The Beast of Noor (2022)

[PDF] Download ✓ The Beast of Noor : by Janet Lee Carey - The Beast of Noor, The Beast of Noor Late one night piercing screams awake the villages of Noor And the next day the bones of a young woman are found deep in the surrounding forests Terror courses through the hearts of the villagers al [PDF] Download ✓ The Beast of Noor : by Janet Lee Carey - The Beast of Noor, The Beast of Noor Late one night piercing screams awake the villages of Noor And the next day the bones of a young woman are found deep in the surrounding forests Terror courses through the hearts of the villagers al
  • Title: The Beast of Noor
  • Author: Janet Lee Carey
  • ISBN: 9780689876448
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
The Beast of Noor
[PDF] Download ✓ The Beast of Noor : by Janet Lee Carey, The Beast of Noor, Janet Lee Carey, The Beast of Noor Late one night piercing screams awake the villages of Noor And the next day the bones of a young woman are found deep in the surrounding forests Terror courses through the hearts of the villagers along with something elselief An attack such as this is not uncommon in Noor The Shriker a massive beast of unimaginable strength and rage has roamed the dark woods foLate one night
  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Beast of Noor : by Janet Lee Carey
    254 Janet Lee Carey
The Beast of Noor

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  1. This book was delightfully entrancing It reminded me of the in depth world of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings At first glimpse, it seems like a drab same old same old story of a massive beast that ravages the countryside, and a young protagonist that overcomes the beast But no This amazing story weaves into a deeper magic, delves into other worlds and enchants the reader to the point where you are completely swallowed into the detailed world.Basically, as mentioned before, a mysterious beas [...]

  2. I really liked this book because well I can t explain it But I loved it nevertheless Something about it is really sweet, and just gets to you The plot is really interesting too One of the few negatives about this book though, is that the characters didn t really make me fall in love with them as much as other books usually do They didn t have great personalities, and though the author was trying to express that everybody has faults and isn t all perfect, I didn t like the idea so much A few mist [...]

  3. This is my all time FAVORITE book EVER i dont know how the heck anyone could NOT like it i loved how it mixed adventure and fantasy in with everything else that made it up When i discovered that there was a second book The Dragons of Noor i found it amazingly dreamy, it went beyond my wildest dreams and further i love them both and wish i owned them

  4. Janet Lee Carey, The Beast of Noor Atheneum, 2006 I was a bit daunted by the size of this book when I picked it up from the library I m old enough to remember when no one ever wrote a kids book over two hundred pages unless it was from the nineteenth century , and so doorstop sized things like the Eragon books and The Beast of Noor make me wonder what I m getting into In this case, the answer was bigger type Got off to a bit of a slow start, but once it ramped up, I ended up devouring the whole [...]

  5. I ve always loved the magical legends of norse folklore, to be pulled into the mystical realms and feel the very breath of the enchanted characters And I was not disappointed with Ms Janet Lee Carey s tale The Beast of Noor.Set in the country of Ennes Isle, just outside of Shalem Wood, young Miles and Hanna Ferrell find themselves in middle of an age old thriller embarking upon a quest only they can complete, to stop the supernatural rampage of the beast, The Beast of Noor.The beast had once upo [...]

  6. Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooMiles and Hanna Ferrell live in the country in Ennes Isle, just outside of Shalm Wood Miles wants nothing in life than to go to Othlore and be trained in magic He s been studying with the Falconer, but he feels like his teacher is holding him back than he s helping If only the Falconer would teach Miles a few spells Hanna just desperately wants to feel normal and safe But between her different colored eyes, the legend surrounding her family, and espe [...]

  7. The Beast of Noor Fantastical Worlds For centuries, the Shriker has stalked the people of Noor It is a fearsome, man eating monster, huge and wolflike with red eyes and the ability to shape shift And it comes at every full moon to the dark woods of Enness Isle to hunt its prey But many have forgotten the stories about the Shriker, the ones that tell how it came to be this monster According to these tales, it was once a loyal dog until its master betrayed it The Beast of Noor by Janet Lee Carey i [...]

