Patient Zero (2022)

[PDF] Patient Zero | by ✓ Jonathan Maberry - Patient Zero, Patient Zero When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week there s either something wrong with your world or something wrong with your skills and there s nothing wrong with Joe Ledger s skills And tha [PDF] Patient Zero | by ✓ Jonathan Maberry - Patient Zero, Patient Zero When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week there s either something wrong with your world or something wrong with your skills and there s nothing wrong with Joe Ledger s skills And tha
  • Title: Patient Zero
  • Author: Jonathan Maberry
  • ISBN: 9780312382858
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
Patient Zero
[PDF] Patient Zero | by ✓ Jonathan Maberry, Patient Zero, Jonathan Maberry, Patient Zero When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week there s either something wrong with your world or something wrong with your skills and there s nothing wrong with Joe Ledger s skills And that s both a good and a bad thing It s good because he s a Balti detective that has just been secretly recruited by the government to lead a new taskforce created to dWhen you have to kill
  • [PDF] Patient Zero | by ✓ Jonathan Maberry
    356 Jonathan Maberry
Patient Zero

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  1. Jonathan Maberry has made a name for himself writing horror, but specifically writing about zombies Going into Patient Zero, I knew it would contain zombies, but it could probably fit just as well under the label of covert ops or some such not that this fantasy nerd knows anything past dragons and magic It technically contains a form of zombie, but it really isn t a zombie book The real threat in this book is terrorism Joe Ledger, the series eponymous hero and Balti detective, is recruited by a [...]

  2. How can a book about zombie terrorists be boring I wrote a review here an earlier book where I noted that I can at times read at a fairly fast rate and I do that especially when I have a large number of library books waiting to be read In that review I noted that sometimes I regretted it as there were are times I d like to linger over a bookis isn t one of those books.The book caught my interest initially and I had hopes for it It was is another zombies are caused by an infection that of course [...]

  3. Pure mindblowing awesomeness, that s all I can say The only way I can properly describe this novel is that its 24 on pages referring to 24 tv show of course The Department of Military Science DMS standing in as this version s CTU, from one jawdropping INSANE action sequence to another, an earthshattering impending terrorist attack looming over the horizon, evil middle eastern terrorists and an westerner being the main puppetmaster behind all the schemings Everything screams to me as 24 seriously [...]

  4. I usually steer clear of series fiction, but the Peter Straub blurb made me pick this one up It s a fast paced, somewhat cartoonish zombie thriller involving Joe Ledger, the hard boiled detective who is recruited by the super super ultra secret Department of Military Sciences There is plenty of action and the book is well plotted if by the numbers , but it does have a lot of howlers in it, particularly when protagonist Joe begins to feel patriotic or amorous Joe can kill anyone, kick anyone s as [...]

  5. Excusing all my derogatory comments about light beach vacation reading, I finally get it If you have basically a cookie cutter action thriller novel and it s about zombies I totally understand the appeal If this had been merely about terrorists attacking America with some unstoppable hero going about shutting them down I d think it was crap, but when the terrorists are spreading a zombie plague, now that I can get interested in and want to read I d probably still rather watch this as a movie and [...]

  6. This book was awesome What do I even say It was so much than a zombie story and I will definitely continue the series in the future I loved all the special ops military stuff and Joe Ledger is freaking awesome Highly recommend And if you re squeamish like me and were hesitant to pick up due to zombie horror gore, don t worry because this book isn t horror at all it s action and military.

  7. image error With the protagonist Joe Ledger I am thinking of a blend of The characters James Bond, John Rambo and Jack Bauer from 24 The story actually is serving up a good slice of entertainment in the the hole that 24 and Jack Bauer no has left It starts off the first half of a cerebral approach of a thriller Maberry writes with this story as if it has been ripped from today s headlines incorporating terrorism and political battles from across the shores A good story that incorporates weapon [...]

