Dream Warrior (2022)

Dream Warrior Best Read || [Sherrilyn Kenyon] - Dream Warrior, Dream Warrior We are the Dolophoni Diligent Vigilant Fierce and inescapable Servants of the Furies we are the right hand of justice and no one stands before us The son of Warcraft and Hate Cratus spent eternity b Dream Warrior Best Read || [Sherrilyn Kenyon] - Dream Warrior, Dream Warrior We are the Dolophoni Diligent Vigilant Fierce and inescapable Servants of the Furies we are the right hand of justice and no one stands before us The son of Warcraft and Hate Cratus spent eternity b
  • Title: Dream Warrior
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780312938833
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Dream Warrior
Dream Warrior Best Read || [Sherrilyn Kenyon], Dream Warrior, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dream Warrior We are the Dolophoni Diligent Vigilant Fierce and inescapable Servants of the Furies we are the right hand of justice and no one stands before us The son of Warcraft and Hate Cratus spent eternity battling for the ancient gods who birthed him He was death to any who crossed him Until the day he laid down his arms and was banished into exile Now an ancient enemy hasWe are the Doloph
  • Dream Warrior Best Read || [Sherrilyn Kenyon]
    178 Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dream Warrior

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  1. This story revolves around Cratus Kratos Jericho, who was the personification of strength and power in Greek mythology, and Delphine, a Dream Huntress Delphine reminds me of Daenerys Targaryen minus the dragons.Cratus Jericho reminds me of Khal Drogo minus the savagery and rapiness.I picture him as a literary brother of Khal Drogo Or maybe Chris Hemsworth I m not even really sure what his natural hair color is any.Jericho is one pissed off deity Zeus, his parents and other deities had turned the [...]

  2. 4.25 5I was pleasantly surprised by this awesome book During the first 30% of the story, I thought it was an ok read for me, nothing particularly exciting and it didn t fully capture me from the very start like other books by Kenyon did But by the end, Dream Warrior totally went beyond my expectations It was incredibly wonderful My eyes filled with tears as I read the beautiful and touching scene in the epilogue I couldn t be happier.A very enjoyable read indeed

  3. Cratus or Jericho God of War and Delphine Iole demigod Oneroi Cratus is the guy who helped to imprison Prometheus He has spent the majority of his life in Olympus as the lapdog of Zeus without thinking much Until one day, he refused to murder an infant and his punishment was out of this world Zeus took his godhood and Cratus was thrown to Earth where he had to live like a mortal He could not accumulate money and wealth and he could not sleep in peace because every night his mortal heart was ripp [...]

  4. Based on the love story alone in this book, I was ready to polish up my 1 star rating for this one But, luckily, a lot of other things happen that save it, and for that, I put my 1 star award away for another day.I mean, I ve seen a lot of insta love in books, but this one sheesh If just saying a kind word to a gorgeous hunk of god man is enough to make him fall instantly in love forever, I ve got a lot of kind things to say to Chris Hemsworth well, hello gorgeous god manCrap, spent too much tim [...]

  5. Sherrilyn Kenyon has, over the years and books, created the most original and ingenious series Choosing to walk into self exile, after giving up fighting for the ancient Greek gods, Cratus Jericho will be required to take up arms again if mankind and their world is to survive But persuasion skills will have to be used if he s to agree Delphine, Dream Hunter and mankind s protector against the predators who invade their dreams is very dedicated and committed to her role When mankind is threatened [...]

  6. This was another good entry in the Dark Hunter series Cratus Jerich and Delphine were both interesting characters and their romance was a fun one Outside of the romance their was a ton of action.Cratus was once Zeus s right hand He was the man Zeus sent to enforce his justice That all ended when he failed to obey one of the Greek God King s commands Cratus was cursed to a life of eternal punishment At least such would have been his fate if Zeus did not need him to deal with a problem that only h [...]

  7. I think Dream Warrior is the first one of Sherrilyn Kenyon s Dream Hunter offshoot series that I really really liked It wasn t the heroine who sucked me in this time, it was Cratus Jericho all the way His hardcore attitude for everyone but his gal just made me say, Awww and melt a little.She s a Dream Hunter who determined to look for the best in others He s the son of War and Hate who has been punished for centuries for showing mercy to a child She s determined to get him to help the trapped Ol [...]

