Love Story (2022)

Love Story Best Download || [Jennifer Echols] - Love Story, Love Story She s writing about him He s writing about her And everybody is reading between the lines For Erin Blackwell majoring in creative writing at the New York City college of her dreams is than a chance t Love Story Best Download || [Jennifer Echols] - Love Story, Love Story She s writing about him He s writing about her And everybody is reading between the lines For Erin Blackwell majoring in creative writing at the New York City college of her dreams is than a chance t
  • Title: Love Story
  • Author: Jennifer Echols
  • ISBN: 9781439178324
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
Love Story
Love Story Best Download || [Jennifer Echols], Love Story, Jennifer Echols, Love Story She s writing about him He s writing about her And everybody is reading between the lines For Erin Blackwell majoring in creative writing at the New York City college of her dreams is than a chance to fulfill her ambitions it s her ticket away from the tragic memories that shadow her family s racehorse farm in Kentucky But when she refuses to major in businessShe s writing about him He
  • Love Story Best Download || [Jennifer Echols]
    278 Jennifer Echols
Love Story

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  1. First, I d like to say I love Jennifer Echols Secondly, I d like to clarify my previous statement by saying, I love the Jennifer Echols who wrote Major Crush and Going Too Far Can anyone tell me where she s hiding And can we perhaps brainstorm a way to lure her out to write another decent story Those aren t the only books by Echols I ve read While The Boys Next Door was OK, Forget You was, ironically, forgettable Given this pattern, I think it s safe to say Echols is a hit or miss author Love St [...]

  2. There is just something about Love Story that I think deserves a review, and I don t normally give reviews I really like Jennifer Echols, there is just something about her writing that captivates me I have never given her books anything less than a four So, it s no surprise that I am giving Love Story 5, and if I could give it higher, I would Love Story is about Erin Blackwell and Hunter Allen Erin and Hunter go to the same college in New York Here s the catch, Hunter and Erin already know each [...]

  3. This book left me with an annoying feeling of nothingness The ending is abrupt And there s really no love story like you d think Hunter is the absolute definition of a boy in love with his unattainable childhood friend, I don t know how she doesn t get it and is always suspicious of his feelings when he very obviously keeps hinting that he loves her It s kind of infuriating actually, so he goes around, whispering things to her, making sure she s okay, kissing her at every possible chance, not ta [...]

  4. And in the end, I was left frustrated and hugely dissapointed.First of all, I love Echols works, but this, seriously , what is this It started off interestingly, but Erin become hard to connect to I just can t help but hate the fact that she chases him And Hunter, a selfish, arrogant jerk who lives off feeding from other people s success Let me get this straight, why, just why could he NOT apologize to Erin for EVERYTHING And I mean a proper apology where we could bawl our eyes out for the Gramm [...]

  5. My first Jennifer Echols book was Going Too Far which I enjoyed to the point of feeling sheepish about how much I loved it It was compulsively readable with a lot of slow burning sexual tension YA style Instant fan girl.She also nails the rom com YA scene with fun predictable love hate teen reads in Major Crush, The Ex Games and The Boys Next Door all a solid 3 stars from me However, I am completely baffled by her latest book Love Story The set up is all there for a classic love hate romance mis [...]

  6. If there is one author that I can constantly fangirl, it s Jennifer Echols I simply LOVE all of her books I absolutely adore a good love story and Jennifer Echols is the master of amour Although Going Too Far is by far my favorite Jennifer Echols title, Love Story is definitely up there too.I loved the characters Erin Hunter I loved their literary battle I just wish those two wouldn t have been so stubborn I could have had some steaminess from the start, but nooooo I had to wait I love it that w [...]

  7. 1,5 star.It was way to easy to predict for my liking I could easily skip pages or even chapters and there still wouldn t be any problem with catching up with events To be honest, this book for me was just telenovela written down and put in New York The thing is I hate telenovelas But at least it was written okay, so it was quite fast and easy to read, even if I wasn t enjoying.I really don t want insult the author or reader, who enjoyed this story However, for me Love story was just one, huge cl [...]

