Silk Is for Seduction (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited Û Silk Is for Seduction : by Loretta Chase - Silk Is for Seduction, Silk Is for Seduction From the Design Book of Marcelline Noirot The allure of the perfect gown should be twofold ladies would die to wear it d gentlemen would kill to remove it Brilliant and ambitious dressmaker Marcelline [PDF] Unlimited Û Silk Is for Seduction : by Loretta Chase - Silk Is for Seduction, Silk Is for Seduction From the Design Book of Marcelline Noirot The allure of the perfect gown should be twofold ladies would die to wear it d gentlemen would kill to remove it Brilliant and ambitious dressmaker Marcelline
  • Title: Silk Is for Seduction
  • Author: Loretta Chase
  • ISBN: 9780061632686
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Silk Is for Seduction
[PDF] Unlimited Û Silk Is for Seduction : by Loretta Chase, Silk Is for Seduction, Loretta Chase, Silk Is for Seduction From the Design Book of Marcelline Noirot The allure of the perfect gown should be twofold ladies would die to wear it d gentlemen would kill to remove it Brilliant and ambitious dressmaker Marcelline Noirot is London s rising star And who better to benefit from her talent than the worst dressed lady in the ton the Duke of Clevedon s intended bride Winning the fuFrom the Des
  • [PDF] Unlimited Û Silk Is for Seduction : by Loretta Chase
    207 Loretta Chase
Silk Is for Seduction

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  1. Dear Readers,On Tuesday Lady I__, who as we all know, loves swimming for it is the only sport besides badminton in which she ever showed a passable proficiency, could be seen within the crystal clear waters of her backyard pool However, instead of swimming side to side and floating upon the water in the manner usual to her, Lady I__ instead perched upon the pool steps with a paperback and remained stationary It is said that she giggled in the most silly manner and all attempts to distract her, i [...]

  2. A 5 star book, as perceived by yours truly, should meet the following requirements 1 It should either make my A stomach ache from laughing, B cheeks hurt from grinning, and or C eyes fill with tears, since that s the closest I ever come to bawling.2 The writing should be expressive enough to make me genuinely feel the characters and their emotions 3 The story should at least be intriguing enough that I never, ever have to force myself to read on.4 The plot should be so thoroughly engrossing that [...]

  3. Favorite Quote He was a predator So was she.Marcelline Noirot and her two sisters own a dress shop, a moderately successful one, having only one larger, prestigious client Marcelline lives and breathes this shop It not only supports her family, but designing is in her soul It is her passion But they know they need someone big, someone who will get all the ton pointed in their direction so they can wipe out all of their competition When they read in a gossip paper that the Duke of Clevedon, may [...]

  4. This is a cross class romance.My short opinion Predictable and melodramatic Lacking in believable character motivations and interactions.I know I m in the minority here Most reviewers have LOVED this novel I didn t But I may be biased against the trope in general.I really hate cross class romances They don t sit well with me at all I think they re unrealistic The power balance between the H and H is too off for comfort The power sits entirely with the aristo usually the male The female often wor [...]

  5. I enjoyed this one Fast paced Strong heroine who took no shit from the Duke of Clevedon I have read and enjoyed other books by this author I will probably continue with the next book in the series at some stage.I cannot sew to save my life but I do try when called upon As I was the other night to sew a button on my son s pants trousers It wasn t pretty but it did the trick She tasted like forbidden fruit.She tasted, in truth, like trouble Think for once, your Grace, of someone other than yoursel [...]

  6. Silk Is For Seduction was supposed to be the historical romance book that will make me forget all the crap I ve gotten from this genre in the past and make me see that there are still good stories belonging to this genre out there.Oh I m sorry Mrs Chase, was there supposed to be a plot there I seem to have missed it with all the growing erections popping up like mushrooms in a forest after heavy rain.What was this book all about Making dresses for stuck up aristocrats Or likely about the duke w [...]

  7. This tool toting, fishing rod slinging, maintenance man is going 4.5 on his first historical romance novel recommended by Dija about a dress maker and a Duke Although I m not sure how much historical romance I will be delving into in the future I don t think I could have had a better introduction to the Genre After some discussions on what to expect in this Genre I found myself pleasantly sucked into this story from the start I started under the radar in case I didn t like it When I put it down [...]

