Barbarian's Taming (2022)

Free Download Barbarian's Taming - by Ruby Dixon - Barbarian's Taming, Barbarian s Taming As a newcomer to the alien tribe I ve struggled to find my place It might be because I m a tad headstrong at times And yes I might have thrown a few things at people s heads But I had a good reason Free Download Barbarian's Taming - by Ruby Dixon - Barbarian's Taming, Barbarian s Taming As a newcomer to the alien tribe I ve struggled to find my place It might be because I m a tad headstrong at times And yes I might have thrown a few things at people s heads But I had a good reason
  • Title: Barbarian's Taming
  • Author: Ruby Dixon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Barbarian's Taming
Free Download Barbarian's Taming - by Ruby Dixon, Barbarian's Taming, Ruby Dixon, Barbarian s Taming As a newcomer to the alien tribe I ve struggled to find my place It might be because I m a tad headstrong at times And yes I might have thrown a few things at people s heads But I had a good reason to pitch a fit my shy sister was stolen away right under my nose Of course now she s back and mated Everyone s happyexcept me I needfection Attention Okay As a newcomer to the alie
  • Free Download Barbarian's Taming - by Ruby Dixon
    356Ruby Dixon
Barbarian's Taming

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  1. HASSEN I lurv you Total redemption This one was way better than the last couple I think Ruby Dixon definitely sparked some life back into the series It wasn t simply about a couple resonating and finding their sexsoul mate like the others Basically, shit happens For realz This was a game changer Which frankly, I needed because I was close to fizzling out on this series However, I m all in again.The two main characters, Hassen and Maddie, were NOT likeable in the last book I was very nervous abou [...]

  2. These were my feelings during the first half.And thenThe whole first half of the book was so boring there was nothing new here I wanted to know Hassen but it seemed like I didn t get enough of his POV I was so pissed that Maddie was even annoying than she was in the previous book She kept moping about how awful her life on the ice planet was There was a series of her negative thoughts that I had to endure reading like she was fat, she was useless, no one wanted her not even her own baby sister [...]

  3. The chubby bitch and the exiled bad boy of the tribe The two bitter persons on the ice planet will find sweet love Do I need to carry you What Why Because you are weak from mating I have felt your legs trembling each time I pushed into you Oh my god No dirty talk while I m trying to be serious, please Maddie and Hassen are so cute together After Hassen stole Maddie s sister and then returned her, he has been exiled by the tribe But everything will be all right for him in this book We are talking [...]

  4. Big blue alien hunks I m on board If they didn t live on a godforsaken ice planet, I would be okay with some alien abduction and probing But, alas, I hate the cold My alien fantasies are set on a beach planet Not Tahiti.Anyway, we have two very big jerks as our main characters for this book, so it wasn t exactly on my short list for a while I figured I d get around to it eventually, and I m glad I did because there is a lot going on on Not Hoth And, this little love story was cute and sexy.The m [...]

  5. It was really awesome Currently I am on vacation so it s not possible to write coherent review but I d like to quote Ruby s author s note as it also provides bit of summary, so enjoy guys AUTHOR S NOTEThis book was an emotional wringer to write Our poor tribe is going through a lot right now, and as the creator, it was tough to build a world and then destroy it all over again But as we get and books into the series, I realized that I was playing it too safe It s a dangerous world, full of volc [...]

  6. 4 starsAfter thinking on this for awhile, I finally decided to give it a relatively high rating, even though I had mixed feelings emotions when I read it Overall, I think it deserves the 4 star and in fact, most people will likely rate it higher My thoughts 1 Maddie She was extremely abrasive and unlikable in some ways, but then on the other hand, she was also someone I felt extremely sympathetic towards Even while I felt sympathy for her, she wasn t someone I could imagine ever wanting to be an [...]

  7. 3.25 I m a bit conflicted on the rating Liking where the series is going, but didn t totally love the romance in this one.Things really get shaken up for the tribe in BT Everyone s lives are going to change and dramatically I like that Dixon is fighting against letting the series get stagnant by throwing in huge changes for her world I didn t have a problem with any of this and look forward to where RD will take our favorite blue aliens.The romance Madeline is just not my cup of tea That is cert [...]

  8. I loved this book.Surprisingly the heroine did not annoy me at all.Hassen is the alien who stole Lila in the previous book it didn t bother me because he never liked Lila he just wanted a mate and in the end he was glad that she mated Rokan I felt that maddie was everything to him Your sister is my greatest mistake I do not think I have ever even liked her This book was awesome There was a part where I got scared and almost cried but don t worry it s all good I wonder if Ruby is going to write a [...]

  9. Maddie is pretty bitchy and at times, funny and Hassen was overbearing, but they worked together I thought their romance was a surprise after the events in the last book with Lilah and Rokan, yet it still worked My main complaint was their inner monologues got a bit repetitive after awhile, and I was way interested in the changes to the world, rather than the main romance Basically, the formula is still plugging along, with modifications to their location With some intriguing questions that are [...]

  10. Dixon is shaking things upWhile Maddie and Hassen weren t my favorite Ice Planet couple, I do appreciate that Ruby Dixon is expanding the parameters of her world building and taking the tribe out of their comfort zone.3.5 rounded to 4 stars and on to the next one

  11. I had to give this 5 stars even though I really, really did not like Maddie all e was just a bitcha mean bitch I felt sorry for Hassen At least with him you could understand why he did what he did and the things he did Maddie was just a very nasty piece of business from start to finish I had a very had time w Josie.but at least there was a reason she was the way she was Maddie was just self absorbed and had a huge chip like a log on her shoulder.But the story was great I loved it and will go on [...]

