The Tale of the Body Thief (2022)

[PDF] The Tale of the Body Thief | by ☆ Anne Rice - The Tale of the Body Thief, The Tale of the Body Thief In a gripping feat of storytelling Anne Rice continues the extraordinary Vampire Chronicles that began with the now classic Interview with the Vampire For centuries Lestat vampire hero enchanter s [PDF] The Tale of the Body Thief | by ☆ Anne Rice - The Tale of the Body Thief, The Tale of the Body Thief In a gripping feat of storytelling Anne Rice continues the extraordinary Vampire Chronicles that began with the now classic Interview with the Vampire For centuries Lestat vampire hero enchanter s
  • Title: The Tale of the Body Thief
  • Author: Anne Rice
  • ISBN: 9780345419637
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
The Tale of the Body Thief
[PDF] The Tale of the Body Thief | by ☆ Anne Rice, The Tale of the Body Thief, Anne Rice, The Tale of the Body Thief In a gripping feat of storytelling Anne Rice continues the extraordinary Vampire Chronicles that began with the now classic Interview with the Vampire For centuries Lestat vampire hero enchanter seducer of mortals has been a courted prince in the dark and flourishing universe of the living dead Now he is alone And in his overwhelming need to destroy his doubts and hI
  • [PDF] The Tale of the Body Thief | by ☆ Anne Rice
    206 Anne Rice
The Tale of the Body Thief

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  1. The first Rice novel I ever read I was in Bari, Italy, waiting for the ferry to take me to Corfu, Greece I was reading a hideously boring Candadian novel, and the young lady in line next to me was reading The Tale of the Body Thief We switched books I had never heard of Anne Rice I fell in love with the book Soon after, when I was in Sorrento a few weeks later, I was searching for any Rice books I could find Her writing is lush Reading this book was like wearing a mink coat inside out i.e you fe [...]

  2. She s way too in love with her own writing at this point Takes ten pages to describe the front of a mansion In the words of the great Casey Kasem Ponderous man, f ing ponderous.

  3. Bullet Review Wow What a serious waste of my time I felt bad when I was bored with The Queen of the Damned, which I attribute to being Vampire Chronicle d out, but I can t use that excuse with this book I had quite a few months between Queen of the Damned and whatever THIS is.This book has a thread of a good idea a being who can switch bodies and Lestat who wants to be a human again and RUINS it with endless talking and thinking about the same points ad nauseum Scenes that could have been powerf [...]

  4. I thought that this is by far Anne Rice s best description of Lestat s true character Everything he did in this book was exactly what I would expect someone who is supposed to be so selfish and evil to do Throughout the rest of the books Rice tries so hard to tell you that Lestat is really not good, that he can do evil things, and she tries desperately to make him into this anti hero This is the first book where I think she does a really good job of it This makes me want to read about Lestat In [...]

  5. Leer sobre vampiros no es una nueva moda Los vampiros no nacieron como una explosi n de hormonas adolescentes, ni mucho menos del cine aunque sea este el que nos haya dado las im genes m s vivas y majestuosas de ellos Seguramente no muchos estuvieron de acuerdo con el ahora clich del vampiro refinado y elegante que cre Polidori en su c lebre relato El Vampiro , que luego pareci afamarse con la obra de Bram Stoker Dr cula , inspirada en parte en la historia del conde Vlad Tepes Pero juzgar a un l [...]

  6. 3.5 stars Another solid chapter in one of the most iconic vampire series of all time It is amazing that even after all this time and the endless series of vampire novels that this series still shines as one of the better ones Recommended

  7. The Tale of the Body Thief is the 4th book in the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice And it is by far the best one Lestat is being followed Everywhere he goes he senses that someone is watching him He can t shake it Finally, his mysterious follower leaves him instructions to meet Is it a trap Is he being lured in under false pretenses Of course, every single person that Lestat talks to instructs him NOT to go.So, being Lestat he goes.The man who Lestat meets offers him a once in a lifetime opportun [...]

  8. I enjoyed Tale of the Body Thief than any other installment of Anne Rice s Vampire Chronicles up to this point in the series Unlike all of her other vampire novels, Rice doesn t spend half the book in flashbacks relating someone s history, and for that we are rewarded More than ever before we are inside the mind of the vampire Lestat and can revel in his fiesty, pompous spirit and feel closer to him than ever before I remember when reading The Queen of the Damned I was getting sick of the flash [...]