  8. Silk is for Seduction3 StarsDetermined to solidify her position as London s most gifted and creative dressmaker, Marcelline Noirot sets her sights on designing the wedding trousseau of the Duke of Clevedon s intended bride All she has to do is convince the duke, which is no easy task given both his reluctance to marry as well as his penchant for seducing beautiful women When the two meet, however, sparks fly and Marcelline realizes that her ambition might just be her downfall Not the strongest b [...]

  9. Loretta Chase s historicals never disappoint Silk Is For Seduction is the first in a new series and features a heroine who is a refreshingly hard headed businesswoman and the hero who simply can t resist her amoral charms.

  10. I love capable heroines and Chase is great at writing just that She has the talent to have the heroine come out on top and coolly confound the hero at every turn, without making him seem like a dolt He s just flummoxed by her I love a good flummox Chase takes this story in a rarely seen direction and casts the heroine as a dressmaker I m used to seeing class differences in HR, but I can t say that I ve seen many like this Not only is the heroine a dressmaker, she s the greatest modiste in the wo [...]

  11. When the book arrived I was somewhat reassured by its size I loved the characters and dialogue in LC s previous book but it was flimsy and with some threads left hanging This is quite a bit longer, and much finished Though still going on pre judging by appearances, I hate the cover It is a particularly horrible dress to put in the cover of a book about a stylish modiste Oh well.This book reminded me a lot of Lord Perfect, though a bit simpler, with some common elements Namely a very cute dreadf [...]

  12. I ve given this an A for narration and B for story at AAR, which I suppose technically makes it 5 stars I ll go with that, because the performance is utterly superb.Kate Reading s narration of Loretta Chase s Lord of Scoundrelsis an audio triumph, an absolutely perfect meshing of one of the best historical romances with a nuanced and note perfect performance by a highly talented narrator Naturally, seeing that Ms Reading had been engaged to narrate the audiobook versions of Ms Chase s latest Dre [...]

  13. This improved as it went along, but we did not start out friends, this book and I And I ve thought on it and I cannot give it than 3 stars It s Chase so it s nicely written and feels sort of historically appropriate a Duke marrying a dressmaker is far fetched and there s no way the heroines rep wouldn t be ruined by the way she behaves in this book There are some lovely descriptions of clothes, which, frankly, there should be if you re going to take on dress making as a subject Sex was good too [...]

  14. 2.5 stars Ever since I read MR Perfect and liked LC humorous prose, I tried most of her past books and started looking forward to her new releases, but alas, none of them were ever as good as MR Perfect with the exception of Your scandalous Ways which pushed the limits a little and raised LC s skills a notch in my eyes This book was just okay for me There was nothing spectacular about it The hero s fianc was too unrealistic in that she knew that the heroine was trying to steal her man, and she j [...]

  15. I loved it It was completely unrealistic, but it s HR, come on, what do you want It s a fairy tale for sure but it was fun, funny, sad, sweet, and smexy I recommend

  16. 4.00 Stars Historical Romance I loved this book and was glad to pick this up thanks to Sababa s recommendation This first installment in the series promotes the good old love hate romance theme of a snarky heroine and a reluctantly obsessed with her hero whom she manages to wrap up in her fingers and roams about the whole book only to end up in a beautiful romance story with a refreshing setting Marcelline came about as an ambitious 19th century dressmaker who is trying to establish her mark in [...]

  17. It was amazing 5 HUGE Wow I m not sure if I can adequately express how much I loved Silk Is For Seduction I was completely drawn into the story from page one and couldn t put it down The heroine, Marcelline Noirot is easily one of my favorite heroines ever With so much smarts, determination, spunk and sass, she is definitely a lady born before her time and she is not above using some sly methods to achieve her successes So when the Duke of Clevedon, who has had his life plans set and laid out fo [...]

