Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination (2022)

Free Download Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination - by Helen Fielding - Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination, Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination At the close of the last millennium Helen Fielding debuted the irrepressible and blockbuster bestselling Bridget Jones Now Fielding gives us a sensational new heroine for a new eraMove over a s Free Download Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination - by Helen Fielding - Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination, Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination At the close of the last millennium Helen Fielding debuted the irrepressible and blockbuster bestselling Bridget Jones Now Fielding gives us a sensational new heroine for a new eraMove over a s
  • Title: Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination
  • Author: Helen Fielding
  • ISBN: 9780143035367
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination
Free Download Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination - by Helen Fielding, Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination, Helen Fielding, Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination At the close of the last millennium Helen Fielding debuted the irrepressible and blockbuster bestselling Bridget Jones Now Fielding gives us a sensational new heroine for a new eraMove over a stunning sexy and decidedly female new player has entered the world of international espionage Her name is Olivia Joules that s J O U L E S the unit of kin
  • Free Download Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination - by Helen Fielding
    373Helen Fielding
Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination

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  1. The end of my three book long failed experiment in getting into chick lit What an utter load of tripe the story of a slim, beautiful, plucky and slim upstart English journalist who roams the world trailing along drooling hotel bellboys and sniffing out suspicious activity that eventually leads her not only to an underwater terrorist cave, not only to Osama Bin Fucking Laden, but to Hollywood where she FOILS A BOMB PLOT DURING THE ACADEMY AWARDS CEREMONY.If you re ok with that, go ahead and read [...]

  2. Damn I never had so much fun without moving an inch Bloody brilliant.Helen Fielding is finally back with a brand new heroine Olivia Joules Olivia is instantly likeable down to earth, smart, self made, and armed and ready to go with her own set of insecurities.As the title suggests, Olivia s seeming downfall is her overactive imagination She is berated by her boss and friends equally for it, especially because, as a journalist, she s been known to botch up than a few stories along the way.So thi [...]

  3. Try very hard not to compare to Bridget Jones because that one was just in a world by itself I love laughing until I cry and it s one of VERY FEW that were successfully told on screen Renee Zellwegger is perfect for that part Okay, back to OJATOA that title s too long to write Title Too long but it s sort of part of the humor Hilariously NOT NOT NOT believable at all The main character stereotypes people in the most ridiculous ways you want to just slap her on the head I suspec this was the auth [...]

  4. What I liked about this book is that it was a surprise I don t understand why some readers berated this book for not being Bridget Jones Diary It was written by the same author who obviously wanted to write about something else for a change I also enjoyed it because I ve always had a secret desire for espionage.I was expecting another chick lit story, but was pleased to find myself reading a light hearted comedic chick lit spy thriller It became hard to put down to prepare meals for my family, d [...]

  5. Rules for Living by Olivia Joules1 Never panic Stop, breathe, think.2 No one is thinking about you They re thinking about themselves, just like you.3 Never change haircut or color before an important event.4 Nothing is either as bad or good as it seems.5 Do as you would be done by, e.g thou shalt not kill.6 It is better to buy one expensive thing that you really like than several cheap ones that you only quite like.7 Hardly anything matters if you get upset, ask yourself, Does it really matter 8 [...]

  6. I was drawn to this book since I loved Bridget Jones, adore South Beach, and have been accused of having an overactive imgination, but I was sorely disappointed I found it over the top and silly It completely lacked the absurdity meets reality of the Bridget Jones books.It made me wonder if Fielding is one of those authors who should stick to writing only what they know.

  7. I read this novel twice in as many weeks, the first time zipping along sniffing the eccentric aromas of lovely silliness laced with adverbs about a pert blonde British freelance journalist with the essential ingredient for a M16 spy, an overactive imagination Skimming along, oblivious of details, not looking for clues, I enjoyed what I presumed delightful nonsense although with the haunting suspicion of missing something.So I read it again With foreknowledge of important characters like the clos [...]