  9. It is official this is the book that made me an unwavering fan of Lestat While the previous Vampire Chronicle, Queen of the Damned features an array of characters and scenarios, there wasn t as much a focus on the Brat Prince In this, the fourth book in the series, Anne Rice has almost inverted that Lestat de Lioncourt is front and center through all of it the reader gets to, finally, see him fall, and seek redemption The concept is pretty simple Lestat, after over two centuries of being a vampi [...]

  10. My first read of the The Vampire Lestat was quite some years ago, I was somewhere around 15 at the time I remember being delightfully amazed by this character, the sheer raw sensuality of his persona and of the way he conducted himself Always wanting everyone to notice him, to fear him, to love him, and actually giving them all the tools required to do so.The torture of immortality is always a floating theme in Rice s books So is the appreciation of everything thats fragile and beautiful for tha [...]

  11. Revenge is the concern of those who are at some point or other beaten I am not beaten, I told myself No, not beaten And victory is far interesting to contemplate than revenge It s weird re reading this book in a good way As a middle school brat I hated this book It s full of long descriptions, winy vampires and humans, and a old man that somehow captured Lestat s attention So why would anyone read this and think it s awesome One tiny flame could make so many other flames one tiny flame could se [...]

  12. 3 StarsReview I won t even do lists this time because I had the same likes and dislikes The plot was slow really slow for a while in the beginning , the writing was a bit odd with the flashbacks and characters telling long stories to one another, but I m invested in the characters, and that s why I can t stop reading this series.This one was much focused on Lestat though, whereas the other books had a lot about the other vampires as well And, to be honest, I think I m invested in the others th [...]

  13. Lestat returns, in this the fourth novel in the Vampire Chronicles Lestat, always one looking for trouble, always philosophizing, meets with a Body Thief a man capable of switching bodies with other people, most of the time against their will Lestat agrees to switch bodies with this Body Thief for one day, so that he can feel what it is like to be human again.As one expects, everything does not go as plan, and Lestat has to try and get himself out of the dangerous position he has put himself in. [...]

  14. Why did I like this book so much Why is Anne Rice simultaneously a literary genius and batshit insane I shouldn t have liked this book, anyway there were a lot of little things that irked me while I was reading it but in the end, there I was completely engrossed again Raglan is a kickass weirdo of a character and her descriptions of his movements in the fantastically creepy lead up to his introduction have stuck with me for half a decade now she s still obviously a liiiittle bit too obsessively [...]

  15. This book is very good It is well written and packed of life reflections There is no doubt that Anne Rice knows what she is doing.Particularly, I just don t think that this installment is at the same level as the first three books of this series To me, this book seems to center in introspections and rumination than in the actual plot The storyline feels like an excuse for all the pondering, deliberating and meditating that the characters do Don t get me wrong, it was very interesting, it just d [...]

  16. Lestat is at it again Such an impetuous beast Triple dog dare him and he will do it in a heartbeat This time he meets a man who can switch souls and steal bodies as if they are mere vessels His acquaintance may be Lestat s undoing Along with his close friend, David, they chase this man down Louis makes an appearance as well as Claudia Loved that We soar to Paris, the Bahamas, New Orleans Lots of money thrown around Rice does it again.

  17. A good story interesting and captivating but it is safe to say that Lestat has to be the world s biggest moron to not see what happens coming Also I predicted one of the big twists at the end, but not the final one so good on Anne Rice for that.There was one scene that probably didn t need to be written in complete detail, which knocked this down a star.I am still interested in seeing where and what Lestat gets himself into next.

  18. This is part of my quest to read and re read the Anne Rice Vampire series and the Mayfair Witches series as they blend together I had not read this particular book or had read it so long ago I did not remember it I actually really enjoyed this one I found myself up until 6 am last night this morning finishing it Lestat is once again our narrator and his attachment to the Talamasca leader David Talbot takes a central role in the story Lestat meets a former Talamasca member who has the ability to [...]

