The Thief (2021)

[PDF] Download Ì The Thief : by Megan Whalen Turner - The Thief, The Thief The king s scholar the magus believes he knows the site of an ancient treasure To attain it for his king he needs a skillful thief and he selects Gen from the king s prison The magus is interested [PDF] Download Ì The Thief : by Megan Whalen Turner - The Thief, The Thief The king s scholar the magus believes he knows the site of an ancient treasure To attain it for his king he needs a skillful thief and he selects Gen from the king s prison The magus is interested
  • Title: The Thief
  • Author: Megan Whalen Turner
  • ISBN: 9780060824976
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
The Thief
[PDF] Download Ì The Thief : by Megan Whalen Turner, The Thief, Megan Whalen Turner, The Thief The king s scholar the magus believes he knows the site of an ancient treasure To attain it for his king he needs a skillful thief and he selects Gen from the king s prison The magus is interested only in the thief s abilities What Gen is interested in is anyone s guess Their journey toward the treasure is both dangerous and difficult lightened only imperceptiblyThe king s scholar

  • [PDF] Download Ì The Thief : by Megan Whalen Turner
    136 Megan Whalen Turner
The Thief

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  1. Oh, thank gods, I thought They re going to leave me All I want to do was lie in a dry prickly grass with my feet in a ditch forever I could be a convenient sort of milemarker, I thought Get to the thief and you know you are halfway to Methana Wherever Methana might be.The Thief is a high fantasy with, like any other high fantasy on this planet, a journey the characters undertake Gen, the main character was a pleasant surprise While I first thought he was a feminine character, I was proved wrong [...]

  2. Update 6 2011 Let me just say, if you feel so so about this book like I did , please give its sequel The Queen of Attolia a try It made me forever and ever a dedicated fan of the series I have mixed feelings about this book I enjoyed it, but I think I spoiled the experience for myself a little bit view spoiler The reviewers like to point to a huge twist at the end of the story as the biggest reason for enjoying this book But if you know in advance that you should expect something, it is very eas [...]

  3. My main reason for reading The Thief was so I could read the sequel The Queen of Attolia that I ve heard is superb and far better than this first installment I actually set myself up for quite an underwhelming experience with this book based on reviews and the fact that I m not the biggest fan of traditional fantasy with magical realms and such I never could stand The Lord of the Rings However, the story was interesting, the writing excellent and the protagonist was a witty, devious little narr [...]

  4. Huh I really, really liked this True enough, I ve decided to start The Thief in order to get to the sequels that all my friends adore and somehow I was at peace with the probable boredom I would feel during this first novel and My enjoyment felt so effortless From the characters to the world and the writing, I ve been enchanted Truly I hate horses I know people who think that they are noble, graceful animals, but regardless of what a horse looks like from a distance, never forget that it is as l [...]

  5. 1.99 Kindle sale, Jan 22, 2018 One of my favorite YA series EVER, with just a touch of fantasy to it Stick with it through at least the first three books and I promise you won t regret it Avoid spoilers.Review originally posted at Fantasy Literature Megan Whalen Turner s award winning 1996 YA fantasy The Thief, set in a fantasy world that has very strong echoes of ancient Greece, follows the adventures of Gen, the eponymous thief, as he is yanked from a filthy prison cell to go on a journey with [...]

  6. This felt like such a classic fantasy novel You know those 2005 era books about journeys that you liked for some inexplicable reason Yeah That kind Except with really good worldbuilding and a lot of potential built up.This novel follows Gen, a thief hired by a magus of Sunis to find a stone that gives the holder the right for rulership of Eddis Sunis the king s county, attempting to take over Eddis Eddis the country across, a country they must overtake Attolia a country lying in between, over wh [...]

  7. This was another book my wife insisted that I read It was our before bed read aloud book last month.Reading 10 15 pages a night, the first half of the book was enjoyable, but unfolded rather slowly I was a bit puzzled about why my wife was so enthusiastic about the book Then, about half way through, the excitement and tempo increased a few notches, and it become a real page turner.This is a fantasy novel, but it is not your typical swords and sorcery adventure There are swords, and even a couple [...]

