The Last Don (2022)

à The Last Don ✓ Mario Puzo - The Last Don, The Last Don The last don is Domenico Clericuzio a wise and ruthless man who is determined to see his heirs established in legitimate society but whose vision is threatened when secrets from the family s past spa à The Last Don ✓ Mario Puzo - The Last Don, The Last Don The last don is Domenico Clericuzio a wise and ruthless man who is determined to see his heirs established in legitimate society but whose vision is threatened when secrets from the family s past spa
  • Title: The Last Don
  • Author: Mario Puzo
  • ISBN: 9780345412218
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
The Last Don
à The Last Don ✓ Mario Puzo, The Last Don, Mario Puzo, The Last Don The last don is Domenico Clericuzio a wise and ruthless man who is determined to see his heirs established in legitimate society but whose vision is threatened when secrets from the family s past spark a vicious war between two blood cousins This is a mesmerizing tale that takes us inside the equally corrupt worlds of the mob the movie industry and the casinos where bThe last don i
  • à The Last Don ✓ Mario Puzo
    249Mario Puzo
The Last Don

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  1. It is a good book Alhamdulillah but I prefer The Godfather than The Last Don Cross De Lena does remind me of Michael Corleone.Domenico Clericuzo and Vito Corleone are oppositions because Domenico Clericuzo is a wise and ruthless man who is determined see his heirs established in legitimate society but whose vision is threatened when secrets from the family s past spark a vicious war between two blood cousins Vito Corleone is a friendly man, a just man, a reasonable man, the deadliest Lord of the [...]

  2. Let them swim to the bottom of the ocean Don Domenico Clericuziod this badass Don who has ran a crime family for decades actually means what he said, guysd this, is my most favorite line from this book Link giphy gifs movie godfathe Strange that I was clueless about what Don Clericuzio actually meant when he causally commented usually in the middle of his business meetings with his sons and trusted nephew, etc let them him her swim to the bottom of the ocean the true meaning of these words had t [...]

  3. Mario Puzo s The Last Don translation in simplified Chinesewell to tell the truth the translation itself isy, the translator clearly didn t get many of the English American slang and some of the words simply got translated WRONGLY, so it s very off putting Plus, to make matter worse, there is one rape scene in the novel and due to the shitty books censorship in mainland China which I hate , this scene got cut out in a really clumsy manner, readers most likely won t know what is going on in this [...]

  4. Although The Godfather is still my favorite, I like this one too The last Don brings the authentic writing syle of Mario Puzo Dramatic and chilling I love how he build each character, develop each of the character and with dramatic bangs colliding them into a climax.

  5. BETTER THAN THE GODFATHER IN EVERY ASPECT This is Mario Puzo at his finest The characters are beautifully well drawn, the pace is carefully controlled and the climax breath taking If only Coppola could turn this into a movie instead of that silly cheap TV cash in, we d have Mafia GOLD on our hands Cross De Lena, about the coolest character this side of Michael Corleone Cooler in fact

  6. Similar to The Godfather in many ways, it didn t seem to be as tight of a story, but it s been years since I last read it, so I can t say for certain It wasn t bad, but I didn t like any of the characters as much nor was there as much violence All in all, it was a west coast version mostly set few decades later, an imitation.I did get a kick out of the writer character Quite a bit of time is spent on Hollywood studios screwing everyone on contracts, especially the writers Net points are dreams o [...]

  7. rereadbetter than the tv series, and the tv series was so great even in it had changed some details the chinese title of the series was , the last mafia godfather

  8. Last book by the last don himself.Very very well written Full of surprises Loved it, excellent form.

  9. really not sure why this wasn t made into a movie as wellassic puzo, one of his best books if you have any interest in the mafia, the godfather, the sopranos, etc, grab this book.

  10. Like most of the others who have reviewed this book, I thought it was much too long My favorite review so far was simply too many chapters But Puzo s problem in this book extends beyond excessive chapters, or length it s that he tried to write two different stories in one, with too many characters and too little tension The story about the Clericuzio family is actually quite interesting and well crafted, but Puzo drags out the set up for 300 pages, finally puts together some genuine plot movemen [...]

  11. Heavy shades of The Godfather happening here Many characters are counterparts to their earlier incarnations in The Godfather in a further exploration of the pitfalls that can occur in attempting to transition from the rackets to legit business It could be argued that even the story arc bears some resemblance to The Godfather It s true that the ultimate goal of many of the organized crime figures of the first half of the twentieth century was to go legit, and the high percentage of the sons and g [...]

  12. Another Puzo classic Very good read Although, one must not get caught up with the scenarios from The Godfather book as it may distract you from appreciating the story and you just might fall into comparing the two novels that was what happened to me at the start But, as I went along with the book, I started to appreciate its own plot and development, independent from The Godfather however, there are just some chapters that are too lengthy and parts that are too boring but rest assured, these par [...]