  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing dramatic readings of the Joe Ledger chapters of this book in as gravelly a Christian Bale as Batman voice as I can muster which isn t all that gravelly, because I am, after all, a girl This book lends itself perfectly to that kind of parody.Because it is a parody.A parody of a parody.It s cliched in the worst possible of waysYou ve got main character hero Joe Ledger who walks with a big stick and supposedly has a bigger dick He s self aware enough to know that he [...]

  9. I started this on Audible a year ago and returned it I started reading it last week and could not put it down One of my Bookworm Buddies loves this series and now I see why High action believable, human mutation story with a breakneck fast moving plot The Characters were a bit crazy and over the top but fit the situation perfectly I will definitely be reading in this series as well as others by Jonathan Mayberry It s hard for me to be fair to the next book I read after flying through one with s [...]

  10. I don t like zombies, but I like this book I bought this one a while ago because I was intrigued by the idea of an action adventure series about a special government agency which handles strange science threats It s been sitting on my shelf, not because it didn t look interesting I was just reading and doing other stuff.Glad I was able to read it for the February group read for the Action Adventure Aficionados group A very strong selling point is that this one hits the ground running I hate bein [...]

  11. Well I m definitely not on a roll here Two books in a row and both left something to be desired Patient Zero seemed like a sure fire proposition Zombie horror meets super charged action spy novel genre Excellent Right Wrong To begin with I automatically disliked the hero Joe Ledger Haven t we gotten beyond the perfect hero who is prepare yourself It s a long list , smarter, better looking, tougher, faster, stronger, wittier, aggressive, infallible, a natural warrior and able to get the beautifu [...]

  12. Zombies are really not my thing I love The Walking Dead both the comic and the TV show , and I ve seen all the Romero movies I even have written a book with zombies But really, I m of a Vampire, Werewolf, Sea Creature guy However, Zombies can be cool too.This is probably the most realistic zombie story I ve read While I prefer the supernatural in my stories, the science fiction here actually made this one scarier Terrorists creating zombies And using a virus that maaaybe be real someday Scary s [...]

  13. Note this review follows a format intended for the Group Read in the Action Adventure Afficionados discussion group It may not conform to what your used to, but, it ll make sense at least I hope it makes sense End Note 1 Did you feel that this was a good zombie novel Well, it s a good book, it has Zombies in it, but it might be premature to call it a Zombie Novel It was action adventure with a risk of zombie apocalypse and it was a GOOD one 2 Action scenes How did they work for you What kicks t [...]

  14. What seems to be a straight forward police raid quickly takes a turn for the bizarre when officer Joe Ledger is shown the man he killed in the raid, now reanimated as a zombie The zombies is are not supernatural creatures but victims of a deliberately engineered virus which terrorists are testing for use on the populace Ledger is recruited to a secret joint American and British effort to stop them This is an entertaining read with an interesting protagonist and plenty of action Very short chapte [...]

  15. When I first started this book I was very interested and intrigued by it, and then about a quarter of the way through it got a little dull and boring and I thought it was gonna take me forever to get through the book But then something happened and the book quickly turned course on me and I fell in love with all of it The characters, the plot, and the overall story.I have learned that Maberry has a great gift in story telling and for character development Our main character who is my favorite, I [...]

  16. Joe Ledger was sent to America to kick platypus ass and kill zombies And there ain t no platypuses on this continent So watch it zombies cuz this man can kick the shit out of a room full of special forces members in less than 6 seconds Yes you read right 6 seconds, he can make a last stand against dozens and dozens of zombies without even getting a scratch, this man is like the Chuck Norris of zombie slaying I swear to god I kept expecting him to grab a zombie by the arms rip em off and kill an [...]

  17. 3.5 starsI decided to read this book because Ray Porter is one of my favorite audio book narrators And for this story, Mr Porter gives another great performance Besides being terrorist themed thriller Patient Zero has a significant horror element to it Joe Ledger turns out to be this ultra bad asswho gets unconventionally recruited into the DMS Department of Military Sciences DMS is an ultra black ops organization the reports directly to the President Mr Church is a mysterious character who runs [...]