  8. I have no idea what possessed me to pick up this book but it was a worthwhile read There were elements of this book that I really enjoyed which I will talk about later and only one that I did not I did not enjoy just how young the characters were Now, that being said, it s really my bad as it is a young adult novel and I should have read closely before I purchased it.I found the entire concept of this book to be new and I am quite pleased for that You will not find here the same old story with [...]

  9. In the land of Noor, Miles has always wanted to be a meer a magician but his parents, the provincial culture of his island, and his mentor, the Falconer, seem determined to crush his dream Now, though, that the monstrous Shriker a wolf like beast that eats people alive has returned, and the curse is connected with Miles family, it seems important than ever to learn magic Miles needs to defeat the beast and save his sister Hanna, who is drawn to the dark woods in her sleep When a stolen spell pu [...]

  10. The Beast of Noor was a quite interesting tale It was a tad strange for me because at the time I was reading the Tiger s Curse One about India s gods and goddess and the other was Irish lore Anyways it has a Celtic Irish thing going and is pretty mysterious The two main characters last name is Sheen and their family is cursed Apparently their descendent came in contact with the reaper of Celtic belief a God called Arawn The Celtic reaper is a medieval guy who makes a hunt of soul collecting Mean [...]

  11. I m undecided about this book A brother and sister face up to the history of their family long ago, an ancestor of theirs released a monster into the world and as a result the family is ostracised by the fishing community they live in, feared and reviled as witches.This framework gives Janet Lee Carey some interesting themes to work with the legacy of fear in a family, especially fear that is not spoken about What happens when you deal with a real threat by refusing to face it The beast itself b [...]

  12. I was all over the place with my feelings for this book, one minute I was reading parts I loved and the next time I picked it up I felt it dragged on than it should and bounced back to liking it again after that I think from the description of the book I was expecting a little of a horror aspect and less of the fantasy so I did have to change my expectations a bit when I realize the type of book I was reading There was a lot going on in this book, from breaking a curse to becoming the people t [...]

  13. This is my first book I have read by the author Janet Lee Carey I am not usually a fan of books such as these with all of the fantasy aspects in it, but for some reason just the cover alone drew me in The two leading characters Miles and Hannah were wonderfully described and I connected with both of them right away Miles being strong and brave making you feel as if though he could make any situation safer Then there was Hannah timid and innocent, judged by just her appearance alone making her fe [...]

  14. There is a monster stalking the woods of Noor, a terrifying, black hound called the Shriker Once a loyal dog, betrayed by its master, the Shriker is condemned to hunt the Shalem woods, luring his victims with enchanting howls and devouring them whole The story follows 15 year old Miles and his 13 year old sister Hanna, descendants of the man who betrayed the Shriker Treated as outcasts by the villagers of Noor for their ancestors treachery, Miles and Hanna are determined to break the Shrikers cu [...]

  15. This book was published by Simon Schuster, and honestly, I m a little surprised.The prose is nice So is the world building I really enjoyed the whimsical fairy world that overlays on top of the real one so to speak Some of the magic aspects aren t all that fleshed out, but are interesting nonetheless.There was some level of character journey for Hannah and Miles It wasn t bad But the plot itself was kind of weak And what really made this book drag on for me was the lack of scene tension and over [...]

  16. This is probably one of my favorite books I love Janet Lee Carey, her fantastical style, and her story lines But, out of all of her books, I feel as if this one was the most intricate I could read this book so many times and still discover new things.Now, I did find it harder to relate to the main character s in this book versus her others, but that may be in part because the main character is male for much of the story It may also have to do with the air of mystery throughout this book that isn [...]

  17. This book took me completely by surprise I thought since this was intended for a lower grade level I wasn t sure if the plot would be sophisticated enough for my taste Boy was I wrong This is one of the best original folktale Gothic I have read The story starts out deceptively simple Miles and Hanna live in a village called Noor that is reputably haunted by a savage beast Miles was not a character I really liked at first, and I was afraid that this novel was going to take a sexist turn, but I wa [...]

  18. I thought that this book was really good It was filled with legends, stories, and surprises The Shriker was one of the most important characters because it was the reason so many people died and why the other people blamed the Sheens for every misfortunate thing that happened Miles and Hanna played a very important part as well because they are the ones who saved the whole town from the Shrikers wrath My favorite character is Miles becuse becuase he is the one who thought all of the destiny went [...]