  19. Another great book in the Vampire Chronicles, and possibly one of my favourites so farWe already knew that Lestat is awesome the petulant, selfish, petty and yet incredibly charming, intelligent and seductive vampire hero of the series, and through this book we must now add another descriptive hilarious.Rice solves the problem of having a near invincible hero through a concept that I thought worked incredibly well by having him take part in a trade his body for that of a mortal man, for a period [...]

  20. This was by far my favorite book in the series I did like the previous ones but this one finally sold me on the character of Lestat To be honest, I wasn t too impressed to see that he ll be the main character of the series as I couldn t connect with him at all in the beginning It has gotten better since I heard his side of the story but I ve become a fan after this book The Tale of the Body Thief added quite an element to the classic vampire lore for me At least I haven t read a book about a vam [...]

  21. ISBN 034538475X Never having read any of Rice s Vampire Chronicles, I was happy to find that this book does stand alone no previous knowledge required.Lestat, almost a drama queen in his moments of self loathing, is approached by a man named Raglan James, who proposes a trade He will let Lestat be human again, something Lestat believes he wants, by swapping bodies It is to be a short term swap, and Lestat overlooks every sign that this could be a bad idea His friends, human and vampire, warn him [...]

  22. Anne Rice goes the freaky friday route and has Lestat switching bodies with a human Definitely one of the better sequels I ve read so far in the series 3.5 Stars

  23. Esta obra , sem d vida, das melhores de Anne Rice Pelo menos das que li at hoje Lestat uma personagem que ficar para sempre gravada na minha mem ria Quando pensamos que ele j ultrapassou todos os limites que podia, enganamo nos redondamente Lestat fartou se de ser vampiro E quando descobre a exist ncia de um ladr o de corpos n o resiste tenta o de querer voltar a ser humano De querer voltar a sentir a luz do sol no seu rosto, de sentir o sabor da comida e de fazer amor com um homem ou uma mulher [...]

  24. I absolutely loved the ending to Queen of the Damned Now, I wonder if I should have stopped reading The Vampire Chronicles then The Tale of the Body Thief is told by The Vampire Lestat, Rice s famous brat prince After the events of the last novel the few remaining immortals have disbanded and he now wanders the earth alone, again He has befriended David Talbot, of the Talamasca, and constantly offers the old man the Dark Gift, which he always refuses Depressed, lonely, and constantly haunted by [...]

  25. The Tale of the Body Thief is a difficult book to explain, every time I try it I finally think that I m telling a bad romantic comedy about changing bodies But The Tale of the Body Thief has nothing to do with those typical stories I think this book opens a new chapter in The Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice Although Lestat is still the Main Character, his path will start to veer towards a mystical, dreamy, almost religious world Although for me isn t the best book of Anne Rice, I have to admit [...]

  26. I LOVED THE TALE OF THE BODY THIEF I loved that Lestat desires to feel sunlight I loved how Lestat loves bread and orange juice I loved Lestat for loving a woman I loved Lestat for loivng Mojo Oh, my Mojo My heart swelled when Rice comments that Mojo was to serve one purpose in the story s plot to provide companionship I loved Lestat for wanting and needing and fighting for his rightful body because Lestat is meant to be a vampire I loved that I met my dear dear Louie, the vampire, once again I [...]

  27. I really like this book, it is from Lesats point of view and is interesting Lesat is being followed by a man, a human man, who offers him a chance to be human again Against his friends wishes he takes the deal which leads to horrible results This book has some small problems, but the last chapters 32 and on really made me want to throw the book at the wall the first time I read it Now I understand it but it still upsets me.

  28. Lestat got in trouble, and became HUMAN And wanted his Vampire body back What a neat twist and insight into the character of this impulsive Lestat Great read, and continuation of the vampire series, but different direction Excellent read.

  29. Once upon a time, Anne Rice had an excellent series called the Vampire Chronicles It began with Interview with the Vampire, where her main vampire, Lestat, is introduced, and continued her focus on the various adventures and mishaps of Lestat through this novel, The Tale of the Body Thief Oh, That Silly Lestat There He Goes Again The Tale of the Body Thief begins with the age old question of the existence of God Lestat, as usual, begins the narration, and the topic continues as he meets with the [...]

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