  8. This book was a pain to read at some parts Other parts were tolerable The most annoying aspect of this book was the narrator Jesus.She was so uptight, annoying, and uptight and annoying Erin bored me with her dialogue Her narration was slow and drowned in unnecessary details It was all too dull and boring Hunter got out of his upholstered chair after about five seconds It tempted me to get out my upholstered chair However, I decided not to get up from my upholstered chair Damn it, Erin, SHUT THE [...]

  9. Sort of a swing and a miss for me This one never really got going What really bugs me is an entire story that centers around that fact that if these two people had just had one honest conversation that there wouldn t be a story It feels too much like manufactured drama just for the sake of drama.Erin bothered me a lot with her I think I love Hunter, but how can I since I hate him for stealing my life Yet even so, I get all hot and bothered when he s around, but I must remember to not like him, e [...]

  10. At first I thought this book was really great Hunter seemed like a really cool guy and Erin didn t annoy me completely The other characters seemed well developed too But towards the end when they went back to Kentucky, I felt that Hunter didn t really care about Erin s feeling towards her grandmother and her father, and that Erin was too naive about the whole situation I also just really hated it when Erin found out about the whole agreement between her grandmother and Hunter but she didn t conf [...]

  11. Love Story is the first book I have read by Jennifer Echols, who is known for the contemporary romance s Going Too Far and Forget You I m just getting my feet wet reading contemporary romance and this book caught my eye Love Story is a sweet romance that is a perfect summer read With the fast pace and fresh, interesting story device and characters, summer readers will finish this book before the sun goes down.Erin grew up in Kentucky with her grandmother and their racehorse farm She has big drea [...]

  12. After the tragic accident that killed her mother, Erin Blackwell has lived on her grandmother s multi million dollar racehorse farm in Kentucky While her grandmother has always insisted Erin do a business degree in order to take over the family business, Erin decides instead to pursue her desire to write with an arts degree in New York City In retaliation, her grandmother makes the stableboy, Hunter Allen, heir to the farm and bestows upon him the means to do the business degree Meanwhile, Erin [...]

  13. I love Jennifer Echols book, The Boy Next Door so much I m looking forward to getting my hands on this soon Edit I finished this book in less than a day It was indeed a light and quick read Can I first mention how much I like the girl on the cover of this book I don t know why, but there is something about her eyes, it looks so warm and gentle yet so playful and cunning Okay Anna, back to the point This book is about Erin Blackwell, a girl whose grandmother owns a farmhouse and who is apparently [...]

  14. Oh my poor heart, oh my poor expectations Where was that quote, No expectations, no disappointments I think to have forgotten Jennifer Echols, what happened Where you on a deadline and just seemed to write anything, honestly I feel really bad giving this story one star, but even that is a lot.Honestly, I did have expectations towards this story It had so much potential We not only have a story but stories upon a story Oh, and steamy stories, but no, they were poorly written stories First off, I [...]

  15. I m annoyed I like Jennifer Echols, and I went into this book expecting the same thing I expected got from the other two books of hers I ve read Forget You and Going Too Far What I got instead was a half formed idea that could have been good but was never able to overcome the novel s faults The main character, Erin, was ok Not nearly as engaging as some of Echols other protagonists, but ok Where Echols other protagonists stood up for themselves or pushed back or were sharp witted and engaging, E [...]

  16. I actually double checked the cover of this book after I started it, thinking I had mistaken and it wasn t by Jennifer Echols I ve never run into an author whose writing style was so different from book to book I absolutely loved Endless Summer and The Boys Next Door they both just sparkled The characters were done well and the writing was so crisp it was like I was there I had similar expectations when I unfortunately paid the 9.99 for the ebook version of Love Story and was extremely disappoin [...]

  17. I m going to start rereading this again tonight on my way home, because a it s worth it, there s lots to sink your teeth into, and it s a great story and b , as usual, in my what happens next frenzy, I feel like I missed enjoying a lot of the subtleties, the foreshadowing and the imagery that I saw from the corner of my eye as I zoomed by on my plot driven rampage One of the many things I like about Jennifer Echols serious books although I love those Simon Pulse romcoms, too is that there is a [...]

  18. Review also posted on my blog The Book BarbiesGoing Too Far is one of my favorite books so I was kind of excited for Love Story The reason I wasn t overly excited is because I saw a lot of people didn t love it Sure everyone liked it but it wasn t there with the love crowd but let me tell you, to me Love Story was is a one heck of a lovely story I loved the premise of the story I think it s very original and I have never read anything remotely similar to the whole she s writing about him and he [...]