  18. Balti Police Detective Joe Ledger gets recruited to work for a top secret government organization known as the Department of Military Sciences There is an outbreak of hard to kill for good zombies, possibly caused by an infection and they need someone with Joe s razor sharp reflexes to give them an edge Even without a gun, Joe works fast, real fast The DMS, run by the mysterious Mr Church makes him a team leader after locking him in a room of similar beefy military recruits types and telling Led [...]

  19. This book is pure, kick ass fun Joe Ledger s a great action hero, and the story zips along at a great clip I read the whole thing with a big sloppy grin on my face I highly recommend it.

  20. You may also read my review here mybookishways 2011 10 Patient Zero ,by Jonathan Maberry, follows smart mouthed Balti cop Joe Ledger who, after joining a secret government agency, the Department of Military Science, or DMS, races to stop a plague from destroying the country, except this plague makes Ebola look like child s play This plague kills you, then re animates you, zombie style Except the zombies in this book are not your traditional zombies The plague , is, in fact, a bio warfare virus u [...]

  21. Despite far too many interruptions, I finally finished this incredibly suspenseful and creepy book I started reading this because Maberry is set to collaborate with Larry Correia on a crossover book with Joe Ledger the protagonist of this series and Monster Hunter International Agent Franks specifically I understand So I thought I d better get up to speed on this I m glad I did as it was a highly engrossing story and I do love the character of Joe Ledger.Unfortunately, although it isn t called A [...]

  22. First off, I was totally amused that the zombies in this story are called Walkers It made it much easier to get into the story, as weird as that sounds hahaIf a Zombie apocalypse actually occurs, this is as close and accurate to the way I would imagine one being It s scary, chaotic, and terrifyingly real How can a zombie horror novel be realistic, you ask Right in the beginning of the novel, there s an Author s Note that says much of the technical information in this novel is based upon actual s [...]

  23. Patient Zero is a number of different stories in one.A zombie story, a terrorist story and a military police story I enjoyed the first two but not so much the last It was fun and intricately plotted The characters were well developed and many of them likeable I m just not much into guns, knife fights and explosions.It was enjoyable, just not really my thing If you have an action jones then this may be the book for you

  24. Wow Out of all the Jonathan Maberry books I ve read, Patient Zero is by far the best Non stop action, fantastic hero, and zombies galore What could a girl ask for Well, a great narrator would be a bonus as I listened to this as an audio book And Once again, Ray Porter s amazing narration brings an already exciting story into vibrant life Joe Ledger is a character you can t help but like He s confident in himself and his skills, he s someone who takes no crap from anyone, and he s a good guy Of [...]

  25. I didn t really enjoy this, even though it was well written and had a good story The thing is, it just wasn t my kind of story Admittedly, I was misled by the cover and the description of this book to believe that it was mainly about zombies It really isn t I mean, they do play a role, but this turned out to be of a thriller suspense novel dealing with terrorism and covert ops, with the zombie threat only playing second fiddle I personally found it boring, but like I said, it s probably because [...]

  26. I won Patient Zero on this very website, so I went in knowing nothing beyond the blurb I probably won due to my past reading history, a significant portion of which is horror The title states that it s A Joe Ledger Novel I m not sure if that means the author has used this character before or if this is his introduction I won t get into what the book is about, because like me, you can get it from the blurb To start with, Joe Ledger is pretty cool Many times he s a little too cool, and that was a [...]

  27. From Publishers Weekly 12 1 2008 Patient Zero Jonathan Maberry St Martin s Griffin, 14.95 paper 432p ISBN 978 0 312 38285 8While raiding a terrorist cell at the start of this exciting thriller from Stoker winner Maberry Dead Man s Song , Balti PD Det Joe Ledger shoots two.45 slugs into Javad Mustapha, killing him very dead Four days later, while trying out for a secret government antiterrorist unit, Joe has to kill Javad all over again It appears the terrorists have figured out a way to make zom [...]

  28. Very impressive story by Jonathan Maberry This one has it all Thrills, spills and chills.Mr Maberry has impressed before with his Rot and Ruin series, but here, he shows he is a true master He has mad skills This is undoubtedly the best novel I have read in this genre.Highly recommended.

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