Best Friends Forever (2022)

↠ Best Friends Forever ☆ Margot Hunt - Best Friends Forever, Best Friends Forever How well do you really know your best friend Kat Grant and Alice Campbell have a friendship forged in shared confidences and long lunches lubricated by expensive wine Though they re very different wom ↠ Best Friends Forever ☆ Margot Hunt - Best Friends Forever, Best Friends Forever How well do you really know your best friend Kat Grant and Alice Campbell have a friendship forged in shared confidences and long lunches lubricated by expensive wine Though they re very different wom
  • Title: Best Friends Forever
  • Author: Margot Hunt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Best Friends Forever
↠ Best Friends Forever ☆ Margot Hunt, Best Friends Forever, Margot Hunt, Best Friends Forever How well do you really know your best friend Kat Grant and Alice Campbell have a friendship forged in shared confidences and long lunches lubricated by expensive wine Though they re very different women the artsy socialite and the struggling suburbanite they re each other s rocks But even rocks crumble under pressure Like when Kat s financier husband Howard plunges toHow wel
  • ↠ Best Friends Forever ☆ Margot Hunt
    129Margot Hunt
Best Friends Forever

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  1. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is due to be released January 23, 2018 For all my influential reader friends, you will not regret choosing this one on NetGalley It is a tight, well written story of two women, Alice and Kat, who meet accidentally at an airport They become friends and over the next three years we observe how their personal and marital relationships go through ups and downs This is a bit of an all female twist on THE KIND WORTH KILLING I adore that book It is a member of my TWISTER HALL OF FA [...]

  2. What an impressive debut by Margot Hunt 4 stars Best Friends Forever is a fast paced and heart pumping thriller that grabs you from the first page Let me ask you how well do YOU know your friends Kat Grant and Alice Campbell met one another for the first time at the airport Kat and Alice are completely opposite from one another yet have built a strong connection Kat Grant is a wealthy social butterfly who owns an art gallery married to Howard Alice is married with two children and struggling liv [...]

  3. EXCERPT Suddenly it all became clear Kat wasn t just wealthy She came from capital M money The sort of money that doesn t just last a lifetime, but through multiple generations thereafter It would be nothing to a multimillionaire to set up his daughter in a Palm Beach art gallery Just a carrot to tempt his headstrong daughter to return home to South Florida I had never thought of myself as a covetous person and firmly believed jealousy was wasted energy There would always be someone with than y [...]

  4. Best friends forever and ever I hate to say I figured out the ending to this one early on, but it was still a well written thriller that will keep you turning the pages to see how the story unfolds Alice and Nat are best friends from different sides of the track who have forged an unlikely friendship after meeting at the airport Their personalities are well developed and their relationship is fascinating in its dynamics The chapters alternate between past and present which gives the reader an in [...]

  5. Best Friends Forever by Margot Hunt is another thriller that I can easily say grabbed me from the opening pages and just wouldn t let go Dropping into Alice s life we know she is a busy wife and mother who never expected to find the police on her doorstep but that is just what happened to her one morning as she was making breakfast before getting her children off to school.Alice s friend s husband had died recently from what she thought was a tragic accident so why are the police wanting to ques [...]

  6. 4 StarsAlice is a married woman with two children, has an ordinary life and like other couples, she and her husband have their ups and downs Kat comes from money Alice and Kat met each other in an airport and after that they became best friends Kat s life isn t what others think, her husband wasn t a likable person Even Alice and her husband had a hard time to warm up to him, they and Kat just tolerated him Alice and Kat are best friends so Alice knows everything about Kat s life mostly about he [...]

  7. I really enjoyed this well done novel by Margot Hunt Alice, a PhD in mathematics who writes logic books for children, meets Kat at an airport and they become fast friends After three years of friendship, Alice is arrested for the murder of Kat s husband Howard, a drunk who, according to Kat, was a physically abusive serial cheater.The book goes back and forth from the present day through the progression of Alice s friendship with Kat Kat is ridiculously wealthy while Alice is constantly struggli [...]

  8. Another fantastic psychological thriller to round out my 2017 It was extremely well written and I was quickly invested in all the characters Although Kat and Alice s friendship seemed unusual, they had a genuine connection The novel was fast paced, moving from the present to various prior points in the women s relationship If anything seemed forced, it would be the short period, only three years, they were best friends Apparently that s plenty of time to share secrets which combine their twisted [...]