  12. 5 Stars My favorite in the series, so far I knew I would like the bitchy sister .Less crying, action.Hassen and Maddie both feel left out Hassen is literally left out, exiled until the brutal season begins Maddie is with the tribe, but the others are reluctant to include her Her sister wants space to be with her new mate and to stand up for herself Which is good for her, but it all happened so fast that Maddie has the rug pulled out from under her not once, but twice since waking up on another [...]

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  14. The best book so far Maddie is perhaps the most complex character to date Having built her entire life around being a fierce protector of her deaf sister Lilah, she is unmoored when her sister is kidnapped by Hassen in B s Touch, and is then lost when Lilah pairs off with Rokan and no longer needs her protection As she struggles to find her place in the tribe, she finds herself unexpected attracted to the tribe s other outsider, Hassen, who has been exiled for kidnapping her sister.Maddie begins [...]

  15. According to this series, there are two types of women in this universe Maddies and Kiras Maddies are the hard ass bitches who make life difficult, and Kiras are the quiet ones who come into their own, when stranded on an ice planet populated by noble savages who oh hey look at that also love eating pussy _ _

  16. Why is the cover model shown to be svelte and thin when the heroine is actually not so A question that goes unanswered yet again.

  17. Not gonna lie, didn t think I will like this one at all as neither protagonists was endearing in the previous book, to the point I didn t even care if they have a hea I am very impressed with how Dixon turned these two around and make them a most solid couple H is a lot easier to like once we get his pov We see how lonely he is and how much he crave to belong At heart, he is a great guy that never minds taking that extra mile for the good of his tribe, which to him is his family He is selfless a [...]

  18. OMG Well done Ruby Dixon This was my favorite book of the series I loved Maddie, she was my total favorite of the female characters in this series and she wasn t slim like all the other women which was even better for me Her making the first move on Hassen was just brilliant Her humor was spot on, she made me laugh out loud a few times I could really relate to her, specially the way her mind works In some of the previous books in the series there were a few strong female main characters but Madd [...]

  19. And the 5 star award for the best Sci Fi series goes to RUBY DIXON Minus the occasional annoying heroines, this series keeps getting better and better Maddie is the most awesomazing heroine I loved everything about her I can t get enough of this series Thank you for another great read, R.D.

  20. LoveI think this is one of the best I m looking forward to the next book The old city is exciting.

  21. I can t believe I made a shelf titled alien smut so I could put these books in their own little home But whatever Here I am, eight books in, with no end in sight Maddie isn t the most pleasant person on the ice planet, but can you blame her She woke up to a bunch of giant blue alien men and one human female with glowing blue eyes Yeah, to say her world was flipped is probably an understatement And then her sister is kidnapped.I d probably lose my shit too.Hassen has been exiled temporarily and o [...]

  22. I really love Hassen and Maddie together and am so glad they resonated but as a book overall, I wasn t as happy with the writing For whatever reason, it seemed like Hassen was Americanized in his speech and conversations than he should have been There were many times where it pulled me out of the story because he didn t fit his character I still love this series though so I will absolutely continue on I am rating Barbarian s Taming 2.75 stars I loved the characters and the story but the writing [...]

  23. A casual fling for Maddie gets mistaken as a mating for Hassen She doesn t want anything serious, especially not with the guy that kidnapped her little sister The alien who is now exiled from the tribe But she can t help but want the blue alien Loved this Maddie and Hassen s story was great They both were lonely and felt like outcasts, so of course they connected There was a lot action in this story, intense and not just for Maddie and Hassen but for the whole tribe Huge changes are coming Wha [...]

  24. I liked this one I skipped book 7 so I was a little confused but it worked out Definitely had some anxiety when shit went down I need closure What happens

  25. A Must ReadThis was full of Suspense and kept me wanting I Highly Recommend this book for over 18 due to content.

  26. Ok deep breath I loved this book Maddie is pretty bitchy and stays that way throughout the book but I love her for it and Hassen redeems himself in this book for me He truly felt remorse and regret He goes the extra mile for his tribe hunting tirelessly, and keeping an eye on Taushen when he goes out fishing with a hangover after the celebration even though he is exiled Maddie was very relatable to me, we have all felt left out or unwanted before and this feeling is what bonds Maddie and Hassen [...]

  27. I thought this would be the first IPB I disliked when Maddie was being plus sized Jan Brady Thankfully, she got over herself and started being hilarious I legit lol d when she stormed out in a wet fur to find Hassen Her complete lack of survival skills was a joy to read about The other heroines in this series have turned into Pioneer Woman so quickly, it was great to read about her terrible hunting, wanting real underwear and craving a burger Maddie and Hassen were good foils and I got a kick ou [...]

  28. UUUUUUGGGGH I m conflicted with this one Lol The author played games with my heart.1 Hated Maddie Shrugs I would not miss her if a Metlak got her buuuuuut shout out to her for standing up for her man at the end She was having none of that exile shit and I definitely commend her for plan to get him back in.2 Didn t think Hassen could come back from kidnapping Lila in the last book He did His history made me wanna hug him forever and always.3 The direction the book went in threw me for a surprise [...]

  29. Right from the beginning, Maddie was grating on my nerves with her incessant whining My hands were constantly twitching because I wanted to smack her so hard.I was disappointed that Hassen s story wasn t the main one because he was awesome and his struggle with being forced to be alone felt real and intriguing.But then Maddie got over herself finally and with that, the story picked up the pace and changed into something I couldn t put down.

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