  18. He pasado un rato muy muy agradable, me han gustado mucho los personajes y sus tira y afloja Ella no es la t pica ni a que se asusta y sorprende de todo.Buenas enaguas si se or

  19. 3.5 5Duke meets seamstress And we all know how it ends Silk is for Seduction definitely requires suspension of disbelief, but the banter is fun The hero is OK I really liked the heroine, though Overall, it s a solid historical romance romp.

  20. Silk is for Seduction was a difficult book for me to rate and I needed a few days to figure out my feelings.In this Loretta Chase novel, we are introduced to a mercenary, brilliantly talented set of sisters who are willing to do whatever it takes to make their dressmaking shop succeed in London Their latest scheme is to woo the Duke of Clevedon to ensure that his future duchess patronizes their shop.The Duke of Clevedon and the eldest dressmaking sister Marcelline, are both expert manipulators M [...]

  21. I have to preface this review by saying how much I despise the fashion of the 1830s I m a Regency girl at heart, but there are other periods of fashion that I like But the 1830s, IMO, represents the absolute nadir of female fashion.Having said that, I must confess that Loretta Chase has done the impossible In this book, she made me feel as though the fashions of 1835 the peak of 1830s hideousness were actually beautiful Her glorious descriptions of the dresses, the loving detail given to each bi [...]

  22. 4 1 2 star read Great story, loved the heroine and how she can handle herself in any situation Really took off in the beginning with amazing sexual tension, slowed a little bit, but still fabulous I also enjoyed the anticipation of finding out who she really was and what her story was about not predictable I loved the description of all the fabulous gowns the sisters created I am such a girl about fashion and every dress they made seemed like a Cinderella dress It was such a true love that was u [...]

  23. After three years abroad Gervaise Angier, the Duke of Clevedon is at last returning to England Though not officially engaged to Lady Clara, the Earl of Long s sister, she is nevertheless his intended and word is about that she will soon become the Duchess of Clevedon Marcelline Noirot and her sisters, Sophia and Leonie are the proprietresses of Maison Noirot , the dressmaking establishment for ladies of the upper classes Upon hearing this bit of news, Marcelline decides to travel to France to ca [...]

  24. 4.5 Stars I enjoyed this quite a bit than I expected to The characters were likable but not perfect I enjoyed that the heroine was the alpha, and that she was strong and sensible I liked that she was shamelessly pragmatic without being selfish or cruel The hero was as arrogant as you might expect a high ranking aristocrat from this time to be, but his was the arrogance of youth given to him by a lifetime of privilege, not a lifetime of fighting and taking what he wanted He was smart and worthy [...]

  25. Uma est ria cheia de humor, com uns personagens deliciosos e f ceis de simpatizar.Que venham os pr ximos livros sobre as irm s Noirot

  26. I liked this, but I feel like I ll like others in the series CLARA I do wish we d gotten to know the sisters better, though I don t have much to say, but I m glad I finally remember these books existed when I had a craving for historical romance And Chase DOES do kids well.

  27. Wooden heroine less than intelligent hero This book really wasn t that bad.I was entertained many times.but why did I give it 2 stars only Before I start I should warn u there are POSSIBLE SPOILERS And the fact is that this is just my opinion and how I felt about the book.The heroine I felt I never KNEW the hero and the heroine.The heroine was cold ,WOODEN ,manipulative and she seems to lack emotions.I had the same problem with LORD OF SCOUNDRELS.Jessica was less cold but never passionate.Maybe [...]

  28. I m really very glad I have a couple of Loretta Chase s series left unread It s been a good while since I d last read one of her books and I d forgotten how much I enjoy her writing style I really liked this, even after a somewhat difficult beginning for me I say difficult, only because the descriptions of both main characters at the start were a bit much Clevedon is all that is heavenly, with a mouth that should ve been a woman s, an incredible physique and eyes unlike any colour anyone has eve [...]

  29. Because of my roommate this month I really feel like reading Historical Romance She recently introduced me to TV show Reign so I really fell like reading books set in medieval times So far I liked Silk Is for Seduction the most But not like different kind of Romance books, I do not read Historical often So I do not know if this book is predictable or similar to others But because of this book I kind of which to re read Truce Both of these books are scandalous.

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