  8. I remember reading a snarky review of this when it first came out, and I see that the average rating here at isn t all that high Maybe those who dislike it are comparing it unfavourably with Bridget Jones s Diary, which I know is very popular I still haven t read Bridget, and I thought I would start with Olivia and judge it on its own merits, because a friend highly recommended Olivia to me I liked it It s a fun, entertaining read Olivia is a fun character part plucky reporter, part budding spy, [...]

  9. Soooooo I will admit that this started a little slow for me, but thankfully I m curious and wanted to know the outcome I don t want to ruin anything but I will say it was worth the read and I loved it

  10. Just remembered I wrote this review back in 2007 I was interested to see how a writer of such iconic books Bridget Jones would do outside her established area of success Fielding obviously set out to make this book quite different besides the occasionally omniscient third person narration, Olivia is extremely unlike Bridget focused on her career rather than finding love, and socially confident as well as secure in her looks She s competent, skilled, and globally minded Instead of a romantic come [...]

  11. Ho letto assurdit che non stanno n in cielo n in terra Chiss cosa si era fatta la Fielding prima di scrivere questo libro

  12. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 6thEvents develop so quickly that sometimes you do not have time to catch the essence So many things are involved, here s a journalist with a stormy fantasy, with constant paranoia that there should be somewhere a sensation , even in small seemingly details, whether it s a presentation of a cream, a hidden intention to poison the entire humanity In the middle I kept thinking, Well, when will you, Olivia, cease to seek adventure for your ar , but judging by the de [...]

  13. Usually reading Brit chick lit results in eye clawing and mental shrieking What can I say the phrases used and the regurgitated spunky yet clueless inner monologues irk the depths of my soul I didn t have those issues with Olivia Joules and the overactive imagination So pigs must be flying in hell.That doesn t mean I like this book though Olivia annoyed the sh t outta me She is another in the long line of too stupid to live heroines, who taint my reading life We discerning booksluts ought to ris [...]

  14. Ma perch ogni protagonista della Fielding si ritrova cocaina nella valigia I ain t happy, I m feeling glad, I got sunshiiine in a bag, I m useless but not for looong the future is coming ooon is coming oooon is coming oooon Scusate, che ogni volta che si nomina la polvere bianca mi vengono in mente i Gorillaz Comunque mi sembra chiaro che Bridget Jones la regina indiscussa delle chick lit, non c storia Sophie Kinsella Ma chi , pff e Olivia Joules in confronto una cacchetta.Secondo me la Fielding [...]

  15. Olivia Joules and the Over Active Imagination is a stand alone novel from Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding.I have read and enjoyed both Bridget Jones books and Helen Fielding s previous novel, Cause Celeb However, I was a little reticent about reading this as I thought that after her success with Bridget Jones, Fielding would continue in the same vein but would find it hard to recreate another character as individual and captivating as Bridget I was pleasantly surprised this turned out to be [...]

  16. Last week I was having real reading trouble Nothing on my TBR pile either in paper books or e books inspired me, I was tired and run down with a cold, I had next to no concentration, and what energy and concentration I did have I was using for work I tried to read my current paperback, I tried a few things on my kindle, nothing was working I needed something light and easy, and, well, I don t usually go for light and easy, so there wasn t anything of that type around.However on Wednesday I went [...]

  17. This was an interesting read that took me on a bit of a roller coaster of opinions At first it felt a lot like Bridget Jones, which I didn t like because I was hoping for something different But then things picked up and got super interesting I went on my own little adventure right along with Olivia, and had a lot of fun with it For the most part, I was pretty impressed with the plotline and reveals Usually I find I m able to figure things out long before they re revealed to the reader, which ma [...]

  18. Light thriller, with great twists.Olivia Joules either has an overactive imagination, or she is in danger.The journalist turns female Bond grown up Nancy Drew, enjoying travel, survival skills, thrills trying to work out who if anyone can be trusted.And yet I could relate to the character from the 6 reasons she likes hotels, packing strategies,being accident prone, reflections on life to her 14 rules of living 1.Never panic Stop, breath, think2.No one is thinking about you They re thinking about [...]