  8. Yes, it starts off slower than molasses Yes, you will be perfectly misdirected by Ms Turner Yes, you will wish to set it aside for these reasons And all I can say is, Don t Persevere.Because you absolutely need to read this book in order to get to the sequel, The Queen of Attolia, which is one of my fave books as well as having one of the best male protagonists of all time Seriously, I love Gen to bits.Read this series.

  9. Buddy read with some friends at Buddies Books and BaublesI am a master of foolhardy plans, I thought I have so much practice I consider them professional risks.EVERYONE told me not to expect much from this book and to be patient They said the beginning isn t very good but the second half is pretty good and the next two books are amazing so just hang in there Well I found that to be true and false at the same time.It is true the second half of this book is much interesting, there is going on ac [...]

  10. I m glad I heard that the sequels are better because I m not sure I would ve finished this otherwise It s a decent high fantasy world with good writing, but the first half of the book is pretty slow Gen basically gets out of prison, takes a bath, eats some oatmeal, and travels foreverrrr The story also spends a lot of time establishing the gods but it does pick up a bit by the end.So it s kind of slow and not particularly engaging, but that doesn t matter too much since it s a short read I ll pr [...]

  11. A thief sprung from jail to help a Magnus steal an ancient treasure, warring kingdoms, political intrigue, sword fights, narrow escapes,a mythology invented especially for this fictional place, and a quest everything, it would seem, to keep me reading So I am wondering why I so disliked this book that I had to force myself to keep reading to the end I think I hit upon the answer spoken by one of Turner s characters near the last weary lap of the book Oh, fine, I told himbut I didn t really care [...]

  12. Having dutifully tried a few new things to my lack of satisfaction this past week, I turned instead to an old favorite that I knew would be a pleasurable read This is a book that re repays a re re read, not only soon, but after finishing its sequels once they widen one s view of its world and characters.There is not too much one can say about The Thief that is not a spoiler, and this is a book that should NOT be read with preconceptions Set in an alternate fantasy world loosely inspired by Greec [...]

  13. What do you do when you want to gain possession of something that s nearly impossible to obtain You hire a thief who can steal just about anything.Gen has no disillusions about his abilities as a thief He s actually named after the god of thieves, Eugenides, as a matter of fact While his father wanted him to be a soldier, he knew that was not the life for him Instead, he honed his skills at stealing, until he was one of the best in the land Too bad he did a little too much bragging about stealin [...]

  14. This book seemed promising but I ended up a bit underwhelmed I m still planning on continuing the series since it apparently gets better

  15. I can t say this book is bad but it isn t great either Boring interactions and dull protagonist with the plot I couldn t care less about Nothing even slightly exciting happens The start reminds me a bit of Throne of Glass series and that s the only good thing about this book I m not even a big fan of Throne of Glass.A thief named Gen got out from jail in order to help a Magus steal an ancient treasure When the identity of the thief is finally revealed I was occasionally interested in the plot, b [...]

  16. 1.5 5 stars Good riddance I must have read a different book than everybody else had because I cannot for the life of me comprehend how this book has won any literal awards As an avid fantasy reader I can tell you that this book is as close to a riveting fantasy novel as flour is to being a spice.Why flour you ask Beuase it reminds me of this book dry, bland and boring And I really tried to tie this book all of the chances I could I wanted to dnf it after 30 pages, but 1 I was told that it gets m [...]

  17. I m giving up on this one It s not BAD, justexcruciatingly BORING To me, anyway I found the main character obnoxious and all the other characters underdeveloped and uninteresting, and over half way through the book, nothing s really happened they ve started their journey, and then traveled, and traveled, and traveled, and traveled, and traveled, andyou get the picture I ve heard really good things about this series, and maybe at some point in the future I ll give it another try But I have too ma [...]