  13. The Last Don is Mario Puzo at his best, rich with timeless, meticulously constructed characters and twists and brutal turns that made his landmark novel The Godfather the masterwork that it is today His creation of a modernized Michael Corleone, Cross Domenica, walks the pages of this novel with all of the confident swagger of Sonny Corleone and the righteous indignation of Michael The glaring difference here is that the Don of this novel, in comparison with Don Corleone, is not nearly as endea [...]

  14. I didn t know what to expect when I started this book but I was pleasantly surprised Just going by the reviews here on it seems that people either really like this book or are really disappointed by it I think the reason the responses are so polarized is that people are basing this book on the Godfather book and movie which is really unfair Believe it or not, I have never read The Godfather nor have I seen the movie That may or may not have played a factor in my appreciation of this book Whateve [...]

  15. I know the world will want to kill me for this but I liked this better than The Godfather Never have I ever wished for there to be movie on a book so desperately as I wished for there to be one based on The Last Don, and I HATE film adaptations of most movies Also, Cross De Lena my God He has to be right up there in my Harem of Hot and Perfect Fictional Men.

  16. This is a novel based on a twenty five year multi generational effort by a mafia family to go legitimate It is colored by an old war between two families with a touch of Romeo and Juliet and a fued between two cousins with completely different approaches to life and the family Just as good as the Godfather.

  17. I enjoyed reading The Godfather so I also looked forward to enjoying this also.I was disappointed.Too many side stories I became anxious to finish the book I didn t enjoy it.

  18. 11 24 16 Through the Night Stig Saeterbakken What an amazing mysterious lyrical dreamy contemplative novel Unlike anything I ve ever read A man faces his demons in the house where hopes turn to dust Wonderful This book is pretty pulpy which is a good thing , but the writing quality is awful I ve always been a sucker for mafia things, and there was enough action here to keep things moving along despite the stilted amateurish style I may read one or two of Puzo s books, but he seems to me to be s [...]

  19. Similar to the book of the godfather, however, there is no need to read the godfather first The hardest thing about reading the book is keeping track of all the characters It is a very good read and I am looking forward to finishing the book So far, not the best gangster book I have read but it has a lot of competition.

  20. Weak and long winded I understand that ever Puzo s book will be compared to Godfather and judged by its standard, but this book is weak even without that comaprisson The premise of the book is that Don Clericuzio wants to retire from mafia business and go legit and how he does that In book s opening he announces this intention to the family, wishing that his children, and nephew will start legitimate businesses and their children reap the benefits.So far so good but then the story splits into se [...]

  21. The points presented in the succeeding paragraphs limit this review to a mere comparison plotted out against two of Mario Puzo s best books The Sicilian and The Godfather.Beginning with the positive aspects, this novel sees the same level of dexterity in the technique of storytelling as had been present in the aforementioned best two Examples are seen in the likes of cliffhanging chapter ends and astute chapter beginnings Alongside this, Mario Puzo provides deep insight into the main characters [...]

  22. Mario Puzo had some good ideas in this book, and I remember parts of it because they were very entertaining But I have to agree with what some other readers have said That it was slow and had too many unnecessary chapters The characters are not really likeable but they re not meant to be As someone wrote It is a story of love, lust, loyalty, and betrayal It reeks of cynicism and violence It is about a world without integrity where everyone has a price And it is written with such pace and convict [...]

  23. After having The Notebook before I started The Last Don, I was hoping for a bit of mafia violence to change things up a bit But it turns out although this is a really thick book hardly anyone dies It s mostly about Hollywood movie deals and Las Vegas casinos I had read and adored both The Godfather and The Sicilian for their characters, gripping storylines and the crafty way Mario Puzo reveals developments to you Thus I thought in having almost all of his books on my shelf meant I had a great st [...]

  24. Puzo sets up great drama though this book had some real pacing problems At some point, it felt like the book would go on for almost a hundred pages without really going anywhere The racism was also hard to read but I ve noticed that pattern with his characters from The Godfather though this time it felt brutal Also, there is a character from Fool s Die in here All in all, not a bad story He s done better and I will read but this wasn t a waste of time.

  25. Mario Puzo s masterpiece remains The Godfather, but this is still a fun read The mafia is contemporary, so it isn t as intense as the heyday, and there s also a lot about the movie industry, about which Puzo undoubtedly learned a lot when the Godfather movies were being made This is one to read at the pool.

  26. Fantastic account of how the world of movies really used to work and what is really behind the patinated world of top class actors producers, writers, make up artists, ecc The mafia seems to be living within Hollywood s theathres rather than in a Nevada mansion

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