  19. The cover Enter Olivia Joules, fearless, dazzling, independent beauty journalist turned master spy a new heroine for the twenty first century In Miami for a face cream launch, she spots Pierre Ferramo across a room Dangerously charismatic and undeniably gorgeous, with impeccable taste, unimaginable wealth and exotic international homes, he seems almost too good to be true But what if Ferramo is actually a major terrorist bent on destruction, hiding behind an smokescreen of fine wines, yachts and [...]

  20. This book, I believe, completed my Helen Fielding collection and I can t be than glad I spent like less than 100Php for all her 4 books, and practically speaking, THAT S A LOT OF SAVINGS THERE.I was enchanted by the sudden coming of Morton C, not believing they d be together in the end I also love the character of Olivia slash Rachel I wish I had her guts to follow a suspected and notorious criminal like Pierre, and experience a lot of devastating and outrageous scenes.I m giving it 3 stars not [...]

  21. Brid get Jones meets James Bond result Olivia Joules that s J.O.U.L.E.S the unit of kinetic energy , another char ac ter of Helen Fielding s fan tas tic mind In the mood for an easy read and hilar i ous story Pick up this book and you ll have a great cou ple of days.After these pos i tive lines I feel the need to say that this is really not a Brid get fol low up For me this book is not as good as the first Brid get Jones book The char ac ters are a lit tle flat and two dimensional and some of t [...]

  22. I actually want to give this book three and a half stars I picked it up because I really enjoyed the two Bridget Jones books there some of the only books I ve read that actually made me laugh out loud , and this is by the same author Similar to the Bridget books, it s funny in an absurd kind of way, and I did enjoy the fact that this female lead was a bit less idiotic and hopeless though lovable than Bridget And yet this book just didn t have the same insight and sharp humor I expected from Fiel [...]

  23. Wow that was AWESOME I finally got a book with an interesting female main character who is just enough ditzy and just enough smart to be entertaining There s everything in that plot hot guys, mysterious strangers, fashion, journalism, travel, adventure, just enough romance, just enough of a scare, underwater world, beaches, terrorists How did Helen Fielding ever manager to mix all of that together and not be cheesy I kept guessing and missing how the plot will evolve throughout entire book isn t [...]

  24. What can one say of a book when you live in a county where finding anything to read in english is a challenge Well one can say that it was mostly an easy read and as far as entertainment it s passable although often laughable As far as any complaints the largest would have to be wanting to slam an editor against a wall for letting Fielding get away with random over use of page breaks many times without any change in location, time, or even voice for that matter Arggg If I could I would give it 2 [...]

  25. I had enjoyed both the Bridget Jones books, and the first film, but this was a disappointment Perhaps having no preconceptions or less familiarity with the main character meant that I judged her and the book harshly, but this just seemed to be a novel about some deluded woman The use of serious plot devices such as espionage and terrorism failed to add anything of value Yes, there were laugh out loud moments, and I know as a straight man in his mid twenties I wasn t the target audience, but I [...]

  26. Mills Boon meets John Le Carre actually it is much better than that Vintage Helen Fielding makes you feel like you are the heroine Totally enjoyed at least the first half of the book And then of course I wonder why my life is so boring and I never seem to run into these complete hunks who totally flip for me I guess that is where fact and fiction part

  27. A light, fluffy read Fielding is always clever and is a talented writer, packing the occasional powerful description and one liners, but the story never grabbed me It dragged and I felt obligated to finish than wanting to And hate it when a love interest calls the heroine baby Gag Can sense Fielding trying to break away from Bridget Jones, but fell flat.

  28. I prefer Fielding s other non Bridget book Cause Celeb, but this was an easy, fluffy read There were parts of it that felt kind of sloppy, but the witty humor helped It took me a lot longer to read this than I intended and I forgot about some of the minor side characters one of whom became important , but oh well The end was stupid but again oh well.

  29. It was exactly like an action film with a funny heroine The ending is the best and I was surprised to see how many details you have to take into consideration in a mission like this Helen Fielding is either a genius detective, or must have made a lot of research.

  30. No one is thinking about you They re thinking about themselves, just like you 11 Olivia loved people s stories Scratch the surface of anyone and you d find something strange and complicated going on 28

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