  19. Wow was this book shit This is the first Jennifer Echols books I have read and was very excited to read this based on the Title and the Description Well let s just say this is the farthest thing from a Love Story I have read.The book started off great and I was so enthralled and could not wait to read Then it completely fizzled and became boring with nothing happening but the same day to day stuff Their was no advancing in the story, then when the climax happened I thought finally we are gettin [...]

  20. So here we go 3.5out of 5 StarsI felt that Love Story was a little different from the other book Echols wrote First of all it s set in college and not in high school We already have too much of high school dramas around so this was refreshing I found myself unable to put down the story I loved both settings New York and Kentucky and I felt like the story was pretty unique Erin and Hunter are interesting characters, and they have the perfect amount of tension and chemistry between them,even thoug [...]

  21. 4.5 out of 5 StarsThis book took me by surprise I know it s a Jennifer Echols book right I should not be surprised But, this book was so different This book immediately captured my attention The opening of the book starts off with a story that Erin has written for her creative writing class and I was so into it that I didn t want it to end All I could think about is how Jennifer should write a historical romance novel I would definitely buy it She could write any type of story and I would buy it [...]

  22. Todo en las novelas de Jennifer Echols sea por las portadas Y s , por qu no Por el romance tambi n Romance que disfrutar a m s si tal vez tuviese 6 a os de edad menos DNF porque, no s , no pude pasar de dejar de mirar la cubierta para introducirme en la historia.

  23. I really enjoyed reading the contemporary novel Love Story by Jennifer Echols I had to get past the first 30 pages to really start enjoying it I picked up this book almost a month ago, read the first 20 pages then got bored and put it down and never went back to it Every time I was considering what to read next I d read a page of the book and then choose something else Today I put a stop to this nonsense and made myself sit down and READ at least 50 pages or so and if I still didn t like it, the [...]

  24. 3 of 5 starsThis is the first time I read a Jennifer Echols book and it was a nice read Echols was able to provide a really fun and amusing love story but also a really frustrating one I love how we learned Erin and Hunter s history and how their relationship turned into something really complicated through the stories they wrote on their creative writing class Erin was a determined and firm character I love that she knows what she wants and how hard she works for it In her case, being used of h [...]

  25. I was really excited for the chance to read Love Story This is my second read by Ms Echols, my first being Forget You, which I enjoyed I pushed Love Story to the top of my reading stack I was so excited to read it I really love a good love story, so I couldn t wait to get started on this.I really liked the story I thought the plot was very believable and well paced I read the book in a very short period of time It was a quick read, but it was also, somewhat, an emotional read The writing was rea [...]

  26. I had a great time reading this one, which is nice because I have been in a bit of a reading slump lately No one writes a scene between two romantic leads like Jennifer Echols, her dialogue is just great and so totally swoonworthy and fun She does the love hate push and pull very well here I also like how her characters are not afraid of their sexuality, no agonizing about how when to do it, and her scenes are subtle, and not cheesy or clich I also think one of the things she is really good at, [...]

  27. I ve read 4 Jennifer Echols books so far, one of them I really enjoyed Biggest Flirts , one of them I thought was good okay Such a Rush , another I didn t really care for or enjoyed Forget You this one was the worst Echols book I ve read I m starting to think that her books are hit or misses for me The very very beginning had potential but the story completed went downhill after the first chapter or two There was absolutely no connection between the main character and the love interest during th [...]

  28. The story is interesting, and I loved the structure Echols is a master at love and intimacy scenes My only issue is that it doesn t really end the way you expect it towhich is not necessarily a bad thing, but the climax and ending felt a bit rushed and strange almost as if the author needed to get an ending into the last 20 pages and did it I would have liked less build up and denouement to get to the conclusion Overall, not bad a steamy love story with an interesting premise and structure.

  29. It s a great love story and i like characters, but something is missing in this story I don t know what, but other stories by Jennifer had something I can t explain that, maybe it s just me Anyway this book is definitely worth of reading or at least Hunter is

  30. So syked to receive a surprise copy of Jennifer Echols latest, I absolutely loved Forget You and I m sure this one will be just as good Going to read it ASAP

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