  8. Me ha gustado mucho tanto la historia como los protagonistas y como se van enlazando con otros anteriores y las tramas se van cruzando.

  9. This book was good, but I found it at times confusing Who the heck are Cratus Jerucho s parents I swear she said Styxx, but how would that be possible Anyway, the dream hunter books are a bit harder for me to understand Probably because they have a whole different cast of characters, plus many of the other characters, and have different timelines Anywho, this was a good one I enjoyed the book a lot The romance was a bit sporadic since Jericho was so fatalistic and Delphine at times was an idiot [...]

  10. Ok, so it was really hard to rate this book A lot happens, so you must read it.While the love story here was a bit poor,the events that develop in this book are really interesting Things between Jericho Cratus and Delphine happened too fast They meet, they fall in love, the spend some days together, they get married I mean, Kenyon could have spent some pages to make a stronger bond between them both.Then I got really confused about Jared and Jaden, they are two really mayor characters in this b [...]

  11. 4 STARS Sab a que el libro de Aidan y Leta no era en vano y este libro sabemos porque.Este libro me gust m s de lo que yo esper , me gust el romance, sus protagonistas y sobre todo me gust la acci n y lo que m s me gusta es cuando salen los personajes de libros pasados pero m s m s Ash y es que cada vez que sale mi coraz n da saltitos de alegr a y me ilumina la lectura cuando el sale todo es mucho mejor.Otra de las cosas que me gustaron fue ver a Zarek en acci n again.

  12. 5 Jericho Stars 17th book in the Dark Hunter series.4th book in the Dream Hunter series.This book was about Cratus That s right the Titan who helped to imprison Prometheus I had to pick this book up After Stryker s book I really needed a reprieve I mean, that was the first ever villainy love story I had read and I wanted a noble honor bound hero back From the prologue to the end letter the book kept me in a vise like grip I mean who doesn t want to read about Cratus Come on people, Greek God her [...]

  13. Review en ESPA OL view spoiler Rayos Stryker realmente inicio toda una cadena de desastres en El silencio de la noche, convirtiendo la serie en el desmadre que es ahora.Pero que desmadre m s bueno Ya le encuentro el sentido a La luna de la medianoche, sin embargo eso no har que aumente su puntuaci n.Ya asimil que al terminar Aquer n, los cazadores oscuros quedan relegados en segundo plano para profundizar m s sobre las otras razas a pesar de que los Were corren paralelamente con la historia.Se v [...]

  14. Cada espera por um livro novo de Sherrilyn Kenyon sempre uma pequena tortura Entre a s rie dos Predadores da Noite ou dos Predadores de Sonhos, em Portugal j temos 17 livros publicados maioritariamente pelas Edi es Sa da de Emerg ncia, mas ainda assim n o s o os suficientes A raz o simples, a autora mestre em recriar universos que pens vamos j conhecer Mesmo quando a f rmula se repete, afinal o pr prio mote da hist ria toda ela uma esp cie de reden o, at dos protagonistas mais inesperados, Kenyo [...]

  15. This is the book that ties all the Dream Hunters together It also has Ash and a few other Dark Hunters in it, including Nick There s a nice little twist at the end with Madoc Delphine and Jericho were really good together I enjoyed how their story unfolded Lots of little twists and surprises There were a bunch of other interesting characters, Jaden and Jared, to name a few It was intriguing to see how intertwined everyone is It also very frustrating and hard to keep straight all the names and ex [...]

  16. Review from ZombieHazard.My last ride on the Dark Hunter busNo, your eyes are not playing tricks on you I can t take Sherrilyn Kenyon s endless and useless blabbering any Dream Warrior is utter rubbish you have the typical story that revolves around this series for OMG over 20 books Seduce the dude or and kill him Kill the bad guys to save the world Chick sees dude and falls for him even though they re mortal enemies Dude wants to kill chick but he can t cause she wakes up a flame inside of him [...]

