The Colonel's Lady (2022)

Free Read The Colonel's Lady - by Laura Frantz - The Colonel's Lady, The Colonel s Lady In when genteel Virginia spinster Roxanna Rowan arrives at the Kentucky fort commanded by Colonel Cassius McLinn she finds that her officer father has died Penniless and destitute Roxanna is f Free Read The Colonel's Lady - by Laura Frantz - The Colonel's Lady, The Colonel s Lady In when genteel Virginia spinster Roxanna Rowan arrives at the Kentucky fort commanded by Colonel Cassius McLinn she finds that her officer father has died Penniless and destitute Roxanna is f
  • Title: The Colonel's Lady
  • Author: Laura Frantz
  • ISBN: 9780800733414
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
The Colonel's Lady
Free Read The Colonel's Lady - by Laura Frantz, The Colonel's Lady, Laura Frantz, The Colonel s Lady In when genteel Virginia spinster Roxanna Rowan arrives at the Kentucky fort commanded by Colonel Cassius McLinn she finds that her officer father has died Penniless and destitute Roxanna is forced to take her father s place as scrivener Before long it s clear that the colonel himself is attracted to her But she soon realizes the colonel has grave secrets of hiIn
  • Free Read The Colonel's Lady - by Laura Frantz
    160 Laura Frantz
The Colonel's Lady

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  1. Oh my goodness this was amazing I don t even think I can write something decent to honour it I was wrong, so wrong when I said after reading Heyer s The Nonesuch, that my next read might seem poor in comparison.Poor this certainly was not It is undoubtedly the most breathtaking, passionate romance since Jane Eyre Many aspects reminded me of it we have an orphaned heroine who faces struggle after struggle, never wavering in her faith in God, a tormented hero constantly fighting within himself, as [...]

  2. SUMMARY In 1779, when genteel Virginia spinster Roxanna Rowan arrives at the Kentucky fort commanded by Colonel Cassius McLinn, she finds that her officer father has died Penniless and destitute, Roxanna is forced to take her father s place as scrivener Before long, it s clear that the colonel himself is attracted to her But she soon realizes the colonel has grave secrets of his own some of which have to do with her father s sudden death Can she ever truly love him Readers will be enchanted by t [...]

  3. I couldn t write this book review right after closing the final page of The Colonel s Lady Why My heart was too full.Ever read a book that all you want to do when you finish is go back to page 1 and start all over again Ever read a book and want to savor every single word as it leaves the page and enters your heart Ever read a book and never want it to end I can tally all of these qualities for Laura Frantz s latest book and so much that is impossible to include in a 200 word review.When Colone [...]

  4. Nobody writes frontier romance like Laura Frantz The Colonel s Lady is yet another example of Christian fiction at it s finest This book is not simply a historical romance but a story of loss, hope, and the resilience of the human spirit The beautiful and dangerous Kentucke territory has never been alive to me and characters have never spoken to me in any Christian book I ve read From the first shocking accident of an on edge militia to the tender ministrations and care of a lover to his belov [...]

  5. 4 1 2 starsLaura Franz always writes an engrossing tale She s so difficult to put down This book was no different I don t know why, but despite that I ve yet to give one of Laura Frantz books five stars Don t let that put you off, while this didn t make five it was a solid four and there s nothing about the book that I didn t like The hero and heroine not being able to love each other because of goodness knows what, aside.I had fun, even though I know when I pick up one of Frantz books it ll be [...]

  6. Originally posted to christianshelfesteem.wordpres Originally published in August 2011, The Colonel s Lady by Laura Frantz is now available as an audiobook Set in 1779, the story opens with five women and a child huddled in a cave attempting to evade a band of Indian raiders Among the group headed to Ft Endeavor in the Kentucky Territory is Roxanna Rowan She has travelled all the way from Virginia to meet her father, who is about to resign his commission Upon their safe arrival, Roxanna learns h [...]

  7. Ok, I give this author gold stars for her obvious passion for Kentucky and for history Her research is good However, reading this, I cannot get into it as believability I don t think Roxanna would just pick up and follow her father to his fort and I think Frantz is sort of copying from The Last of the Mohicans with that one Especially at the beginning of the book, the characters are stiff and very one dimensional The conversations the two main characters have, are so convenient and formal I get [...]