  18. Well written story and enjoyable in a meandering way I enjoyed the mythology woven into the story Gen was an engaging unreliable narrator.

  19. Me I need to stop with that obsession with The Queen s Thief series and Eugenides.Also me downloads the first audiobook on Audible Really though, I had no idea that Steve West narrated this book Is it reason enough to listen to this less than a week after having read the book Absolutely My review of the novel here

  20. Okay, so this was my third attempt at reading this book But I finally did it I don t know why I struggled so much the first two times, I mean the book is less than 300 pages But for some reason I just couldn t get into it before I thought I d give it one last attempt and I downloaded the audiobook to help me along, which was fantastic by the way Now you may look at my rating and assume that I didn t much care for it That s not true, whilst it did have its problems I did actually really like this [...]

  21. 3.75 StarsI enjoyed The Thief for the most part even though it took me a while to fully immerse myself in the story There was never a sense or urgency and for the first 100 pages or so I was bored So bored in fact I put it aside and read 4 other books in the meantime Most of my friends here on GR say the series gets better and better with each book so I finally finished it in hopes that subsequent installments would be better I am certainly glad I did because the last 80 pages of the story were [...]

  22. This book was okay On one hand, I can t deny that Megan Whalen Turner is a great writer Her command of the English language, especially her rich descriptions of a pseudo Greek landscape, is superb On the other hand, I found the story very slow up until the very hasty end, and the ending felt a bit off I should have known to not let my expectations get out of hand Reviewers did offer cautionary notes that the next book in the series, Queen of Attolia, was much better From the book synopsis and th [...]

  23. Buddy read with Buddies Books Baubles July 2015Three stars feels a bit generous, but oh well It was pretty good for what it was I ll call it 2.5 rounded up.I found the interweaving of Grecian names interesting, although the book could definitely have benefited from having a map in the front pages Between Sounis, Eddis and Attolia I found myself getting a bit confused about what was where I liked Gen s selfishness reminded me of Meda from Cracked and he just had a cool laid back sort of attitude [...]

  24. Full Review LinkIt is safe to say that I spend most of my free time reading I read three to four books every week, sometimes I am very careful with what I choose to read which means that most of the books I read, I end up enjoying at least to some degree But it is rare, extremely rare, to read a book that falls in that category of Books for Life You know the ones those that take over your heart and your mind, that even when you are reading you know that you are experiencing something unique, a [...]

  25. Thank you to the Booktuber who recommended this book I enjoyed this book so very much and look forward to the next book in the series.This book was so well written and truly compelling It was a little slow at times, but thought provoking I really enjoyed the dynamic between the characters and how it changes throughout the book The banter between characters was great Eugenides was so quick witted and sneaky He was what kept me reading and kept coming into my thought when I put the book down I m s [...]

  26. The Thief deserves stars than I am giving it It s a wonderful and captivating story about a thief who is freed from prison to steal something only heard of in a fairy tale for the king This task is basically the road to his freedom So what choice does he have but to take the offer It s either this or spend his days in prison in suffering and torture.Our protagonist, Gen, is so full of wits I found his personalty to be the best part of the story From his sarcastic comments to his broody manner, [...]

  27. This book has a very slow pace, but I think that s intentional The slowly building suspense adds a lot to the big reveal at the end This is going to be the weirdest comparison ever, but this book actually reminds me of the beginning of American Psycho Reading the beginning of that book is like, boring boring boringwait a minute, did he just say that he was going to disembowel someone This book has the same feel of repetitive setting and story progression, sprinkled with little tantalizing hints [...]

  28. This is one of my favorite book series It was one of those odd things where a book cover just grabs you and you just have to buy it I m so glad I did.I read The Thief a couple of years ago and I m not exaggerating when I say that I always leave all three books in this trilogy out and accessible for a quick fix They sit on my desk and they don t get moved unless I pick them up to read them I m so thrilled they ve come out in e book form because I miss them when I travel.It s actually kind of diff [...]

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