  19. While it is about a subject that has long intrigued me, I found it to be somewhat abrupt at times while at others, the plot seemed to drag on and on The ending was somewhat confusing as well when the characters were put to a very anticlimactic test that hoped to be dramatic, which lasted about one page might I add, and everything magically ended up being merry and good I suppose if people don t mind cliches or very abrupt and bizarre turning points that make them tilt their head several times in [...]

  20. The Shriker, the Hound of the Baskervilles esque dog terrorizing the land of Noor, has struck again the bones of a young woman are found in the woods after screams awaken nearby villagers in the night.With the attack comes fear and relief that it wasn t them in the poor woman s place.People think that the Shriker is a legend, and that the spate of killings can be attributed to a particularly vicious wolf People forget that the Shriker was a loyal dog until his master betrayed him, cursing him to [...]

  21. A few years back, I was at Bookmans, looking for a book to read for a project When I found this book, I thought it seemed cool By the time I had gotten home, I was alreay about halfway through I didn t put the book down until I was done reading.As I was typing my project, I looked back to the book for refrences, but rather than look through the book for them, I read it all the way through, again It was captivating, and it had every aspect of a normal family life, along with the magic and fantasy [...]

  22. From the very first page, where the author dedicates her book to all the big black menacing dogs of infamy, I was hooked I felt like I had found an old friend, but I was wrong it s a completely new story The Beast of Noor is the story of a cursed dog, Shriker a demonic entity , and two children, Miles and Hanna, laboring under a family curse Only the kids can stop Shriker before he kills again Get this book and keep it close by, because if you re like me, you ll want to re read it time and again [...]

  23. What a page turner I read it cover to cover in one sitting because I just couldn t put it down Although written for young teenagers, the action and believability of the magic world inhabited by the elves, the Shriker, and other creatures make this intriguing for adults, too The characters are well drawn and easy to identify with This is a great pre industrial, alternate world fantasy for anyone with mythopoeic leanings And the author lives in Bellevue, WA, in case that matters to other locals of [...]

  24. I read the back and I was hooked From the very beginning I knew that it was going to be a very cliched, but very fun book Usually I m not one to go for a cliched book, but I also love Celtic mythos Although this wasn t any singular myth word for worth, there were a lot mixed in Although the book seemed rather amateurish as far as descriptions went, there was a lot of good in the book too I did like the way that final riddle was solved, but I don t think I will read any other books about Noor.

  25. I don t know what else to say about this book I plan to reread it this coming summer and edit this review except that it is one of my favorite novels of ALL TIME I have only read it twice, MAYBE three times, but if I could, I would read it over and over again Really, the only thing standing in my way are 3 things I don t own it, or have easy access to it in the summer It s very long It would ruin the novelty of it were I to read it too much.

  26. WOW One of the best books I have EVER read I d give it ten stars It s a thriller, and it has an incredibly deep storyline not just a monster story Hip, hip, hooray for J L Carey Definately one of my all time favorites This book I will be reading again I am picky about the books I ok for the siblings, and this book has NOT A SINGLE THING WRONG WITH IT Thanks so so much Janet

  27. This is a thrilling but somewhat lengthy fantasy novel that was nominated for the 08 09 Truman Award Follow the Sheen s on their exciting and other wordly journey to put an end to the curse of the Shriker, a monsterous dog like beast that attacks the villagers around Shalem Woods during the time of a dark moon I give this book two thumbs up and appreciate how unique it is Just don t get lost in the middle, as it will be well worth your time to journey to the end of this book.

  28. This was an interesting change of genre from what other books I ve been reading recently Although most parts of the book tended to be monotonous and dragged on for too long, the idea behind the book was interesting I thought that winning the battle against the Shriker was a bit too easy though, however, it is clever how one tiny act of kindness was the key to breaking the curse Shriker, newly named Breal, seems like a sweet young pup, nothing like the monster it was over the past 300 years.

  29. I went to the library to get another book by this author, it wasn t there, this was The author is wonderful and gives you that ancient storytelling feel as though you were sitting round a fireplace She weaves the supernatural in as well as any author I ve read This particular legend is not my favorite so she did a good job making me enjoy it Even with the dark feel, the book was still a happy one.

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