  8. The Colonel s Lady is, without a doubt, the best book I ve read all year Laura Frantz is an exceptional author.The plot gripped me from the beginning, and the author lost no time revealing the book s theme of love, forgiveness, and war time intrigue Colonel McLinn has accidentally shot his scrivener while on campaign in the Kentucke wilderness during the American Revolution His scrivener s dying request is for McLinn to take care of his only daughter, Roxie Imagine McLinn s surprise and heartach [...]

  9. 4.5 StarsI was very excited to read this book because it is set in the Kentucky frontier in the late 1700 s The author is very knowledgeable about Kentucky history and you can tell she has a great love and respect for the area She makes you feel like you are right there at the fort with Roxanna and Cass I was very impressed with the detail of the setting as well as the depth of the story.The story was heavy at times, often melancholy and a little sad, which isn t what I normally read However, it [...]

  10. Well, this is my first, and likely my last Christian novel And admittedly, this is a rant First, the heroine, Roxie, is just plain stupid I know you need conflict for this story, but the conflict of a stupid person doing stupid things is not good That s not conflict It is stupid to set out alone for the frontier It is stupid to decide to follow an army like a camp follower It is stupid to simper Here is her character Oh I will pray on it Oh God help me I am an old, plain, lame spinster not worth [...]

  11. Beautifully written love story that is rich in historical detail The Colonel s Lady is set in Revolutionary War Kentucke Territory I highly recommend this novel for fans of Lori Benton.

  12. I m a little late to the Laura Frantz party, my book blogging friends have been singing her praises for a while But now I see the appeal I found her writing style lyrical and poetic and reminiscent of another one of my favorite authors, Tamera Alexander.The Colonel s Lady is the kind of novel you ll want to savor on lazy Saturday afternoon even if your lazy afternoon means reading a good portion of it in parking lots while playing family chauffeur Whether you can while away a rainy day on your s [...]

  13. This book had it all breathless romance seriously, I sometimes held my breath along with Roxie lol , puzzling mystery The ending took me completely by surprise , heartwarming friendships, and threads of God s redemption and grace woven throughout This was my first read by Laura Frantz it won t be my last

  14. Beautiful cover, ridiculous story I am a big time sucker for 18th century romance like Anne Greene s Masquerade Marriage I don t mind if it s mildly cheesy I am forgiving if it s sappy But this book was just plain dumb.Actually, it was so dumb I loved reading it You gotta give Laura Frantz some credit she is something than the usual tepid fluff written by so many authors She manages to make her fluff special, unique gloriously cheesy The plot is supposedly about a brave woman s Revolutionary Wa [...]

  15. Once again, Laura Frantz has brought the breathtakingly foreboding land of 1779 Kentucky into vivid life Don t let this cover fool you inside is filled with a realistic view of frontier life during the war The Colonel s Lady is an intense story of two people caught up in not only a war against a nation, but also a war against their hearts.At the opening of the book we meet Roxanna Rowan who, after months of traveling to the isolated Kentucky fort to surprise her father, is heartbroken to learn h [...]

  16. A recent re read from years ago In October, I discovered a fall scavenger hunt The Fall Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Y all, bestea.ever It was a scavenger hunt through the web that involved 31 authors Each one linked to the next author blog, with a clue and introduction to another author Not only did each blog have a giveaway, but the grand prize was a Kindle Fire and signed copies of 31 books Not only was it fun, but I enjoyed meeting new authors and added about 3,000 books to my must read [...]

  17. The Colonel s Lady is another wonderful showcase of Laura s exquisite and exceptional writing The story is draped in all shades of blue from the deep and sorrowful blue of winter to the brilliant blue of the hero s and heroine s eyes, and even to the gorgeous dress on the front cover Powerful and poignant emotions are explored within these pages, and conflict is found at every turn.From the moment Roxanna meets Colonel McLinn, secrets become inevitable The Colonel is guilt ridden and at war with [...]

  18. Very rarely does a mixture of heartache, forgiveness, and love come together in a beautiful picture than The Colonel s Lady Very rarely am I entranced by a book with characters that are so flawed, yet completely human And very rarely do I discover an author whose books are like water to my parched soul I drank in every drop of this book, and when finished, sat back and breathed a very contented sigh of happiness There are a lot of talented authors in this world, but Laura Frantz is truly in a c [...]

