Read seems like such a huge accomplishment to me I have been extremely busy these past three months Right, let s get to it then The title of this book pretty much explains it all I think it s very straightforward and fast paced I really li [...]

  13. I was given an ARC for this book by Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review.The story is something seen, nothing much new there, typical tragedy at the start and a new chance at life covered by his new condition, and everything s pretty much common about until it start to change and takes on a different approach at how to develop the world and story, i must say even if i dislike how the mc acts contrary to what he says and other stuff it is quite the fun read, if you get past al [...]

  14. Stuck in the Game was a fun trip through familiar tropes for anyone into MMORPGs Keene created interesting characters and kept me reading the story in one sitting You can read my full review over on MySF Reviews.

  15. I m going to say it right off the bat I m not a huge cyberpunk fan I m honestly not sure if it s the concept itself that doesn t gel for me, the fact that I feel like it s been completely overplayed and too popular to where it has it s own aisle in most cons, done way too shoddily too many times since it s conception, or if it s just not for me as a whole In any case, it takes a lot for me to get invested in a new cyberpunk adventure When I picked up the book I m reviewing today, Stuck in the Ga [...]

  16. This book follows Noah after being in a serious car crash, and his recovery state is reliant upon how well he does in the DreamGame This is a great book for those that love video games and books I am that person for sure because the combination is done so well The gameplay itself was reminiscent of a particular game I loved, so I enjoyed the book that much I loved how different things were revealed as the story went on, as well as things getting progressively difficult.I thought that Noah s lu [...]

  17. Received a free copy of this by the author for a impartial review The goodOverall the story catches your attention and for the most part is well thought out I found myself caring about the Main character the i read The not so good The occasional poor bad wrong word choices not really a major issuebut it does break up the flow of the story once in a while The story seemsRushed in places Could use world building The badNothing A note on my rating My default for books that i like is 4 stars i Lik [...]

  18. Disclaimer I was provided this e book for free in exchange for my honest review and feedback.The summery provided for the book actually describes the first 20 pages, The beginning is rushed as we hurry to get the MC into the virtual world where the story really begins This is an issue as it creates plot holes that are addressed by the end of the book and makes it seem like back peddling then anything else Although this is classified under YA the writing style makes it suitable for 12 14 year o [...]

  19. When it comes to LitRPGs, this is one of the best The Characters are compelling, believable, and fun Even , the Game world that the books portray would get any fan of such games chomping at the bit to log into the world Even if such a game was merely a standard MMO like WoW or EverQuest, you still want to experience it, although all the while you would be envious of the characters in the book who get to jump in with full VR immersion.I don t want to add any spoilers to the review Don t you hate [...]

  20. This was a pretty good book The story is well written, the plot is well done, and the lead character in game is fairly well developed I m looking forward to the sequel that is likely coming.

  21. The premise of this book sounds amazing But it just didn t deliver for me As the story begins, Noah has been in a car accident and is in a coma Somehow, the doctors are able to hook him up to the Dream Engine, a virtual reality helmet that immerses him in an online fantasy game The main premise is that he needs to stay alive in the game or he will go into a coma in real life Except that he is already in a coma, so that doesn t make any sort of sense at all And regardless of this, Noah makes a lo [...]

  22. Check out the original review on my blog, To Read or Not to Read I really like the basis of Stuck in the Game I ve always thought stories about people playing immersive video games is clever, because it s a story of escapism told through the greatest form of escapism there currently exists BOOKS.It s like an enigma wrapped in a paradox Keene has good detail, both for the world within the fantasy based video game Noah is trapped in and for how he describes Noah being trapped in it I really felt a [...]

  23. There really is a big difference between playing the game and just surviving in it Stuck in the Game begins with Noah, a boy who entered a coma after a serious car crash that he got into with his girlfriend, who enters the popular Dream Game in order to maintain contact with the outside world This was very much a 3 star read for me, and here s why.Something that I liked was that the world building in this book was fantastic Being inside of a video game, that is to be expected, but Christopher Ke [...]

  24. Before I start my review, I would like to thank Future House Publishing for allowing me to review Stuck in the Game by Christopher Keene All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone I received Stuck in the Game from Future House Publishing as an ARC for my honest and unbiased review Now onto my review This book was great As a long time gamer former WoW.well until the new expansion is released and then I will reactivate my account haha , I loved that the author picked an MMORPG game [...]

  25. Kindle Unlimited not sure how different or weird a LitRPG type story has to be to be different but this oneless stats overall but of other stuff and not very much of real life non gamer storyline at all It was definitely worth a look As many books as I go thru in just one day, that s saying a lot, the different.

  26. I was given an E copy of the book for an unbiased review So if I miss the main due date a review is needed, it means it was taking me way too long to get through a book That has happened in this case I don t feel like I am the target audience for a book like this But I think it would be very interesting for tweens and older who are into role playing online games Dungeons and Dragons style.I loved Ready Player One so when I read the premise of this book, it seemed like it was on the same waveleng [...]

  27. This book was very straightforward but it was very entertaining I like the imagery that was used in the book and the words were flowing, that it was an easy read There wasn t much I dislike about the book and the only thing that I did dislike was the conveying of personalities But I must say, that Stuck in the Game makes you feel as though you are really in the game The book is basically a written version of a game, which is probably the reason was it s interesting and there are aspects of the b [...]

  28. I very much enjoyed reading Stuck in the Game It appeals to the gamer in me, but also to my love of sci fi and fantasy stories I know the concept of being trapped in a VR game is not exactly original think Sword Art Online , but I do think that Keene s use of the idea was both creatively and interestingly executed Also, the whole idea of using VR in medicine cyberpunk, original, and thought provoking from both a scientific and an ethical standpoint The balance of game mechanics and descriptions [...]

  29. Initial rating 3.75This story follows after the car accident that put Noah into a coma and his girlfriend in a terrible condition In order to communicate with his parents and to the outside world he was put in a dream engine, a virtual reality game where he needs to survive in order to recover from this coma If he dies in the game it could result to him not waking up and losing all communication he has.I seriously enjoy this book though it s a bit slow at first but as soon as the book picks up I [...]

  30. I think gamers would probably enjoy this book I also think that anyone who likes mystery should read this book This isn t just your normal sci fi book There are many layers to this book.Basically you can figure out that someone is stuck in the game from the title Well Noah and his girlfriend were in a car accident and long story short Noah needs to stay alive in the game or he may slip into a coma in real life Next comes lots of action and adventure and then a mystery starts to unfold Who is beh [...]

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