  9. You will have a serious case of FOMO if you don t get your hands on this one Best Friends Forever starts off with a bang and will have you in its grips until the very end While Alice is up early making breakfast for her family, she is surprised to discover two police officers at her front door, wanting to question her over her best friend Kat s alcoholic, abusive, womanising, disgrace of a husband s suicide, now being considered a murder.Kat and Alice couldn t be different as far as their backg [...]

  10. Lunches with expensive wine, shared secrets, long conversations, and even girls vacations Kat and Alice have an amazing friendship Their chance meeting in an airport seems to have enriched both of their lives They round each other out left brained Alice and right brained Kat I found Alice easy to identify with, especially at first She hardly gets any time to herself and doesn t really have girlfriends, so when charming Kat strikes up a friendship, she s all for it Kat makes her life exciting no [...]

  11. Margot Hunt s Best Friends Forever is a deeply engaging, light mystery surrounding the unorthodox friendship between Alice Campbell and Kat Grant Alice is a logician and former teacher turned children s logic book writer, with a husband and two kids living in a modest household in Jupiter, Florida On her way back from a family trip in New York, Alice meets Kat Grant, an extremely flamboyant, welcoming, and insanely rich construction empire heiress The two women immediately hit it off and forge a [...]

  12. Margot Hunt is the pseudonym for chick lit and women s fiction author Whitney Gaskell who has now decided to add thrillers to her repertoire BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is her first psychological thriller and judging by this first attempt is well worth pursuing.Alice thought she knew everything about her best friend Kat, from the secrets of her wealthy family to the fact that behind closed doors Kat s husband Howard is a drunk and a bully.But now Howard has been found dead, having plunged to his death [...]

  13. This is a page turning suspense novel about the deep relationships women can form.Kat and Alice are recent friends They ve only known each other for 3 years, yet they are closer than any sistesr could be They say opposites attract and that is very true in this case Kat is wealthy, very wealthy She has one daughter in college and she s married to a man she doesn t love Alice is not rich actually she and her husband are having financial difficulties which is putting a heavy strain on their marriag [...]

  14. How far would you go for your best friend We all have our secrets, don t we Kat and Alice are about as opposite as you can get At a chance encounter in an airport, they find they live close by and so their friendship begins Three years they have become close and integrated into each other s lives Then Kat s husband, an all around asshole, falls from their balcony to his death Alice gets questioned by the police, arrested for his murder, and Kat has gone radio silent I opened this book up on my t [...]

  15. I received a free electronic copy of Best Friends Forever by Margot Hunt from NetGalley for my honest review This book is an edge of your seat thriller that will keep you guessing to the last page I was absolutely blown away by the depth of this book and it s characters A story of two women, Kat and Alice and their friendship But do not mistake this friendship for just a simple friendship There is so much to this friendship, twists, lies, money, greed and death Even when I thought I had this bo [...]

  16. Wow, this book was fantastic I was sucked in from the very first few pages I loved diving into Alice and Kat s relationship and trying to figure out what was real and was all a manipulation I can tell you there is way than what meets the eyes with this suspenseful read and it will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat The characters blended perfectly with the plot, making one helluva psychological thriller

  17. I received this arc from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Due to be published 23 Jan 2018.What a fast paced, captivating mystery thriller I cannot believe this is a debut novel, it was so well written and well thought out I read it in one sitting, staying up till an ungodly hour because I needed to know what the hell was going on I literally couldn t put it down, I don t even think I stopped for a break, I was so drawn to the plot and the way it was written I cannot wait to see what e [...]

  18. Alice and Kat are the best of friends, even despite their differences Alice is a struggling stay at home mom, and Kat is an extremely wealthy socialite Alice thinks nothing can shake their friendship, until one night when Kat s husband Howard falls to his death from the second floor balcony of the home he shares with Kat Howard was an alcoholic, and all around jerk Alice has never been a fan of his, especially when Kat confides in her regarding their marital problems, so she s not devastated to [...]