  19. I have a new favourite author and her name is Laura Frantz The Colonel s Lady, her latest novel set in 1779 is in a word breathtaking.Roxanna Rowan is determined to visit her father who is a scrivener for Colonel Cassius McLinn The only problem is his location a remote fort in Kentucky Unfortunately, once she arrives at the fort she discovers her father has been killed on a campaign Penniless and having no where else to go, Roxanna is forced to remain at the fort However, the longer she spends i [...]

  20. This was such a great story The writing itself is absolutely beautiful and engaging I felt the story was kind of slow in the first 15 20% of the book, but the rest of the story from there makes up for it There were pleasant, unexpected plot twists and well developed characters I also felt that faith was not portrayed in a patronizing or corny kind of way throughout the story there may have been a brief moment here or there where it was corny, but generally, the intertwining of faith was very wel [...]

  21. 3 1 2 Stars I at first couldn t put down this book I enjoyed the integrity of the Christian writing and the development of the characters The conflicting romance between Roxannne and Cass was at first very believable and you really felt for these star crossed lover s After awhile Roxanne started to get a little annoying, especially after Cass made his big confession The book went downhill from here for me This was my first Laura Franz book and I will try another because overall the book was good [...]

  22. Beautiful Colonial story about Kentucke Territory I feel like I was at the remote fort and experiencing all that took place first hand This novel is so rich in historical detail that I find myself asking myself why I didn t read this sooner instead of waiting til it was the group book read of the month This is my 5th Laura Frantz book read and I think there are 2 books left of hers I haven t read yet and I hope to have a chance to read them sooner rather than later.

  23. 2.75 stars.I enjoyed many aspects of this book The masterful portrayal of this period of American history was interesting and engaging to the end The author did a wonderful job bringing this time period to life, conveying the raw beauty and lurking danger of the Kentucke frontier The angst and the conflict between the MCs was also poignant and lovely Instead of contrivances that are seemingly present in almost all romance these days, the circumstances surrounding this story felt like they could [...]

  24. Fleeing the heartbreak of her mother s death and the shattered promises of a broken engagement, Roxanna Rowan is resigned to a life of spinsterhood In a time of war she undertakes the dangerous journey west to join her father at Fort Endeavor in the Kentucke territory, where he serves as scrivener to the legendary commander Cassius McLinn When she arrives at the fort, Roxanna s hopes for her future are dashed when she discovers that her father has been killed Alone and penniless, surrounded by h [...]

  25. I have read and own all Laura Frantz s books and I wish I could give this book 10 stars It was that good Not often do I continue to think about a book long after I ve closed the last page, but I do with her books She doesn t just write to give a reader something to read, a bit of fluff with a few scriptures thrown in Her books cause you to think about your own walk with Christ.Roxanna Rowan is heading to Fort Endeavor after her mother has died and her engagement is broken She means to surprise h [...]

  26. The Colonel s Lady is Laura Frantz s third novel The setting is the late 1700 s Kentucky where not only is there a war going on but tension is also high among the Native Americans and the people moving into their land and territory.The Colonel s Lady has many themes hope, forgiveness, honor, and love Not only do you get a sweet romance but a mystery too You meet many characters, all unique, and some with secrets Roxanna and Cass are flawed just like you and me and you will find yourself rooting [...]

  27. This is a wonderful Christian historical romance My Rating 4.5.Roxanna lost her mother to illness and her fianc to another woman She manages to travel during 1779 through the dangers of war torn Virginia to the Kentucky fort where her father is serving as scrivener Along the way she is joined by a handful of less than upright women, with a mute young girl, who have decided they need to find another town When Roxanna arrives at the fort she soon learns that her father has died in the field, leavi [...]

  28. All Roxanna Rowan has left is her father After the death of her mother, and the betrayal of her fiance she decides to surprise her father and leaves her home in Va and travel to Fort Endeavor in Kentucky where her father is stationed The surprise is on her though because when she gets to the fort she is devastated to learn that her father is dead, killed while on a mission for the fort What will she do Colonel McClinn was known as the gentleman colonel by many, but the Shawnee had another name f [...]

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