  17. La verdad es que la relaci n de amor no es que me haya vuelta loca No me ha disgustado pero no es mi favorita No, lo que me ha encantado verdaderamente y me ha mantenido enganchad sima han sido las historias, tanto la principal como las secundarias Siento mucha curiosidad por los personajes y por qu va a pasar, y estoy deseando seguir leyendo par averiguarlo Por cierto, s per fan de Asmodeo, Jared y Jaden, me han encantado.Rese a completa en mislibrosestanaqui

  18. The fourth book in the Dream Hunter series and seventeenth in the The Entire Dark Hunterverse series or twenty seventh The Dark Hunterverse series by Sherrilyn Kenyon Now are we all confused So Cratus, or Jericho, as he is known now, refused an order from Zeus and is punished Now he is needed and Delphine, a Dream Hunter, is sent to bring him in.I liked it I m understanding of the Dark Hunter Dream Hunter world and I think I am able appreciate them a little While there is not a cliffhanger per [...]

  19. I guess after reading the spectacular Acheron by Kenyon nothing else of hers is ever or hasn t so far going to be the same The following books in the series haven t even stood close for me They all seem hollow and lack the life the first in the series possessed This will be the last book in this series that I buy, even at a repeat shop it s not worth the money.

  20. 3.5 RatingQuick thoughts.I found this read to be average good.The writing and story plot is not as sharp as her past books.This one was confusing with all the characters and names that started with J Couple romance was okay.

  21. He was back.And he was pissed May the Source take pity on those who d caused his moodBecause at the end of the day, he would have none for them Another Sherrilyn Kenyon book finished, and another hero that I have absolutely fallen in love with Cratus is one of the MOST tortured heroes in the series Banished from Olympus and cursed by Zeus himself God, I hate that guy , he has lived a miserable existence on earth for 6,000 years, continuously tormented by Zeus and his cronies When it is realised [...]

  22. I ve loved the Dark Hunter series from the first book I read I ve been impressed with Kenyon s hold on her mythology and been intrigued with the mounting intricacies threading through the series as a whole But with this latest installment, and the full introduction of the new story arc, I find myself confused In the last few novels, we ve become increasingly aware of the Source and been introduced to a slew of new characters in relation to it We ve also learned some secrets about existing charac [...]

  23. Dream Warrior3 StarsThe son of warcraft and hate, Cratus was one a trusted member of Zeus s personal guard As a result of one fateful choice, Cratus was stripped of his power and cast out of Olympus to live as a mortal Now, a malicious and powerful foe has targeted the Gods and Cratus aka Jericho is their only hope Will he fight with those who spurned him or seek revenge by joining the ranks of their enemies Series note This is book 4 in the Dream Hunter series and book 17 in the Dark Hunter ser [...]

  24. viv omundoencantadodoslivros.bDe cada vez que publicado um livro da serie Dark Hunter sinto me nas nuvens A autora, que ao longo dos anos tem mantido os fans num euforia fenomenal, sem duvida uma referencia para qualquer amante deste g nero liter rio verdade que os mist rios t m crescido mesma velocidade que publica os livros, mas mesmo assim o numero de pessoas que se mant m fieis serie tem se n o apenas mantido, como aumentado.Apesar deste livro n o ser referente aos Dark Hunters, mas sim aos [...]

  25. I think this is my favorite of the Dream Hunter series I don t know what it is about Jericho and Delphine that works for me, but I ve reread this one a couple of times on the sly and it still drags me in and holds me captive until I m done.Wait Maybe I do know Let s take a look, shall we Jericho Cratus has had a completely craptastic exile Honestly, you d think that the exile thing would be bad enough but the way Zeus punishes him is brutal I m not the hugest fan of Zeus as it is, but his action [...]

  26. I pity those born of the lighter side They have no understanding of how seductive cruelty is So far I m team Noir and Azura Hurray EVIL people I did like Cratus and Delphine, but I wasn t very enthusiastic about them Their love story wasn t really all that interesting to me As mentioned, Noir and Azura took the spotlight every time they re in a scene Asmodeus did as well He was both creepy and sweet, and I ve grown fond of him XD view spoiler And did Artemis just deliver a totally mushy and unli [...]

  27. Me ha gustado mucho, de hecho me lo he le do en un d a Me ha parecido una historia mucho mas bonita, entretenida y rom ntica que la anterior Es un libro que se caracteriza por la aparici n de secundarios, aparecen muchos y ha sido un placer verlos de nuevo y conocer a los que no conoc a En fin, despu s del mal sabor de boca que me dej el de Stryker y C fira este ha vuelto a engancharme a la serie Imagino que no tardar en leer el siguiente.

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