  19. I m right back into my psychological thrillers right now having had a bit of a meh time about them where I felt I was reading the same story over and over again, so I made it a mission to seek out the ones that can surprise me If you surprise me you get Brownie points They are not worth anything but you know, it is fun for me.Best Friends Forever did manage to surprise me As well as that it was a brilliant page turner, with a couple of cleverly drawn main protagonists, a supporting cast of possi [...]

  20. If you re looking for a super fun, engaging thriller that s on the lighter side with no graphic descriptions and gruesome murders, Best Friends Forever is the book for you It was a fast read that kept me totally interested and while I predicted a few things, there were enough surprises that I was left satisfied.This is told solely from Alice s point of view and it goes back and forth between the present day and three years prior when she first meets her BFF, Kat The two have an unlikely friendsh [...]

  21. 4 Very Suspenseful StarsThis thriller started with a bang and didn t stop until the very last page It kept me guessing until the end SUMMARYThe story opens with the police knocking on Todd and Alice Campbell s door to ask Alice for some background information regarding the death of Howard Grant, her best friend Kat s husband Howard had been found on the deck of his pool where he had apparently fallen to his death from a second storey balcony Police were trying to determine whether the fall had b [...]

  22. 3.5 5As far as physiological thrillers go, it wasn t bad, but I was bit underwhelmed I don t consider myself a heavy physiological thriller reader as of now but I guessed the complete part after reading 70% of the book It is not bad but once you can guess the ending and the twist then you will not be surprised but it is good to be able to guess It is different kind of fun I recommend this to all readers like me who likes their physiological thrillers clean No rape, no child abuse only betting on [...]

  23. Favorite Quotes Kat wasn t just wealthy She came from capital M Money.She never eats She lives on a diet of wine and bitterness No one liked Howard Not to speak ill of the dead, but he was an asshole If everyone who thought he was an asshole was a suspect, they d have an overly large number of people to consider.If insanity was a side effect of Botox, every Floridian over the age of forty would be nuts.My Review I was captivated by this gripping story and was totally unprepared for the chilling [...]

  24. Kat and Alice become best friends after an accidental meeting at the airport Even though they come from different backgrounds they find enough in common to form a strong bond Kat and Alice share all their darkest and deadliest secrets but does one of the secrets result in the death of Kat s husband Howard Was Howard s death accidental or was it a pre planned murder and will Kat and Alice s friendship survive this storm.Best Friends Forever is a fast paced engaging novel with well drawn intellige [...]

  25. Kat and Alice are 2 very different womend yet they are best friends When Kats husband dies the police start asking questions, not believing that it was an accident well do you know your best friend I could not put this book down, needing to know what was going to happen next A fantastic page turner.Thank you to Harlequin US and Canada via Netgalley for a copy of this book to read and review in return for my honest opinions

  26. This is one of those novels that has a plot that really doesn t do it justice This novel starts off with a bang and doesn t hold up until the chilling and destructive final pages.The premise to this one is not only unique, but really tells a tale of friendship and a ton of aspects of betrayal in a multi layered plot that is not only spellbinding, but utterly addicting as well This is Gossip Girl meets Gone Girl for every generation possible The plot is haunting and full of twists and turns featu [...]

  27. After a chance meeting in an airport, Alice and Kat form a friendship They quickly become best friends, until one of them losses her husband The police find the death to be suspicious, and look at Alice as a suspect The story was told from Alice s point of view and had shifting timelines The friendship formed three years before the suspicious death, and the story covered the beginning of the friendship to present day A well written, fast paced thriller with relatable and interesting characters I [...]

  28. How to get a 4 rating on your shitty psychological thriller Create a protagonist who has no personality Make sure she s a selfish hypocrite so edgy , a bitch to her husband to appeal to the unhappy housewives and has wealth envy to appeal to all the socialists Make sure your manuscript is 75% useless information Make the cops and anyone else in a position of authority or esteem behave in a comically OTT manner as if they re acting in a pantomime or a bad melodrama, so it s obvious to the dumb re [...]

  29. oneblogtwobroads 2018 01I have been on a roll with the psychological murder mysteries lately They seem to be checking off everything on my reading list This one was no exception.Alice meets Kat at an airport while she is tired and struggling with her two kids They strike up an instant friendship and Alice is swept into the big moneyed world of Kat Kat is very unhappy with her husband And then one day, he seems to have fallen off the balcony Kat was out of town and suddenly Alice is a suspect Doe [...]

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